Milking Time B2 Chapter 7 Clyda & Jordan Part


Milking Time B2 Chapter 7 Clyda & Jordan PartChapter 7: Clyda & Jordan Part 1Jordan was standing outside of Clyda quarters, mentally preparing herself for the next test. Clyda had chosen Jordan to be the next amazon she had to satisfy in her ordeal to become one of the amazons. Jordan rapped politely on the door to Clyda’s quarters.Clyda’s voice answered from inside the room. “Come on in, please.”As Jordan entered Clyda’s quarters, Clyda was relaxing on the bed. Clyda had on a dark red, tube top. The cut and fit of Clyda’s tube top did more to emphasize Clyda’s figure than to hide it. Below that, Clyda wore a pair of black workout pants. Like most of the other amazons on the Island, Clyda had a figure that was sleek, and well conditioned. Clyda still had a shapely, curvaceous figure, but Jordan could see that Clyda possessed considerable strength in her arms and legs.Clyda was stretched out on the bed on her back. As Clyda’s breathing raised her chest up and down, Jordan was greatly aroused at the sight of her massive breasts, as they bulged inside the tube top. Jordan was naturally busty herself, but Clyda had to be considerably larger than she was, judging by the amount of flesh she could see exposed at the top of her tube top.As Clyda heard Jordan enter the room, she sat up on the edge of the bed and greeted Jordan with a warm smile.”Hallo, love,” said Clyda. “Still with us after being turned loose with Ebony for a day?””All I can say is I’m sure glad that it’s over,” said Jordan. “I hope I don’t have to go through that ever again.””Well, I can promise you a much better time with me, than with Ebony,” said Clyda. “I’ve really been looking forward to this, Jordan. Come here and sit down next to me.”Jordan strolled over to the bed, and sat down by Clyda’s side.”Tiffany and Dee Dee said that you specifically asked for me,” said Jordan. “We’ve heard a lot about you Jordan,” said Clyda. “We’re not completely cut off from the outside world here. We have a satellite dish, so we can get a certain amount of television programming. And we’ve also got a T1 link to the Internet for our computers. So we’re just full of surprises here on the Island.””I spent a fair number of years in the modeling business myself, Jordan,” continued Clyda. “I didn’t make nearly as many videos as you, because I started a few years earlier than you. But I built up a network of contacts and friends through my years in the business, and whenever I spotted someone new who really caught my eye, I’d ask them if they could find out anything about them, or tell me more about them. When I found out that your name had come up through our screening process for applicants to the Island, and we verified that it was you, I was really excited.””Well that’s really flattering to know that you and some other girls already know about me, and like me here,” said Jordan. “As a matter of fact, I think I remember seeing halkalı escort you in some old girlie magazines that I found in my brother’s room, years ago. I don’t think I’d ever forget seeing a set of breasts like yours.””If only I had a dime for every time someone said something to me like that about my tits,” giggled Clyda. “Every once in a while I regret having to carry them around. But then I look at myself in the mirror and come to my senses. They kept me working for a number of years, and also opened quite a few doors to me in other walks of life too.””But were not here to philosophize or reminisce today, Jordan,” said Clyda. “You’ve earned a treat for surviving a day with Ebony, and I’m the girl to give it to you. Stand up and let me get a good look at you Jordan.”Jordan stood up and moved a couple of steps back from Clyda. Jordan simply stood there for a moment, letting Clyda look at her, gazing at her figure. “Now take off your skirt and sandals, love. But leave your bikini on for the time being,” said Clyda. “Turn around slowly and pose for me, Jordan. Pretend like you’re back in the real world, doing a magazine shoot.”It hadn’t been that long since Jordan had done exactly what Clyda requested, so the routine quickly came back to her. Jordan posed and strutted and flaunted herself to Clyda for several minutes. Jordan showed off all of her body to Clyda, knowing just when to fondle and squeeze her boobs; both with her hands on the outside of her bikini, and also by pushing her arms together to display an impressive span of cleavage. With a pout here, a smirk there, and a devilish grin added in, Jordan soon had Clyda equally as aroused as she was.Jordan could see that Clyda’s breathing had audibly increased, as she became more and more turned on. Clyda’s nipples had started to grow hard and erect beneath her tube top, and Jordan could see the tips of them straining and pushing at the fabric.Jordan tried not to be too obvious about it, but she couldn’t see any signs of real enlargement or activity down at Clyda’s crotch when her gaze wandered there.Clyda’s sexy voice brought Jordan back to attention. “Yes, you’re everything they said you’d be and more, Jordan. Forgive me if I indulge in one of my vices that’s also a favorite of Ebony’s too. Come a little closer to me. Now put your hands behind your back, and lean forward towards me.”Jordan did as Clyda instructed. Jordan’s breasts were now less than a foot away from Clyda’s face as she leaned forward and thrusted her chest out.Clyda gazed deeply at Jordan’s full, ample breasts, which were only inches away from her face. Clyda could smell the sweet aroma of Jordan’s sex, as both girls had gotten increasingly aroused as Jordan displayed her body.In the position she was in, the only part of Jordan’s breasts that weren’t visible to Clyda were the olgun escort undersides, and part of her nipples.”You’ve got a gorgeous set of knockers there love,” said Clyda. “Nice and full and firm. And from what I can see, they’re nicely tanned all over. I really like that in a girl. Tell me, Jordan. Does that tan of yours cover all the parts of your body?””There’s only one way to find out,” Jordan teased back.”You’re right. There is only one way,” agreed Clyda. “But everything in good time. Right now I want to get a good unobstructed view of your tits. Hold still a moment, love.”Clyda reached up behind Jordan’s neck and gently undid the knot holding the upper half of her bikini, behind her neck.The top two strings of Jordan’s bikini fell down and dangled loosely. Jordan had started to sweat ever so slightly as she posed and strutted for Clyda. The light coating of moisture on her body just barely held the cups of Jordan’s bikini onto her breasts for now.All of the top half of Jordan’s breasts were clearly visible to Clyda, including parts of Jordan’s nipples, as the fabric began to slowly loosen its hold.”Lovely. Absolutely lovely,” panted Clyda. “Now just hold still while I undo the other end, and we’ll be ready for the ‘grand unveiling’ in a moment.”The knot to the lower portion of Jordan’s bikini quickly parted under Clyda’s fingers. Only a scant amount or perspiration was holding the bikini cups onto Jordan’s breasts now.”If you’ll do the honors, Clyda,” asked Jordan. Clyda delicately plucked the cups of Jordan’s bikini off, and tossed it to the side of the bed.Jordan’s full, rounded globes thrust proudly out towards Clyda’s face. Clyda lifted her gaze to Jordan, and a look of unbridled passion and lust in her eyes. Jordan knew the look of another woman who wanted her more than anything else very well. Performing and stripping for a lover who obviously appreciated her had gotten Jordan quite excited, and her nipples were standing stiff and erect. Clyda reached out, gently stroking and cupping Jordan’s breasts in her hands.”Your tits are gorgeous, love,” said Clyda. “Nice and firm. And such a delicious even color from tanning all the time too. Do you go to a tanning salon? Or are you a naughty girl, and do it by other means?””A girl’s gotta have fun somehow,” giggled Jordan.”And that’s exactly what I intend to do here,” replied Clyda.Clyda began licking and sucking on Jordan’s breasts, licking the wide areola until it stiffened and rose slightly from the rest of her breast. Then Clyda brought Jordan’s nipple into her mouth, and began sucking and gently teething on it. Jordan tried to stand as still as she could while Clyda pleasured her, but found it difficult. Jordan reached out and put her hand on the back of Clyda’s head, and pressed her to her şişli escort chest, exhorting Clyda to greater efforts.Finally, Clyda had slaked her thirst for Jordan’s breasts, and brought her back so she could gaze at Jordan. Both girls were breathing heavily from the other’s attentions, and a sense of electricity and passion was in the air between them.”Well,” said Clyda, “after that, it’s only fair that I return the favor to you, love. You’ve earned yourself some time with my babies.”Clyda slipped her arms out of the tube top, and pulled it completely over her head, so that her huge breasts were fully exposed. Clyda tossed the top over to a corner of the room.Jordan gasped in astonishment. Clyda’s tits stood out proud and firm like two huge torpedoes from her chest. Clyda’s breasts were almost twice as large as Jordan’s, yet there wasn’t a hint of sag or droop to them. They were almost exactly as Jordan remembered seeing them in those old girlie magazines of her brother’s, years ago.”Do you like?” asked Clyda with an impish grin on her face.”I think that they’re fucking gorgeous,” said Jordan.Jordan moved closer to Clyda so she could fondle and caress the two mammoth globes on her chest. Jordan had to use both hands, and even then, she could barely contain one of Clyda’s colossal tits. Jordan massaged and stroked the two breasts like they were separate lovers.Finally Jordan made her way to Clyda’s huge nipples. Each teat was a delicate shade of dark brown, several inches wide. At the edges, the skin assumed a delicate, almost perforated color and texture that told Jordan Clyda was extremely aroused from her attention to her breasts so far.Jordan settled her mouth over one of Clyda’s nipples, and slowly engulfed the entire teat, as well as a small part of Clyda’s breast in her mouth. Jordan tongued and massaged Clyda’s nipple in her mouth, and gently gnawed on it, until Clyda was positively squirming next to her.Clyda reached out and embraced Jordan in her powerful arms. “That feels absolutely exquisite, love,” said Clyda. “But don’t forget about the other one now.”Jordan turned her attention to Clyda’s other massive breast, and gave the nipple the same undivided attention she had to the first one. Clyda had her arms wrapped about Jordan and was massaging and stroking Jordan with sensuous caresses anywhere her hands could reach.By now, Clyda was pushing and grinding extremely close to Jordan, as Jordan worked on her tits. Jordan knew that Clyda was obviously enjoying and responding to her efforts. What baffled Jordan was why she had yet to see any sort of rise or growth from Clyda’s crotch by now. There had been times when Jordan had made love to other girls like this, that she’d had them cumming in their panties by now. But so far, nothing out of Clyda.Clyda truly was a handsome woman, Jordan thought. Strong and muscular. A long, luxurious mane of jet-black hair. She was definitely a gorgeous chunk of shemale flesh. And tits that she could get lost in for days at a time.Finally, Clyda gently pulled Jordan’s head off of her nipple, and smiled at Jordan.”My goodness, but I think that’s enough of that for now,” panted Clyda. “If I didn’t make you stop there, I might never get around to showing you what you really came here to see. And we couldn’t have that, now could we?”

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