Mother and Son in Massage Parlour Ch. 03


Time has moved on. I am now forty-seven and David is twenty-six. He is married, but to Janet not Alice. His relationship with Alice didn’t last. I never commented on the breakup but I was relieved when it happened. She was a bit too wild for my liking. Janet is calmer and more sensible and is a good wife to him.

We never talked about what we did together at the massage parlour. David kept his promise about not returning, until this happened.


I was busy in the kitchen when David came in.

“Hi mum, can I speak to you about something?”

“Are Janet and the baby OK?”

“Yes, it’s nothing to do with them.”

I was relieved. Janet was seven months pregnant with their first child and I thought there might be complications. I looked at him and he seemed hesitant to continue.

“What’s it about?”

He looked down at the floor then back up at me before saying “Listen to it all before you say something.”

I was now curious. I didn’t like the sound of this. With some hesitation I said “Tell me.”

“What days are you working next week?”

I was surprised. It was a simple question so why the big build up? Then it hit me. I shouted “No way. You are not coming to see me.”

“Calm down and let me finish.”

“I know you are not having sex because of the baby, but you are not getting it from me.”

David gave a long sigh and said “Please let me finish.”

He looked at me and waited. After a few seconds I said, In a normal tone, “OK.”

“Let me start again. I work with a guy called Jim. He joined the firm four months ago. We get on well and have become good friends. I might have mentioned his name to you.”

I nodded but didn’t say anything. His name had come up in conversation a few times but I had never met him.

“He is painfully shy with girls. Two months ago, over a few drinks, he told me he had never had a proper girlfriend. He is my age but I think he is still a virgin. He needs to visit the parlour.”

“I can’t see him. Take him somewhere else.”

David sighed again. “This is hard work. I don’t want him to see you. I asked when you are working so I would know which days to avoid.”

“Why didn’t you just say that in the first place?”

“That’s what I have been trying to do for the last few minutes.”

I started thinking. “Are you going with him?”

“Yes, I will have to. I have been hinting to him about this for a long time. Last week we had a proper conversation about it and he seemed keen, but he wants me to take him there. He is not comfortable going in on his own.”

I wondered if David would take the opportunity to have a ‘massage’ whilst he was there. It would not surprise me. Janet told me that for the last few months she has been off sex. If he did I don’t think she would approve. I decided it was best not to ask.

“Wednesday is the only day I will be working next week.”

“Thanks.” Smiling he left the kitchen.

I reflected on what had been said. Wouldn’t life be simpler if sex had not been invented? Yes, but not as exciting.

I didn’t see David again for the rest of the week. On the following Tuesday I got a call from Jill, one of the receptionists. Lucy had phoned in sick, could I come in. They only ever ring on days off if they are desperate, so reluctantly I said yes. I then remembered the conversation with David. Should I ring back? I would need to think of a good reason for changing my mind. I smiled, it was OK. I knew David was off work yesterday so that would have been the day they went. I made a mental note to ask him about it the next time he called in.

When I arrived Jill was grateful. There was one of Lucy’s regulars waiting. I smiled at him and said I just needed a few minutes to get ready. He smiled back and Jill said she would keep him entertained until then.

He was a charming guy, mid-fifties and in decent shape. His cock was no better than average but he knew how to use it. As he was leaving he said “I enjoyed that. If you don’t mind I would like to see you again sometime.”

It was very formal and I giggled before saying “Yes it was, and it would be a pleasure to see you again.”

After tidying the room up and taking a shower I decided to ask Jill if there was any news on Lucy. Was she very ill?

When I got to the reception area she was deep in conversation with two men. I was shocked, one of them was David. I was turning to leave when she shouted me. I took a few deep breaths and went towards them.

“We have a small problem.”

I put on my best fake smile and waited for Jill to continue.

“These two gentlemen want a ‘Double Double’.”

She made ‘gentlemen’ sound like an insult. What she had described with parlour slang was two clients and two of us. One of our rooms is set up for this. It has two massage tables.

“I need the toilet.”

I looked at him, he must be Jim.

“Jill please show him where it is.”

She nodded to me then said to Jim in her best school teacher voice “Please beylikdüzü escort follow me.”

As they left I moved close to David and angrily whispered “What the hell are you doing here?”

His reply was louder. “We talked about it last week, remember?”

“Keep your voice down.”

“I was planning to do it yesterday but we had an emergency at work so we both moved our day off. That’s why we are here now.”

I sighed and then explained to him why I was working.

They would be back soon. Jill would wait for him so that she could escort him back to the room. Management does not like clients roaming freely. They might open doors they shouldn’t.

“Why is it both of you?”

“Jim lost his nerve and said he would only do it if I was there. I was explaining that was not possible but Jill interrupted and told him there was a room with two tables. When she mentioned that there was a curtain between the two I knew I had lost.”

I checked we were still alone before saying “OK I understand. You will have to do it or leave. So what is the problem?”

“You are the problem. There is only you and May working. Apparently there is some bug going around.”

I groaned.

“When she told us there was only two girls working, Grace and May, I said no. She wasn’t happy with that and wanted to know why. I think she was offended that I was rejecting you and May. Fortunately you appeared before I could say anything else.”

I looked over, Jill and Jim were walking towards us.

I quickly said “Tell her it was a misunderstanding and you are happy to continue. If you are not careful I could lose my job. We will sort something out in the room.”

I let David speak to her. When I saw Jill smiling I knew it had been resolved. I took them to the room.

“Undress then wrap yourself in a towel. Put your clothes in the locker. The towels are over there in the corner. I will be back in a few minutes with May.”

I didn’t need to leave. Jill would tell May and she would come and join us. However I needed a few minutes alone to compose myself. While I waited outside the door for her I thought about what was going to happen. I smiled to myself when I realised it was simple. I would do Jim and May would do David. The curtain between the tables would give some privacy. I would concentrate on Jim, treating him like any other client. I would also try to pretend that May was fucking somebody else and not my son.

I was about to go looking for her when I heard footsteps. She was almost running.

She apologised then explained that Jill had only just told her. She was breathless and looked a little pale.

“Are you OK?”

She hesitated then said “Yes, feeling a bit rough but I should be alright.”

I was concerned. “Are you sure?”

She gave me her best smile and nodded, then added “The show must go on.” That made me laugh.

When we entered the room David and Jim stared at her. I was a bit envious. Twenty years ago men looked at me that way. She is Chinese. Very small, under five feet tall. Her figure is perfect, slim but still curvy. Her tits are small but they look good on her. However her best feature has to be her face. It’s so pretty and so innocent looking. The clients love her. I have worked with her lots of times. She is good at talking to them.

“Your cock is soooo big it is not going to fit into my little pussy.” She says that wide eyed and innocent then she takes every inch and fucks them like a mad woman. I have to turn my head away and stop myself from laughing. David is going to get a big surprise.

We introduced ourselves. I was Grace, not David’s mother. Fortunately Jim had never met me before. I could imagine a difficult meeting in the future but that was for another time.

I took a long look at Jim. Since meeting him there had been very little eye contact between us. He tended to keep his head down, almost bowing. David had described him as shy and I could now see what he meant. When he spoke it was with a soft tone. I wondered if he ever raised his voice in anger. In terms of appearance he was probably better than average. His face had some cute features. He was five feet eight, or nine. Nothing there to explain why he was shy. I then remembered how he had stared at May, so there was some passion in him. That made me smile.

There was a small cough from David. It was to get my attention. I switched back into professional mode. I told David and Jim to get onto the tables and lie face down, then I asked May to draw the curtain. She struggled with it so I had to help her. As the curtain closed I looked at David. He was naked, the towel was on the floor. However Jim was completely covered except for his head sticking out of the towel. I smiled. This was going to be fun but also hard work.

I pulled the towel down, but just to his waist. I could see his body was tense without even touching him. I bent my head, then in a low voice I said “Relax. We are going to take it nice and slow. beylikdüzü eve gelen escort Trust me you will enjoy it.” His reply was faint. It sounded like OK so I continued. I started on his shoulders and as I massaged them his body softened.

As I worked on his upper body I was trying to decide the best time to remove the towel. I might have to wait a bit longer. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by May.


My first thought was that David had done something to her. However when I pulled the curtain back May was at the sink, her head was bent forward and she was pulling her hair back with one hand. She then retched.

“Are you OK?”

It was a stupid question, she was obviously not OK. After wiping her mouth with the back of her hand she turned to me and said “I feel like shit.”

“You look like shit.”

That was from Jim. He was now standing next to me, naked. We looked at him in surprise but he averted his eyes. “Sorry May. I think you look wonderful.” That made us all laugh, even May.

I said “Seriously though you need to go home.”

She hesitated before saying “No.” Looking down at the floor, in a low voice, she added “I need the money.”

If she left then David would have to go as well. He would get a refund. Management would not be pleased. Consideration would be given to the fact that she was ill but it would still count against her.

There was silence for a few seconds before I said “This is what we do. May you go to Lucy’s room. She is off so it’s free. Unless you are unlucky you can get there without Jill seeing you. You may feel better after resting there. I will stay here with these two.”

I looked at David and Jim to see if they had any objections. They didn’t say anything but there was a look on David’s face that said “What is going to happen to me?”

May thanked me then quickly left. I apologised to Jim and said how grateful I was for his understanding. He gave me a smile but didn’t say anything.

We were now back in business. Jim was again face down on the table but this time naked. When he was standing I had got a good look at his cock. Average but thick. It might even be thicker than David’s. Despite all the setbacks this might end well.

David had been banished to a chair in the corner. He was not happy. He was still naked and I wondered if he was just going to sit there like that or would he get dressed?

I concentrated on Jim. I was just going to start on his bottom when David came up behind me. He whispered “Let me help.” I shook my head but he ignored me. I turned back and continued with the massage. I was working deep into his buttocks. There was some noise from Jim that seemed to indicate he liked it.

“Please spread your legs.”

There was a delay, but then he did as I asked.


David whispered “You are doing a good job mum.” He then put his hands on my waist.

I hissed “No.”

Jim jerked his head and in a soft calm voice I said “Relax Jim.” That put him at ease.

I started on the inside of his legs and at the same time continued the conversation with David. My voice was low, almost inaudible. He had to move closer to hear and I could now feel his erect cock against me. That started a tingle between my legs.

“Don’t spoil it for Jim. And don’t call me mum, he might hear.”

David’s response was to move his hands from my waist and put them on my tits. I stifled a gasp as he pinched my nipples. He had both of them between finger and thumb and he was playing them like an expert.

I said “No” but was weakening.

He then started on my uniform. When he had managed to undo four of the buttons without me saying anything I realised I didn’t want him to stop. When he put his hand inside onto my bare tits I gasped.

He whispered “I knew you wanted it.” From his tone I could tell he was smiling.

I didn’t say anything, I just cupped Jim’s balls in my hand and started rolling them. It was his turn to gasp, he was obviously enjoying it.

There was a nice warm feeling between my legs. I could feel myself getting wet, very wet. Jim would slip into me real easy. His fingers first then his cock. As I was thinking that I felt one of David’s hands on my bottom. He was lifting my uniform up. I helped him by doing the same with my spare hand. When he moved his hands between my legs I spread them as wide as I could manage. I had to lean against the table. As I did that I moved my hand from Jim’s balls onto his cock. He arched his back slightly so that I could get my hand under. His cock was indeed thick.

“Fuck that’s good.”

I smiled, another happy client.

David’s fingers were now going under my thong. He was playing with my lips but I needed his fingers in my cunt or on my clit.

I whispered to David “Take my uniform off, and my thong.” To Jim I said “Please turn over.” He rolled over. When he saw me being undressing he looked shocked but didn’t say anything. beylikdüzü masöz escort David removed my thong. I was now naked. I moved closer to the table. I held Jim’s hand and placed it over my nipple. I could feel David’s hand behind me trying to squeeze between my legs, so I spread them.

Jim’s hand hadn’t moved he was just staring at my tits. “Play with the nipple. Rub it between your finger and thumb.”

David didn’t need any instructions. I felt three fingers go in. I was so wet I could have managed four. When they were in up to the knuckles I groaned.

Jim suddenly stopped and then said in a worried voice “Am I hurting you?”

David answered for me “No. That was pleasure, she like it.” He then added “And she likes the three fingers I have just pushed deep into her juicy cunt.”

Jim looked at me wide eyed then continued to work my nipple. He was learning fast, it felt good. What David was doing from behind to me was even better. A finger of his other hand was now on my clit.

I pulled Jim’s fingers from my nipple and quickly bent over. One tit was near his face but he didn’t respond. I had to prompt him. “Suck it. Suck it hard.” He did as I asked. It felt as if he was trying to suck the whole of it into his mouth.

My cunt was on fire. David’s fingers were doing there magic, especially on my clit. I was beginning to think it would not be long before I climaxed.

“David slow down. Save it for Jim.” I then added, to make it clear, “I want him to make me come.” There was a sigh and then the fingers were removed. I hadn’t expected that. I didn’t want him to stop completely, I just wanted him to stop rubbing my swollen clit.

He wasn’t happy but he did say to Jim “Play with her cunt.”

There was a muffled sound from Jim, he was still sucking on my nipple and was reluctant to stop. He did move his hand though. It was over the side of the table trying to find me. I then felt it on my leg just above my knee. I also felt David’s hands, but this time on my bottom. As Jim’s hand moved up David spread my cheeks. There was pressure on my anus. I was expecting a finger but with utter shock I realised it was the head of his cock. I wriggled trying to avoid it but David held me firm. My movement was making it easier for him to push it in. I gave a loud moan, Jim had found my clit. David took that as encouragement and pushed deeper.

I always say to my clients no anal. It’s mostly because I prefer it if they come in my cunt. If they start in my bum I don’t want to have to put a new condom on when they change holes.

David was now fully in and I had stopped moving. Apart from the initial discomfort when his big thick cock first went in I was finding it pleasurable. Jim was busy exploring my cunt. He hadn’t pushed any fingers in yet. He was playing with my lips and clit. There was no rhythm to it so he wasn’t moving me towards a climax, but it still felt good.

David whispered in my ear “Sorry mum. I got carried away. Can I?”

I hesitated then said “Yes but be gentle. And the next time you have anal sex use a condom.” I then quickly added sternly “And the next time will not be with me.”

He was gentle and I was enjoying it more than I thought I would. David’s thrusting was causing me to sway but Jim didn’t seem to mind. He had stopped sucking on me which was a relief. He had only worked on one nipple and it was now tender. His eyes were closed and he had a hand on his cock. It wasn’t moving just grasping it tight. There was a large smile spread across his face as he enjoyed playing with me.

David was now grunting and he was pushing harder. I started to moan and for a few seconds I thought I might come. That thought ended when, with a final grunt and a long stroke, David climaxed. I could feel it pour in. He slumped against me then slowly pulled out. He kissed me on the cheek. I heard “Thanks mum” as he moved away from the table. I quickly looked at Jim. No reaction so thankfully he had not heard what had been said.

“I am going to take a shower.”

I looked over to him and nodded. I could now concentrate on Jim. I reached down and held his hand. His eyes opened and he started to speak. In a disappointed voice he said

“Have we finished?”

I laughed and said “No. We haven’t even started. You are going to fuck me.” He opened and closed his mouth a few times but no words came out. I added “That is if you want to?” He nodded vigerously and I laughed again.

I helped him off the table, he was unsteady on his feet. I then got on and made myself comfortable. If felt good to be on my back after spending a lot of time standing and leaning over the table. My legs where now open and my knees were high. Jim was at the end near my feet admiring the view. From the look on his face he liked what he saw. I liked what I saw as well. His cock was about six inches but very thick. I had guessed right earlier, it was thicker than David’s. The thought of that sent a shudder through my body.

“Are you a virgin?”

He looked surprised at my question then answered with “Sort of.”

I screwed my face up and said “What do you mean?”

He hesitated before explaining. “I had sex years ago. Just the once.” I was just about to speak when he added “But I didn’t come.” I let him continue. “No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t reach it. In the end we just stopped.”

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