Michael’s cove…Chapter 2


Michael’s cove…Chapter 2Michael spent the rest of the morning doing as he had for several months..reading emails, watching the few tourists who braved the rocky point to fish or scavenge through the rocks for shells or other little trinkets. as the day wore on, he realized that he would have to travel into the small town and pick up his supplies…not that he needed much, but it would give him an opportunity to get his mind off the woman he had seen earlier. His mind seemed to constanly wander back to the images of that morning…her tight muscles, her slender legs dangling softly over the sides of her kayak, the sweat as it glistened off her tan, smooth body. It was almost sureal and yet, he knew she was real…As he drove his car along the beachline road, he let the soft sea breeze blow in and felt the warm spring sunshine on his face. Traffic was light this time of year. As he came around the south end of the bay, he noticed there was small truck parked at the old house on the far side of the beach access. The house had been for sale for years, but now it halkalı escort looked like it had started to come back to life…the grass had been mowed, there was a bicycle out front and some old boxes out by the street. Damn! he thought, there goes his solitude, especially if they had k**s…Slowly he rounded the corner and took a better look..as he approached the far side of the house, his mouth dropped opened. He could feel his heart pounding. It was her, in the yard, still wearing that same swim suit…or at least the top…bright yellow..she was wearing some shite gym shorts now, but her legs unmistakable..gorgeous, tan, long and slender. Suddenly he realized he was driving had to pull the car to the left to keep from hitting her fence, it made an awful noise as it starined to get traction in the sandy grass along the road..after what seemed like an eternity, the car garbbed the road and he continued on…embarassed to say the least. He continued on…Did she see me, hear taksim escort the car? What a fool.. what was wrong with him? He had seen women before..although none that looked like her..her bludging breasts, long slender legs, glistening hair…He continued on into town..stopping only when he got to “The Pelican Post”. The “Post” as all of the locals called it was more than just a grocery store…it also doubled as the post office, hardware store and clothing store. It was one of those little places that seemed to have everything and yet had nothing. Alex and Shelly had owned and operate the old place for decades. Michael went in and as usual picked up some groceries, checked his mail etc… After some small talk with Alex, he left and headed back to his cabin on the beach. As he passed the old house, she was nowhere to be seen, the small truck was gone…Damn, he thought to himself…what a fool he had made of himself…what difference did it matter..it wasn’t like he knew her or had even met her. But no matter how hard he şişli escort tried, he couldn’t get her out of his mind…That night as he lay on his bed upstairs, letting the soft breeze lull him to sleep, he dreamt of what she was like, what did her voice sound like? Was she educated? Where did she come from? What was she doing here? No matter how hard he tried…the picture of her from that morning on the kayak filled his thoughts and his dreams…As the sun came up on a restless night, Michael wondered if she would be out again? He decided to put his thoughts aside. What he needed was a good workout. He got out his kayak and headed over the sand dunes to the beach. How many times had he made this trip…and yet everytime as he climbed the dune he felt exhilliarated by the scene that would slowly rise above the sand. The sun slowly rising behind him, reflecting off of the waves as they rolled onto the beach..the soft fluffy clouds as they gained substance with ever rising warmth of the day. But today was different, the skies were angry. The clouds gray with rain the winds bouncing off of the sand dunes as they shot needles across his upper body. This was no ordinary storm, it was coming and it was going to be bad…He could see the waves now as they attacked the beach with a vengeance. Pounding rentlessly on to the shore line. There would be no Kayaking today. (END OF CHAPTER @ –MORE TO COME)

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