Mom’s Little Dirty Book


Mom’s Little Dirty BookWhen I was young I used to love it when I was home alone. Both my parents would be at work. I would walk around the house naked. I would also go to my parent’s room and snoop around. I went through my Mom’s dresser and looked at her panties and bras. I found her slinky sexy nightie that she wore on occasion for my Dad. It was black, sheer and see through. I pictured her wearing it. But that seemed weird at the time. I was only f******n. But I had never seen a grown woman naked. Only when I was very small did I get a glimpse of Mom’s tits. I remember her dark areolas and big nipples. It made me even more curious. I found my Dad’s Penthouse magazines and looked through them. I got hard as a rock and started stroking. Then I got tired of that and began exploring more. Between the mattress and box spring of their bed I found this book. It was titled “A Mother’s Lust”. It had a picture of a half naked woman and her young son. She was standing over him and he was looking up at her crotch. I began to read. It was boring at first and then it started getting weird. The woman slowly started baring her flesh more and more in front of her son. Then she flat out called him into her room. The boy came to her and she was sitting completely naked on her bed. Her legs were spread wide open and her hairy pussy was exposed to him. The young son did not know what to do. She started giving him orders. “Take off your clothes Timmy.”Timmy did as he was instructed. “Now Timmy put your finger in here.” She pointed to her cunt. Timmy was terrified. “Its okay Timmy. Mommy needs you to please her. Her pussy is so hot.” Timmy’s cock was rock hard. He slid his finger into her. “Oh Timmy that feels so good. I am going to teach you how to fuck a woman. You do want to fuck a woman don’t you?””Yes.””Good. Now look closely at my pussy muğla escort and I’ll show you how to please a woman. See this?”She opened her vagina and showed him her clitoris. “That’s my clitoris. Or clit as most call it. My clit is very sensitive and when a man rubs it just right it makes my pussy get wet. If you do it right it will make my pussy squirt pussy juice. Now start rubbing it in circles. Gently at first and then start rubbing it a little harder and slide the finger inside me. Then rub the underside of the top of my vagina.” Timmy was fascinated with his mother’s pussy. His fear had faded and now he was focusing on her. He found it to be fun. He also got used to her musky scent mixed in with her perfume. She always sprayed perfume on her bush. Timmy’s face was very close to her pussy. “You know Timmy, some men like to taste pussy. Would you like to try it?” Timmy didn’t say a word. He didn’t hesitate and plunged his tongue into her muff and started licking her. “Oh God Timmy! Lick me!” Her hand held the back of Timmy’s head and she began to grind her vulva into Timmy’s face. She kept coaching him and her words turned him on as she told him how to make her cum. Finally she squirted all over his face. “Now fuck me. Slide you cock into my cunt and fuck me hard!” Timmy moved up and she grabbed his cock and guided his throbbing cock into her dripping cunt. It felt amazing to him. Timmy moaned and within one minute he lost his composure and started hollering and his cock erupted as it shot his first ever cumshot into her hot pussy. “Oh Timmy! YES! YES! FUCK ME!”I snapped out of it and realized I was rock hard. I started stroking myself and shot my first load all over Mom’s side of the bed. After I put the book back and left her room. That night she came to me and asked me, “Were you on our bed muş escort today?””Uh no.””HHHmmm.” I could tell she didn’t believe me. Later she would tell me that she knew I was reading her book. For now I just played dumb.Mom and Dad split up a few months later. Mom was very hurt by the whole thing. She found out Dad was doing his secretary at work. We lived in a small town and Mom felt betrayed and embarrassed. She never got over it. There weren’t to many males for her to date. She became very lonely. I began to notice that she was acting like Timmy’s Mom. One night she wore that sheer nightie in front of me. When I went to bed I had to off. But suddenly my door opened and she stood there looking over me. I was on the floor cross legged stroking. “I thought so. Time for you to get the real thing. Follow me.” I followed her and watched her sexy ass cheeks swing back and forth.”You’ve been reading that book haven’t you?” I couldn’t even speak. Mom stripped out of her nightie. Mom’s black hairy bush stuck out. Her nipples were hard. “You masturbated while reading it didn’t you?””Yes.””So you liked it huh?””Yes.””I wondered what she was going to do. Would she punish me? “Come over here.” She knelt down in front of me and took my cock. Her hand held my throbbing cock. She opened wide and took my cock into her mouth. It felt amazing. She caressed my balls and came off after a few minutes. “I’m going to teach you like she teaches Timmy in the book. Since you read the book you should have some idea of what to do. Go ahead and do what Timmy does in the book. She stood up and told me to lay down. Then she straddled my face and lowered her pussy down on me. It tasted so good. I will never forget that moment. She started bucking and rocking back and forth as my tongue slid up and down her sit. When she stopped escort bayan I started sucking on her clit. She was moaning loudly as I hit the right spot making her shake and squirt. It was such a powerful gush that I couldn’t help but swallow her cunt juice. She moved down to my cock and guided me up inside her soaking wet bush. It felt incredible and she made me cum right away. She just kept rocking as my cock never went soft. She kept me hard for hours as she showed me every position imaginable. The next day she came to me and we had a serious talk. She told me it was “our little secret”. She told me that we could fuck a few times a week and when we did I was the man of the house and I should treat her like a lover. All other times she was my mother and I should respect her authority. This arrangement went on for years. I never went to the prom and rarely dated many girls. It turned out that Mom and I became very intimate and did everything a married couple would do. She would take me out to dinner and when she flirted with me it was always thrilling knowing what I was going to get. Mom loved fucking and it turned out to be much more than a few times a week. I had a high sex drive as a young buck. She told me I got that from her. The first time I initiated an encounter it thrilled her. One night she came home from work and I came up behind her. She was wearing a tight skirt with black panty hose. Mom had gorgeous legs. I unzipped her skirt and slid my hand inside and started rubbing her crotch outside the sheer panty hose. “That makes my pussy hot.””Yea? It makes my cock hard.” We stripped down right in the kitchen and I fucked her right on the table. It was the hottest fuck I ever had. When we finished we went to dinner. She told me desert was more pussy. So we went home and fucked all night long. I still live with Mom and at eighty she still likes to play. Over the years we experimented with various forms of swinging and group things. No one ever knew she was my Mom. We never parted from each other. She is the dirtiest minded woman I ever knew. That was what kept me around.

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