Mother In Law

Mother In LawHow it started, I don’t really know. My wife (Pam) and I have a great relationship. We have sex at least 3 times a week maybe more. But things do get stale. My mother-in-law (Debbie) comes and visits 2-3 times a year for a week long visit just to catch up. I have known her a long time, from when I was in high school. Debbie has a so-so body, but really likes to show off her more than ample 38D chest. We have always flirted. When Debbie’s second husband past away, we invited her to come and stay as long as she liked. Pam and I thought it would be a couple of weeks, however we realized she might want to move in after the third week. She started dropping subtle hints, so we finally asked her. She was overwhelmed by our generosity. I took off a week to get her moved down here. Debbie and I drove up with a rental van and loaded her stuff, spent the night in a motel and drove back on the third day. It went smoother than I thought and by the end of the third day, she was moved in. After a few weeks, things seemed to get a little tense. I guess that is how it is when someone else moves into your home. We didn’t realize the sacrifices we would make in order for her to feel a part of the family. Debbie walked into our room without announcing, and once or twice it was very uncomfortable. I started spending more and more of my home life in my room watching t.v. just for privacy. One day, I was in the living room watching t.v. and Debbie was in her bathroom taking a shower. When she came out, she shuffled the 4 or 5 feet from the bathroom to her room with a towel d****d around her front. When she went into her room, her butt was exposed to my prying eyes. My thoughts (I am a man) immediately went to wondering what the rest looked like, and what she was like in bed. Over the next few weeks, it became routine, she would shower, and I would sit on the couch waiting for her to come out and give me a glimpse. It always happened, except if Pam was home, then Debbie came out in a robe. I began to assume, she was doing it for me. I then started back to our old flirting games. She would go to her room and I would comment on her backside. She would then turn around and back into her room while looking directly into my eyes. One day when getting out of my shower, I walked into my room naked to get dressed. I looked through the doorway and into the office. Debbie was sitting at the computer. She was partially hidden by some plants on the desk. I made some noise and watched her turn in my direction. She ducked down so I couldn’t see her (so she thought) and she looked at me standing naked against the dresser. I continued to stand and getting a semi thinking about her watching me. She then got up and went back to her room. In a few moments, she walked across the family room with some clothes going to the utility room for washing. I just stood there sporting a half hard on while she walked back and forth. She kept looking over into the room and getting an eyeful. Debbie went back to the computer and again was looking at me. I started stroking my cock and thinking about sex with her and chewing on those nipples. She has those kind of nipples that look like your little finger is coming off the end of her tits. After a few more minutes she left and went back to her room. Now if you haven’t noticed, I’m playing it safe. I don’t want my mother-in-law screaming to my wife about how I’m a pervert. I still liked playing the game of flirt and see safely. This sakarya escort type of activity went on for over a month, with her watching, then me watching. It was fun, safe and exciting. Then I lost my job after 8 years with the same company. Pam makes a good living, so I could take my time and find the right position. So now I’m home all day and Debbie goes out at about 10 or 11 everyday. One morning, Pam had left for work and I was sitting at the breakfast table reading the paper. Debbie came in and was cooking her something to eat. She looked at the paper over my shoulder and leaned down. Her robe gaped open and I finally got a good look at those tits. They were magnificent, full with very dark circles around the nipples, the nipples were hard and extended. I looked them over and she stayed there for a minute. My cock started rising in my shorts. Debbie whispered in my ear “My, my, looks like your a morning man.”I almost shot a load with her lips on my ear and that throaty whisper. Again, playing it safe, I responded with “Yes I like to eat in the morning, then have a good workout.” Debbie finally broke the ice “Have you eaten yet, or would you like to eat me now?”I turned my head and devoured her left tit. I sucked till I couldn’t get anymore in my mouth. Debbie moaned and quivered, she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her. Her nipple was just as I thought it would be, long thick and rubbery. I grazed it with my teeth causing Debbie to moan louder and with more grunting. She pulled me away looked me in the eyes and said “We can’t do this it’s wrong.” I told her “this is right and we are going to do it now” I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her into a kiss, her tongue snaking into my mouth. She succumbed to the kiss and dropped her robe, letting me see her entire body. She was glorious, not as trim as she once was, but firm and ready. I cold see the lips on her pussy puffing up and dew starting to show on her hairy snatch. Now naked, she leaned in again and kissed me. She reached down in between my legs and grabbed my cock and pulled my shorts back. I surprised her with no underwear. Her cool hand felt amazing on my turgid hot cock. I stood and spun out of my chair to face her, she dropped to her knees in front of me. She held my cock up with one hand while the other cupped my full balls. She licked the underside tenderly at first then went all the way down to my pubes. Her other hand started to play roughly with my balls, pulling and pinching them together. She seemed to want to pull them out of the sac. Debbie was sucking my cock like no tomorrow, she was pulling it in and out dragging her teeth the entire length of my cock. I was about to blow a nut and she stopped cold. She got up and walked out of the room, stopping at her door and shaking her ass at me. I got up and raced to her door, dropping my shorts along the way. Debbie was laid on her back with her knees up with one hand on her cunt and one pinching her nipple. I couldn’t wait, I had to eat that pussy for all it was worth. She was dripping wet and it was going right to her ass. I looked her over and went straight to her asshole and swiped all the juice up. I moved to her pussy and her lips were puffy and the clit was engorged, long and hard, sticking up waiting for me to suck it in. Debbie yelled out “it’s been so fucking long.” As soon as my tongue swiped her clit, she clamped down on my head with her thighs and came all over my face. Debbie just moaned escort sakarya over and over, “fuck, shit, fuck, oohhh, fuck eat that pussy baby, oh yeah, lick it, lick my ass some more, suck those lips.” She seemed insatiable at this point. I had never heard her so verbal. I jammed my tongue into her honey hole. Sucking the clit and lightly biting it. Debbie, came and came. My cock was dripping pre-cum. I was on overload. I had to have her. I stood and in one motion shoved my hot 9″ inch cock up that fat puffy pussy of hers and shoved it all the way in. Debbie yelled out in suprise, but begged me to pound her pussy. I began jackhammering that pussy, pistoning in and out like a madman. I knew it wouldn’t take me long. I told Debbie I was about to come, she kept slamming that pussy up harder and harder, she lifted her tits up so she could suck on them herself. Then she pulled away and went down on my dick. She devoured our mixed juices and sucked me all the way down. She looked up at me and told me to come in her mouth, she said it had been so long, and she was a cum-slut. I was ready, and if she was a cum-slut, then I would be happy to supply the whore with my cum. I started face fucking her, grabbing her hair and driving my cock into her throat. She shoved a finger up my ass, and lightning went through my spine and out my cock. I spewed cum fast, and harder than ever before. It started cumming out the sides of her mouth and she kept on sucking. She licked my balls and ass clean from the cum that had run out of her mouth. Debbie was a cum slut, she couldn’t get enough. She started playing with her cunt, fingering it, jamming 2-3 fingers in at a time. She made herself cum then pulled her sticky fingers out and wrapped them around my cock. She started jacking my cock making it sticky with her cum and started to suck me off again trying to get me hard. She said she now wanted me to fuck her to death. Her talk and actions got me hard again in record time. Debbie laid back and ask me to eat her some more. This time I dove right in, shoving my tongue as far into her cunt as I could get it. Her cunt lips were puffy and distended from our earlier fucking. I sucked them in to my mouth and chewed on them. She was playing with her tits and pinching her nipples, pulling them way out and snapping them. She rolled them between her fingers. She began bucking her ass up off of the bed and telling me “Eat that pussy motherfucker, make me cum. Bite me, chew on that clit, shove your tongue up me. Put a finger up my ass, slap my ass. Eat me you bastard, you wanted to fuck me but I want you to eat the pussy where your wife came from. “This time I took over, I pulled my head from between her legs and flipped her over. I brought my hand back and slapped her ass hard, she cried out in pain, but I didn’t react to it, I grabbed my cock and shoved it in her wet hole. She put her face down in the pillow while I plowed her cunt from behind. She reached back and grabbed a hold of my balls and started squeezing them. I told her to grab her own pussy and rub her clit. I started slammin that ass and fucking the shit out of her. She was friggin herself with one hand and bracing herself against the headboard with the other. I looked down and could see my cock fucking in and out of her pussy and saw her asshole. I slapped her ass again and shove a digit into the hole. She jumped at first then began shoving her ass back at me, fucking herself onto my cock and finger. sakarya escort bayan I couldn’t resist, I pulled out of her hot pussy, and slammed my cock into her tight asshole. She jumped and yelled at me, calling me a “sorry mother-fucker” for not warning her. I laughed and slammed back into her ass hard. She was fucking me back pushing her ass at me. Her tits were flopping back and forth, so I reached under and started pulling on her nipples. Debbie immediatley started to cum, shaking and breathing hard. She dropped her head into the pillows and screamed, her body going into slight convulsions from her cum. Her ass clamped down on my cock and I began to cum. I shot rope after rope into her Debbie’s ass. She was still shaking and moaning about how good it felt to get fucked again. I could only mouth an uh-uh back at her. This cum had left me drained. I pulled out and wiped my cock off on her cheeks and crack, leaving a trail of cum all over her ass. We were both exhausted from all of the activity that had just taken place. We dropped off to sleep in her bed together. We were awoken by what sounded like a madwoman. My eyes were trying to adjust and then I saw her, it was Pam. She was standing in the doorway yelling at her mother. “You fucking old cunt, that is my man, and my cock. You don’t care about my feelings you slut”. “Pam, I’m sorry, I don’t know how it happened, after your father died, I was so lonely, it just happened.”My wife looked at me, then back at her mother. She came into the room and landed a right to Debbies face. She lunged at me and landed on the bed. I grabbed her by the wrist and held her. She was looking at me and crying, I felt awful about what had happened. I couldn’t say a word, I was speechless and could only think about what was going to happen. I would move out, I didn’t know where to go or what to do. Debbie had recovered and now stood at the side of the bed. She threw a punch to Pam’s mid section, she rolled to my side and I let go of her wrist’s. Debbie jumped on the bed and was going over me to Pam. “You have some fucking nerve you little bitch, you fucked my husband and didn’t ask either.” I was dumbstruck, if what Debbie was saying was true, then I was lost as to who I was married to.”You came home drunk, acting like a little slut, what did you think your father would do? He did what any man would do with a sweet little piece of meat, he fucked the shit out of you. He blew a load of cum down your little throat and he fucked your ass.””Mom, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t even know you knew””You think your father and I didn’t fuck our brains out while he told me what a sweet fuck you were?””You mean he told you about it?””We got off hundreds of times while he told me about it, and we fantasized about getting you in our bed together.”I was still in lala land thinking about what I had just discovered. Debbie reached up and grabbed Pam’s dress at the neckline and ripped it off her top. Pam was in shock, while Debbie grabbed at her tits squeezing and twisting the nipples. Neither Pam nor I had any clue as to what was going on. Debbie “Now I’m going to get mine”, she leaned over and started sucking on Pam’s tits. She looked at Pam and asked, “I’m going to have you and we can all live well, or you can fight it and I will have David fuck me when I want, and you will suffer. I will wear his cock out and he won’t be able to fuck you.”Pam “I’m not going to fight you, I’m going to eat you MOM!!!”Pam moved down the bed and under Debbie and started licking her well fucked cunt up. She slurped all the juices up including my ealier cum. Debbie leaned over and started sucking my cock again. This is a life I could learn to enjoy. And write about some more.

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