Only the names have been changed.


He was really good looking, sharp as they all were, in his whites. Trim and purposeful and his blue eyes flashed when he smiled, which was often. I was immediately attracted and thought it a little weird, not something that happens to me, strong attraction to a younger man. Part of it was he paid attention to me, asked questions, wanted to hear my story. And he had a way of touching my arm or my shoulder that was both friendly and intimate as if I was allowed to interpret it any way I wanted. He was younger if only a few years which made me what, a cougar? A MILF! That such thoughts should even cross my mind shocked me, rattled my dormant sex drive.

As part of a ship’s crew on a Frigate making a port visit in our city during the summer festival, he was standing on the rails along with a fifty or so sailors. They were all in white adding their part to a magnificent summer day with flags flying and the growing crowd cheering. I was the liaison officer, a Navy Lieutenant helping coordinate and he was my contact. Walter was his name. Walt. He was also a Lieutenant although active duty while I was a reservist. We hit it off immediately and the coordination went smoothly so our relationship went from collegial to friendly to, well, I wasn’t sure where it was going next but apparently the teenager in my brain knew as my dreams became populated with a hard body dressed in white.

Now I’m waiting for him to get ready wondering what it is I do want. Of course, inside in my deepest, darkest corner where my dormant fantasies reside all I want to do is jump him and rape him. My internal teenager giggles. But surely he can’t want me in that way, dumpy as I am. I’m not fat, I’m fairly trim in my dress whites with skirt. I look pretty good. But the bra I wear hides the fact that my good size breasts are a lot less firm after nursing two kids and it is obvious that I’ve passed my physical prime. He is tight, the word that comes to mind. Sturdy. Hard. My imagination again running away.

He comes into the wardroom where I’m waiting. “Ready to go?” he says, and he steers me with a hand on the small of my back, the warmth still there after he removes it. We head off as he salutes the quarterdeck and the flag, taking his formal departure of the ship. We head to the van where my husband waits. Seeing my husband with Walt there is embarrassing. He looks like such a blob to me. We do the introduction thing and are off to see the sites, such as they are. In the middle of hearing the blob drone on I turn back with my hand on the back of the seat and the weirdest thing happens. Walt suddenly reaches out and takes it, takes my hand and holds it like a high school kid right behind my husband’s back. I’ve got chills and am watching the blob who is clueless, as usual. Walt kind of strokes my hand with his finger and I respond in kind, the electricity from my hand goes through my body and down between my legs. Holy, shit, I’m getting wet because he touched my hand. Am I so freakin’ horny that just holding hands is a stand in for sex? Yeah, I guess so. After a while the blob turns to make a point and we drop hands like nothing has happened, but we’ve crossed a line here and I’m wondering where we’re going.

As it turns out the next day is the ship’s last and I’m so frustrated I can’t stand it. Here we made a connection that I want to follow and we’re stuck. Walt can’t leave the ship. He’s on duty so all I can do is go hang out in the wardroom with him and be frustrated.

We sit at the end of the wardroom table, I wore pants today since my skirt was dirty, no time to dry clean it. That made me think of the previous night. As I had drifted off to sleep I had the fantasy of Walt’s running his hand up inside my skirt. Since it was my fantasy I didn’t have on the required panty hose so he had access to my wet cunt. The scene in my dream was a jump cut to his accessing that same wet cunt with his hard cock. After three years without feeling a cock inside me I was screaming in ecstasy. I’d long ago given up on sex but being around Walt was stirring up the feelings again. I knew it to be a bad idea, bad to start feeling again, bad to step out of the cocoon of sexual numbness I’d been in but Walt buzzed with sexual energy and he focused it on me. Unlike my husband I’m sure his equipment wouldn’t wilt. I woke up escort ataşehir soaking wet between my legs wondering if I’d had an orgasm in my sleep.

It was all a fantasy, I knew, and I was trying not to think of it as I sat there with him drinking coffee talking about the ship’s future schedule.

“Muskegon is next,” he said. “They have a festival there too and, of course, we’re the backdrop.”

“Really too bad you’re leaving, I’ve got more to show you,” I said and then blushed at the double entendre I’d blurted out.

His leg was pressed against mine in a way that felt more than accidental and I responded, maximizing the contact, all under the table where the overhanging cloth kept it out of sight of anyone passing by.

“Really, like what?” he asked with a grin.

Sure, now we were playing. Now, when we couldn’t do anything about it, now we were dancing. My mind was screaming in sexual frustration. When I felt his hand on my thigh I nearly jumped. I felt like a school girl again.

“Well,” Jesus I was stammering. A freakin’ naval officer onboard a ship and I’m stammering like a little girl.

“Well, there are some areas around here that have been neglected for a long time,” I managed. Electricity between my legs.

“Oh?” he asked. His hand moved slowly and softly scratching the inside of my leg. “Do tell.”

“There were some places developed a long time ago, well developed and well-tended but they’ve been abandoned in the last few years.” My breath caught as his hand moved further up my thigh almost to my cunt.

“Oooh,” I softly sighed. “Someone’s going to see us.”

He kept softly caressing my leg closer to the center, my cunt was gushing, I could feel it wet and willing, Jesus I wanted him inside me.

“Come on, I’ve got an idea.”

As he stood up I could see his cock straining against his pants. Oh, what a sight. I wanted to grab it right there.

“Might be better if you walk in front, run interference for me,” he was grinning as he pointed me towards the wardroom door. We went out and up the ladder just outside the door.

“In there,” he said as he was pointing me towards the executive officer’s stateroom.

“Wait, what? we can’t…”

“He’s off the ship for the night, won’t be back until tomorrow.”

He guided me towards the door, opened it and gently urged me in with a hand on my shoulder. It was a clean, neat, nearly empty room, everything in its place. Most importantly, there was a couch, empty and inviting and that was the last clear thought I had as he closed the door behind me and nearly threw me against the bulkhead. Pressing me against the hard surface his lips closed on mine. I wrapped my arms around him pulling him hard to my body. His leg went between mine and nuzzled against my crotch sending an electric sizzle up to my stomach and to my brain. He kissed me hard and I responded pushing my tongue into his mouth, no hesitation on my part. I wanted him now. My juices were flowing and I needed him inside me.

His hand traveled up to my breast and, for once, I wasn’t even thinking about their floppiness. My nipples were rock hard and he could feel them as he squeezed them. The feeling went right to my crotch. My clothes were in the way, I wanted his touch directly on skin that none by my husband had touched in over two decades. He finally began undoing buttons and then we were both in a frenzy to get our clothes off. He got my shirt and bra off and he lowered his mouth onto my nipple taking the hard, distended shape into his mouth, sucking on it, grazing it with is teeth. I was in shock at how close I was to coming just then. But I wanted that hard cock inside me when i came. I reached down to hold through his pants what turned out to be a good size and very hard member. As he continued to move from one breast to the other I managed to get his belt loose and lower his zipper so that I now possessed what I so much wanted inside me

Somehow we managed to keep removing our clothes while not quite letting go of each other, not quite relinquishing the appendage that we were caressing. I badly wanted him in my mouth but more wanted him in my cunt and now.

He moved me over to the couch and laid me back on it. My legs were spread in wanton desperation, only a little twinge of a wish I had trimmed my ample bush. I suspect kadıköy escort bayan he hardly noticed as he knelt between my legs, lined up his cock and then leaned forward kissing me hard on the lips while he slid that huge cock into me. At this point my mind sort left the room, lost in a crash of feelings that radiated from my cunt being finally filled with cock. I lost track of what was going on but could feel him moving inside me stroking into the wet between my legs. All of the sudden I realized that not 10 seconds in I was starting to have an orgasm. It shook my body and flooded my cunt and Walt stopped for a moment looking down at me with a question in his eyes. I grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him, then whispered into his hear ‘Fuck me hard!’

And he did. Plunging into me hard and fast as I rode my orgasm. He kept it up until he became rigid and I could feel him shooting into me. God, how long it had been since I’d felt that, felt my cunt fill up with a man’s sperm.

Walt kept sliding slowly in and out once he’d come back down and we both reveled in the delicious feel of that still mostly hard cock slipping through the now very juicy lips of my cunt.

“We can’t stay like this forever,” he finally said looking at me with those twinkling blue eyes, “Unfortunately.”

He slid out of me (already missing being filled), lifted up and we both stood with as much grace as we could muster and dressed quietly, a little awkwardly. Then looked at each other to make sure we were both presentable, then checked the couch and room to be sure that there was nothing left behind. He cracked the door to see if the coast was clear and we slipped out of the cabin and down the passageway to the stern of the ship. Once topside with grins on our faces that would have definitely looked suspicious had anyone noticed, we walked towards the fantail looking as professional as we could.

“Wow,” he said.

“Wow, indeed,” I whispered back.

We walked along the deck for a bit trying to look like we were discussing Navy business but mostly still rolling in the endorphins. I’d cleaned up but still felt squishy inside, my juices having not entirely stopped. It was a feeling I’d not had in a long time and I was enjoying it.

“I suppose you should know that I..,” I was stammering a bit here, not sure why I started the sentence. “I.. I mean my husband and I hadn’t… he’s got diabetes and…” my sentence drifted off.

After a bit of silence Walt said, softly, “You don’t have sex?”

“Not in three years. He can’t.”

Another silence.


“I thought I’d gotten used to it. Thought it didn’t matter. Until you came along.”

“Wow. OK, I guess that explains a lot. I don’t know if I should feel bad about that or…”

“No, no,” I interrupted. “It was wonderful. It is what I needed to bring me around, to make me remember to… oh, crap, I’m just rambling.”

“It’s OK, there’s a lot to deal with if that’s the case. Feel free to ramble.”

“And that’s the other thing,” I said with a bit of force. “You are just so damn nice and understanding.”

He grinned and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll try to be a little meaner and more dense.”

“No,” I started to reach out to him but remembered where I was and stopped. “Damn. It is nice to have someone who actually listens to me, who hears me. It’s been too long. Been too long for a lot of things.”

I had the feeling back in my mind of his cock sliding into me and realized that now that I’d felt it again that I’d miss it so much more now. And it was only once.

“Sorry?” he asked.

“Oh, crap, did I say that aloud?”

“Something about it being once.”

I flushed a bit, no idea why I’d be embarrassed with this guy who had just filled me up with cum but I felt like a wanton slut all of the sudden. And then I decided that I didn’t mind that.

“Yeah, seemed too quick, only once.”

“Welllll…” he stretched it out. “We could go back.”

My stomach lurched at the thought of a repeat.

“You could do it again? You can do that already?”

“I probably could have done it two minutes after we were done,” he chuckled. “It’s been a while for me and I’ve got some repeat energy in me. And you are my sexy MILF.”

I was already getting wet at the thought.


He took my elbow and escort bostancı steered me back towards the door, back towards the XO’s room. My knees were a little weak at that point and I’d lost track of almost anything but thinking of that hard body on mine and that stiff cock inside me.

We got back to the stateroom and slipped inside, no one the wiser.

This time it was not quite so crashing, it was slower and intense in a different way. Once we’d closed and locked the door he reached up and cupped my face in his hand and slowly, gently and with tenderness brought his lips down on mine. We fit perfectly and our bodies molded together. And, sure enough, I could feel his cock hard on my stomach and it sent that shot of electricity through me.

Slowly he began undressing me. I kicked off my shoes and he lowered my pants and panties and followed them down until he knelt before me. I was already electric with anticipation as he buried his mouth over the lips of my cunt sliding his tongue along the groove softly licking my clit. I nearly came right then but only grabbed his head and pushed him hard into me. Our soft groans blended together and I thought that I’d like to just stay like this for a while. But I knew we had limited time and there was more I wanted to do. So I kind of pulled him up and reversed the process, undressing him and then, as he had, lowering to my knees to take him in my mouth. His cock was firm and soft, full of veins pulsing in my mouth. With some difficulty I took almost all of it before it started to choke me. Running my tongue underneath it I played lollipop for a few seconds until I heard in a soft voice, “Stop, you’re going to make me come.”

I reluctantly gave up my prize but hung onto it while moving back to the couch. I drew Walt along until he settled gently on top. Without the frenzy I so much more enjoyed the way, again, our bodies seemed to fit. He slowly licked and nibbled my right breast which rose like an eraser for him. As he did that he reached down and caressed my lips until I said, “Please”. He took the hint and moved so that his cock could slide into me. He pushed it all into me and pressed firmly so that I could feel it deep inside and we just stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity. Then he slowly and gently began sliding in and out. I finally opened my eyes and saw his electric blue gaze looking deep into me. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever felt having his eyes look into my soul while his cock was deep in my pussy. We continued that way until he inevitably began to speed up his strokes. The crescendo continued like some symphony reaching the end and I began to feel my orgasm building along with his. He was fucking me harder and harder until I began to tremble and my entire world was lost in the vortex of my pussy. At the same time he became rigid and softly cried out as he once again gushed into me.

We slowly settled back to earth and he lay on me in a comfortable melding of bodies, his cock still hard enough to stay in me.

“That was amazing, Walt,” I said. I only got a groan in response but that was enough.

He began to stir and said, “I guess we should go while the going is good.” Then disengaged himself and I felt the vacancy left behind as he pulled out. We cleaned up a bit then dressed and repeated the process of getting out the stateroom unnoticed.

It was getting late in the afternoon and I had an appointment that I had to make so my time onboard came to an end. I had no idea what to say or how to leave but my life had changed for good. It might take a little time but there is no way I was going back into my shell which meant I was going to leave my husband and strike out on my own. I felt a rush of adrenalin that combined elation and fear. How to relay any of that to Walt? Impossible.

As we walked towards the gangway we could not even touch. It was maddening.

“I don’t know what to say, Walt. Thank you seems to be wrong but I want you to know how wonderful that was.”

“And for me.” He sighed, obviously feeling as disconnected as I was.

“I hope the rest of the cruise goes well.” So fucking lame. But what else could I say?

“You’ve got the ship’s number if you ever want to ‘coordinate’ some more.”

“I might just do that.” The thought already crossing my mind that the ship was scheduled for other Michigan ports and I had some time off from work saved up.

“Permission to go ashore,” I said to the OOD.

“Granted, ma’am.”

And I saluted Walt, the quarterdeck, and the flag as I made my way ashore, plans already starting to come together in my mind.

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