Mother-in-law visits

Mother-in-law visitsDuring one of my marriages I became really good friends with my Mother-in-law mostly because we were the same age. One weekend my husband, her son, had to go away on business on Saturday and wasn’t coming back until Sunday night. She suggested that she come stay with me and we could make a girls night of it. I was thrilled. We went to the gym early then shopping and lunch. We weren’t strangers to each others bodies because we shopped together a lot and would be in the dressing rooms getting dressed and undressed while trying on cloths including lingerie. After more shopping we decided to have dinner and see a movie. After the movie we went back to my house. She is a whiskey drinker so I broke out a bottle of whiskey and we drank it on the rocks no water. It didn’t take long before we were pretty tipsy. The subject turned to my sex life with her son and she had a good time teasing me about it. We were laughing and carrying on when a song came on she liked and she got up dancing around the room grabbing me to join her. We were rubbing against each other and bumping generally acting like two teenagers. Then a slow song came on so I sat to take güvenilir bahis siteleri a break. She started dancing slow with herself then put her hand out for me to join her. I got up and started to move around slow in front of her when she grabbed me pulling me to her. She squeezed me tight to her. We slow danced and then her hands started to wonder down to my ass. I was shocked but pleasantly surprised. Then she looked into my eyes and slowly kissed me on the lips just barely touching them. She continued to just glance my lips with hers. I responded with pleasure. She told me in between kisses that because of her recent divorce she had not had any sex for a long time and she was really horny but right now not for a man.I said “revenge huh?”She nodded her head “your fucking right, fuck them guys right now or rather not fuck them right now.”We laughed and locked our mouths together our tongues wrestling. She went right for my pussy. She put her hand down my pants right to my naked pussy rubbing my clit hard. I Started to remove her blouse. Her tits were bulging out of her bra. I slipped the straps down over her shoulders pulling them down and youwin giriş her tits popped out. She slipped her arms out. She had big beautiful firm tits. I sucked her nipples while she fingered my pussy.I said ” hey lets go my room and we can get in the same bed I fuck your son in every night.”She said “you are a whore.”I said “yes I am and I am fucking your hot sexy son.”We went to my room getting naked and climbing into bed. She climbed on top of me our naked bodies pressing against each other. We kissed and caressed our bodies. She said ” I want to fuck our pussies together until we both cum.”We crossed legs grinding our gaping pussies together squeezing each others tits. It wasn’t long before she was cumming and I was on the verge until I felt her warm fluid covering my pussy. It felt so good I started to cum. We screamed and carried on like to a****ls in heat. She would not stop and we climaxed over and over until I had nothing left. But she still wasn’t satisfied so she straddled my face pushing her soaked cunt down on my mouth. I licked and flicked my tongue on her clit then inside her cunt. She cried out and started cumming again. youwin güvenilir mi I rubbed her clit while tongue fucking her. She was screaming and crying for me to keep going. I wondered how long she could go on. It was unbelievable she went on and on. More and more juices coming from inside her. Finally she fell on the bed in exhaustion. I kissed her softly on her lips and she just laid there not moving but breathing very heavy. I said “I guess you really needed that.”She just looked at me with an exhausted look and nodded. I laid beside her admiring and touching her body. I kissed her lips her tits her belly and when I kissed her pussy she went into another orgasm spreading her legs for me to go down inside her cunt again.She cried out “fuck you got me cumming again you little whore fuck damn fuck” and her body convulsed. After she calmed down I went to kiss her again and she jumped off the bed saying “fuck girl are you trying to give me a heart attack stop already.”I laughed and said “shit I loved watching you lose control that is not like you. I had an orgasm just watching you at one point.She said “now I see what he sees in you you old bitch. Is he able to keep up with you.”I said ” all night. That is why you need a young man.”We stayed in bed just playing all night and woke up in the morning still naked only to start all over again. By the time we were done, which was about noon, we were exhausted again. So we went shopping.

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