Mother and Her White Boyfriend Ch. 02


Previously, the guy Li Zhang watched his mother getting fucked by a guy called John. In this part we will watch the further interaction between Li and John as well as mom Chen.


My mom and John were fucking each other for sometime during the noon and when they fell asleep, I went to my room downstairs. Remembering what I just watched, I felt my cock harden up again. To relive my frustration, I again started to jack off with the image of mom getting fucked. I even imagined that the guy fucking her was me instead. That made me cum instantly. After cleaning myself up, I felt tired and went to sleep on my bed.

When I woke up, it was in the evening and the sun was pretty low as I could see the sky from my window. I went near my room’s door and saw mom and John sitting on the couch across my room talking.

“Hey, do you think your son heard us fucking?” John was saying with a grin.

My mom surprised said, “Fuck no. At least I hope not. That would be embarrassing. I think he was pretty tired as seeing he’s still sleeping so he probably fell asleep as soon as he arrived home in his room. Good thing we woke up before he could see us on my bed.”

Thinking it was time for my entry, I slowly opened my door, acting as if I just woke up and was still feeling sleepy. Both of them were a little surprised watching me and I too acted surprised as if seeing them for the first time.

“Oh, I didn’t knew you were home mom.” I said acting sleepily and rubbing my eyes.

“Sweetie, I arrived just few moments ago. Why don’t you come and sit in the couch? I have something to talk with you.” My mom said shying a little.

Moving towards the couch, I gave the guy sitting next to her a full look. The guy looked to be in his 30’s and was probably 6 ft tall though I couldn’t be certain since halkalı eve gelen escort he was sitting in the couch. I sat in the next couch to them and looked at them expectantly.

“Son you know how you said to go dating. Well I found someone and I started dating him few weeks ago. Here son, this is John Williams. I found him online and once we met, I liked him. So we started dating again. And John, this is my son Li.” Mom introduced us to each other.

John reached near me with his hand extended. I could imagine how much of my mom’s body had those hands wandered. Gripping his firm hand, we had a handshake. Mom suddenly announced getting us some tea to drink and left us to go to kitchen.

“Well, you look like a fine lad. Now I want you to know that I saw you watching us having sex upstairs.”

His sudden saying made me dumb. I could feel my jaws opening and my throat dry. Before I could speak, John smilingly said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mom. Beside, I think you enjoyed that little peep didn’t you? If you want I could get you more chance to watch the action even more closer.”

Holy shit. Was what I thought. This guy is offering me to watch them have sex. I couldn’t believe my ears. I hurriedly said yes and would love to watch them. John nodded and said that he would fuck my mom again tonight. After that, mom came and we had some tea.

Later at night, John came to my room to tell me to go to my mom’s room and hide inside the closet. I quickly went inside and hid in the closet. There was a small hole from where I could watch the bed. Soon mom and John came and sat on the bed.

“John, my son is in the house. I don’t think this is the time.” Mom said.

“Chen, he told me he was going outside for a while. So, we halkalı grup yapan escort have the house to ourselves. Let’s have some fun.”

My heart was racing as I watched through the hole in the closet. Soon, both of them had thrown their clothes away and were now busy with each other in 69 position. John was sucking mom’s pussy and mom was busy sucking his dick. Slurping noise could be heard filling the room. After a while, John got up on the bed and started holding his dick near my mom’s face. Like an expert, mom started sucking him. John put his hand on mom’s hair and started forcefully thrusting her head on his dick.

“Suck my dick bitch. Your mouth is made for my dick. Look how perfectly it fits my dick. Ah, Ah” John said and moaned. By now, I could see my mom’s mouth fighting to get air as she was filled with John’s big dick. However, John was mercilessly thrusting her head on his dick.

With a mighty groan, his balls which were hitting my mom’s chin shrank as he got ready to cum. He cummed right inside my mom’s mouth. A groan escaped John’s mouth as he pumped my mom’s pretty mouth full of his thick cum. Mom was drinking all his thick goo as if it was a nectar for her. As John withdrew his dick from her mouth, I could see a bit of cum escaping her mouth and falling on her breast.

She used her fingers to swipe the cum on her breast and put it inside her mouth.

“Yummy. This was the best drink I ever had. I loved your forceful thrust on my mouth pussy.” Mom said still sucking her cum covered fingers.

“Bitch that was hot as fuck. I will fuck your ass and pussy and fill them to brim with my thick batter.” Saying this, John got my mom doggy style and started fucking her pussy. He slapped her ass red while fucking her.

“Tell halkalı masöz escort me who owns your asian body bitch. Tell me.” John said aggressively.

Mom while moaning and moving her hips said, “It’s you John, my white master. You are the one who owns this slutty asian body. Use me however you want. Fill every hole in my body.”

“Ah Ah Ah Ah… Ooh Ooh Ooh… YESSSS…!!” was all mom was saying.

He then fucked her ass even harder than her pussy, making the whole hole expand. By this time I was already jacking off watching them. Then, John moved my mom on her back and entered her pussy while clutching her breast in his hands and grabbing them hungrily. Their moans were so loud and the bed frame were banging against the wall that I thought the whole neighborhood would have heard them.

“Be ready to open you fertile womb for my baby batter. I will put a half breed in your belly.” John said to mom.

“Give it to me. Give it to me.. Hurry up..” said mom begging.

“AHHHHH!!” grunted John and sent his thick baby batter straight inside my mom’s fertile womb. With a slop, his dick slid outside mom’s pussy. A thick cum flowed outside her pussy. She put her hand inside her pussy as if to stop the flow outside and smiled satisfyingly. This made me cum instantly and even in more quantity than before. A few minutes later I could hear mom’s slow breathing telling me she fell asleep. I saw John walking to the closet, still naked and his dick covered in cum and pussy juices. We walked towards the door and I stayed outside while he was inside.

“Enjoyed the show lad?” he smiled and said.

“Yes. I loved it.” I replied excitedly.

He nodded in satisfaction and said, “Now I have a plan for you. What do you think about fucking your mom?”

Surprised I told him, “Yes. I would love to have that pussy and ass. However, I don’t think that it’s even possible.”

He told me that it he would make that possible and not to worry. He closed the door and I went downstairs to my room. An hour later, I could again hear moaning and banging from upstairs. John was fucking my mom again and I was getting excited about my own chance.

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