Mid-aged Mom lusts for sons black friend!!


Mid-aged Mom lusts for sons black friend!!Hi I’m Jean, just your average 42 year old white middle class woman married to my c***dhood sweetheart, my one and only lover Bob and we have one son named Jack who is eighteen. Although I was never the beauty queen in high school I still get the odd whistle by some random guy every now and then. I have wavy blonde shoulder length hair, a petite figure which hasn’t lost its youthfulness apart from the first signs of cellulite around my slightly widened hips and my once perky breast are starting to point south as they loosen, I try my best to keep in good shape. We live out of town on a farm/lifestyle block so we home schooled our son right up until high school age then sent him to an upstate private school in another city. My husband Bob usually does all the farm work while I help out a little but spend most of my time with our son and handling the paper work. Well with Jack now gone and my social life being as dull as it ever was with friends living too far away, I realized I had a lot of time on my hands which I occupied by delving into romance novels or the odd 18 mile trip into town just to kill the boredom.Anyway school holidays were coming up and we were expecting our son for the holiday period. He rang me as he usually does to confirm the day he will arrive, only this time he asked if he could bring his roommate Mark to stay a week or two as his parents wouldn’t be home at the time and he had nowhere else to go. I said that will be fine, but before Jack hung up he said..”Oh and one last thing, Mark is black…bye”.Now I’m not a racist person but for some reason I was taken back by this comment, whether it was because my son may think I might have a problem with the color of his skin I don’t know but I can’t quite pin point the reason why it had stuck in my head. I must admit I never really knew any black people, the area I grew up in were mainly white, apart from old man Jenkins who was the janitor at our school, oh and I had worked with the odd black person over the years but never really socialized with any.The days just flew by and before I knew it, school holidays were upon us. My husband was out of town for work related business and said he would pick up Jack and his friend from the bus station on the way home. It was late afternoon when I heard my husbands car pull into the driveway, I waited in the living room to greet them, my husband walked in first then my son Jack, followed by his friend Mark who stood out not only because of the color of his skin but his share size compared to us. Mark was about 6ft4 with a muscular lean body, broad shoulders and very dark skin which was highlighted by his teeth and the whites of his eyes, he reminds me of the actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who played the character “Mr Eko” in one of my favorite TV programs L.O.S.T. With me being a modest 5ft3 and my son and husband not a lot taller he stuck out like a sore thumb, he looked every bit a man and we just little c***dren. “Eh, mah names Mark”He said with a slight accent and a very deep voice which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Barry White CD.“Hi, I’m Jean, Jacks mom”I replied as I extended my hand to shake his, he held my hand to his lips and planted a soft kiss, while saying “Nice to meet yah mam” That caught me by surprise but I just smiled and said nice to meet you back as if to imply it was nothing.After the boys were settled in their room I had tea cooked and ready and we were all at the table by 8pm.It was general discussion as usual, mainly aimed at our new guest asking where he grew up, how many in his family etc. It was a good discussion which made us feel comfortable with each other. Apparently he and his family moved to America from Nigeria as refugees when he was 8 years old and was on a scholarship at the school. His real name is Mogeni which means ‘All about me is written in heaven’, but he changed it to Mark for the ease of pronunciation. After tea we gathered around the TV and watched a movie, before long my husband was off to bed for the early start the next morning. I was feeling a little tipsy from the glasses of wine I had so I proceeded to follow hubby hoping to catch him before he fell asleep. I’m not sure what it was but I was in a different mood that night, I hoped in bed, gave hubby a nudge and a few light strokes on his arm to signal this lady is in need, but all I got in return was a few grunts and groans then minutes silence before the snoring began. I wasn’t surprised by the reaction, hubby is usually spent by the time he comes home due to the long hours he puts in so cant blame him, this has however made our sex life pretty much non-existent. {Sigh}The next day I awoke to find everybody gone, the boys must’ve tagged along with Bob to give him a hand around the farm. I found a note on two big piles of unwashed clothes saying….’Wash me please’ in Jacks handwriting. The nerves of those boys making me wash their clothes, lucky for them I had nothing to do. As I was skimming thru the clothes I came across a huge pair of briefs with a very loose crotch area. I knew they weren’t my sons because his briefs were noticeably smaller; they were even bigger than my Bobs. A thought of guilt crossed my mind thinking to myself, stop looking at boys (well in this case men’s sized) underwear Jean, so I quickly threw them into the wash and turned it on. The boys arrived back just in time for lunch which I had neatly prepared for them. Jack asked me if they could borrow my car to show Mark around town, I thought why not but be back before tea. Needless to say I should’ve given a specific time since it was well after tea and they weren’t back yet. I had mixed emotions of worry and anger the longer I waited, hubby just went to bed saying they’ll be ok, “They’re just your typical red-blooded teenagers on the hunt for girls, they’ll be back”This made me angry at him for not caring enough so I waited up by myself. Just as I was about to give up I hear the sound of my car, I looked at the time and it was almost midnight. I went from a sense of relief to anger, so made my way to the door to give them an earful when Mark walks in carrying my son Jack who was so drunk he passed out. He is just like his dad, those two and alcohol = lights out until morning.“Eh Jean, we went to this party and Jack got drunk so I had to drive home, hope you don’t mind” Mark said while standing there without even a flinch while holding Jack.“Well to be honest you guys should’ve at least called to let us know where you guys were” I said.I told him there’s food in the warmer and to take Jack to bed. I heated up the food for him, he walked back into the kitchen without me noticing as I had my back turned to him. I heard the refrigerator open and as I turned around I could see he was only wearing a pair of briefs with a white singlet hanging over his shoulder. I was startled to see a half naked man other than my husband in my kitchen, not to mention his drooling muscular ripped back, his chunky buttocks and very black skin which was in stark contrast to the white appliances around the kitchen, it made my heart skip a beat. I quickly moved towards the table not wanting him to know I was staring and placed the plate of food on a place mat. As he turned and walked towards the table, I caught a glimpse of the biggest non-erect bulge I have ever seen on a person, this teenager who could pass as a mature man was seriously ‘packing’ and thinking back to yesterday when I first met him, I thought I noticed a bit of a bump down there.“I hope you don’t mind me walking around in my briefs as I didn’t have any clean clothes to wear” his deep voice echoed as it awoke me from my glance.“Oh that’s ok, I forgot to tell you I washed and folded your clothes and placed them in the drawer” I replied.“Thanks, you know I was going to do it myself but Jack insisted to leave it to you, so I hope it wasn’t too much trouble”“Certainly not, it was my pleasure” I said as I blushed.I walked over to get a glass and knife and folk when he politely said “Its ok, I can get it” I insisted since he was a guest, and as we both reached out to grab a glass from the cupboard my nipples lightly brushed against him sending a tingling sensation through my body, I gave a slight grin and we both excused ourselves then walked back to the table. We made light talk while he was eating, mainly about his memories of his time in Africa. When he finished eating, he thanked me for the meal, packed up said our goodnights and we went to bed. I wasn’t tired at that point, so it had me lying awake in bed with naughty thoughts, picturing the wonderful specimen of a man I had seen earlier. I was angry at myself for thinking like this, so tried to force my self to sleep. About half an hour of tossing and turning had passed before I noticed a light seeping through the bottom of our door. I thought Mark must’ve left a light on so I got up to turn it off. I noticed it was the bathroom light and the door was slightly ajar so I walked towards it and just as I was about the push the door open I heard a low groan coming from the bathroom and I froze. I peeped through the crack in the door and my jaw just dropped at the most amazing sight I had ever seen. It was Mark; he was rubbing what looked like a python struggling to escape the restraints of his briefs forming an erect tent. I knew I should walk away at that point but something had me glued to that spot like I was watching my favorite soap opera. I swallowed as the saliva began to build in my mouth when I noticed what he had in his other hand, it was a photo of me that was hanging in the living room, he then bent down and picked up what looked like the pair of panties I had on today which I put in the laundry basket before I showered. He held my panties to his face and took one big whiff as if to inhale the scent I left on them. He slipped his tongue under the crotch of the panties and began running it up and down the part where my pussy was just hours earlier. He then began chewing on it, sucking it as if he were sucking out the last drop of water in a drying water pouch. I then heard him whisper “Hmmm…your pussy is what I live for” I started getting a feeling at the pit of my stomach, a feeling that’s been absent from my life for a very long time. I watched him stretch the leg opening on the left side of his briefs while struggling to release his suffocating monster. Out popped the bulbous head along with about 5 inches of shaft, it was huge, about as thick as my wrist and very black, I could see there was more hidden in his briefs so I wasn’t quite sure of the length but I do know its enough to satisfy even the loneliest housewife. He wrapped my panties around his wonderful shaft and started slowly and deliberately stroking it all the while looking at my picture. I had never had anyone lust for me in this intense manner, I could see he was really enjoying it and so was I. Just as his rhythm began to pick up I felt something move around my legs, it was our cat, I gave it a little nudge to shoo it away but instead it leaned on the door and pushed it open then walked in. Mark got a fright and immediately stopped his actions while trying his best to pull his erect shaft under his briefs, as he was doing that I quickly scampered back to my room hoping he didn’t see me. A minute later I saw the light turn off as I lay there in the dark. Numerous thoughts raced through my mind from guilt to pleasure and anxiety all in one. My heart was pounding with excitement from almost getting caught that it wasn’t until I was in bed when I noticed the amount of wetness between my legs. I didn’t want to touch it in case I had to finish it off and I didn’t want to wake Bobby or touch myself picturing someone else. I knew I shouldn’t have these feelings brought on by this young man, not to mention the fact he’s my sons friend and I’m a married woman and in love with my husband. I said to myself it was only an innocent incident that I happened to stumble upon, its not like I did anything wrong so I left it at that and fell asleep.The next day as soon as I awoke, I walked into the bathroom and checked my panties in the laundry basket; I threw those clothes in the wash, turned it on then proceeded with the daily chores around the house before having a nice long bath to relax. Just as I sat down to have brunch I saw an invitation card to Cathy and Richards’s house warming party. I forgot all about the party, Cathy and Richard are our neighbors, in their sixties and live just down the road (about 3 miles away). Their house burnt down last year and after rebuilding they’re throwing a party to celebrate on Friday. We’re undecided whether we’re going but thought I’d ring just in case we do and tell them we may have an extra guess. I rummaged through the phonebook looking for Cathy’s number and while concentrating on that I felt a presence behind me and heard in that deep voice….“Good morning Jean”That made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, I turned around to find Mark overlooking my shoulder, the affect this young man was having on me made me giggle like a little school girl. He asked what I was doing and I told him about the party and if he was interested in going, he agreed then went back outside. I walked to the bathroom to splash a bit of cold water on my face when I noticed the laundry basket had been disturbed. I flicked through it and found my recently worn panties were missing, the same ones I had on last night. I thought Mark must’ve grabbed them when he came in, thinking this got me in knots. Picturing him sucking my panties and wrapping them around his thick black shaft, I slapped myself in an attempt to snap out of it, then splashed more water on me. I knew I should’ve relieved myself last night because my head was driving me crazy this morning but I urged myself not to simply because my husband wasn’t the driving force behind these thoughts. Lucky there was no incident to report the rest of the day so I woke up confident the next knowing I was in control of the situation.Well it was Friday morning, the day of the party and I rushed into town to do a bit of shopping, I came across a dress shop and spotted a red leather mini-skirt but thought that would be overkill so moved to the lingerie section and found a sexy light grey/blue lace number with a matching see-thru night-gown, I tried it on, did a few poses and liked what I saw so bought them even though they were a little pricy. I stopped off at the bottle store on my way home and bought some of my favorite wine. It was late evening and I was washed and into my outfit, I just wore a short one piece black dress as not to over do it, this dress however does show a bit of thigh which I don’t mind. I also had my expensive ‘new purchase’ underneath so I felt a little kinky too. I walked into the living room sarıyer escort and looked at myself in the large mirror while attempting to put my necklace on when I spotted Mark in the reflection of the mirror sitting on the sofa knowing he was probably checking me out.“Other men have seen angels..But I have seen thee..And thou art enough”Mark said while rising to his feet to help me fasten the necklace.“You look amazing in that dress” he said “Why thank you” I smiled“You look pretty amazing yourself Mark”Bob walked pass and asked if everybody was ready then made his way to the car without even the slightest glance in my direction (I shrug my shoulders). Disillusioned of the feeling thinking I’m unappreciated, unwanted, like I’m just a part of the furniture, as I make my way to the car.We arrived at the party to find quite a large crowd; they were mainly our generation and older although there were the odd teenager. Bob gave the car keys to Mark since he doesn’t drink. I grabbed a glass of wine with Mark in tow and walked over to Cathy to introduce him as our guest. I could see she had that same stunned look on her face as I did when I first met Mark and just like at home, he ‘stood out’ not only because of his height but also because he was the only black person there. The night wore on and I was up to my 6th glass, feeling its effect when they dimmed the lights so people could hit the dance floor. I walked over to Bob who was talking amongst his peers and asked him to dance, he flat out refused so I looked to Jack who was chatting to one of the teenage girls and I could tell he wouldn’t be interested so I grabbed Mark and walked over to the dance floor. It was upbeat music so we kept our distance but every now and then we’d rub up against each other and when we did, I could feel his bulge press against my stomach which, coupled with the glasses of wine got me feeling all tingly again. The longer we danced the more our bodies touched, lucky we were near the back of the dancing crowd where there was less light so we weren’t so obvious to onlookers. I knew I should stop dancing at this point in time but the rhythm of my black partner had me mesmerized. Thankfully the music stopped and I was able to awake from my trance so excused myself to go top up my glass but not before promising Mark another dance. I secretly made a mental note to avoid him for the rest of the night. After talking amongst a group of ladies for a good 20mins I felt Mark rub himself against me when he passed by, he did this again when he went back the other way, I didn’t move or object as I didn’t want to draw his attention. He did this two more times before I headed down the corridor to the little ladies room, oh before I forget; I may have placed my hand behind my back one of those times and had a squeeze. There were a few people waiting to use that toilet so I looked for another, I walked up stairs and into a room which had a stunning view and its own toilet. After doing my business and freshening up I walked out to find a large figure standing at the entrance to the room, it was dark so I couldn’t really see, the only light in the room was coming from the full moon outside shining through the window behind me“What a lovely sight” I could tell it was Mark from his uncharacteristically deep voice. I could barely make him out in the shadows but his deep sexy voice created an image in my head.“Why yes it is, a very lovely night tonight with the moon shinning and all” I nervously said.He walked towards me as I turned to face the window and gazed up at the stars. He placed his right palm on my shoulder and said,“I was talking about you Jean, how the moonlight reflects on your face, how it highlights your hair, how it gently caresses your body”We stood quiet for a few seconds; unsure of what to say next when he asked if he could have that dance I promised him. “Sure lets go back down stairs” I said.“NO, right here, right now against the most magnificent backdrop, this is the ideal place” he replied.I paused for a while then reluctantly obliged. He took my hand and placed it on his shoulder then reached for my other hand and placed it in his while I felt his right hand rest on the small of my back. I was looking down at the floor not wanting to look up into his eyes in fear of the repercussions it could have. A slow song just happened to start playing, not just any slow song either, it was one from my school prom, one which I had my first dance with Bob, where it all began (I wanna know what love is by Foreigner) .I regarded it as our song, the only difference being it wasn’t the same band singing it and I wasn’t dancing with Bob. {Slow dancing}….Our bodies draw closer and closer, until there is no air between us. He slowly moves his body to the rhythm of the song, moving his hips in a grinding motion, at times pressing nothing but his bulge against my stomach. He moves his right leg to the outside of mine as if to straddle my thigh. I close my eyes swaying my head side to side concentrating on the lyrics of the song and letting Mark take the lead. My hips respond to his rhythmic movements pushing back at him, I lay my head on his buff chest, my breast press firmly against his rock hard ab’s and wrap both arms around him. A breathe escapes my mouth when he places his hands on my butt and on the next grind lifts my crotch up to meet his. I sigh when he lifts again but holds it there for a while longer, my pussy forces my upper thigh to climb up his leg to help keep it in place and pull his bulge towards it, the pressure created between us got my juices flowing. My heart was pounding out of its socket, grind after grind saw my legs weakening, he then picks me up so we come face to face, my legs automatically wrap around him. We gaze into the others eyes while still grinding, Im desperately trying with every ounce of will power to pull away when it happens.Our lips meet for the first time……..lightly kissing his lips, my tongue explores the inside of his mouth then wraps around his, our light kisses turn heavy as if we were long lost lovers. I sigh as he pushes me up onto a dresser with my legs still wrapped around him, his kisses move to my neck, nibbling on my ear, caressing my left breast with his left hand then moving down towards my prize when I suddenly hear someone walking in our direction. This gives me the much needed strength to mutter.“Someone is coming”…“NO, NO, NO, stop, please don’t” …“I cant, I’m married and I love my husband very much”…“Please stop, please”I quickly climb off and gather myself as I rush for the door, when I see Cathy who says,“Oh I didn’t know anybody was up here”“I wanted to use the toilet because the cue downstairs was too long”“Oh that’s ok” she repliedI raced back to the party in search for Bob when Richard tells me he was looking for me earlier as he wants to go home. I found Bob who was in a drunken state, I said lets go home. I walked over to Jack and told him we were going to catch a ride with Carey so not to worry about us and we’d see them later. On the drive home I was quiet, sitting in the back corner of the van by myself thinking about what had just happened while the others talked. Thoughts of guilt plagued my mind…{how could you let yourself do this, your husband of 20 years has been nothing but good to you.}I felt dirty, I had betrayed my husbands trust, I danced with another man to our song, I let another man invade my space and let his lips passionately touch mine. I said to myself… {I’m going to make it up to Bob tonight.}When we arrived home, we staggered inside with Bobs arm around me, I dragged him off to bed and kissed him as I lay him down saying to him, “Wait right here, I’ve got something for you”I walked into our walk-in closet and changed into my new sexy night-gown, when I walked back into the room I find Bob fast asleep. {Sigh}Disappointed and frustrated I turn the light off, hop into bed and lay next to him quietly sobbing. Thoughts of guilt, anger, desire and frustration cloud my mind, there was a war brewing inside me, a war which I wasn’t sure what side I was on. One that I wanted to win to honor the vows I pledged to my husband on our wedding day but knew it was a war that was slipping from my grasp with every second. I tried so hard to fall asleep but was unsuccessful in my bid, the silence was deafening as all I could hear was the thumping of my own heartbeat. An hour must’ve passed when I heard the car pull into the driveway and hearing this sent a chill straight to my groin. I heard the back door open but an absence of noise, I knew Mark must be carrying Jack inside again, he is his fathers son when it comes to alcohol. I hear a thud as Mark drops Jack on his bed, I lay there, staring at the ceiling, exhaling through my mouth trying to calm myself down. Theres agonizing silence again, just the sound of me breathing, twitching at the slightest movement, the slightest sound, silence dreaded silence, giving my mind an excuse to wonder again. A little while later I hear some movement in the other room, then a light turns on and I hear the bathroom door close, memories from the other night flood my mind. My breathing gets heavier; I can see my stomach rise with every intake and dip with every exhale. I feel my face blush as I turn my head towards Bob in a last ditch effort to fight my craving………Its too late, my desires get the better of me as my feet drop to the ground; still looking at my husband I whisper…… {I love you}. I’m almost in tears as I head towards the door and close it behind me then peep in the boys room to find Jack fast asleep, I close their door as well then turn my attention to the bathroom. I hold my ear to the door, close my eyes and picture what lies beyond. This is it, the final frontier, the last battle within and only a door stands between love and lust. My heart is pounding, my cheeks a hot blush red, my breathing is heavy, my legs are weak making my lower loins shiver with anticipation. I take one deep breath turn the knob and slowly push the door open…………I walk in and see my black tormentor sitting on the edge of the bath tub with only a pair of briefs. I quietly close the door behind me, Im a nervous wreck, trembling all over, on the verge of crying. He can sense my unease, we stare into each others eyes, hunger, lust and want. I swallow and lightly moisten the tips of my lips, then slowly gather at the bottom of my night gown to draw them up and expose my panty covered crotch…… He gets up, I can see the size of his pleasure as he walks towards me, I back away until I hit the wall. He lightly touches my face, running the back of his finger down my neck to my left breast. I let out a sigh, he palms across to the other breast, slowly circling but not touching my nipples. He leans in as if to kiss my lips but pulls back at the last minute, I sigh again. {He’s got me right where he wants me} He leans in a second time as I open my mouth to accept his, pauses, before grabbing at my hair when we lunge at each other kissing passionately. I try to hook my leg around his buttocks to draw his swelling bulge against my wetness. The kiss is very hot and heavy when he suddenly pulls away. He bends down to my right breast and lightly flicks his tongue over my nipple; he then places it between his teeth and lightly pulls it while continuing to flick at it. He does the same to the other breast while cupping the other in his hand then pulling on it. This gets me really hot and breathing heavily. He then continues kissing down my body until he reaches my snatch. I lift my night gown again to expose my panties. He lifts my right leg and kisses the inside of my upper thigh, then lifts the other and does the same, I’m off the ground, my legs spread as wide as they can, back against the wall held up by the arms of my black desire and my crotch staring straight at him. He looks up, our eyes meet again and my hips try to arch itself towards his mouth. He holds his face right up to my crotch and breathes on it. I let out another sigh. He kisses around my mound, runs his tongue where the crease of my upper thigh meets my pussy, then places his entire mouth over it and Hums…..Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm….I let out a louder than expected moan. His deep voice vibrating against my lace panties makes his humming feel like a mini vibrator.Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm….“Arghhh” I moan.I wrap my hands around his head and force it as hard as I could towards my pussy.Hummmmmmmmmmmmm….“Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” I tremble with my first ever orgasm at the hands of someone else. I could only ever achieve an orgasm on my own.My body is shaking uncontrollably, my legs try to close but are held open and my pussy juice seeps into my tormentors waiting mouth. A few seconds go by as I come down from my high. He drops my legs which are in a weakened state then sits me on the edge of the bath tub. He grabs my hands, giving them permission to explore his briefs. I run them over his bulge, stroking it up and down through the material. Then I slip my hand up through the leg of his briefs and grab the thickest cock I have ever held. It is huge, I can’t even get my hand around it, it looks more like a dildo. I stroke it for a while seeing the pleasure it was giving him. I then struggle with his briefs, trying to release his over grown manhood from its restraints. He gives me a hand and when they drop I stand back and admire the perfect being standing before me, 6ft4, muscular pitched black body with a serious 9” long and very thick hard-on which is attached to the biggest pair of hanging sacks I’ve seen. I get on my knees grab his pole and place it to my lips, I can smell its musky scent as I start kissing it from tip to base running my tongue up and down while stroking it with my free hand. I attempt to put it in my mouth, it stretches it wide open, I only manage to swallow a few inches when he grabs my head and forces it down further. I choke as I struggle for air so he releases his grip allowing me to pull out revealing a silky black shaft covered in my saliva. I try again to swallow him whole but still no luck. He pulls me off and stands me up and kisses me deeply. He lifts me off my feet turns the light off then carries me out of the bathroom, he walks towards the unused guest room at the other end of the house. Closes the door behind us and lays me on the bed, with the moon shining as bright as it was, it was as if the light was on. He slowly peels my night gown off me, only my bra and panties remain. He runs his hands all over my body and I his, he hovers on top of me and I could feel his bulge digging at my pubic bone. He kisses my eye and says,“God…made these eyes for me”He kisses my lips and says,“God made these lips for me”He kisses each breast taking my bra off saying,“God, made these breast esenyurt escort for me” He then slides down south, slips his tongue under the crotch of my panties and pulls at them with his mouth, I lift my hips and they slide off. He sucks the wetness from them and says,“God made this pussy for me”,With that he leans down to my pussy, hovers his mouth over it and breathes hot air across the hood of my clit before covering it entirely and starts humming again.“Arrghhhh” I moan.I feel his tongue run up and down my slit, up and down, up and down, pulling on the hood of my clit. I moan again as I feel the tip of his tongue push inside me. His tongue continues to work my pussy, inside and out purposely avoiding my clit. He then pushes one of his fingers in my pussy to my delight, twirling it around then slips in another, working them in unison. For a guy his age he definitely knows what he’s doing, I can feel myself building towards another orgasm as my juices start running down my crack. With his two fingers still inside me he pulls the hood of my clit back with his other hand to fully expose my sensitive bud, spits on it then lightly touches it with his tongue. My pussy jolts, he does it again and receives the same reaction. He places his mouth over my clit and Hums sending me over the edge as my body convulses with orgasmic pleasure……..After pausing for a while he replaces his fingers with his tongue and forces it deep inside my pussy, his fingers take over from where his mouth left off flicking furiously at my clit. My hips respond by grinding itself on his face, we keep this up for a few seconds more when my legs begin to quiver, I grab his head and pull it into my pussy then let out a loud almost crying moan..”Arrgggghhhhhhh……” as my pussy cums on his tongue….Shaking and breathing is all I can do in this weakened state. He gets up, straddles my breast, places his cock in my mouth and starts bonking it as I suck. We continue this for a while until he climbs off and positions himself ready for entry. I reach down grab his hardness and rub it along my slit then position it at my pussy’s entrance.“Take it slow” I murmurHe has one hand at the base of his shaft and slips the tip of it in.“Arrrggghhh….” I cry with a mixture of pleasure and pain.He holds it there for a while, waits for me to relax then pushes deeper as I feel the head slip past my vagina’s resistance. Pauses…then pushes again, I tense up at the pain and push back with my hand.“Easy….” I whisperHe pulls back a little then grinds his hips, left to right, up and down making my pussy accept his black meat. I relax and he pushes forward about halfway in, I breathe as if I were giving birth, he just continues to grind out a pathway in my love tunnel. Again he charges deeper, almost there, only an inch or two to go when he pauses one last time before driving it all the way home…“Arrrgggghh” …I cryMy pussy wraps around its invader, holding it in place, pleading for it not to hurt her when he pulls out. Then slowly inches it in, grinds then back out again before doing it again. He keeps this up for a while when my pussy responds with its own thrusting motion signaling that she can accommodate his size. Slurp, slurp, slurp were the sounds coming from my soaking wet pussy as I was being fucked by my black lover.“Fuck me……” I whisper“Fuck me….fuck me please, I’m all yours” I say in my lovers earMy hips thrust upwards, slapping against his when he speeds up the pace, my body responds by shaking.“Fuck me…Oh that’s it baby…fuck me hard!” “Oooohh Im going to cum on your big cock”I pull him towards me wrap my legs around him and dig my nails in his back when I let out probably the loudest cry of the night…“Im cummmming…..Arrrgggghhhh”…..He muffles my screams by covering my mouth with his as my body trembles underneath him, my pussy clamps around his shaft and squirts her juices all over it…….. I hold him there while I continue to quiver and come down from my high. We kiss as he slows down his pace. He pulls right out, pushes my knees to my chest and legs hang over his shoulders then re-enters me. Slowly digging his shaft in me until our bases meet, then quickly pulling all the way out. Slowly-in quickly-out was the pattern of our love making only stopping once or twice to slap his meat on my pussy making it jolt before he speeds up again and makes me reach yet another orgasm, this time he slips out and my pussy squirts all over his body. He quickly places his mouth over it to slurp up the remaining squirts.After my orgasm subsides he crosses my legs and flips me over on all fours to prepare for rear entry. My husband is the conservative type, we only ever did it the missionary way, he never ate my pussy either and never gave me an orgasm so this was all new to me and I loved every minute of it. “Ohhhhhhh..” I sigh as he slowly enters me from behind.It feels like he’s hittin it a lot deeper in this position. Slow long drilling, in, out over and over. I feel an intense pressure being applied to my rectum as he rubs a wet thumb over it then sneaks it in my anus which felt surprisingly good but dirty at the same time. I push back on his thrusting as he picks up the pace. I was so lost in our hot union that I didn’t care if my hubby or son could hear the loud slapping noise our bodies made when they hit each other, or my cries of joy. It was if I was possessed and there was nothing going to stop me from quenching my thirst. The slapping gets louder and his thrusting faster and faster when my body arches itself before pushing back into my lover as my pussy floods with the joy of another orgasm. I’m unable to kneel on all fours as my legs come out from under me, I collapse flat on the bed sink my face in the bed sheets with my lovers weight on top of me….He continues slow grinding, I arch my head back and we kiss, he places both his arms under me grabbing my opposite shoulders, he picks up the pace, I hadn’t quite come down from my last one but my lover didn’t care, he just kept pounding and pounding me with short rapid thrust. Once again my pussy pushes itself back to help with deeper penetration when I rip into another orgasm…..He slows down; still inside me he sits up straddling me like horseback riding, helping me relax myself from orgasm. He pulls out, lies on the bed and motions me to climb on top. I take his cock in my mouth for a while; my pussy has marked her scent all over it. I climb on top in the cowgirl position, I have to lift myself quite high because of his size. I exhale as I sink myself on his shaft, using my hands to help steady myself as I work my pussy on his hardness. He reaches up and caresses my breast, cups them in his hands, lightly pulling on them as I sigh in pleasure. We lean into each other and deeply kiss, I then push him back down and sit up against his raised knees to continue grinding his upwards thrusts. Swaying my head side to side closing my eyes feeling every inch of his depth inside me. He drops one of his hands from kneading my breast to rub on my clit, this gets my body in a quiver again as my pussy jolts forward. My pace is starting to pick up, grinding my pussy back and forth, I can see my stomach tremor, my breathing gets heavy, my legs grip my lovers side and just as I feel his mouth touch my unattended breast, my pussy clamps around his cock and I shudder in another orgasm.………Moments later I collapse on top of him, shaking as my pussy convulses, face down biting on a pillow. Our grinding comes to a halt as we embrace each other in a long passionate kiss…….His finger pokes its way into my anus again, then he starts to hump me, at times lifting his butt high off the bed, keeping it in the air while still humping. My legs wrap around his butt as he furiously fucks me. With our mouths still locked in a kiss I cry as I cum again……The bed is soaking from the sweat of our bodies and the juice of my pussy. We settle to a very slow pace, rocking side to side.He flips me over on my back, still kissing, still rocking then he breaks our kiss and says,“I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long”…..“And I too” I reply,{Silence}……. Then I say,“I have a confession to make” “I saw you in the bathroom the other night with my panties and my photo pleasuring yourself”“This is why I’ve been a bit nervous around you these last couple of days”…{Silence again}……he then says,“I have a confession to make too”“My parents haven’t gone anywhere, I lied about them going away, they’re still at home”“I had seen a picture and video clip of you on Jacks laptop while at school, ones which I pleasure myself with every time Jack is gone” “Ever since that day I have been lusting for you, wanting to be inside you, so made it my mission to fulfill my destiny” “Huh…you naughty boy” I reply,He laughs and says,“Yes, but my destiny is fulfilled, I am now inside you, I am giving and receiving pleasure with you, I have fulfilled my destiny, thank you for making it possible Jean”“No…… thank you, the pleasure is all mine, trust me I really needed it” I replied.We both giggle and with that his grinding picks up speed,“You feel so good Jean; your pussy feels so wonderful”“I love the way it smells, the way it tastes and the way it grips me then cries when I’m inside you”“No, no….it is you who makes me feel wonderful, I have never felt this way before with any man, your whole body makes me feel wonderful”This gets me hot again as my crotch lifts herself to meet his every thrust, my whole lower body is arching itself off the bed with my feet standing on the balls of its foot. He’s on his knees almost in an upright position, his hands around my waist helping me keep that position. He’s really forcing himself in me now and I’m trying my best to give him every opportunity. “I know your husband may own your heart, but I want to be the keeper of your pussy”“Can I have your pussy?”“Yes…yes you can” I breathlessly reply“Yes…..it is all yours; you are the keeper of my pussy”We’re really going at it at this point, making so much noise its surprising nobody heard us. My legs weaken and my body begins to shake when I feel him tense up inside me.“Yes….fuck me…cum inside me, empty your seed inside my pussy” I cry“Cum baby, cum in me”And with that he grunts out his pleasure and shoots the first ever load of his cum inside my pussy. “Arrrgggghhh” we both moaned.Spurt after spurt of his hot thick cum squirts deep inside me when I feel my pussy tense up and squirt her own juices back at him. Both of us shaking in our delights, for our lust and desire to put out each others fire. After our orgasms subside, he collapses on me and I black out. I awake from my short lapse, my lover still lying on top of me, still inside me spontaneously twitching. For the first time I regain all my senses, I can smell the air, it’s filled with the smell of sweat, the smell of sex, the smell of pussy and now the smell of sperm. I can feel our juices trickle out from my pussy and down the crack of my anus as his shaft deflates a little but still maintaining an erection. My breathing settles but I’m still trembling, my hands, my face, my voice, my legs and my pussy, all trembling from the fucking I had just received. We lay there for a few minutes when I motion to get up. I try to stand but my legs are weak and numb, they aren’t used to this kind of treatment. My lover gets up and carries me to the bathroom; I run the shower head and clean the evidence in and around my pussy. I tell Mark to go to bed, he kisses me goodnight. I sit there sobbing, knowing I have wronged my husband. Guilt takes over as I think to myself..…{How could you do this, how could you let yourself lose control and in the arms of another, not just any other but your sons friend, you’re not fit to be a mother, you’re not fit to be a wife}….I gingerly stand and make my way to bed where I cry myself to sleep.Chapter: TwoDammit…I look at the bedside clock and see its almost midday, half the day is almost gone. Unsure of myself I wonder what really happened last night, was it just an erotic dream? My uncertainty comes to fruition when I reach down and pat my now swollen pussy, it is soaking wet and my pubic hairs are sticky with dried semen. I push the blankets off which reveals a wet patch under me, my pussy had leakage last night. {God….I hope Bob didn’t see it}Angry with myself I strip the bed and find its gone right through and stained the mattress. I grab a wet cloth and start rubbing, flip the mattress over, open all the windows and give the room a spray to rid any smell. I toss the blankets in the wash and move to clean the guest room. As soon as I open the door the smell of sex hits me, I hope to heaven neither Bob nor Jack walked in this room and saw the state it was in. It was a mess, thankfully the sheets weren’t visibly wet but the mattress was stained. After cleaning that room I gather my clothes and toss them in the wash, run a hot bath, soak in it and boil my eyes out. I’m determined for it not to happen again, so much so that I confront Mark and tell him last night was a mistake, it just happened but won’t again and let’s leave it at that. I was happy to get that off my chest and lighten my burdened heart. That night I snuggled up to my Bob in bed and fell asleep in his arms.The next day I felt a lot better, I cleaned the whole house before I got a phone call from Richard saying he’ll pop in around lunch time to discuss some business with Bob. I walk outside to inform Bob who was unloading bags of fertilizer from the truck with Mark. I was leaning over the back of the truck talking to Bob when Mark pulls along side me, as soon as Bob turns and walks away Mark grabs at my crotch, violently dabbing at my pussy. It was so unexpected and in the open I froze with shock leaving his assault unchallenged. Thankfully I was able to push Marks hand away before Bob returned giving me a chance to move away and catch my senses. Mad at him, I silently nod my disapproval at Mark who has a mischievous grin on his face as he runs his fingers across his lips. Pissed at his impudence, I tread heavily inside to prepare lunch. Richard and Cathy show up around midday. The guys had lunch outside by the cars while Cathy and I ate at a table on the back balcony which is adjacent to the kitchen.{The long window above the kitchen sink was opened and the table we were eating at is directly in front of the window, the cars parked just in front of the balcony}Sitting chatting with Cathy while she was browsing thru the local newspapers, I get up to take our dirty dishes to the sink. While rinsing them, still talking with Cathy who is facing in the other direction I feel someone grab me from behind. Mark had snuck inside; he was kneeling behind me, holding a chunk of my butt in his mouth. I try to push him away while not making it obvious to the guys who, although avrupa yakası escort facing this way, could only see my upper body. Every time I pushed, his mouth would clamp down harder making it hurt so I eventually give up my struggle. Sensing this, the pressure of his bite lightened and I feel his hand make its way to my snatch, caressing her before inserting his finger. I was in a heightened state, my heart thumping from the slight pain of his bite, the joy of his fingers work and the fact he was doing this with the others just a few feet away, unaware of what was taking place below my waist. With both hands on the bench I look vacantly out side, trying to conceal my predicament on my emotionless face, keeping a watchful eye in case someone walks in. The pressure from his mouth eases, he pops his head under my dress, pulls my underwear to the side and starts tonguing my anus. This feels so good even though its dirty, I push my arse back to give my consent, he continues tonguing it while working his fingers in my pussy and clit. “Oh, where is that young handsome visitor of yours Jean?” Cathy ask,“Um…..hhes pprobably ooutside somewhhere” I fretfully reply,Hearing this Mark pulls out, opens the cupboard under the sink, and places my right foot on the middle shelf parting my thighs. He positions himself under my crotch; I gather my dress to expose myself to him, when he shoves his tongue right up my pussys alleyway…….“Oooooohhhh” escapes my mouth,“Is everything ok dear?” Cathy asks,“Yessssss…yes, everything is fine” I reply as I slump over the sink.Cathy is still talking to me, I can only manage a “yes” or a “aha” having no real interest in what she is saying, hoping she wont detect the trembling in my voice. My pussy is grinding itself against his face, I look down at him and he returns the look, my pussy tenses up as I’m about to cum when I look up and see Cathy is out of her chair walking towards the kitchen. It takes all my strength to jump off Marks tongue and rush to the door to slowdown Cathy’s progress. My pussy is still humping as I get to the door even though I didn’t quite climax. I hoped she didn’t notice, or see the trickle that was making its way down my leg.“Are you alright dear, you look a little flushed” Cathy says,“Yes, I’m ok just a little lightheaded” I reply as I place my hand across the doorway in an attempt to block her from walking in. I grab the dishes from her and turn around just in time to see Mark scampering to the living room, he turns back and I see my evidence around his mouth, it looks like he’s just munched down on a watermelon. I place the dishes in the sink and poor us some tea. We stay inside chatting until its time for them to go. Standing on the balcony outside I wave them goodbye as they leave. I look towards the paddock and only see Bob and Jack who are on the tractor collecting hay. I wonder to myself the whereabouts of Mark, when I see him in the corner of my eye standing over by the old barn shed which we use for back-up storage. He knows I see him and walks inside the barn. I stand there questioning myself what to do next, once again I’m at a crossroads……One foot in front of the other I slowly make my way to the barn without letting Bob or Jack see me. I walk in and close the door; with my eyes not yet adjusted it seems completely dark inside, the only light coming through the one dirty window and the odd misaligned panel. I [pause]………walk further in and pause again……… {The suspense is killing me…}The next thing I know I’m being grabbed, forced into an abandoned stable and thrown on a batch of hay. Staring at each other, Mark has that look of hunger in his eyes. He walks up to me as I back away, he reaches down, hikes up my dress and tears at my panties. I slap him across the face, I try doing it again but he blocks my hand, grabs me by my ankles, flips me over like a little doll and lifts me up by the waist, upside down, my thighs to the sides of his head and pussy staring at his face, holding me in place as I try to break free. Powerless I give in, his tongue starts to work his magic on me again as my thighs respond by squeezing his head. My hands find their way to his growing bulge, pulling it out thru the leg of his shorts and putting it in my mouth. We keep this up for a while when he throws me back on the hay and walks out of the stable. I get up to see where he went, I see him standing by the dirty window with his briefs around his knees, stroking his now fully erect cock. I walk in front of him, moisten my finger tips with my saliva and wet my pussy lips. Facing away I pull up my dress, lower what’s left of my torn panties, bend over and lean on the bench anticipating his rear entrance. His hand steadies my hips, positions his piston at my pussy’s gateway and with one big thrust fully launches himself inside me. I yelp in pain…“Ooooooouuuuccch!”…..I try standing on my toes to limit his depth but with the stronghold his hands have around my hips my efforts are in vain. He trusts again…“Ouch….you’re hurting me”My cries fall on deaf ears as he keeps pounding me, slapping his crotch against my butt, thrust after thrust after thrust, pounding me without a care in the world. Moments later my pussy settles and my once cries of pain turn to ones of pleasure. I relax and start pushing back on his thrust, he raises my right leg on the bench, grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls my head up to kiss him. He then maneuver’s my head where I see my husband and son in the distance, them working hard while their wife and mom is inside the barn getting fucked just as hard by our house guest. My legs shaking almost about to cum when he pulls right out making me collapse to the ground. He picks me up and places just the tip of his penis inside me.“You will never deny me this pussy again”…he says,I don’t say a word just try to push back on his cock.“You will never deny me this pussy ever again…..say it!”I don’t respond, he teases me by pushing half of it in, then quickly out, I try pushing back on him but he backs away.“You will never deny me this pussy, say it to me, I want to hear it”In heat I halfheartedly reply…… “I will never deny you this pussy”He spins me around and holds my right leg in the air with his shaft pressing against my pussy.“You will never deny me this pussy ever again, say it like you mean it”….He yells when he rams his cock right up my alley then pulls out again.I reply….. “I will never deny you my pussy again”“NO…NO, this is not your pussy, it is my pussy” he ardently says as he re-enters me,“Yes….. This is your pussy, you can have it when ever you want, you are the keeper of this pussy, it is yours”“Now fuck me….. Fuck this pussy and make her cum all over your wonderful big cock” I intensely reply.We start slamming ourselves into the others crotch, my leg slips from his grasp, unable to stand due to my buckling legs we slowly fall to the ground, still humping at each other. I drop to my knees, my lovers cock still digging at my pussy. I lay on the ground with my lover on top of me, straddling my waist placing his legs on the outside of mine and starts driving it home. My hips are arching upwards standing on the balls of my feet; my pussy is humping all by herself as I shake uncontrollably nearing a much needed orgasm.“Fuck me!” I exclaim “Make this pussy cum, shoot your cum inside me”My body tenses up, pussy clamps around his shaft and violently cums all over his cock.“Arrrggghhhhhhhh…” I shudderWhen I feel him tense up too and squirt his second ever load in my pussy while crying out his delight……Our humping comes to a stop, both of us breathless; we embrace for a kiss, not saying a word. He gets up and walks out of the barn leaving me in the dark by myself. I grab my shredded panties, brush myself off and run inside to clean up. From this point on we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. At the slightest opportunity we’d kiss or fondle one another, mainly out of sight. Early each morning after my husband goes to work I’d feel Mark in between my legs eating me out before he fucks me in my bed. The unions got more and more intense with the bigger risks we took, like his foot massaging my pussy under the kitchen table while we’re eating, or when my lover ducked under and ate me out, slurping up my pussy juice, while my husband was watching TV in the living room and my son in the shower. This risky behavior continued all week and on the final night before Mark was due to leave, we were all seated in the living room watching a movie in the dark after having had a few quiet drinks. My husband and Jack (who was asleep at that time) in the seats in front of us while my lover and I were on the double couch seated at the back. I had a cushion on my lap, my left leg resting over his giving him open access, his right arm behind my back and hand down my unbuttoned pants slowly rubbing me the right way while I was stroking him with my left hand. We passionately kiss, neither of us concerned with the presence of the others, at that point we were too lost in each others lust to worry. Getting pleasured in the same room as my unsuspecting husband, just inches away intensifies the situation. I break our kiss, look to my husband and realize he’s asleep too, so I get up, drop my pants to my knees, do the same with my lovers and slowly lower myself on his thick shaft facing the TV.“Ooooooooooohhh!!”…I groan softly as I’m fully seated on his hard meat.After moving up and down on it a few times my pussy has coated his shaft with her juices and starts making sloshing noises. They get louder as my rhythm picks up, my breathing gets heavier as he fondles my breast and caresses my pussy at the same time. I fall on his lap and lean back as my legs start to quiver. I let him take over moving himself under me, he covers my mouth with his hand to silence my excitement when my body violently shakes as I cum down hard on him………A muffled “Mmmmmmmmm” is all one can hear from me along with my heavy breathing.Once settled I hop off him, fix myself up, and walk to a safer location expecting him to follow. I’m shocked when I see Bob walking my way, frozen on the spot, fearfully gazing at him. Terrified he may have seen our little escapade, embracing myself for an earful when he just walks straight to bed without a word. I breathe a sigh of relief and say to myself,“That was a little too close for comfort; I won’t be doing that again”.I could hear Mark and Jack talking, with this being our last night I wanted it to be special, and spend all night with my lover. Growing tired of waiting I went to bed knowing he will come to me in the morning. Awoken by the feeling of Marks head between my legs I’m happy as I usually am during our early morning secessions. I open my eyes and realize it’s still dark, a little bewildered I turn my head to find Bob still in bed fast asleep. Stunned I try to silently plead with my lover to move to another room but he refuses and continues eating my pussy, hitting the spot with his tongue, applying pressure to my pubic bone. My hips happily rotate, I place my pillow over my face. I try to be as silent as I can with minimal movements when my lower body begins to shake uncontrollably. I feel the bed shake with me, so my lover lifts my waist off the bed, grips me tightly when my pussy floods his mouth. I’m doing my best to keep my delights to a minimum but not doing a convincing job of it. Lucky for us Bob had those few beers before he went to bed so he’s almost dead to the world. My lover slides off the bed and onto the floor, I follow him and walk towards the door when he tugs at my arm and lowers me to the ground next to the bed. {What, not here I’m thinking}He lays me down to my objection and positions himself on top of me. {Well I wanted our last to be special but I didn’t mean in this manner}Knowing he isn’t going to budge I moisten my pussy lips, push my panties to the side to await his forceful entry but he surprises me by taking it slow, taking his time, making love to me not the usual hot heated sex, our mouths continuously kissing. This is our action for a good ten minutes, our mouths only parting for the odd adjustment, he pulls out, sits up on his knees facing my hubby and positions me in the spoon position. We grind each other both watching my husband sleep, I think this is his way of showing who owns this pussy and it certainly isn’t my hubby. After a while he lays me on my back again and re-enters me this time picking up the pace but not thrusting to the hilt in an effort to silence our love making. He’s going at a ferocious pace when I feel him tense up and cum in my pussy. Exhausted we lie there in an emotional embrace knowing this will be our last time together. I quietly sob, not out of guilt for my hubby but because my lover will be leaving me soon. He gets up, pushes my panties back in place lifts me back on the bed, kisses me goodnight and I watch my black lover walk out the room, fully naked and still erect. Its morning, I hear laughter; the guys are in the kitchen talking. My pussy is still moist from a couple of hours ago; sticky drying sperm knots my pubic hair. I get up and make the bed, still in my cum filled panties not worried if anyone walks in the room. I’m an emotional wreck, sad that this day has to come. Sobbing as I bath myself, washing my lovers scent off me for the last time. When I’m done I walk around the kitchen and everybody seems in a cheery mood except me. My son is following Mark everywhere so I can’t get a chance to hold him and tell him how much I love him. The boys walk outside, still in their joyous mood, I walk around the back, hiding behind the house waiting for my lover to notice me so I can wave him over. A lucky break has him glance my way and a few moments later he’s walking towards me. We passionately embrace like first time lovers, kissing as his hands clutch my ass, I’m crying, not wanting him to leave, to stay here and be my lover, I need him so badly. We promise each other we’ll meet up which makes me feel a little better.I drive Mark and my son Jack to the bus stop, we manage to lose Jack in the crowd for a moment and we embrace. I tell him I left a surprise in his bag, its one of my panties I was wearing when I flooded them with my pussy juice, I also told him I wasn’t going to wash his sperm he left in my panties last night. I’ll keep them as my souvenir, locked away so his scent will remain with me. His bus number is announced over the intercom, I stand back not wanting Jack to see my tears, Mark and Jack hug each other good bye before he runs to me and kisses me on the cheek, waving to him as his bus pulls out until it is all but a spec in the distance.Well that was over three months ago, I keep in touch with Mark regularly by phone and email, he’s coming back for the summer holidays but doesn’t know I’ll be traveling his way before then, staying at a hotel nearby. I have a big surprise for him; he’s going to be a daddy as I have his baby growing inside me. He’s always talked about wanting k**s, I’m happy to be the provider of that. I’m just not sure how to go about telling my hubby I’m pregnant when he hasn’t touched me in ages, not to mention the baby would probably be born black…….

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