Mommy Can Help Ch. 02



All characters in this story are 18 years of age. All characters and their relationships are fantasy.

Mary was in shock the moment she walked down the stairs at 10 in the morning, only to find her daughter rubbing her clit against a balled up blanket, staring blankly into the eyes of some whores on the TV. Even worse than that was that Emily was moaning out “mommy”.

Oh god, something inside of Mary lurched in disgust at the explicit, incestuous words escaping her daughter’s mouth, but something else in her felt very turned on. She felt her thin black panties getting wet as she watched her daughter moan and hump her blanket. This was so dirty, how could she get turned on looking at her own daughter masturbate? She had to put a stop to this before it went too far, so she channeled her sexual frustration into parental rage.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” shouted Mary.

Emily jumped in surprise, leaping off her wet blanket and scrambling for the remote in sheer panic, trying to get the images of half-naked girls off the screen. She was just on the verge of an orgasm (although she didn’t know that’s what it was called) when her mommy had shouted at her, and internally, Emily was very frustrated that she had not been able to cum. Panting and red faced, Emily quickly tucked her panties and shorts back in front of her, trying not to let her mommy see what a mess she had made. Mary could tell that she had just edged her daughter away from an orgasm, and her pussy twitched in response.

“I-I wasn’t-I didn’t mean to- I’m so sorry mommy!” pleaded Emily, tears forming at the edges of her eyes. She clung to the blanket, hiding the wet side away from Mary and balling it up in front of her body.

“I am at a loss for words Emily, how dare you do that in the middle of our own living room! Do you know that anyone could have walked in on you? I cannot believe this…” Mary was so frustrated and angry at this betrayal of all that she knew about her innocent babygirl, but at the same time her thighs were clenched together to provide some pressure to her aching clit.

“I didn’t mean to make you angry mommy, I just… I don’t know how to put it! I’m so sorry mommy.” Emily looked down in embarrassment, trembling in fear at what her mom would do to her.

“Move that blanket right now. What are you hiding from me?” said Mary, still fuming.

“It’s nothing!” exclaimed Emily.

“Right now!” responded Mary.

“Please don’t make me…” whimpered Emily. She had made such a mess, and she feared her mom asking the question how the blanket got so wet, because Emily didn’t entirely understand it herself.

Mary did nothing but walk right in front of Emily and stare coldly down at her daughter. Emily slowly moved the blanket in humiliated submission, revealing a large, sticky wet patch on both the blanket and her shorts. God did Mary’s pussy light up in excitement; her daughter made so much precum, just from humping a blanket? Emily didn’t dare meet her mother’s gaze.

For what seemed like an eternity, Mary didn’t know what to say. The mother in her wanted to punish her daughter for acting so explicitly (especially in an open family area), but another part wanted to see more. So thats exactly what she asked.

Mary kneeled down in front of Emily and immediately got a whiff of her daughter’s sweet pussy juice. She looked right at her daughter and said “Well? Show me the rest.”

Emily slowly peeled back both her shorts and panties to reveal her smooth pussy. Her clit was red and engorged after being edged so close to an orgasm, and her entire pussy was covered in juices. Emily didn’t want to look at her mommy, but after a few seconds, did anyway, daring to see her mommy inches away from her, inspecting her pussy up close and in detail. Every inch of her dripping slit was open and on display for her mommy’s peering eyes. Her clit twitched in response; she wanted those warm tingles again, but didn’t know how to ask. In a burst of embarrassed and frustrated emotion, Emily began to cry.

Mary’s anger melted from her body as she looked up to see her daughter weeping. “She’s just an adult exploring her body! I shouldn’t have been so harsh…” thought Mary.

“Honey, don’t cry…” she gently said, placing a motherly hand on her daughter’s inner thigh in an attempt to comfort her. “You know, what you’re doing is perfectly normal.”

“I-It is?” said Emily, sniffling and wiping tears away.

“Yes, everybody does it. Sweetie, do you know the name of what you were just doing?” Emily shaked her head. “It’s called masturbation and its perfectly normal, although I must admit I’ve never masturbated quite like that before.”

Emily jerked her head up in shock. Her own mommy masturbates?

“I thought it was just for naughty girls…” said Emily in a low tone.

Mary chuckled “Of course not,” she began to trace long strokes up and down her daughter’s thigh “you’re my good girl.”

The words “good girl” caused Emily’s cunny ankara escort to twinge, she loved being praised by her mommy, and slowly the warm tickles came back to her lower stomach. Emily took a deep breath and said to her mommy what she had been thinking for awhile now.

“Mommy? Can you teach me how to masturbate?” Emily asked while gazing right into her mommy’s eyes. Mary was flustered by this proposal.

“That’s incest, that’s wrong, I can’t do something like that to my own daughter!” she thought. Yet, her hand crept further and further up her daughter’s thigh, and she felt wetness dripping down her own thighs.

After a few seconds of careful debate, and a few seconds of staring at her daughter’s twitching pussy, aching to be touched by a mother’s hands, Mary finally acquiesced. “Fine, but you can’t tell anyone. Masturbation shouldn’t be something shared between a mother and daughter.”

“Yes mommy! I promise.” Emily beamed as she quickly took her shorts and panties off to reveal her smooth, wet, pussy, shaved clean. So innocent and so trusting, Emily spread her legs open again for her mommy.

Mary hadn’t felt this turned on in her life, and she desperately wanted to just attach her mouth to her daughter’s little clit and start sucking, but she knew she had to hold back. This was an educational lesson after all.

“Not so fast Emily, first mommy has to show you the basics” she said. Mary stood up and slowly took off her black panties from under her tight, black dress. She dropped her panties to the floor and sat down next to her daughter, Emily’s eyes following her movements the entire time. Spreading her legs widely, she relaxed her ankles on the couch cushions, and shifted her hips forward so Emily could have an up close view of her mother’s pussy. Already dripping and on edge, Mary could barely take her doe-eyed daughter staring up at her so sweetly, but nevertheless she continued.

“Mommy’s cunny looks a lot different than yours, doesn’t it sweetie?”

“Yes mommy” Emily replied in a curious, yet excited tone.

“First of all this,” said Mary, slowly tracing her hand down through her coarse public hair and onto her large clit, “is a clitoris.”

Mary began to trace light circles around her clit, causing her breath to go shaky. She had a pronounced clit that stuck out from the rest of her pussy, which only meant that she could tease her “button” with much more efficiency. She looked down at her daughter, who was concentrating hard on her mother’s movements.

“Theres—ah—a lot of n-nerve endings in your c-clitoris baby. It’s very sensitive.” said Mary, struggling to keep composure with her daughter looking directly at her stroking her clit. “If you want to masturbate, t-this is where you touch.”

Emily curiously peeked down at her own body, not seeing any clit sticking out. She tried in vain to push back some skin, but could only find a tiny nub, nothing like her mommy’s. She began to reach for it and copy her mommy’s motion, until Mary reached out and grabbed Emily’s hand back.

“Be patient Emily, I haven’t finished showing you the basics yet.”

Returning to her circular stroking, Mary then took her other hand and teased her labia.

“This is the labia minora, and it also feels v-very good to rub. At the bottom here though-ah-, is the vagina. This is where you came from.”

“It also,” Mary continued “has a very special spot on the inside t-that feels very good to touch. Do you want to touch mommy’s special spot?” Emily nodded enthusiastically. Mary picked up the pace of her stroking, god she was so turned on. The concept of her own daughter fingering her in her g-spot, reaching into the very hole she had come out of 18 years ago, was too much to handle and it made her pussy leak like never before. Her juices ran down her ass and onto the couch, leaving a wet spot just like Emily on her blanket.

Mary reached out and guided her daughter’s hands to her pussy, where she slowly teased her entrance with Emily’s soft middle finger. “Whenever you’re ready, p-push that finger into mommy, and push up.” She let go of her daughter’s wrist, she didn’t want to know exactly when her daughter was going to penetrate her.

Taking a few glances up to her mommy, and trying to disregard the shaky breathing and stifled moans, Emily slowly pushed her way into her mother’s pussy. It was so warm and wet and she could feel her mommy’s muscles clench tightly around her little finger. Mary stroked faster, this was so wrong but it felt so good, oh god.

“Oohhh..good girl…mmmm good girl finger mommy juuust like that.”

Curling her fingers upwards Emily found a rough patch of skin, and pressing harder into it she heard her mommy moan loudly in esctacy.

“Babygirl don’t stop.. oh god ohhh yes!” Her daughter massaged her g-spot with just the right pressure and Mary vigorously circled her clit as she felt an orgasm building inside of her.

“Ahhh.. oh mommy’s gonna cum for you babygirl.. ahh ah!” Mary looked down to make escort ankara direct eye contact with her daughter as an orgasm ripped through her body like never before. Her daughter’s big eyes staring right up into her mother’s while her finger was buried deep inside her pussy made Mary quake and twitch with pleasure. Wave after wave came over her, until finally her body relaxed, Mary panting and numb in post-orgasmic pleasure.

She grabbed her daughter’s hand and slowly removed it from her still twitching pussy, Emily’s fingers soaked in her mommy’s juices.

“That, was an orgasm sweetie.”

Emily stared up in awe at her mommy, sweet and sticky liquid dripping down her hand. Almost instinctively she began to lick and suck on her fingers, trying to get every drop possible off (a move that surprised Mary quite a bit). It tasted so good, creamy and sweet, and Emily craved more of it.

Licking her lips and smiling, Emily realized just how wet she had become during the whole ordeal. Those warm tingles were creeping up on her, and this time she wanted her mommy to help her.

“Mommyyyy…” Emily shyly whined as her hand, still wet from a mixture of her mothers cum and her saliva, crept downwards toward her aching clit. “I-I wanna masturbate for you mommy.”

Mary smiled at her shy daughter squirming in front of her.

“Of course baby, come here.”

Mary adjusted so she was sitting upright on the couch, and spread her legs wide. She gestured for Emily to come and sit between her legs, so she could rest her back on her mommy’s body. Emily obliged, and settled herself right in between her mommy’s legs. She could feel the warmth radiating off her body, and heard her mommy’s heartbeat still beating fast after such an intense orgasm. Her head rested just above her mommy’s breasts, so she could lean back and gaze up at her mommy from behind.

“Now, lets get you warmed up.”

From behind, Mary began to grope her daughter’s soft breasts (only a size 34B). Emily had never experienced such a sensation before. It felt so tingly and good as her mommy moved from her large hands slowly, softly squeezing her entire breast, to rolling her fingers down to pinch her tiny nipples, sending pinpricks through her whole body.

Emily had never felt this before, and she couldn’t help but let out a small moan. She tried to press her lips together in an effort to quiet herself, but still, muffled “mmm”s came out. Emily felt another wet patch forming beneath her, and her face flushed in embarrassment.

“Mommyyyyy” the girl whined “I-I’m sorry I’m making a mess again.”

Mary glanced up and did in fact see delicious line of fluid running down from Emily’s hole, onto their soft grey couch. A black wet spot marked Emily’s arousal.

“Its okay sweetie! Don’t worry about it. It just means you’re liking what I’m doing to you.”

“Oh, okay!” said Emily, breaking her eyes away from her dripping hole and up to her mother once again. “Mommy, my clitoris hurts. Can you touch it for me?”

Mary smiled gently.

“Yeah baby? Is your clitoris hard? Is it aching and red and swollen? Should mommy make it feel good?”

“Yes mommy, please.” Emily spread her legs wider.

“Thank you for asking nicely, yes I will” said Mary. She stuck her middle finger right in front of Emily’s face and said “suck.” Emily engulfed her mommy’s finger in seconds, swirling her tongue around the nail and inserting it as deep as it would go down her throat. Once her sucking had coated Mary’s finger completely, Mary pulled her finger from her daughter’s mouth, accompanied by the sound of a pop of suction when it came off Emily’s lips. Mary traced the finger slowly down Emily’s stomach, over her public mound, finally resting just hovering above Emily’s clit.

Emily shifted and silently wished her mother would just take the tingles away already. She wanted to masturbate. She wanted to be good.

“Babygirl, lift back your skin so you can see exactly what I’m doing to you. I want you to learn.”

Emily did exactly as she was told, pulling back the skin of her pubic mound to let her clitoris stick out, more pronounced than before, though still much smaller than her mother’s. Mary’s finger still hovered, shimmering in saliva.

After what seemed like hours, but was really seconds, Mary lowered her finger onto her daughter’s aching clit and felt her daughter jolt in her lap. Starting in slow circles, Mary traced the clitoral hood noticing how soft and smooth her daughter felt.

Emily could barely keep from moaning. This is what she craved, this is what she needed. She needed mommy’s help to masturbate. Mommy masturbates her best.

Emily squirmed very hard as she looked down intently. Her mommy gradually picked up pace and Emily could hardly bear the sight of her mother’s long, mature fingers and manicured red nails, quickly flicking circles around her clit; the warm tingles were taking over her whole body, coursing through her veins. Her heart beat faster and faster, and ankara escort bayan it seemed her entire body was centered on this one nub of pleasure.

“M-Mommy…nngh it feels… soooo good mommy… please k-keep masturbating me.”

At that comment, Mary’s hand pulled away and stood in the air once again. Emily bucked her hips up in the air to follow her mommy’s hand, with her eyes suddenly squeezed shut, just wanting release. Mary ever so softly laid her hand on Emily’s hips lowering them back down to the couch, knowing full well what she was doing to her babygirl.

“You have to learn how to do it yourself! Mommy’s not always going to be around to masturbate you, and normally mothers don’t masturbate their daughters at all!”

Emily looked up at her mom with puppy-dog eyes, still aching from the aftermath of being edged a second time. Mary couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Here sweetie, mommy will show you how,” said Mary.

Now, their hands switched, with Mary pulling her daughter’s pubic mound back and Emily’s hands free to roam.

“Now, begin by wetting your finger. Go ahead and suck on it just like you were before.”

Emily did just that, and after a few seconds looked up at her mommy and popped her mouth open, revealing a sticky strand of spit trailing from her tongue to her fingertip.

“Good girl! Now, very slowly, I want you to trace little tiny circles around your clitoris.”

Emily reached down and did just that, and upon contact she felt such immense pleasure, from her mouth escaped a loud “ah!” She was so sensitive now, and every stroke felt like a million. The warm tingles numbed her body as she instinctively picked up the pace. It still wasn’t as good as mommy though, and Emily felt somewhat disappointed.

“Mommy it doesn’t feel as good as when you did it; pleeeeease just touch me?” Emily was pleading, begging for a feeling as sweet as her own mother touching her pussy.

Mary shook her head.

“No I can’t do it for you, but I can help you, princess.”

Mary reached down and grabbed Emily’s wrist and hand to match her own. Now, all of Emily’s movements were controlled by her mommy. Mary pressed down on her daughter’s middle finger, and heard it squish into her labia. Moving up, it circled the sensitive clit of her daughter, and here is where Mary worked her magic. Switching pressure and pace, she responded to her daughter’s moves and moans (which were getting increasingly louder).

“Mommy… mommy thank you oh god… thank you for helping me masturbate…” moaned Emily

“Mhmmm, my pleasure” growled Mary, looking down at her twitching, moaning daughter, caught up in her own ecstacy.

“I need to do something to you though babygirl, and for you to feel even better you have to keep swirling that clitoris just like that, okay? Can you do that for me?”

Emily nodded quickly. Slowly, Mary released her hand from her daughter’s, instead letting her discover her own body by herself.

“Ah! You’re doing it sweetheart! You look so precious masturbating for me!”

Emily beamed “T-Thank you mommy!” She was focusing so hard on trying to copy the exact pressure and path of her mommy that she could hardly form words. Warm tingles radiated throughout her body and her hips gyrated in the motion of her hands. Mary now took her hand and led it further down, now barely touching her daughter’s soft hole.

Emily suddenly felt a new sensation as she jerked her clit around and around; mommy was pressing her finger right into her vagina! Slowly teasing the hole at first and relishing in the wetness, Mary soon moved to shallowly sliding in and out of Emily’s hole. In and out. In and out. Mary’s pace started to increase as her daughter moaned up at her, and she felt Emily’s pussy clench around Mary’s long finger.

Now probing deeper, Emily let out a loud “ohhh!” Mary felt her daughter’s hymen pressing against her fingertip. Mary promised herself that she would break it some day.

She curled her finger up and she felt Emily’s g-spot. Mary gently began to massage the area with the soothing touch of a mother’s love.

“Ohhhhh Mommy! Mom, w-what are you doing? Ahh!” Emily’s hole was leaking so much and she could barely force out any words, but this sensation was so new and so exciting.

“I’m touching your special spot baby. Don’t you remember my g-spot?” Emily didn’t have to say anything in response, her pussy twitching told Mary the answer to that question. Still, she provoked her daughter further.

“Don’t you remember watching mommy jerk her big, swollen clit for you while you watched only inches away?” Another twitch. “Don’t you remember sticking your little fingers up mommy’s hole and hearing her moan for you?” Another, larger twitch. “Don’t you remember staring right into mommy’s eyes as she came all over your hand?” God, Emily couldn’t take it anymore.

“Mommy t-the warm tingles! I-it feels like I’m gonna pee! Am I gonna pee? O-oh god.” Emily spit out, jerking her clit harder than ever before.

Mary chuckled. “No sweetie, you’re going to cum. You’re going to orgasm with mommy’s fingers deep inside you, aren’t you? Aren’t you going to cum for mommy?” She picked up her pace, pressing harder into Emily’s sweet spot.

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