Missed Offense Ch. 02


For no particular reason, Morgan awoke with a start. She was still floating in Taylor’s pool in the mild sunshine. Her eyes quickly darted around her surroundings, possibly trying to see if anything seemed to be out of place that would alert her to the fact that she had already been found out. It was one of those paranoid and panicky feelings deep in her gut that told her she had been, Morgan felt like ice was injected into the lifeblood of her body as a quiet fear overtook her. She immediately regretted what had taken place earlier with Brad because the thought now occurred to her that getting caught might be a very real possibility.

The very real truth was that she hadn’t planned on ever doing anything physical with Brad, the husband of her good friend Taylor. Morgan and Brad had been flirting back and forth for about as long as she and Taylor had been friends. It was always innocent and usually in front of their spouses. Once a woman knows what to do to catch a man’s eye, she can quietly torment him knowing that the safety of her marriage, and his, will keep him safely at arms length. Morgan enjoyed the sport of catching the glances of a man. Brad had just been sport in Morgan’s mind. Hell, for that matter, Taylor and Morgan’s hubby flirted quite often.

The men were both good looking and successful, their wives undeniably beautiful and took good care of themselves physically. They were both blessed couples to have such appealing spouses. This is probably one of the reasons they had become such good friends, they were very much alike. Morgan slid from her floating lounger and walked in the waist deep water of the shallow end to the steps of the pool. As she ascended the steps of the pool, Morgan scanned the walkway for the bikini top she had tossed there before dozing off. She wasn’t finding it. Her panic rose steadily. ‘What was I thinking?’ It was that reproachful voice in her head that never seemed to be there before doing something stupid, only after, and this voice now told her she had done a doozy. An angry shout startled Morgan from her thoughts. The lustful betrayal of her friend was surely known.


Morgan reflexively looked in the direction of the shout to see that it was Taylor. Morgan noticed (with her heart pounding like a drum) that Taylor was admonishing the streaking ball of fur that was racing across the yard with an object clinched tightly in it’s mouth. “SKEETER, DAMNIT! GET OVER HERE!” Taylor yelled again. Skeeter was the name of their tiny mixed breed mutt that was at least two years old and smaller than the average cat.

As I watched, Skeeter stopped on a dime when he reached the far side of the yard and began lashing his prized object from side to side in much the same way a wild animal might do to extinguish the life of newly caught prey. Skeeter would drop the object, stare at it intently and then capture it again in his jaws and lash it from side to side with newfound fury. Taylor somehow caught the little dog by surprise and swatted it with a broom. The broom didn’t actually connect with the poor animal but it scared it badly enough to forget his quarry and run in fear for its life. Taylor bent down and picked up what remained of the little animals kill. She held it up for Morgan to see.

What Morgan saw was that it used to be the top that matched the bottoms of her bikini. There was enough evidence left to link the two garments but not much else. Taylor winced as she spoke. “Morgan, I am so sorry. I came up to the house for a few minutes and when I looked back out Skeeter was devouring your top. Morgan’s once scattered nerves began to quiet. Seeing half of her $80 bikini in shreds was actually a relief. “Oh my gosh Taylor, is that my top?” “It is; Skeeter came out when I went in. I didn’t even think about it. He still likes to chew things up sometimes.” Taylor returned the smile that was beginning to form across Morgan’s face. “I don’t have anything to put on…” Morgan said hoping that Taylor would offer a solution. “I bought a new bikini that I was going to take back, you can have it.” Taylor held her hand out for Morgan to

follow. “Come on. Just tell me where you bought this one and I’ll replace it.” Morgan took a towel from a patio chair and wrapped it around her breasts.

In the kitchen, Taylor told Morgan to grab herself a fresh drink from the fridge. “I’ll be right back, let me get the suit.”

Morgan casually took a bottle of beer from the fridge and tossed the cap into the trash.

As she waited, she glanced into the connecting rooms wondering where Brad might be.

“Here you are.” Taylor said holding up a bikini still on a hangar. The tags were dangling from each piece. “I liked the design and just escort bostancı bought it. I tried the top on here and it didn’t fit well…” Taylor removed the top from the hangar and handed it to Morgan. “…try it on.” Morgan started to remove her towel and stopped. “Where’s Brad?” A smile crossed Taylor’s face. “He went golfing. He should have been gone before you got here but was running late. Go ahead.”

Morgan pulled off her towel and put on the new top. It seemed to fit okay. “If it would have looked that good on me I would have kept it.” Taylor offered. Morgan looked down to see that it accentuated her well. “Try the bottoms.” Taylor held them out after removing the tags. “You can do it here, I don’t mind.” Morgan took the new thong bottoms from Taylor and changed on the spot. They too fit well. “Well, I just didn’t know that I was buying a bikini for you. It looks great Morgan.” “Think so?” Morgan said raising her hands slightly and turning in a circle. “Oh yea, you look fabulous. Those bottoms are much better too.” Taylor said prompting Morgan to look down and adjust the straps on her hips. “How so?” Morgan asked, still looking down.

“Because they don’t have come all over them.” Taylor said. Morgan looked up and met Taylor’s gaze. “What?” “Cum, you know, that stuff that leaked out of your body after my husband fucked you, It’s probably all leaked out by now. I cleaned the stuff off of the floor over there…” Taylor said looking back and pointing. “and I suppose the pool filter sucked in the rest of it that was floating in the pool. He doesn’t come too much so that’s probably all of it. Morgan didn’t have to admit or deny anything; the look on her face admitted everything. “So you just decided to fuck my husband in my house, hell you could probably even see me while you were fucking, couldn’t you?” Morgan shook her head as if trying to process what Taylor was saying. She slowly sat back on a barstool and crossed her arms.

“Are you going to deny it?” Taylor asked deprecatingly.

Morgan shook her head. “Nope. I’m sorry you had to wipe up the cum, I guess Brad missed it.”

The look on Taylor’s face was as surprised as Morgan’s had been before. “You wretched little slut, that’s all you have to say… after fucking my husband in my house?”

Morgan shouldn’t have said it but did. “Don’t forget ‘while we could see you’ because I was bending over the counter there. He fucked me from behind so we could both see you while we were doing it.”

Taylor’s mouth was agape. Morgan added. “You said it yourself, don’t ask don’t tell.”

“You slutty little whore! You fucking backstabbing whore! How dare you say that to me after fucking my husband!”

“Come on Taylor. I didn’t mean to do it. I didn’t plan it. Hell, he pulled his cock out. I didn’t ask for it, I could have screamed I guess, I just didn’t so he fucked me. You had told me he and the kids wouldn’t be here today. There’s a surprise, walking by and seeing Brad in the kitchen.”

“So since my husband was here it was okay for you to just fuck him!”

“Do you want to fuck me?” Morgan said nonchalantly. I’ve never been with a woman but I do find you attractive. We could try it?”

“What in the fuck?! You fuck my husband and then say something like that?! Like it’s all a big joke?!” Taylor began nodding her head and then pointed at Morgan. “All a big joke, alright you little tramp, I’ll show you a fucking joke… It’s the one where I call Troy and tell him ‘your wife fucked my husband and I wiped their cum off of the floor myself’ joke. The punch line is where he divorces you. Morgan stood from the barstool and leaned across the counter. “You’re even sexy when your mad. I’m serious Taylor, I

really think I could sleep with you.”

Taylor picked up the phone and began dialing. “So are you calling my husband to tell him that I fucked Brad today? Or are you calling Brad to confess to fucking Elaine’s husband at the spring cookout? You know, he is pretty hot. By the looks of the pictures I’d say you were enjoying yourself…” Taylor’s face flushed. “Or maybe you’re calling Elaine to apologize for fucking her husband?”

Taylor pressed the button to disconnect the call. Slowly she replaced the phone to the cradle with a look of disbelief on her face.

“Pictures?” Taylor asked quietly. “Yes, pictures. Troy took them. Apparently he just happened to be in the right place at the right time and snapped a few for the family album.” Morgan smiled sweetly as if the conversation were not about lustful indiscretion but gardening. “Do you have these pictures?” Taylor asked. “Well yes. Troy wanted to put them through the shredder but I put them in a safe place. He thinks they were thrown away ümraniye escort though.”

“So you have had pictures of me having sex with another man… didn’t tell me, didn’t let me know and hung onto them secretly? And then you act like my friend?”

“Calm down Taylor. Things are not always as they seem. We both know that men find us attractive, we work hard to make it so, sometimes things happen, I understand that. That’s why I didn’t say anything to anyone… unlike what you were getting ready to do on the phone there.”

“I just want to know why you kept the pictures, why would you do that and risk other people seeing them?”

“No one else has seen them. I didn’t risk anything. The thing that bothers me is that you were just getting ready to sail me down the river… and that didn’t bother you one bit.

“You fucked my husband in my kitchen and were even looking at me when you did it; wouldn’t that make you a little more than mad?!”

“Maybe I was watching you because I find you attractive.”

Taylor shook her head. “This is just a game to you, your not my friend after all?”

Why do you say that?” Morgan asked.

“Because you hide pictures of me cheating on my husband, fuck my husband and in my house no less and then joke about wanting to sleep with me. Those are things that a friend wouldn’t do. That is how I know that you are no friend of mine and never have been.”

“I don’t agree. A friend would do those things. We have fun visiting, shopping and swimming, all of that stuff we do together. I assume you had fun with Troy and I can certainly say that I had fun letting your husband fuck me. He’s not that big but he knows how to use it.”

“What do you mean ‘fun with Troy?”

Morgan shook her head while collecting her thoughts. “Okay Taylor, my good friend. We’re going to get on the same page. I didn’t plan on fucking Brad, ever. I didn’t do anything with him today but flirt. He pulled his cock out of his pants and approached me. I had to make a decision, walk away or tell him to stop, or go ahead and fuck him. I though about it…I really did. I decided to let him fuck me.” Morgan ran her fingers through her hair and paused. “My first impulse was to walk away until I thought of you and Troy. Me in the back yard setting the table, Brad flipping steaks on the grill and the kids playing in the sandbox… and you cutting vegetables over the sink with Troy’s fingers up your pussy. You were both watching me while he was fingering you. That helped me spread my legs today. Some of it was you sucking Troy like a porn-star in my living room. He’s enjoyed a couple blowjobs from you my good friend. When I thought of that, that’s how I spread my legs apart like a ‘fucking whore’ and let Brad fuck me like one.”

Taylor had started to cry. Her eyes were wet and a single tear rolled down her cheek. She said nothing.

“I never said a word to you Taylor. I just watched a little closer. You on the other hand had the audacity to pick that phone up with the intention of calling Troy and telling him what you knew. That is why I kept the pictures AND the video I have of you and Troy. If you ever tried to sell me out I knew it would be to get Troy for yourself. If that ever happened, I would have used the pictures and the video to destroy you. I considered you my friend, people do stupid things. I’m not going to divorce my husband over getting his dick sucked. You wondered why I kept them. They were insurance. If you ever tried to break my marriage up you would pay dearly. Now are we on the same page?”

Tears were flowing down Taylor’s face. “I’m sorry Morgan. I’m sorry. I fucked Troy once. We did fool around. I don’t know what to say.” Morgan just stood there looking at Taylor.

“We always flirt, Me and Troy and Brad and you. I took it pretty far one time, the day Troy fingered me in the kitchen. He mentioned a threesome with you and I… It just kept going, you know, the conversation, and he began fingering me. I kept talking as he did it, about the threesome. I was really turned on. I told him that we could fuck right there in the kitchen but he wouldn’t. The idea of fucking Troy got stuck in my head. That’s how the blowjobs happened. I finally told him that if he slept with me I would go along with the threesome.” Taylor quit crying. She looked at Morgan with bloodshot eyes waiting for her reply.

“So you fucked him. What about the threesome? When is that supposed to happen?”

Taylor shrugged her shoulders slightly. “I don’t know, soon. He was going to ask you about it sometime soon.”

“And you want to do this, take a part on a threesome with me and my husband?”

“I would have done it. I’ve always wondered what it would be kartal escort bayan like.”

“I don’t see us ever getting over this and remaining friends, do you?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think we have to be enemies. I don’t want to be enemies with you Morgan.”

“We don’t have to avoid each other but things will never be the same. So what about your threesome?” Morgan asked. “Are you going to keep your promise to Troy?”

Taylor didn’t say anything. Morgan picked up the phone and dialed a number. The kitchen was quiet.

“Hey baby.” Morgan said into the phone. “How are you doing?” All Taylor heard was one side of the conversation. “Yea, I’m over at Taylor’s, we laid out and swam a bit today.” “Well I actually called to find out when you could pencil in a threesome with Taylor and us?” “Don’t act so surprised, do you want to have a threesome with Taylor and me?” “I know a lot of things dear. Do you want to or not?” “Since we’re all being so honest today, Taylor told me that you two were fucking around, nothing I didn’t already know or have proof of.” “She got bent out of shape because I fucked Brad in her kitchen today.” “Taylor already tried that with me so don’t even go there. I know what you’ve been up to. Do you want to or not?” “Let’s do it tomorrow then, during the day.” “So take off work.” “Alright. Bye.”

“Tomorrow it is.” Morgan said as she put the phone back down.

“I can’t believe you told him that.”

“That I fucked Brad? Hell yea I’m going to tell him. He gets to fuck you, get blowjobs from you and finger you. Yea, I’m going to level the field for him.”

“Now what?” Taylor asked. The redness in her face and eyes was now gone.

“I get to be as bad as I want to be. What time is Brad going to be home?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“Maybe I’ll just hang around and let him fuck me again.” Morgan said brazenly.

“He won’t be home for another couple of hours at least. Please don’t fuck him again Morgan. Not like that. He never has to know anything happened other than what went on today.”

“So you’re just going to show up tomorrow and jump into bed with us?”

“I don’t know what to do.” Taylor said looking away.

“Do you really want to do this?” Morgan asked. Taylor nodded her head. “It turns me on thinking about it. I just wish we weren’t mad at each other.”

“We’re not.” Morgan said holding her arms out for a hug. Taylor moved toward her and the two embraced. “We can have a friendship.” Morgan said gently rubbing Taylor’s back. “It’ll just be different.”

Morgan untied the string that was around Taylor’s neck and pulled away from her. The two didn’t say anything as they removed each others tops and timidly embraced in a kiss. Taylor’s husband Brad came to the back door saw the two before they could do anything about it. He came inside “What’s this? The two most beautiful women I know making out in my kitchen. Can I play too?” Brad said half jokingly.

“What do you think Morgan?” Taylor said. Her mind could think of nothing else to say.

“Pull that cock out and fuck your wife Brad. Here.” Morgan knelt and pulled Taylor’s bikini to the floor. “Spread your legs.” Morgan told her. “See that pussy Brad.” Taylor gasped when she felt Morgan’s finger slide between her legs and slightly penetrate her body. “See where that finger is? Stick your cock in there, c’mon, let me see you fuck her.” Brad pulled open his pants and pulled out his cock. “C’mon Brad, fuck her right now.”

“Fuck me Brad.’ Taylor said arching her back and sticking her ass I the air. Brad moved up to Taylor who was now leaning on the table.

“Fuck her Brad, yea, fuck her good.” Morgan said as she stepped behind Brad and pushed him toward her. He held his cock in his hand and guided it into Taylor’s body. Morgan was just a cheering section. “Oh yea. He is fucking you good Tyalor. C-mon Brad fuck her. She wants it hard and deep. Yea , like that. Yea, fuck yea!”

The show continued until Taylor screamed in orgasm and Brad grunted and moaned releasing his seed. They collapsed onto one another onto the edge of the dining room table, both gasping for breath. Morgan slid out of the kitchen and took her bag into the guest bathroom and dressed. When she returned, Brad and Taylor were both in the pool lying back on the steps just under the water. “I’m going to head out guys.” Morgan called to them. “It’s been fun. So I’ll see you tomorrow Taylor?” Morgan asked. “Definitely tomorrow, it’s a date.” Taylor said.

“K, bye guys.”

Taylor and Brad waved to Morgan. Morgan returned a wave of her own and disappeared behind the door. Taylor heard Morgan start her car and drive away. It spurred her thoughts about tomorrow. Were they actually going to do it? She wanted to feel Troy inside of her again.

She might not have felt so cozy about tomorrow if she knew what was going through Morgan’s mind. Troy was getting ready to leave his office and had a nervous pang in his chest. Morgan felt just fine.

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