Mother says it’s alright (Not true story)

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Mother says it’s alright (Not true story)I am not author of this story.My mom and I live in our small cozy home in a village out on the countryside, never met my dad and hardly ever had any family over as far as I can remember. Basically it was just my mother and I, we had no problem with that since we had such a fantastic relationship; she was loving and caring. My mom is in her late forties with a chubby figure and long blonde hair, with a smile which immediatly lit up the room. I’m an average looking guy who is going to school and has always felt a deeper connection to his mother but could never make sense of it. That was until I hit puberty and discovered the joy of masturbation, I was somewhat of a late bloomer in that department, but I never really talked to classmates about it nor did we have sex education yet. Anyway, as most young boys probably thought that they were hiding everything from their mother successfully and keeping their jerk-off sessions an absolute secret – mothers always know what their k**s are up to. Mine also figured it out, although things went a bit further than in an average family.It all began on a saturday morning, a morning like any other. Birds were chirping and the sunlight found its way through a gap in the curtains to wake me. It was very warm, we were in summer. It would get quite hot and my mother and I would start wearing little clothing to fight this warmth. First thing I noticed was my penis and how hard it was, forming a little tent under the sheets. Around 6 inches erect. I awoke horny as usual, I really had to go take care of it so I stood up, put on some cotton briefs and grabbed a fresh towel before heading off to the bathroom. Looking forward to that shower and much needed privacy I thought to myself as I almost bumped into my mother.”Ohhh look who’s finally up! It’s past twelve already, how did you sleep?””Morning, great, I’m just off to take a shower””Alrighty then have fun!” my mom replied in a playful tone as she quickly glimped down to my waist and then walked off.I thought nothing of it until a few seconds later when I closed the bathroom door behind me and realized I was walking around fethiye escort with my erect penis pressing against the briefs. Oh god….but I was not overcome with embarassment, instead I felt kind of turned on by this to my surprise. I immediatly dropped my pants and grabbed my dick, which was as hard as it could possibly be. I pulled the foreskin back slowly and rubbed my precum over the head and massaged it with my fingers. I started to masturbate strongly and ejaculated after only a few seconds, I caught the semen in my left hand, some of it splashed onto my chest and thighs. In that precise moment the door opened and I instinctively turned around as fast as possible, facing the mirror and covering my penis with both hands.”MOM PLEASE I AM GOING TO SHOWER NOW””Oops sorry hun! I was just going to leave you a new towel here since you always forget” she answered as she was poking her head through and looking at me through the mirror.This time I did get very embarassed and my face turned bright red in shame as I stood there fully exposed with my semen all over my hands and crotch area, dripping down my legs onto the white fluffy rug beneath me.”I didn’t want to interrupt you, my apologies, i’ll be downstairs making breakfast” she said as she shut the door.She..saw…everything…in the mirror. I made a complete idiot out of myself, I kept telling myself as I showered and cleaned up. After drying myself off I put fresh white underpants and a thin t-shirt on then walked through the hallway to the kitchen where my mom was standing and making some pancakes. She was wearing a long aquamarine shirt, as far as I could tell without any bra or panties, it’s always been like that since I was young when it was hot in the house. Nothing sexual ever came up and there was no reason to not walk around the house like that. I now suddenly got arroused by the idea of this though, and had to restrain myself from getting hard again. No easy task but the smell of the food cooking threw me off and made me hungry. She walked over with the dishes and handed me my plate as we sat down.”Darling i’m sorry again about before, I really didn’t mean to walk in there like escort fethiye that when you’re busy wi-“No no no, it’s fine, seriously I was just getting undressed and you startled me that’s all”I felt a buldge in my pants again, oh what horrible timing. Hopefully it’s gone by the time we’re done with this awkward conversation. I couldn’t just stand up and leave now. To this day i’m not sure whether or not my mother noticed and this was intentional or just pure coincidence that she made me get up in that precise moment.”Can you be a help me take this to the sink please, I need to wash up before i’m off to town to buy the groceries” she exclaimed as she stood up with me and handed over a couple of plates. I felt her quick glare at my erection before she faced the other direction. It only made me harder again, my dick was as hard as a rock and I was standing only a couple of feet away from my mother. Not sure what came over me but I felt absolutely no need to hide it and proudly walked over to the sink with her. As she turned around I saw that her nipples were hard, clearly visible through the shirt.”Isn’t that uncomfortable down there?” my mom asked as she was pointing at my crotch with her index finger. How extremely forward that was I thought to myself, she seemed to have a genuine concerned look on her face when she asked the question. I froze for a second then answered.”Sorry I…can’t seem to control it, is that bad?””Not at all! It’s completely normal for a boy your age, but I think you have to go take care of that before you hurt yourself, looks very stiff. Promise I won’t disturb you this time!” she giggled as she turned her back on me.I thought i’d ejaculate right there and then after I heard my mother talk so openly about this, without any fear of provoking an awkward situation. I guess it’s not as weird as I belived it to be, she seems really cool about it. I went straight to my room, dropped my pants and sat on the corner of the bed as I grabbed my throbbing cock and began to pull the foreskin back and forth. I was so extremely horny you wouldn’t believe it, after a short few moments I felt the semen wanting to burst out and fethiye escort bayan I was not planning on preventing this from happening. My mother then all of a sudden walked past heading towards her room to get ready, she smiled at me and was out of my line of sight as I came all over myself. I let out a loud sigh of relief as I fell back onto the bed in pure extasis, I covered myself in cum. A million thoughts were flooding my mind all at once now, did my mother just catch me jerking off? Did she smile at me while doing it, did she maybe even like it? It was too much, I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath. Without warning, silent as a mouse, my mother was infront of me with a roll of toilet paper.”Let me clean that semen up for you hunny, unless you want to take another shower?” she said with a concerned look. I was stunned, but gladly accepted what was happening right now without any hesitation, not thinking about it properly.”That would be fantastic, thank you mom I love you so much” I firmly replied as I covered my eyes with my arm, giving her full access to my body.”Love you even more, you mean everything in the world to me you know that right” she announced as she tore a few stips off toilet paper off and began wiping the hot jizz off my naked body. I couldn’t watch her do it, even though I was fine with this, I guess it was my subconscious. I felt her bend over, she was wiping the cum off my thighs, legs and chest then around my penis. She lifted my soft cock up with two fingers to clean it and the surroundings, then grabbed it properly and pulled the skin back slowly as far as possible to expose the head completely. She then got another piece of the tissue and proceeded to clean there, but some of the paper dried up quickly and got stuck right under the head. So she gently spat on two of her fingers and was then able to remove it. The touch of my mother’s hands on me…especially my dick, was out of this world. I gasped as I started to get hard again while my mother had my dick in her hand.”All clean again! I’ll see you later hun, do you want anything from the shops?””Uh no thanks mom, bye”It was all so casual, like if it was the most normal thing in the world. It did not even appear sexual at first, everything was blurry like a dream. I decided to go and sleep on it, to see what happens tonight when she’s back.End of part 1, let me know what you think

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