Mother and Daughter

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Mother and DaughterHe stood in the window and watched the young girl walk down the street. She was so much like her mother at this young age. She had an adult body but she was a c***d. He watched her ass as she walked and her tits as they pushed against her tight t-shirt. His cock got hard as he thought about undressing her like he had her mother. He remembered seeing her mom’s huge tits the first time he stripped her naked. Her huge globes filled his huge hands as he rubbed them and played with her nipples. He wanted to stick his cock in her sweet pussy and feel her sexy ass. He took off his shirt and pulled her tits tight to his chest as he cupped her ass cheeeks. He felt her soft tits against his chest and held her tighter. She did not resist anything he did to her. She seemed to be comfortable in her nudity. Her pussy had a soft fluff and he ran his hands over it feeling she was a little moist. 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