Mommy Just Wants to Help! Pt. 02


“Sylvia hone why do you look so sad? Talk to me. Tell me about it.’

“I don’t know what to say old friend. It’s my son Johnny… I really don’t know where to start from.”

“Oh dear what’s wrong with Johnny?!”

“Well it’s a long story Jamie. But I think that he might be really depressed. All he does is lock himself up in his room all day.”

“Sylvia, dear, you know that this is problem is extremely common nowadays…”

“No Jamie. You don’t understand. He’s 23 year old and… mmm… you know…”

“What?! What’s the matter dear? Please tell me.”

“Well he’s never had a girlfriend and until last month he was still a virgin…”

“What?! Are you serious?! How do you know that?! I can’t believe it. He’s like the most handsome guy I’ve ever met!”

“Well I know because… he lost his virginity to me and told me all about his previous sexual experiences.”

“OH-MY-GOD! Your son did what now?!”

“Well I was just trying to help him get a bit outside of his “bUbble”. So I started talking to him but then things starting getting really… mmmm… interesting. And I started getting really horny and one thing led to another. I never thought I’d be capable of doing such a thing and to be honest it was never in my intentions to go that far but things just happened.”

“Oh my God Sylvia! Wow this sounds really juicy! Now you have to tell me all the juicy details you nasty dog!”

“Haha it’s nothing really. I was trying to know if the problem was due to a lack of self-confidence in his own sexuality. So I tried to ask him about the size of his penis. Because as you know this is a big issue for lots of men and I thought maybe his perception was causing him that lack of self-confidence…”

“And…? Come on tell me the rest of it.”

“HAHAHA calm your tits Jamie we’re not 20 anymore and this is not a regular fling… this is my son we’re talking about.”

“Well Sylvia you know how dear your son is to me. I am like a second mother to him.”

“Well I hope you’re not planning to do what his first mother did to him. I’ve seen the way you look at him before.”

“No of course not dear. At least not without your permission. But please go on with your story.”

“Okay so as I was saying after I questioned bakırköy üniversiteli escort him about his dick size he felt a bit uncomfortable and left the room. I then needed to use the bathroom and when I went in I found him naked under the shower holding the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in his hand and staring intently at me.”

“OH GOSH! This is unbelievable! Little Johnny with a big dick! This is unbelievable!”

“Jamie what’s wrong with you I can see your mouth watering already! This is my son! Remember?”

“Of course dear of course! And then what happened?”

“Well as I said one thing led to another. And before we knew it we were both fucking real hard in my very own bedroom.”

“Wow! I am sorry Sylvia but this is too much for me to digest! Wow!”

“I know that’s why I am really sad.’

“Little hot cute Johnny with a big fat dick! Wow!”

“Jamie shut your mouth I think it’s his car being parked outside. Change the topic please dear I beg you.”


“Mom are you home? Oh Hi Miss Jamie how you doin’ today?”

“I am doing just fine dear why don’t you join your mother and I.”

“Oh sure Miss Jamie!”

“No son why don’t you go sit next to Miss Jamie I think she has something she wanted to talk to you about.”

“Okay mom!”

“So honey, your mom and I were talking a bit about you before you walked in.”

“Oh Christ now I am really worried!”

“Oh no dear we didn’t say anything harmful I promise.”

“So what did you two talk about?”

“Well as you know Johnny. Your mom and I have been close friends for quite some time now. And we were just talking how much of a nice guy you really are. How big and mature you have grown in the last few years. And now as I am sitting here rubbing your thigh I can also see how muscular you’ve become.”

“Well Miss Jamie I don’t know what to say I am really flattered I guess.”

“Oh no don’t say anything dear… Why don’t you just take your pants off you must have had a really long day and must be feeling really hot right now.”

“Oh yes mam you are quite right. Here, let me take them off.”

“Oh dear that’s quite some dick you’ve got there. Is that what your telling bakırköy bdsm escort me about Sylvia!”

“JOHNNY!! Why haven’t you worn any boxers today. This is really embarrassing! OH MY GOD”

“No it’s ok Sylvia you know I am like Johnny’s second mom. Don’t worry about it really. Come I know you’ve been craving this since the day you two had sex together. Come it won’t bite you.”

“Yeah Mom! Miss Jamie is right. She’s done nothing wrong so far. Why don’t you join her in rubbing my dick. She’s doing a pretty decent job so far by herself but the more the merrier. Right?”

“No Johnny I am not gonna jerk you off with my best friend this is disgusting!”

“Okay as you wish mom! Oh Gosh Miss Jamie you’re killing me.”

“Relax Johnny boy if your mom wants nothing to do with your dick, I believe she wouldn’t mind if she watched me ride it for a while.”

“OH MY GOD Jamie! This is too much. Please put your panties back on. I am your best friend remember?”

“Oh Gosh this is the best dick I’ve had in my pussy! I feel like I am being penetrated by a tree trunk.”

“See mom? There’s nothing wrong with what we’re doing. Why don’t you come close and start fumbling with my balls instead of sitting down there and whining like a little bitch!”

“Okay fine fine! Just your balls nothing else!”

“Oh look at you cute old friend rubbing your sons’ balls while I am fucking him. It’s not as bad as it seemed. Is it?”

“Shut up Jamie or I swear to God I’ll kill you!”

“Oh GOSH MOM! Why don’t you just shut up and let me fuck Miss Jamie peacefully!”

“I am really sorry son. I am really sorry.”

“Well why don’t you show us how really sorry you are you old cunt and start licking Miss Jamie’s asshole.”

“Well that’s the brightest of ideas Johnny! Come on Sylvia why don’t you prepare that asshole of mine for some serious pounding by Mr Big Dick here.”

“Do you mean like this?”

“Yes exactly like this old Sylvia go ahead don’t stop I want to be ready to be fucked by your son. Come on Johnny fuck me harder dear! Yes harder! Harder!”


“Well Jamie I think your asshole is ready now.”

“Oh good job mom! Now I want you to like my balls really bakırköy elit escort well while I fuck Miss Jamie’s cute little asshole. Do you understand?”

“Yes son. I do.”

“And yeah mom start rubbing that clit of yours while you’re sucking my balls that will help in keeping you busy for a while.”

“Ok son.”

“Yes Sylvia please keep your mouth around your son’s balls. I want him to fuck me really hard and to fill my asshole with his hot cum.”

“Yes mom keep going like this! Oh Miss Jamie you’re killing me.”

“Oh yes please don’t stop dear! Please don’t stop.”

“Jesus Mom! Keep sucking mom! Oh I feel like I am gonna come anytime now.”

“No Johnny! Not yet. I think your mom deserve a little treat. Isn’t it right old Sylvia?”

“What do you mean Jamie?”

“Well why don’t you start by taking your clothes off first?”

“Okay dear… Now what?”

“Now your gonna bend over so I can spank the shit out of you like I used to do when I used to fuck you with my huge strap-on back in college.”

“Ugghh this is so good! I really miss you treating me like your little bitch old Jamie.”

“Oh mom I never knew you were Miss Jamie’s little bitch.”

“Hahaha Johnny you’re really funny! Now watch me finger your mom’s tight asshole!”

“Oh Jesus Jamie please go on fucking my asshole as you always did! Oh gosh this is so good!’

“No Sylvia this is too much! I’ve wasted so much of my time fucking you in my twenties. Now it’s your son’s turn to fuck you really hard in that cute little butthole of yours now that it’s ready to receive him.”

“Yeah mom spread those butt cheeks of yours real wide!”

“Oh son yes fuck me! Uhhh! Yes! Just like that son!”

“Oh my gosh mom you’re a really noisy bitch why don’t you suck on Miss Jamie’s clit instead of making all these sounds!”

“Yes Sylvia just like in the good ole days! Yeah just like that dear! Go ahead don’t stop! Yeah just like that!”

“Oh Jesus Christ! This is too hot! I think I am about to cum real soon!”

“Now Sylvia why don’t you kneel in front of your son’s penis and help me jerk him off?”

“Oh Mom! Oh miss Jamie! You two are the best!”

“Come on Johnny why don’t you cum in your mom’s mouth? She worked really hard and has earned it.”

“Ok Mom are you ready? Cause I know I am.”

“Yes I am ready son.”

“Come on Mom open your mouth really wide. Oh God I am coming UGHH shit! UHHH! Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! That was awesome!”

“Hahahahaha yes it was dear Johnny! Look at your poor momma’s face! You really raised a good kid Sylvia! You really did…”

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