Mobility Ch. 02



In traditional hip disarticulation—the surgical removal of the entire lower limb at hip level—the ball is separated from the socket of the hip joint, with the removal of the entire lower limb. These amputations mean the loss of three weight bearing joints – the hip, the knee, and the ankle – definitely more difficult and complex than losing one or two, which in itself is difficult enough.

Hip-disarticulation amputations are among the rarest. According to the 2000 census, out of the U.S. population of 281 million people, 1.5 million are amputees, and less than 1 percent of these individuals, or approximately 10,000 people, are hip-disarticulation amputees.

These high-level amputations, by starting to involve the core of the body—not just a limb or even two—carry unique physical and emotional impact. They have an increased impact on self-image, There’s increased worry and stress as these surgeries start encroaching on that personal area involved in central body functions and gender identity.

The surgery usually spares bowel, bladder plus genital appearance and function, but the person is essentially cut in half.

Finding a compatible lover and sexual partner to perform intimate acts is fraught with difficulties of trust and perception.



“Hey, Nadia Baby,” groaned Carlos, as he rolled off Nadia Malikovski’s warm body, “I gotta tell you, my team just can’t find any trace of your former hubby. It’s like he left the Family Court and then vanished right off the grid. No credit cards, automobile rentals, trains, flights, restaurants, apartments, hotels, motels, not even at a campsite or a hostel. Never seen again, by anybody we asked and the guys asked a lot. I can’t justify the surveillance any more to senior management.”

“Shit,” she replied, “I was really looking forward to ruining that divorcing sonabitch who cost me my money. Oh, OK, OK, I’ll drop it. What are my next assignments?”

Carlos grinned, and said, “You get to take on Jakob Smithers, of the Plavicks Company. You leave tonight and fuck with him all weekend at our hotel’s suite. When we get the contract, you get your usual 8% of the first million and 2% of everything else, paid to your company account and the rest in stock transfers, plus getting filled up with his spunk as often as he can get it up and in your hot ass.”

“OooooKay,” Nadia replied, “that’s just what I need, a dozen or so good fucks by a rich, kinky executive and getting paid for it, too. I love being our company’s whore!”


The first thing I did was to grab up one of the hotel’s liter bottles of pure water and give it to my naked wench. As she drank, in big gulps, I said, “This ends your water starvation, as of now. If you have to piss a dozen times a day, it’ll be OK. When your chair isn’t right there, I’ll carry you, just the way I did. OK, little miss darksome bubble-butt?”

“Humph, bubble-butt, indeed,” she replied, thirstily reaching for a second bottle, which vanished the same.

Our room was the handicap suite, so the shower enclosure was complete with a plastic chair. She could sit in that while I helped her soap up and rinse off, knowing that there’d fethiye escort be plenty of hot water. The hotel had provided shampoo and a mild soap, and the wash-clothes were thick and good for scraping off the grime and grease of not enough water to keep clean, as my new-found companion just showed me.

I like inhaling woman scent, but this was too overpowering. I did so want to re-suck on her coal-black nipples again, just this time, freshly washed and clean.

I set the shower on moderate flow and pretty warm temperature, then—with her hands around my neck again—I lifted my legless woman into the chair. She promptly grabbed up the ‘telephone’-style water shower on the flexible hose and swished me down … shorts, shirt, socks and boxers. I dripped and dribbled onto the floor of the shower enclosure, as she giggled and then hosed me down again.

“Get those duds off, right now. I’m naked and so you have to be, too. Come on, guy, drop ’em!”

So, in less than a minute, I was naked, in a hot shower with a dark-black, legless woman, dripping wet, and feeling her hands on me as she used the soap and wash-cloth lavishly. Having just gotten off my trike, before I helped her out with the tire on her van, I suppose I was smelling a wee bit high.

Front and back, she insisted, at which time, my ‘thunder-bludgeon’ chose that moment to start its rise to prominence. Blinded with soap and her hands on my ‘meat’ and my balls, there was absolutely nothing I could do to hide myself. All 8 1/2″ and thick presented itself to her face, as I stood there, dripping water and soap-suds.

I heard more giggles.

The next moment, my cock-head and shaft were surrounded by a warm, wet, female mouth. Looking down, eyes burning through the suds, I saw my whole damn shaft, down to my compressed crotch-fur, buried in her lovely, dark-red lips. I swear that she gargled on my invading sex-junk, as she dry-swallowed at my shaft and cock-head.

This wasn’t just a blow-job. No, I remembered the BJ’s I got from my ex-wife, almost perfunctory and hurried. This was the industrial-vacuum-cleaner version, suited to the cleaning of vast, dark places and sucking up everything in its path. My mobility-impaired woman worked her mouth and tongue forward, then back, then around and back to sucking again. Back and forth. Up and down. Around and around. Not spitting, because my cock and shaft were totally slick from being sucked by the slippery mouth-of-life. She took my member into her body, to the point I started to wonder about her breathing enough air to stay alive, but my chance-met darksome-maiden companion swirled my sex-junk around, while my tingling reached an alarming point.

I tried to tell her of my almost-there climax, but all that did was increase the speed of her swirling-sucking. I screamed-shouted, and involuntarily thrust my rigid cock forward, as she took my turgid member deeply into her mouth.

I came! Down her throat, as she clenched my spurting cock-head with her swallowing muscles.

I spasmed, and she just sucked harder, grunting and groaning through her nose and occluded throat. She swallowed gobs of my man-seed and tried to suck out more. I started to soften, but this near nympho-of-oral escort fethiye skills kept at it, just avoiding my super-sensitive glans, but attending to my shaft, until, finally, soft and small, I fell out of her lovely mouth and fell to my knees, there in the shower, with the warm water continuing to cascade over us.

I faced a legless very dark black women with awesome tits and her fur trimmed to a simple ‘V.’ Her open mouth, rimmed with a smile, showing that every drop of my semen was now residing in her stomach. Then she giggled, saying, “Not bad for a guy who was a total stranger three hours ago. I loved doing that. I want your cock in my mouth, on my tongue, down my throat and I want it hard and full of man-juice. I want it often.”

“You, sir, are now elected to be my lover. End of discussion. No, you don’t get a vote.”

Now, she suddenly stated, “Let’s get dried off. Then you can carry me over to the bed. I love your hands on my naked butt. Look at me, stripped bare. See what you just sucked and kissed on, while I look over what I just sucked and kissed. We gotta figure out how we’re gonna eat dinner, then take a nap.”

Staring at her naked body was easy.

Dinner was equally easy, as I ordered room service from the hotel’s restaurant. I had the big steak and sides, with a soft drink, but Kimbra had me order her the smallest steak and a dinner salad, with just lemon on it, plus water.

When I raised my eyebrow, she replied seriously, “After the accident, I was cut in half. That means that a lot of energy-hungry muscle and bone mass of my legs was removed. Despite all the exercise I do, now I have to eat small amounts in little bites, because I have to keep my body trim and slender. It’d be so easy just to give in and put on a lot of weight, but I just won’t. So it’s the kid’s menu for me or half-portions.”

I quirked the other eyebrow up, looking at where her legs ought to be, or even ‘stumps’ (damn, I hate that word). She answered my un-spoken question, saying, “Not just yet, lover. Yeah, you’ll get the full monte revealed pretty soon, but not right now.”

“Just remember, though. After dinner and we’ve rested, you and I both know that you’re gonna want to have me, naked and screaming, cumming on your cock. I want to say, right up front, that I’m gonna give it up to you. Do sex with me! Wet! Deep! Loud! Obscene! Slutty! Especially slutty! Oh, Gawd, I need to be LAID so bad, it almost hurts. You, sir, have just the big-dick pain-killer I need.”

I answered, truthfully, “You’re my first black woman.”

She answered, seriously but still smiling, “I’ve had a couple of white guys before, but no one since the accident. Now, suddenly, I’ve cum over and over, with an attentive white guy using his amazing lips, tongue and fingers plus me sucking on the best pink cock in the whole world, long and thick. You didn’t care I had no legs.”

Kimbra finished, “You were so full of spunk I almost gargled jizm. I want all you can put into me. I want it a lot. I suddenly want to re-join the ranks of the loved and lusted after.” Then she started dribbling tears, and I simply held my lightly crying woman until dinner arrived on a cart. I put her fully-charged power wheelchair fethiye escort bayan next to the bed. We ate, then both dozed off.

When we both woke, it was full dark. Looking at each other, we both rolled over, her to be on the bottom and me above. She was still nude, as was I. The light was low, just the glow of the street lamps coming in from the shaded window to the outside. I knelt to my erotic task, lips questing for her thick, dark red ones, tongues ready to play. Athletic tongues. Deep kisses, as I supported my torso weight on my elbows.

Then I moved lower, to her dark black belly and them lower, to encounter absolutely no hair or fur at all. Her skin, already very dark, shaded off several hues, as I quested lower and lower, until I reached her pair of lady-part lips, which were—as far as I could tell in the low light—even darker than her up-thrust nipples and aureolas. Parting those lips, I found her now-swollen ‘love-button’, her clit, which I fastened to like a loving leech.

That steam-whistle resurrected itself, as my dark, legless women arched her back and clenched her buttocks, screaming as I licked and stimulated her womanhood. “Don’t stop! Don’t you ever stop! Yes! Yes! YES! I want it. I need it. Suck me, you white dicked fucker, lick that clit. Yeah! Do it.”

I sent her on an all-expense, paid vacation to Lappland, as I lapped and slurped at the flow of womanly-lubricated secretion oozing from those two swollen lips.

Then, as she lifted herself off the bed in yet another orgasm, I re-positioned myself, grasped my cock-shaft, pointed my cock-head between her dark-black lips and THRUST deeply into my fountain of womanly lust. I felt, more than saw, the splash of natural slippery fine droplets, forced out of the way to make room for my invading cock.

I heard the one single word I had to hear, to distinguish my thrusts from rape. She had to say, “Yes” and so she did. More screamed it into my partially-deafened ear.

Then my legless woman added, still screaming at the top of her voice, “Yes. Fuck me. Fuck your slutty black cunt. Never rape. Always my choice, which is gonna be YOU. Fuck this slutty black half-woman. Do me!”

Then, as I continued my THRUSTING into her, she shifted languages, to include strings of vowel and consonants. Lip smacks and clicks. Grunts. Every few moments, I distinctly heard the phrase, ‘white man’ in the flow of unintelligible-to-me sounds.

With no legs, she had nothing to wrap around my waist, but her arms were free and they were pulling me into her, always in, except when she was mauling her own boobs and nipples.

My THRUSTING reached a crescendo and I, too, screamed things like ‘slut’ and ‘black’ and ‘cunt’ and the other stuff a backed-up man yells when his prostate and testicular sack were being turned inside out by an African-American vacuum-cleaner of womanly parts.

When we collapsed back on the bed, the room phone rang. The voice on the other end kinda asked if we were done for the night, so that they could get some sleep. Abruptly, the phone’s voice changed to a shrill female voice, whom we both plainly heard to say, “Get off the phone, stud, and come fuck me. NOW!”


When we went down to breakfast the next morning, it was to a round of applause from the other folks of the wedding party. Kimbra just bowed from her powered wheelchair and I tried not to blush.

I failed, of course.


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