MelissaI have written this quickly because I just have to get it out and I am horny and find it difficult to type while masturbating. One hand typing is not easy!I took a trip to a small town called Lillooet. There is a gorgeous lake called Seton where I spent all day Saturday of my visit soaking up the sun and enjoying the views. One view that I really enjoyed was a young First Nation girl who was beating the heat while swimming in the cool water. I watched her for a while, she appeared around 18 to 19, slim build, long black hair and a pretty face. Her body was beautiful by my standards and it didn’t take long for me to walk up to her and strike a conversation.I found that she was 18, working at several places in town trying to make money to put her through her first semester of University in my city, Kamloops. We chatted for a while, talking about her future program, what it was like in Kamloops and so on. I was drinking coolers covertly and offered her one. I had brought six in total and within an hour we had finished them off. She seemed a little tipsy, and I will be honest, I was hoping this might make her receptive to the advances made by another woman. When the drinks were done, I suggested that we go back to my hotel room and buy a few more drinks from the store below. I was surprised how quickly she accepted. She sent a few texts to her friends who she was planning to hang with that evening anf off we went.within 45 mins we were back at my room, it was bursa escort only around 4:30 pm and we were two more each into the new stock that I purchased. The conversation turned to relationships, I found out she was single and was hoping to meet a guy in Uni. I told her I was also single and that I was happy to be that way because I wanted to play the field a little more. Melissa at one point confessed she was uncomfortable with what she had on, a sun dress with a wet bathing suit below. I was in the same boat and I suggested that we lose the wet layer and change. To my surprise she started to strip down right in front of me. She mentioned that because we were both women that there was no need for modesty. I decided to sit back and enjoy the show. I was obviously staring and probably looked very interested. Melissa noticed, laughed and asked jokingly if I was enjoying the show. I smiled and told her that I really was and that she had a beautiful body. At first her back was facing me. She had small hips and a nice round ass, her skin looked smooth. Melissa, totally naked now, turned around and faced me. Her breast were small but perfectly shaped, perhaps a B cup. Her vagina was complete shaven, her mound fully enclosed her labia and clit. I looked her up and down, Melissa blushed and said I was embarrassing her. I told her not to be embarrassed because her body was gorgeous. Melissa blushed again and asked if I liked staring at other women nude. I confessed that bursa escort bayan I did and that looking at her really turned me own. Melissa’s inhibitions had obviously been lowered by alcohol. She stepped towards me and said that I could touch if I wanted. I did, I reached forward and palmed both of her breasts and circled her nipples with my fingers. I asker her if she liked that, she did. I asked if she had ever fooled around with another woman before. she admitted she had kissed another girl and groped her but only over the clothes. I said she could grope me all she wanted. Melissa suggested that I undress first. My clothes except panties were off without hesitation. Melissa palmed my much larger breasts and played with my nipples, sending shock waves through my body. She asked if she could kiss them, and I pulled her forward… loving the resulting stimulation. I guided this young, brown skinned beauty to my bed. I gently moved her onto the bed, kissed her and moved down to her breasts which she seemed to enjoy. my hand found its way to that perfect pussy. As my fingers moved between her lips I found her to be completely soaked. I couldn’t help myself, I had to taste her. I worked my way down, spread her lips and took my first taste. She tasted like heaven and so wet! It wasn’t long before I had two fingers working inside her while my lips and tongue worked her clit. Her orgasm came on strong and fast. Her hands tightly gripped my head and pushed it escort bursa forcefully into her beautiful spot. I loved every minute of it. I lapped up the resulting wetness and she pulled me to her face. She kissed me and told me she wanted to return the favour. I was excited to see these beautiful brown eyes looking up at me from my crotch. I flipped onto my back and tore off my panties, that is when she saw my large clit. My clit is four inches long when aroused. Melissa saw it and said, OMG! I told her I had a large clit and she totally ignored me and buried her face into my wet mess. God, this girl was good, she took my clit into her mouth and sucked on it like a pro… using her tongue to massage it at the same time. within minutes there was one finger probing me and once I was reaching my climax, she inserted a second one. I can’t remember the last time I came this cast.We laid there kissing and she asked if I could fuck her with my hard clit. Well, there we were at it again, she got on top of me and rode my clit, first grinding it between her wet lips, against her clit and then she slid it inside her. I was beautiful. I wanted to photograph her riding me, but she would not allow it. After about 30 mins, she told me she had to text her friends it was past 6 pm now. To my surprise she cancelled and asked if she could spend the night with me! That was a lovely evening. We made love until the wee hours of the morning and again when we awoke before she had to go to work. Melissa and I exchanged phone numbers and we discussed meeting up for another session when she moves to Kamloops. She moves here next week… I can’t wait. I have a thing for FN girls, and this one is a hottie!

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