Mistis’ Adventures Part 98


Mistis’ Adventures Part 98It was nearing the time. It was almost 7:00. Doris and Pete had honked at the cattle guard to signal that they and Sue were leaving for the stadium. Sue had given Rick a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt to bring to the graduation for her to wear afterwards. She had also solemnly promised that this would be the only time he was excluded from her plans. “From NOW ON,” she had told him, “WE are a PAIR! If you invite ONE, you get BOTH or NOTHING! LIKE IT OR NOT!!!” He had smiled at her. “Suppose one of us wants someone else for a change. What then?” She smiled her pixie grin at him. “WELL! I like watching you fuck other women as much as you like watching other men fuck ME. We BOTH get an eye full. By the way. I haven’t watched you fuck any other girls, yet. When am I getting MY show?” He kissed her, and made a suggestion to her. “I just watched your Dad fuck you, the same as you watched me fuck your Mom. What was THAT? CHOPPED LIVER? You find someone who is outside the families, and bring them out with us as soon as you find ’em. One for you, and one for me. We’ll spend the night with ’em and we can all fuck each other. Is that okay with YOU? Just don’t pick out the ugliest girl you know.” She laughed at his stipulation, and agreed.The house was in an uproar. All the women had gone into the showers, with their husbands, and, for once, had ONLY showered. They came out and started applying their make-up, while the men shaved. All were expert at putting on their “war paint,” and finished quickly. Each of them had decided earlier what they would wear, and while they finished getting dressed, the husbands took care of the babies, dressing and bundling the smaller ones. For this occasion, Tod and William included a LARGE bandana in the diaper bags, so, if the babes needed to nurse, the ladies could cover them, and their breasts, with the bandana, so they wouldn’t have to expose themselves. SOME people thought it offensive to see a woman nurse a baby in public. You couldn’t get away from the narrow-minded fools. Most people thought it the ultimate expression of LOVE!They all loaded into the big van that David had brought, so they could all ride together. Not only was it 4 wheel drive, but it had been specially stretched to carry 24 people, with room for luggage in the rear. The rear seat was the only bench seat. The others had been appropriated from a commercial bus. Each of them capable of reclining, and being more comfortable. It was a short ride to the sports stadium, where the graduation was being held. They parked and started toward the gate, where a couple of lovely Junior girls were handing out programs, and telling everyone “WELCOME!” Another girl, who was standing next to them, leaned over and whispered something in the ear of the nearest girl. The only thing Rick heard her say was, “SUSAN.” Apparently, he was marked already. He could feel the eyes assessing him, and sizing him up. He was mildly curious as to what they were saying about them.They were met, nearby, by Pete, and were guided to a row of seats near the front. He explained that they were reserved for family, and had told Sue to explain that she had many relatives from out of town attending the ceremony. They had 26 seats available to them. As they made their way 7 other people stood and turned to them. Pete introduced them as his other k**s. Milton, the oldest boy, and his wife June, and their 2 c***dren, Patti, their oldest daughter and her husband, Jeffrey, their second daughter, Anna Maria. Rick did a double take as she looked at him, a smile flirting with her features. If he hadn’t been aware of their resemblance, he would have thought he was looking at Sue. She couldn’t hold it in any longer, and burst out laughing. Their whole family was laughing with her. “Mom and Sue already told me about showing you my pictures. We’re even MORE alike, NOW. I started shaving, too. You won’t know us apart in the dark, except that I’M BETTER THAN SHE IS.” Pete interrupted to continue the introductions. This is my youngest son, Royce. We named him for my brother’s friend’s Father. He was killed in Vietnam. He was born a week after his Father had been killed. Sue, as you know, is our baby. By the way, I don’t know if she told YOU or not, as hectic and bum-fuzzled as it was, today, but YOU are supposed to come to OUR house, tonight. Sue told us to knock ya’ in the head and k**nap ya’ if we couldn’t get ya’ there any other way. Please don’t make me do that. I don’t want ya’ mad at me. Rick smiled at his prospective Father-in-Law. “Okay. I’ll come peaceable.” Annie scooted in to make room for the others to pass, and patted the chair next to her, for Rick to sit in. The lights blinked and a bagpiper played a few opening notes. He was regaled in kilt, high laced sandals, and cap of the old Scottish warrior, complete with sword. He started down the aisle, playing the “Gerry Owen,” then switched seamlessly to “The Campbell’s are Coming.” David had to wipe his eyes when he heard their old, family, call-to-arms played as it had been for centuries. It had been played in peace, and in war, since, he had been told, the 11th century. It had been primarily played to call the clan together for anything important for all the years, since. It was unthinkable NOT to answer the call.The Seniors were led by the Junior Class Valedictorian, and Salutatorians. When a girl was walking with a boy, she would have his arm, and if 2 girls were side by side, they would be holding hands. He wondered how it would have worked if 2 BOYS had marched together. Sue and Casey, the Valedictorian, were holding hands as they walked right beside them. Pete reached out and patted her on the back as she walked by. A huge smile broke its way through her solemn expression. She KNEW who had touched her.They went into chairs arranged behind a podium, and the Principle gave his welcome address, led them in a prayer, and introduced the Valedictorian for her speech. Pete explained, later, to them, that he was retiring this year, and he was giving the prayer in defiance to the “No Prayer,” ruling. He had been here for 16 years, and had led a prayer EVERY year of that time. He had said that they couldn’t do anything to stop him, and, “By the WILL OF GOD, ” he wasn’t going to stop, now.Sue got up and with her usual smile, told the crowd, “I was told, once upon a time, that a speech should be like a pretty girl’s skirt. Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting.” She opened her robe and stepped out from behind the podium. I DON’T lay claim to being pretty, even though I have been told different at times that I was. As Charley Pride sang once, I’m just me. I will say, GO GET ‘EM SENIORS!!! MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU HAVE, SO SOME DAY YOU WON’T HAVE TO SAY, WHY DIDN’T I!!! JUNIORS, AND LOWER CLASS MEN!!! Make the most of these years, remember what you were taught, and WHO TAUGHT YOU, and cherish the people you have around you. THANK YOU, AND I LOVE YOU ALL!!! GO RAIDERS!!!” Sue stepped back from the podium, and went to each of the teachers. She leaned down and kissed each one of them, and told them, “Thank You for showing me the way. I love you.” There wasn’t a dry eye among them.The ceremony went on for almost another hour, before the diplomas were presented, each Senior called by name and handed the treasured document. Sue received her diploma, as Salutatorian, second, and again, she put her arms around the Principle’s neck and kissed him on the lips. Then she kissed him a second time, telling him to pass THAT one to his wife for letting them borrow her husband all these years. His wife was sitting in the first row, weeping at the sight before her. Her and Sue were the best of friends.The Principle led them in another prayer, and the piper played them out of the stadium, to their futures. The audience stood and people mingled, greeting friends, and meeting new people to the community. Rick, accompanied closely by Annie, went out to find Sue, and give her the clothes she wanted. They found Sue next to her pickup. It was an old International Harvester. It looked like it had been through several wars, coming out 2nd best every time, but Sue loved it. The only thing she used more was the 4 wheeler she rode around on.Rick handed her the bundle, and Annie pulled a camera out of her purse. “Take your time Sissy. I want to make sure I get the right shots.” She took several of Sue standing face-on, and from several angles in her dress, then Sue told Rick to unzip her dress. Rick pulled the zipper to her waist, and Annie took several more of her with her breasts exposed. She told Rick to lift the dress over her head, “GENTLY, so you don’t tear it.” Annie took more shots of Sue in just her thong panties. Sue waited for the “Go ahead” from Annie, then peeled the thong off, Annie taking several more shots of her sister completely naked, some of them in VERY erotic poses. She told Rick to stick the thong in his pocket, it was HIS, now. Annie had continued to take new shots halkalı escort of Sue as they stood there. Finally she pulled the T-shirt over her head, and hearing her name called, turned to see who was calling her. Two boys were approaching them. Sue”s T-shirt was more like a middy than a T. It came barely halfway between her breasts and her belly button, the lower curve of her breasts visible under it. The boys made appropriate comments on her “dress,” openly admiring her fat Mons Pubis. Her and Annie both laughed. Annie invited them to go ahead and feel it up for her, which they both did. They wanted to know if they could get a ride to the party with her. She told them, “Sure! I’ll be ready to go in a minute. Go ahead and get in.” She turned to Annie. “Take good care of ‘im for me. Don’t let June, or especially Patti, wear ‘im out tonight. Cathy, his Sister-in-Law, told me he likes to use the back-door, sometimes, so watch out, especially if June gets her hands and twat on ‘im. Patti will just suck ‘im cross-eyed. Tell Milt, Jeff, and Royce that I’ll be expectin’ ’em to split me wide open tomorrow night. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. Depends on how the party goes.” She had been standing in front of her open door, her pants STILL off. Annie asked her, “Did ya’ put new covers on the seat? If ya’ didn’t, ya might want to pull yer pants on.” She stepped back and patted the seat. A thick blanket covered it. “I got tired of gettin’ my ass scratched up, so I put that on it ’till I find some seat covers. They’re harder to find than hen’s teeth.” She climbed in after giving Annie a hug, and Rick a hug and a long hot kiss, laying her shorts in the seat beside her. “Give it to ‘er as good as ya’ give it to me, Sweetie. I been braggin ya’ up to ‘er.” The truck, in spite of its appearance, and age, roared to life instantly. It sounded like it was ready for a quarter-mile sprint. She waited until she went out on the pavement, and popped the clutch, leaving a long line of smoke, and black marks on the pavement, from the tires burning out. Rick shook his head in amazement.Annie took his arm, and started across the parking lot, which had many fewer cars in it, now. “My car is right over here.” she told him. “Daddy said ya would ride with ya’ folks.” Rick looked. The van was already gone. “Daddy tole ’em already, that you were gonna be at OUR house, tonight. We have plans for ya. First me, then the others. I hope ya take vitamins. You’ll need ’em. You’re gonna have to fuck me as good as ya do Sue. June likes ta have er pussy eat a lot, and Patti likes it up the ass best. She keeps it nice and clean, though, so ya don’t have ta worry about a shitty dick. Before ya fuck her, she’ll give ‘erself 2 or 3 enemas, to make sure she’s cleaned out. Then she lubes up with vasaline, so ya’ slide in easy. She can cum faster gettin’ her ass fucked than most girls can getting their pussy fucked.”She approached a new Toyota Cressida. “Like it? I just bought it. CASH!!!. Grandpa left us all something when he died. He was good. He went out a long time ago and bought shares in 3 companies. IBM, Microsoft, and Apple. He was like, they didn’t cost much, only a little bit. He spent $5000 dollars on each of them. A few years later, he was a multi-millionaire. He left all of us nearly a million dollars in trust. We have to be 25 years old, and be in a paying profession. I’m studying Graphic Arts. I figured that if computers could make Grandpa rich, they can do the same for me. We get $500 a week, while we’re in school, and all tuition paid. He paid for Daddy to upgrade his stock, and buy new equipment for the farm, besides paying off the farm for him. While we were home, he insisted that we k**s learn all about running the farm and raising a family, so any of us can take over if need be. Don’t let Sue fool ya. She is one of the best hands you’ll EVER find. She can do anything with those cows, except to make ’em dance the 2 step. She CAN make ’em line dance, though.” She laughed with Rick at her joke.”You bein’ awful quiet aren’t ya?” Rick told her, “I’ve been fascinated by what you’ve been telling me. You are so much fun to listen to, that I didn’t want ya ta quit talking. Pull over up here.” She pulled over on the shoulder, after checking her mirrors. She put the shift in “Park,” and turned to him. He pulled her near and kissed her. She returned his kiss, easily doubled. “Sue told me how close you two are. Even after she showed me your pictures yesterday, I couldn’t believe it until I saw you, tonight. You and her are nearly identical. I can’t wait to find out if everything is the same. She cocked her head, and smiled at him. “You don’t have to. I told the others that it might take us a while to get home.” She put the car in gear and went a few yards to a dirt road, and followed it for a little ways. “This is the old Bradley place. It’s been abandoned for all my life. They moved out during the Great Depression, and nobody ever took it over. We came here sometimes to look for old stuff laying around. It’s a good place to go if you want to be alone for awhile, too. Like now.” She got out and the trunk opened. Rick had followed her, and watched as she pulled a tarp and 2 blankets rolled in a bundle. “In case it gets cold, tonight.” she said. She lowered the trunk lid after spreading them out on the ground, and putting 2 pillows on top. “Will you join me? she asked. She turned down the top blanket and stood to unbutton her jacket. She was wearing a pants suit. The blouse underneath was white with the ruffled front, and on the cuffs.The suit was charcoal colored. She reached over and pulled Rick close enough to put her arms around him and give him a long, sweet, hot, and wet kiss, grinding her groin against him. She WAS a bit taller than Sue. She didn’t have to tip toe to kiss him. She unbuckled his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his pants, and reached inside, grasping his dick. He unzipped the zipper on the back of her slacks, and, discovering that she didn’t wear panties, either, and felt of her pubis mound. It was as soft and fat as Sue’s. He stroked her crease with one finger, finding and rubbing her clitoris, and soon she was gasping for air.”Let’s get these damn clothes off. Sue told me you ate pussy better than anyone she had ever met, before. I’m like Mama. Ya gotta show me.” They finished undressing each other, punctuating each move with kisses, and caresses, each admiring the other. They finished and their bare bodies melted together, holding and kissing, anticipating what would be their next contact. She was as soft as her younger sibling, and every bit as willing. Rick couldn’t help feeling that, for the right person, she would make the best wife that a man could EVER hope to find.They laid on the blanket, holding each other in a tight embrace. Her hand wandered down his body, and felt the place he had been wounded. She raised up and traced it with her hand. “Does it bother you, at all?” she asked. He shook his head. “Not much. It’s still a little tender, and the doctors told me that it will probably itch some when the weather changes. It looks much worse than it is, though. Scared ME when the Doctor showed me the pictures of it, and told me where the bullet went in and came out. If it had been a half inch to either side of where it got me, I would have lost my leg. THAT is what scared me. One way and it would have hit the bone, and exploded inside my leg, the other way, it would have cut the artery, and made it impossible to save the leg, or possibly even ME. I had to stay in the hospital for 9 months, and learn to walk, again. They gave me crutches, first, then two canes, then took one of them. It felt like I was drunk the first time I had to walk. The nurse and the ther****t were a couple of tough old birds, and laid into me every time I tried to take it too easy. The ther****t kept telling me, “No pain, NO GAIN!” Then she would go across the room, and tell me to come to her. She would massage it after each session, with some sort of voodoo juice, and it would get real hot, but, it wouldn’t bother me for a day or two. They finally had me run with a bunch of Marines twice a day. They would razz me about being a swabby, and tell me that the Marines were the only real men in the U.S. The D.I.s were REAL tough. They’d get in ya face and yell and swear at ya. One of em used to tell me that I was ALMOST as tough as the cum bubbles that leaked out of his Mama’s pussy. I asked him if her ever wiped her clean after he gave it to her, and he knocked me down and told me that he would stomp me if I EVER MENTIONED his Mama, again. I learned a valuable lesson from him. Marine D.I.s might not always be right, but, they’re NEVER WRONG!” My last day he took me to the NCO Club and bought me drinks. He turned out to be an okay guy.While he was talking he had been exploring her nude body. It was, if possible, even softer than Sue’s. She laid back and let him feast his eyes on her bare torso. It was absolutely taksim escort beautiful in the bright moonlight. He decided that HE had hit a bonanza. All the beautiful women, and caring men in his life. It was more than he deserved. He closed his eyes and lowly intoned, “THANK YOU, LORD!” Annie giggled at him. “You’re beginning to sound like Daddy, now.”He answered by pushing her onto her back and rolling over to kiss her. A long, lingering kiss that pitted their tongues against each other. He broke, only to kiss her neck and throat. Sensing what was about to happen, she wound her arms around him, holding him to her breasts. “YES, MY LOVE. Any time you want me. I will be yours, for as long as you want. I fell in love with you at my first sight of you. I know why you swept Sue off her feet, and made Mom and Dad crazy about you. You’re all any of us EVER hoped to find. You’re handsome, strong, gentle, smart, and, above all, A GENTLEMAN!!! Tomorrow, I’m gonna go to your parents, and kiss them for bringing you into the world. Sue told me that all of you are like that, from your Father to your little brother. She said she is proud to count your family as friends. Mom and Dad said the same thing. Our family is the same as yours. WE SHARE EVERYTHING, TOGETHER!!! We pick and tease, we fuss and we fight. But we also love and cherish each other. YOU, now, are one of us. It may not be tonight, or even tomorrow, but you WILL be spending time with June and Patti. Both are sweet ladies. They both will give you their last dollar, and ask if you want the shirt off their backs. They will love you a much as Sue and I love you.”Rick was moved thoroughly by her words. He rolled atop her and suckled the nipples on her beautiful, soft breasts. Her breath caught, and he moved down to kiss her tummy. Every time his lips left her body, he whispered, “I love you.” to her. Her legs had opened for him to kneel between her thighs. He bent down and nibbled lightly at the rise of her mons, and licking down the split that opened to her vagina. He licked it and awoke the little man in the boat. He held the tiny bit of hard flesh between his lips, licking it until he ha felt her body shake and jump from her orgasms. She had her legs around him, her heels laying on his back, only to squeeze him each time she came anew. Her head would go back and tiny mewing sounds would escaped her lips, her fingers entwining his hair. He pushed his tongue inside of her, and she cried out with the pleasure he gave her. Her hands went to the back of his head to push it closer to her willing flesh, begging him for more. His hands were stroking her sides as he licked and sucked at her most private parts. He would squeeze the round globes of her breasts, and stroke downward until he reached her hips, and squeezed the cheeks of her butt. His spread fingers would encompass the soft flesh of her sides as they traveled upward, caressing her light enough that it sent a thrill, and slightly tickled her. Over and over, while he drank at the fountain of her soul. Her legs had wound around him, and her heels had locked behind him, so to insure he couldn’t escape from giving her the sensations she was getting from him.He went back up, retracing his earlier path, and expanding on it. He kissed and licked things that had never been kissed before. It was sending her into a place she had never been before, but, now, wanted to visit more often. AND WITH HIM, AND HIM ALONE. The only thing that saved her from jealousy of the younger sister, was that Sue would willingly allow, AND ENCOURAGE, him to make love to her every time she would visit in the future. Sue was generous in all things. As he moved to the right position, Annie pushed gently against his stomach and chest to make him lay back on the blanket. He felt the wetness of her mouth as she engulfed his cock inside of her, her tongue caressing him from the head, all the way to, and encompassing his balls, gently sucking and licking him in return. She gave him new pleasure that he hadn’t felt in a long time. It was all he could do to not fill her mouth almost as soon as she had taken him. He wished men could cum as quickly and as often as women. He would fill her until she couldn’t stand. Her head bobbed, fucking him with her lips, and allowing hr teeth to sc**** him gently, adding to the sensations she was giving him. All of a sudden, he felt himself quivering, and he couldn’t stop the inevitable result. His sperm shot out in a thick stream, filling her mouth to overflowing, causing cum to drip from her chin, onto those beautiful tits. He could feel her swallowing as fast as she could, but it seemed to go on forever. He could feel her sucking his seed from him. Her eyes looked up at him, and they were smiling, her lips still doing their duty around his penis. She released him, and leaned down to lick him clean, then taking her finger and wiping the liquid from her breasts, and sucking it clean. She smacked her lips, apparently enjoying the taste of his baby gravy. She raised up and took a container of baby wipes from the trunk, and peeled some out, and wiped her face and breasts. She giggled. It sounded to him like tiny angel’s bells ringing. It was actually musical. “Thought ya could hold out on me, huh? Who did ya think taught Sue to eat a pecker. I showed her and we practiced on the boys. We used to find out who could make ’em cum faster. I beat ’em all, nearly ever’ time. Royce dropped his first wad in my mouth, and shot his second inside my pussy. I told Mama, and she didn’t believe me till I made him do it the third time. He was only 12. He started sleeping with, and fucking, Sue, almost ever’ night. He would fuck the rest of us during the day, but the nights were for him and Sue. She was 11, but had started menstruating a couple of months before that. Mom took her to the doctor that week, and got her started on birth control. Milt popped her cherry, and Royce started fucking her regular. She still claims she lost her cherry at 13, but she REALLY lost it at 11. Milt was 16. His dick, in those days, wasn’t so big as it is now. Then he only had about 5 or 6 inches. Now he’s got at least 8, maybe 9 inches.” Once he had heard about her and Sue, he lost interest, and kissed her to go to the second phase of their lovemaking.He pushed her back on the blanket, and rolled over on his side, lifting her leg to enter her from the rear. He barely went inside of her, as she gasped from his entry. She pushed back with her hips. “OH MY!!! THAT FEELS BETTER THAN I IMAGINED IT WOULD!!!” He pulled back and pushed, again, gaining precious little headway. He pushed the third and fourth time, but STILL wasn’t all the way inside of her. He was thinking about eating her pussy a little more, but she reached back and pushed his ass, forcing him all the way inside of her. It was so TIGHT!!! He had thought Carol had a tight pussy, but this was even tighter than HER!!! He began to slowly pump in and out of her. It was met by her rolling herself to match his thrusts. She was DEFINITELY a hot piece of ass. He had one arm under her neck and the other hand was playing with her nipple. The combination was making her even wetter than she had been before. he moved his hand to play with her clit. He felt a tiny pressure from within her, and she pulled away and rolled to the edge of the blanket, with her ass on the grass. SHE WAS SQUIRTING TO BEAT ALL. 3 then a 4th stream shot from her. Each time she let out a loud growl. She pulled him over atop her. “Shove that thing inside of me. Don’t stop fucking for ANYTHING!!! I’LL SQUIRT AROUND YOUR DICK!!! JUST KEEP HUMPIN’ ME!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!!” He placed her knees behind his elbows, pushed back inside of her, and raised up to long-dong her to glory. She screamed out loud, and he felt the liquid from her going out around his dick. Each thrust made her squirt, again. He didn’t know where she could have stored so much liquid inside of her small body, but, HERE IT WAS!!! It tickled as it shot out of her. Each time it made her scream. he thought she might be hurting, but she held him so tight with her arms and legs he couldn’t pull out of her. She freed one arm to reach up and pull his face down to hers, and started kissing him repeatedly, her tongue going deep inside his mouth, grinding her lips into his. Finally he felt her shaking all over and she groaned as loud as he had heard any woman. She clamped down with her legs and the combination made him blow his full load inside of her. It felt like a much bigger load than he had put in her mouth. It almost felt like he was pissing inside if her. It felt like he was melting in her arms. She squeezed so hard he almost couldn’t breathe. Her pelvis was held tight against him, sucking his very soul inside of her. She collapsed with a mighty sigh. It sounded like she was relieved to finish. Her arms fell to her sides and her legs simply fell, still wide open. Despite the cool evening air, both were soaked şişli escort in sweat. He finally was able to raise up, and saw a puddle of liquid between her feet. It looked like someone had poured water on them. He had noticed earlier, that she had a cooler in the back seat. He unsteadily stepped to the door and reached back to open it. It was full of ice and drinks. His eyes were blurry, and he couldn’t tell what it was. He pushed the seat forward and pulled it from the car, setting it on the ground. He was so weak that he couldn’t carry it, so he opened it, and read from the dome light, that they were Cokes, Sprite, and Miller beer. He took 2 of each and held the cold cans in his hand, and staggering back to join his lady. Her eyes were open, but she still hadn’t moved. She smiled up at him. “I was hoping you saw them in the back. I’m dying of thirst, and i figured you would be, too. Pop a beer open for me, My Love. Pour it down my throat. I need it BAD!”He popped one of the beers for her, and put it to her lips so she could drink, supported by his other hand. She sucked the cold liquid until the can was empty, then let out a mighty belch. BBBRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP. It actually echoed off the abandoned structure. She giggled. He offered the other to her. She repeated the feat, sucking the can dry, and belching like a thirsty sailor. Just as loud and long as the first. “Put those back and get some more beer for us. Those will have to wait for a while.”He put the cans of soda back into the cooler, and moved it, he finally had enough strength, to the back of the car. She felt around in her clothes and found a fob, and pushed a button. Music came on. Soft and low. It was a piece from Beethoven. Symphony number 6 it sounded like. To Rick it was totally appropriate. The cool, moonlit night and the music went well together. He held out another beer to her. She raised up on one elbow, and kissed him, and accepted the beer. “Nothing like soft music, and a cool brew after a good, hot fuck.” she said. her words touched something inside of him, and he threw his head back and laughed. A deep, rolling, belly laugh, at her statement. He laughed so hard that his sides were aching. The deadpan tone of her voice, the situation, and the irony, made it the funniest thing he had heard in a long while.Annie drank 2 more beers, and Rick drank a few. They rolled up in the top blanket and leaned against the back bumper of the car talking. She was a student at the State University. She had her allowance, plus she took the money for her tuition and put it in the bank. She, as did Sue, had a full scholarship. It also gave her expense money. She didn’t need that much, so her bank account was in good shape. She had driven an old car for the first three years in school, and had gone to the dealership with a friend to get her car worked on, and had seen this one. It was only 3 years old, and had less than 20K miles on it. It was sold with a 5 year BB warranty. She had paid $18,000 for it, and took it home just last week. It was loaded with every option available. She had called her Dad and told him about it. He had asked a friend who worked for the local dealership, and was assured that she had found a honey of a deal. He had called her back and told her to get it. This was the first time it had been out over 5 or 6 miles.She asked about where he had been, and how he had been hurt. He told her what she wanted, leaving out the parts about his love life. She wanted to know what his plans for the future were. He told her that he was, deep inside, STILL a farm boy. It was a life that he loved, and was good at. He was going to help out where he was needed with his parents and Billy, and see what happened from there. He also considered getting a job at an airport, or the airbase, as an Air Traffic Controller. It paid well, but was extremely taxing, and was all indoors. He would be in a room, staring at a radar screen for 8 to 12 hours a day. People had been known to go bonkers in a short while at it. It was the job he had done in the Navy, and he had routinely taken care of 2 screens at one time. He was good at it, but, it was, at best, a tedious job. He much preferred to be outdoors. She had studied his face and listened to the way he said things, and agreed that it was something he could fall back on, if needed, but it wasn’t a job he should do full time. He looked at his watch. It was nearly midnight. He asked if her family was expecting her. She laughed. “Daddy asked me if we were going to get a hotel room, or sleep under the stars. I told him we didn’t know, yet, but we would be okay either way. He’ll be busy about now. Sue opened the gate for us, so Patti will get him first, then she’ll give June a chance at him. They’ll pass him back and forth for tonight, and he’ll give me a good fuckin’ either tomorrow night, or Saturday. Sue will be home around noon tomorrow, an if she’s not too tired, she’ll have all 3 of the boys pumpin’ her pussy full of cum. She likes different things about all 3 of ’em. She likes to have Royce fuck her for old times sake, and Jeff has a special way of eatin’ her pussy,and butt-fuckin’ her, and Milt has almost as big a dick as Daddy does, and loves to eat pussy more than anything. By the time they get through with her, she’ll sleep all night. They all like to sneak in when she’s sleepin’ and fuck her then. All she knows the next mornin’ is she’s got a pussy stuffed full of cum, and has to change the sheets.I’m gonna have fun with June. She’s ovulatin’ and a hot kiss will knock HER up. She’s gonna get a good hot dose of cum from Daddy, an’ there’s a good chance, better than usual, that it’ll make her pregnant. Milt, instead of havin’ a son or daughter, will have a sister or brother crawlin’ out of ‘is wife’s hole. Unless they do a DNA test, they won’t know which it is. She ain’t gonna pass it up, either. She’s been wantin’ Daddy to split her fuzz ever’ since she saw ‘im the first time. She’s as hot to have ‘im fuck ‘er as the rest of us are.” We went all our days watchin Mama kick up ‘er heels and howl at the moon when Daddy was jumpin’ ‘er bones. We all knew it had to be good, ’cause he pounded her, one way or another, ever’ night, and sometimes during the day. She would sure carry on. Sometimes he would, right in front of us k**s, bend ‘er over the table and lay the pipe to ‘er, with us watchin. Milt and Patti claim they watched when he put Royce inside ‘er. They said THAT day he nailed ‘er 3 times before ‘e pulled out. Patti said she never saw that much cum pushed in a woman that didn’t knock ‘er up.”All the talk about sex was getting to Rick. He had been laying there massaging Annie’s clit, hoping to get HER hot. It was working. She was breathing hard, and was playing with HIS dick. She threw th blanket to the side, and bent over to suck his dick for him. He pussy was as wet as any woman he had seen in his life, so he turned and pulled her atop him to go 69 with her. She took him all the way to the root as she slid back to where his nose was touching her clit. “We don’t ant to waste this one, Honey. Before you cum, stick it in my pussy. I want to feel it inside me.”She was so talented that it only took a few seconds before he was completely rigid. This time, instead of hanging her ass off in the grass, she pulled the blankets out of the way, and kept it on the bare tarp. She could, if needed, wash it off with a garden hose in the yard. She lay back and put one of the pillows under her butt, and spread her legs wide, holding her pussy lips open to give him a good target, and a better view of it than he had had all night. It was so pink inside, that in the moonlight, it looked white. There were no niceties this time. He placed his dick next to the hole and pushed all the way, balls deep, inside of her. She hissed as he hit bottom and groaned. “That’s it, Sweetie. Shove that bone ’till it comes out of my ass. I’m not even started, fuckin’ you, yet.” He plunged and withdrew as her ass shook from the force of his thrusts. Her legs went straight up, the soles of her feet pointed at the waning moon. Every thrust made her jump and shake. There was NO gentleness. Just pure a****l lust. He was breeding her with a vengeance. She rocked from her orgasms, as he made her cry out, as if in anguish. If anybody had been near enough to see them, they would have thought he was assaulting her, and she was begging for mercy. Where their first time had been slow and romantic, as two lovers enjoying each other’s bodies, this was violent, and rough. As if he WANTED to cause her pain. They didn’t last as long as they had hoped for. In a few minutes she was begging him to put his cum inside her. He had been trying to hold it as long as he could, but some things prove impossible. THIS was ONE of those things. She screamed out loud, and he felt the blood rushing to his head, and he released inside of her. She contracted and held him inside of her, even tighter than she had been at the very first attempt at penetration. They cried out in a duet of passion. Each clinging to the other. She kissed him over and over, and he had held her tighter than he thought possible. It felt like the life had drained from him. His arms and legs nearly numb. He rolled from atop of her and pulled the blankets over them. They were spent, but HAPPY.

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