more locker room fun


more locker room funZach had long straight hair that perfectly covered one eye when he had it just right. He wore his pants low enough to see his plain (but sooo attractive) boxers. He normally wore a hoody that was a bit too small for him too. But the thing I hated about Zach, was that he had a girlfriend. What a joke.Zach and I ended up having the same math class. He was a year younger than me though and something about smart k**s was just a huge turn on when I was a junior in high school. On top of that, we sat right next to each other. I learned nothing when I was trying to see that small of his back when he leaned forward perfectly in his desk. He started talking to me. ‘Dude, we’re wearing the same boxers.’ I gave him the weirdest straight guy look I could give. Zach was a guy, he was metro, at all. So I gave him a straight look. Logical sense. Right? I guess not, ‘Oh, sorry. Never mind I guess.’ He said. I responded with ‘No, no. it’s all right, I just don’t get guys who comment on my underwear all the time. It’s cool.’ He gave me a nod and a smile. And I immediately wanted on, and questioned his sexuality. ‘I’m going swimming after school today, you have gym this semester too, right?’ Zach said. I told him I did (even though I didn’t.) He said ‘Sweet, want to go swimming after school with me? Nobody else wants to.’ I said that’d be fine and also that I’d give him a ride home if he needed one.Thankfully Math was the last hour of the day and we decided to walk together to the gym. When we halkalı escort got to the locker room, there was nobody there. There also weren’t any teachers because we’d have one of the lady gym teachers open the pool for us. He said, ‘Awesome, we can shower after we swim without any disturbance.’ He gave me the same weird smile. We walked over to two empty lockers and put our stuff in them. I started to get undressed first, while he got out his swimsuit. I asked to use his extra, because I ‘left mine at home’. (good excuse, Dylan.) He said sure, but it might be a little small, and that he had used it yesterday. I said ‘that’s fine. I’ll bring it back to you washed.’ He dropped trou to reveal a hairless 9′ cock. HUGE for a k** his age, but I wasn’t about to complain. I stared, I had no other choice but to stare. It was outstanding. Shit. He caught me. He looked at me, I was expecting to get hit or for him to scream, but he just said ‘I know. I get it a lot.’ I laughed and got dressed. He did the same. We swam for about 45 minutes until we both got sick of swimming. He looked at me and said, ‘Ever showered in front of a sea monster? HAHA!’ I giggled and was worried about what was to come, or should I say, cum? We dried off and walked back to the locker room. He dropped his towel on a railing, and I did the same. I left the suit on while I stepped into the shower, because that’s what the guys normally did. But he dropped taksim escort it to the floor, exposing the giant again.Zach stepped into the single stall shower with no curtain and I stepped into the one next to his. He said ‘You don’t want to rotate? Besides, that shower doesn’t work with hot water.’ Even though I knew he was wrong, because I’ve used it before. So I walked over. He looked at the suit that was still around my waist and said, ‘you’re a pussy if you’re going to wear that. Just take it off, and don’t worry about washing it. I really don’t care.’ I smiled again, and dropped the suit. I had my back to him while I tossed the swimming suit outside the stall. When I turned around he was facing me with a hand covering his cock. His face was red.I said, ‘what’s the matter? Is there something behind me?’ he just turned to the corner and said ‘No, I’m sorry, I was just looking… and I got a bit of a hard on.’ ‘Hold on, just wait for it to go away, ok?’ I replied with a touch of his shoulder and told him to look at me. ‘Zach, I kind of get this feeling that you’re kind of into me. Is that kinda true? Because if it is, we can talk about it.’ Zach turned around, he was still hard. It was huge, I just wanted to grab his rock hard fuck stick and stroke it and put a smile back on his hot little face. ‘you know what, yeh. I liked the looks of your little puckered hole and it gave me a boner.’I said that’s fine, and got on my knees. The smile I was looking şişli escort for came back. I touched his dick and watched his face start to glow. I stroked him, slowly at first until he moaned a little. He said ‘Dylan, this is the first day we’ve had a class together, and this is the first time I’ve ever done anything sexual, at all. EVER!’ I put his dick in my mouth when he said ever and he closed his eyes and put his hands against my head and pushed. I choked. I asked him if he wanted to please me at all. He told me that he’d to anything for me at this point. I moaned and he shivered.I told him that he’s going to fuck me like he wanted too. He smiled at me and pulled me up and put his face to mine. We kissed a very long kiss and stopped. He told me I couldn’t tell Rachel, his ‘girlfriend’. I laid down on the handicapped bench and told him to have his way with me. He touched my dick before he played with my hole. He started to finger me, slowly. It’s like he knew to warm me up. He jacked off his dick a little before he started to push it in. I moaned loud. He smiled his classic smile, yet again. He started to move his tanned hips, just the right way. ‘Are you sure you haven’t done this before? Cuz it’s fucking amazing!’ He laughed and went faster, I screamed. I grabbed his neck and he bent over me and kissed me while he fucked. It was good, but I could tell that it was almost over. He’s just a sophomore after all. Sure enough, he pulled out, I grabbed his dick and jacked him ’til he came in my face. He licked all of it off, and swallowed it. I asked him to blow me, and he obeyed. I came in his mouth and he swallowed it again. ‘Wow, I’m full. Can we shower now?’ I said that would be fine, and then I could bring him home. We did just that. From there on in, every Tuesday and Thursday we found time to swim and fuck in the shower.

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