More of hooking up with the girl from the earlier


More of hooking up with the girl from the earlierThe next morning we woke up pretty much laying in the same position we were in when we went to sleep, still somewhat cuddled up against each other! We woke up about the same time and say good morning with a little bit of kissing, she told me that place had a small continental breakfast and we could go and get, I said okay but she said first things first and immediately started sucking my cock, she sucked on it for about 5 or 10 minutes before stopping! She said “thought maybe you would like that first thing in the morning real quick!”We got dressed she told me to put on my sweatpants and a t-shirt, I had stop wearing underwear quite a few years earlier, and she put on a pair of shoes and just a trench type of raincoat, I suppose that’s a good way to describe it! She told me to hold on a minute and we took a few hits off of a joint first and we had it on out to go down to the first floor to get a quick small breakfast! I was so turned on by the fact she was just wearing that coat and that’s it! We got in the elevator and as soon as we did she opened up the trench coat and stood there flashing me right up until the elevator door open in the lobby! My cock was rock hard buy now and very noticeable through my sweatpants! Pretty sure the lady behind the front desk noticed it! We went in and sat down to have the breakfast which was pretty much just toast and bagels and fruit!Surprisingly we were the only ones in the room so she open her coat just enough to reveal her catch a little bit and we sat there and ate our breakfast, I told her it look like the reception is behind the front desk so what was going on in my pants a little bit ago, she told me she noticed that and was such a turn-on and I agreed!We finished up our breakfast and headed upstairs but karşıyaka escort this time she let me into the stairwell and we took the stairs, we went up the stairs just a little bit to the first landing and she opened her coat again and stuck her hand down my pants stroking my cock! We then went up the stairs a little more to the next Landing with her coat still open and she got down on her knees and started blowing me right there but just for a little bit! She stood up and let her trench coat fall to the floor, she asked if I could grab that as she started running up the steps, she ran all the way up the steps to our level with me right behind her watching her the whole way, we got to the landing on our floor and I put her coat on for her!As soon as we got in the room she took off her coat turn around and pushed me up against the door kissing on me and taking my shirt off before going down on her knees pulling my sweats down and start sucking on my cock some more! But just for a little bit. She told me it was about time to start drinking and she went and got a six pack of beer out of the refrigerator, she led me over to the love seat and we sat next to each other for a little bit while she fired up another joint! She told me she wanted to sit on the edge of a loveseat and see if she did drink that whole six pack sitting in that same spot while I took turns eating her pussy, fingering her pussy and fucking her! So I got down on my knees and went to town eating her pussy taking my fingers in now and then fingering her really good, I’d stop eating her pussy so I can fuck her here and there but just for a little bit before going back back to eating her pussy! This went on for about an hour and a half before I heard her crack open the last beer while I was eating escort karşıyaka her pussy so I made sure that when she was about to finish that beer that I was fucking her and coming inside of her right when she was finishing it! She told me that was so hot!We ended up climbing in the bed and laying there for a little while watching some TV cuddle up under the blankets while she had a few more beers. By now it was about 2 in the afternoon and we were getting hungry, she suggested we get dressed and go get something to eat and and do some shopping! We both got dressed grabbed our money that we both had brought and headed on out and went to a fast food joint just a short walk from there! We left from there and immediately went to the sex store that was right there with her saying that it was time to spend some serious money, we were in the sex shop for probably at least an hour and a half or so spending about $200 on all kinds of fun stuff, different types of dildos and vibrators, magazines and videos! We immediately went back to the hotel and up to the hotel room! She immediately put in one of the pornos she had just bought! We got undressed got in the bed, smoke another joint, and started having fun with all the toys she had bought!She open all the vibrators and dildos she bought, there was 5 all together of different sizes and shapes, and we lay there taking turns fucking her pussy with these toys, I’d fuck her with one well she took turns sucking my dick and drinking her beer and then she would say it was her turn and she grabbed one and sit there riding it in one of the chairs in the room while drinking her beer and having me stand in front of her so she could suck on my dick, we did that for the whole length of that porno, about 3 hours! Finishing with me shooting karşıyaka escort bayan my cum down her throat!By now it was about 8 at night after we got cleaned up and everything! We both realize we were a little hungry again and she called a pizza joint up the road, we smoke another joint while we are waiting and laid there making out until there was a knock on the door, she looked through the peep hole and said that since it’s a guy delivering she’ll answer the door, by now she was really high and pretty drunk and obviously feeling a little kinky as she answer the door completely naked taking the fuse on the guy and giving him the money and a wink and sending him on his way , we sat in the bed eating the pizza, which was only a small cuz we weren’t really hungry just a little hungry! Once we were finished she went and grabbed a couple more beers and shove me under the bed onto my back, she climbed on top of me and then proceeded to grind her pussy into my chest and face while she drink those beers! When she finish the beers she kind of collapse next to me telling me she was pretty wasted! By now it was about 11 at night anyways and I told her I was pretty tired also! So we laid there kissing and rubbing on each other for a little bit before she reminding me of what I done with her during the night all those months ago while she slept!It wasn’t long before we both fell asleep with me waking up a couple hours later because I had to use the bathroom, when I came back in she and saw her laying on her back sound asleep I thought of what she had said but realized I didn’t have all these toys at my disposal last time, so I got one of the vibrators lay next to her on the bed and kiss and suck on her tits while I fucked her with that vibrator for about a half hour or so before deciding to get on top of her and fucking her really good while she slept because I knew how much she like that from those nights we spent together a few months before! Didn’t take me long to come inside her!More to come later on everyone as there is a lease three or four more to come about us hooking up back up again

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