Miss Cassandra camp p4


Miss Cassandra camp p4I went to sleep in my room at the camp , all 5 of us now pretty little girl in disney pijamas under miss Cassandra total controlall 5 in the living room watching a movie arguing who is the best cock suckergiggling calling the other lil slut, our butt plug all buzzing keeping us under the sissy spellMiss cassandra website now fully online . her little boys ready for the auctionone by one she took us to the shooting room and advertise us by helping us naked and dess in new sexy little pink undie daddy princess printed on my little top miss Cassandra hidden cams enjoyed by her VIP membersall successful older black guys , wondering how many cute little teen boy miss Cassandra have this yearMike eager to add a new little pet to his Uber kind of services looking at Cassandra showing of her new batch of gurls the bidding starting at a 1000 I was his favorite and I was sold to him for 2.5kIt was only the first month at the camp 2 month remainingWe were all watching a movie when one after another come to pick us up , collar help on my neck the big tall black daddy kissing me”hello Cindy you ready to come home?”cuddling him he was so hot i felt so small my little ass in his hand getting fondle”you drop her by 8am she has chores to do””off course Cassandra, ill bring her back no worry”and i left with him in his big suv truck”our first bostancı escort time together , here show me how you suck baby ”starting the car my mouth already gulping his head down sucking his nice strong cock getting harder and bigger as i please it ”oh you feel good , Cassandra never disappoint with her teaching””you wanna help me tonight? im a uber driver and makes way more money when i have my daughter working with daddy””yes keep sucking i know you do you gonna love it”we got toward the city and after 30 minutes of worshiping him, i was feed daddy warm cum load he ask me to sit in the back and clean my face soon a black drunk black guy got in the suv”oh yes , shes cute where do you get them ”getting inside”what is your name cutie”daddy driving away”cindy””well cindy my wife been a bitch you want to help me out i have a week loads for you”nodding and reaching for his pants ”damn you eager little sissy , are all loving this way too much ”getting him out and happy to see his very large bbc kissing it sucking it moaning showing i love him in my mouth”just like that yesssss oh shit i needed a sissy all week””you little white boy are the best once you start to understand””you understand how nice and good little pussy hole you are for our black better cock””oh yes you all do , i want sancaktepe escort to see that cunt”and he turn me ass up on the back seat playing with my plug telling me i have a very pink cute pussy pushing inside , fucking me so easily his bbc all the way in me loving how nice and strong he feels inside mehappy to feel his so hard in me, proud i make this big cock want mecindy taking over my exisytence with each bbc casually fucking me up so gooood so perfect bbc pumping my tight sissy pussydaddy just driving listening to me get fuck , watching back in the retro at my little ass up invaded and making wet pussy noisehe cum tpp quick, a was happy fucked and wanted more but he just cum in me and got out couple of minute after”you want more cindy? you look sad he is gone””yes i like how he felt ””good girl dont worry get ass up face down yes like that toward the window ”he parked in a park and i was feeling the window get downpussy up teens black guy drinking and smoking in the park saw medaddy got out”my daughter thinks about big hard black cocks all the time i caught her sucking for 20 bucks can you help her out she onloy need a 20 and she is your slut” taking condom from the box daddy gave em in exchange for 20 billstaking my door open and getting inside spitroasted by all 6 in turnbig strong young zeytinburnu escort boys fucking me with no kindnessass up taking cock moth fuck to a ball of blissyoung cock too excited and soon bursting in my holes all cum …..too quick in me , only 20 minutes after meeting them they all laught at me face full of loads swallowing the last i was drive away daddy asking me to clean, using more wet ones to clean my face daddy telling me i must be cute for my next friend bbci was looking eagerly at him getting inhe didnt have time to talk i was already reaching inside his pants getting it out and in my mouth, were it belongs”damn Mike you always impress me””thanks, enjoy yourself she love to please” ”damn she does look at her wanting my cock”talking about me just loving to dress sexy and be a good girlanther stranger helping me ass up sliding in me so lovelydropping me 20 bucks in my panty , showing me he is leaving a tip , my pussy so wet and gapping loving the stretching moaning under the hard cock pounding me down i was cum filled all night until he drop me to the campMiss Cassandra walking me insideand help me into the shower2 of my sister were there ass up fucked by the teen living next door”your friend next door came to say hello”help ass up with to the side of my sister and fucked ”she is full of cum, this one been a goods girl too””great you pound her all you want i need them clean and cum empty today , the 2 other are not coming back i cant believe they stole my girls again”he fuck us and clean ur cunt calling us pretty little pussy having fun fucking all the cum out until we were full of soap and smelling pretty little pussyi went to sleep

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