more than two tango


more than two tangoby williacjMy buddy Herbert and I were talking about who we fantasize about. when Elizabeth Lopez overheard us”you two fantasize about my breasts i have a man and only he can do that, i don’t like to hear you talk sex about me!”she said sternly. Herbert started laughing and she looked over at him”you don’t think about me like that it makes me feel uncomfortable i don’t like it, i don’t like it only my man can be looking at me”she says angrily.I had enough of Liz’s mouth this is xxx rated action and ONLY xxx rated action, this isn’t gotta respect your boyfriend and not daydream about type shit. Liz wouldn’t stop with her”i am a woman hear me roar” tirade, i told Herbert to shut her up.Herb unzipped his pants and took out his fat schlong and plunged it in between Liz’s red lips i crept up behind her and stuffed my dick into her hairy Colombian pussy “gonna give you somethin’ to really complain about now!” i grunted as i started plungin istanbul escort my dick into her hairy pussy. Herbert sat there as liz took his cock into her mouth stroking it gently sucking on it i cupped her big Colombian titties and drove my dick deep into her pussy.”uhhhh liz take all of that dick” i demanded as i plunged my dick deep in her i was spoonin her while herb was gettin his dick spit shined she was sucking him off intensely he had red lipstick marks on his dick! “mmmm… mmfff!” she mumbled fingering her pussy as i worked my dick in her.welcome to the jungle has a whole new meaning when you’re fucking this chica’s pussy. she’s gettin fucked by a 40 year old black guy and sucking the dick of a 48 year old plumber she must love plumbing because she’s working her lips on his pipe. “urghhhh liz” i grunted i lifted her leg up and drove my dick up in her this Latina is gettin dick avcılar escort from both ends her phone rang and she was gettin’ dicked so hard she didn’t even try to reach over and answer it!Liz must recognize that no one tells me who i can daydream about. I pulled my dick out of her hairy pussy”your turn now buddy” i told herb”make her forget her boyfriend peso” herb grabbed her and yanked her toward him and planted himself on top of her he plunged his dick into her and began fucking.”eesh urffff up in this!” he grunted as he began driving his dick up in her zooms in on his ball slapping against Liz’s hairy pussy. she’s gettin that hairy pussy popped by that dick. the way he was fucking her was epic her toes were curling up wiggling her pussy creamed all over his dick as he pinned her to the bed and fucked her hard as he could. she was gettin her pussy owned she lay there legs up in the air as herb wore her şirinevler escort pussy out it’s not comin out anytime soon. Liz told herb she didn’t like us fantasizing about her but now we’re tag teamin her latin pussy.”i thought you didn’t like us thinking sex thoughts about you,what made you change your mind?” i asked her”peso can’t work you like we can” i whispered in her ear as herb lay on top of her fucking her hard. liz didn’t respond she was getting that dick in that hairy latina pussy so good she just let it happen.” how you doin there herb?” i asked him herb just gave me a thumbs up, he pulled his dick out of Liz’s pussy and it has cream all over it.”stick it back up in that hairy jungle, put it all the way back in there”I ordered. Liz’s pussy was super creamy he must be fucking that pussy up.”urffff umpffff”he grunted as he fucked her. he held her firmly churning away in her pussy. liz couldn’t take the pussy pounding she was getting from that dick”aye mi amor papi the dick is..fuck it papi harder papi all up in the pussy papi”she moaned hysterically. herb jammed his dick up in her workin his plump herbwurst into her hairy Latina pussy. she had never been fucked this hard, herb laid down the dick to her, her pussy wasn’t about to be granted any mercy on this bed!

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