Moving in on Dad Ch. 06


Janet and Barb headed down the street to “play with the boys,” each wearing their skimpiest bikinis, while Sue and Trish stood on the front porch and watched them wiggle their thong clad asses toward the rental house the boys were staying in. “Well, if they don’t get laid dressed like that it’s their own fault,” Sue commented.

Trish laughed with her. “I think they are having more fun teasing them than anything.”

“Oh they are, that’s easy to see. Well, I have clothes to put away and I should do a load of laundry. Do you have anything to throw in? I know none of us are wearing much these days but there has to be something.”

The two of them spent the rest of the afternoon being domestic. Once they pooled their laundry and started the washer they began to vacuum the house and dust, all the while talking and laughing. Sue noticed that it was getting time to call Frank, close to 7 p.m., and was starting to wonder if Barb and Janet were going to make it back or whether they had been caught up in the debauchery and lost track of time. She and Trish stopped and sat in the living room with a drink. “That was kind of fun, cleaning up I mean. Weird as it is to say,” Trish said.

“Yeah it was. I guess it was because we were doing it together,” Sue offered and then paused, “but maybe it’s cause I was doing it for Frank, I mean the whole time I was working I kept thinking about him.”

“Well it looks like you got it bad girl,” Trish offered. “When you start being happy to clean a guy’s house for him, that’s the first sign.”

Sue blushed a deep red on her face. “I guess maybe I do. God it scares the shit out of me at times. I get so afraid of losing him.”

“We had this conversation this morning. Like I told you then. Just take it slow and easy and he will fall on his own. If you start to push you may scare him off.”

“I know, but I still worry,” Sue answered.

Just then they heard the door open and Janet and Barb came in the house and up the steps. “Well did you have fun?” Trish asked with a leer.

Barb and Janet broke into giggles. “Oh God, did we ever,” Janet answered. “We teased them until they had blue balls.”

“Then we gave a couple of blow jobs and hand jobs to relieve them of the pressure before we left. We also made them promise to keep the place clean and stay sober until we got back tonight,” Barb added.

“They sent the two sluts home before we got there and they had the place cleaned up. I told a couple of them that if they behaved and did not stink like booze when we got back that I wanted them to show me how to have sex. But if they stank I would not let them touch me,” Janet said

Barb said, “I promised the same thing and I let them rub my pussy to see how wet and ready I was, just to emphasize the point. I was tempted to take them on right away but I did not want to rush through it. If I’m going to get gang banged I want to enjoy it. Oh am I ever horny now.”

All four girls laughed. “Ok let me get daddy on the phone and find out what he has in mind for dinner,” Trish offered.

She soon had Frank on the phone and they arranged to meet at one of his favorite restaurants at 8:00, which gave the girls less than an hour to get ready. It was a good thing that the house had so many bathrooms. In record time all of them were dressed and ready to go.

They met Frank and enjoyed a nice dinner, as they were finishing their coffee Frank asked, “Well do you girls want to do anything tonight or are you partied out and want to head home?”

Barb and Janet looked at each other and then Janet said, “Barb and I were invited to a party and we were going to go, if you guys want you can come with us.”

Sue and Trish smiled and declined. Then Trish offered, “Look, we brought my car so why don’t you guys drive it back and Sue and I will keep daddy occupied so he doesn’t figure out that you two are really going out to get laid.”

They all laughed and it was agreed. Sue and Trish left with Frank. As they were getting into Frank’s SUV he asked, “Ok what would you girls like to do, dancing, drinking, go to the amusement pier, or just go home?”

“Well,” answered Sue and then she paused.

“Well what? Spit it out girl,” Frank laughed.

“All this time I’ve been here and I have yet to take a walk on the beach in the moonlight.”

Frank glanced at Trish then looked back to Sue. “Ok, one moonlit walk on the beach coming right up.” He turned onto the main drag and headed away from the shops and restaurants that covered the area out toward the beach area. They drove for a few miles and finally turned down a sandy lane and soon came to a parking area fronted by sand dunes.

“This is a private beach area,” said Frank. “It belongs to the country club so its not used much and we don’t have to worry about junk laying around. What we have here ladies is one private secluded beach for a quiet evening stroll.”

They all got out of the SUV and through a space in the dunes the moonrise was visible across the halkalı bdsm escort water. The girls had worn casual summer dresses to dinner and each took off their shoes and left them in the truck. Frank removed his and rolled up the legs of his Dockers and grabbed an old blanket from the cargo area of the SUV before heading onto the sand beyond.

He walked out onto the sand and toward the water to where the girls stood a few yards from the edge of the surf. “I never realized how beautiful the ocean was at night,” Sue said as he joined them.

“Neither did I,” Trish answered. “It seems so peaceful, the way the moon reflects off the water and the waves. It really is like a picture.”

Frank spread the blanket out and they all sat down on it just to watch the water roll in, in the moonlight. With Trish to his left and Sue on his right, each of the girls staring out at the water with their arms wrapped around their knees. “We should have brought swim suits. I would love to go for a dip right now,” Sue offered.

“Go ahead and go in.” Frank answered. “Nobody around and swimming in the buff didn’t bother you at the nude beach when you got sunburned last week. Besides, like I said, it’s a private beach.”

Sue looked back at him a slight blush on her face visible in the moonlight brought on by the mention of how their affair had started. Then she glanced at Trish. “I’m game if you are,” Trish answered her unasked question.

“Oh what the hell, why not?” Sue giggled as she began to slip out of her dress. Trish joined her and in seconds the two of them were down to their bras and panties, then those joined the dresses on a pile on the blanket. Frank just stayed where he was reclined on the blanket, leaning back on his elbows. “You’re not going to join us?” Sue asked

“Nah, somebody has to watch your clothes, lest some smartass wanders by and runs off with them as a joke,” Frank answered.

“Chicken!” Trish clucked as the two of them ran toward the water. The girls jumped bare-assed into the waves and frolicked around for a while in the moonlight as Frank lay on the blanket and watched.

“God what a lucky man I am,” he thought to himself. “A beautiful young woman who appears to be in love with me and my equally beautiful daughter to love me, and I get to lay here and watch them swimming naked in the moonlight. Most men my age would give their left nut for this chance just once. Now it looks like I will have both of them around all the time.”

After a while the girls came out of the water and sauntered up the beach to him to plop down on the blanket next to him. They sat there with him as the warm summer breeze dried them. “I love this,” Sue said. “Sitting here naked letting the wind dry me off. I feel so free.”

“I know, it’s hard to imagine that life could get any better than this,” Trish answered.

Frank just smiled. Then Sue laid down next to him and kissed him tenderly on the lips. “Thanks,” she said as their lips disengaged. Then she snuggled her head down onto his shoulder with her hand absently running over his chest and her fingers sliding into the spaces between the buttons on his shirt to touch his skin. Slowly, one by one, she undid the buttons to gain full access to his chest and her hand was soon stroking over his bare stomach and chest.

Trish was leaning back watching her friend snuggle up to her father, stroking his chest while she rested her head on his shoulder. Sue looked up into her eyes and smiled then mouthed, “Thank You,” to her. Trish smiled and laid down next to them. It was obvious from watching them that Sue was in love and Frank was falling fast. Now all she had to do was to wait for her own chance to feel his massive member in her own pussy.

Sue continued to stroke Frank’s chest and soon her hand wandered farther downward to his slacks and onto his ever-increasing bulge. She had worked him up pretty well and she decided to have him right now on the beach in the moonlight. With subtle movements she opened his pants and began to draw his zipper down to free his cock and give her access to it.

Sue had his zipper halfway down when he realized what she was doing and he reached out and laid his hand on hers to stop her. Between being in the open on the beach and Trish lying next to them he was feeling a bit inhibited.

She felt his hand stop her and smiled knowing he was feeling a little modest. She knew she either needed to ease his mind or take his mind off of where they were. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Please,” and followed it by a long lick with her tongue up the side of his neck to his jaw line. The sensation sent a shudder through him and she quickly followed it with a deeply passionate kiss. His resolve evaporated and she soon had his hard member out and his slacks down to his knees. Then, in what was quickly becoming a practiced movement for her, she straddled him and slid his engorged cock into her waiting pussy and began to ride him.

Trish halkalı elit escort lay next to Frank and watched as her friend mounted her father. She stifled a giggle at how ridiculous he looked with his pants halfway off and almost to his knees so she sat up and moved down to his legs and quickly pulled them the rest of the way off of him. Then as she was starting to return to the blanket she felt Sue reach out to her and grasp her arm. Trish looked at her friend and found she was being pulled toward her. Sue pulled Trish to her and hugged her tightly while she rode Frank’s massive dick. Then she kissed the daughter of the man who was fucking her before allowing Trish to return to Frank’s side on the blanket

Frank watched as Sue reached out and took hold of Trish’s arm and pulled them together and then as the two girls kissed in a soft tender kiss. It was then that he realized that they loved each other as much as he loved them both and that this strange three way relationship that was building between him, his daughter’s friend and his daughter, was going to work out. That there was enough love in it for all of them. Then as Trish returned to the blanket beside him he reached out an arm and wrapped it around her and drew his daughter to him. She did not resist at all. She allowed herself to be pulled to him and he kissed her. He drew them together and his lips met hers and their mouths opened and tongues entwined for a passionate kiss of love. When they broke the kiss she laid her head on his chest and watched as her best friend rode her fathers cock while her father held her close to him. While she laid there she looked up at Sue’s face and smiled, then winked at her friend and Sue returned the look with a smile of her own. Because it was then that both girls were sure that whatever resistance Frank had had for making love to his daughter was gone, that he would do it, maybe not tonight or the next but it was going to happen. Trish laid there happy in the knowledge that she had broken down his resistance and content to wait until he initiated the act, knowing that it would be so much better when he wanted her instead of when he just surrendered.

Sue continued to ride Frank’s cock and soon she shuddered through a very pleasant orgasm. Between the thrill of the exhibitionism combined with the beach and the knowledge that Trish’s efforts had succeeded she thundered into an eruption that bathed Frank’s cock and balls in a wash of girl cum. She sat very still on him while she came down and when she opened her eyes she looked to Trish with a raised eyebrow. Trish’s answer was a subtle shake of the head, to indicate that she would wait and that Sue should finish him off. Sue did just that as she began to ride him again, this time with a vengeance, slamming herself down onto his cock like a pile driver and in less than a minute she felt him enlarge and then burst his seed into her. She let him expend all of it into her waiting cunt, reveling in the warmth as it spread through her insides. And then as it cooled and began to run out of her she slid off of him and laid by his side resting her head on the other side of his chest.

Trish and Sue looked into each other’s eyes across Frank’s chest, each with a smile on their lips. They laid like that for over an hour, none of them saying a thing, just enjoying the closeness and the touch of their skin against each other. Finally, Frank broke the silence. “We should all get dressed and head home, otherwise we might fall asleep and the early morning swimmers would get a show, three naked people on a blanket on the beach.”

Sue and Trish both giggled and Trish spoke up, “I would not mind if they found us, except that if there were women they might see what a beautiful cock my old man has and decided they wanted it for themselves.”

“I don’t mind sharing with my friends but I am not about to share this man with any slut that walks on the beach!” Sue said with mock ferocity.

“Well then, I guess we better do as he sayss and get dressed and head home,” Trish responded. With that the two girls stood and picked up their dresses and slipped them on, not bothering with their underwear. Those they just gathered up and carried. Frank stood, retrieved his pants and dressed also. The three of them folded the blanket and as they started back to the car Frank drew them both to him and kissed each gently on the lips. They walked back to the SUV holding each other close.

The ride back to the house was quiet, no one spoke. Frank pulled into the driveway and they all got out and went up the steps into the house and into the kitchen. Frank got himself a glass of ice water and asked the girls if they wanted anything to drink. Each chose something and the three of them sat together on the couch quietly. They turned on the TV and sat through the late night news. When it was over, their beverages were gone yet none of them moved. Finally, again, Frank broke the silence. “I suppose we should all get some sleep. halkalı escort I doubt Janet and Barb will be back until late, if at all tonight.” Both girls giggled a bit. Then Frank continued, “How bout it Sue, ready for bed?” Then without any hesitation he looked at Trish, “How about you? Want to sleep with us tonight instead of by yourself?”

“I’d like to be with you, thank you,” Trish answered in a small voice. She could not believe he had asked. She was almost afraid that if she spoke too loud he would change his mind. But he didn’t. He reached out a hand to each of the girls and helped them up, then led them by the hand to his bedroom.


Janet and Barb left the restaurant and drove Trish’s car back to the house. They left it there and walked down to the house the boys were renting. Each was excited about the upcoming “party”. They each wanted to have the attention of so many boys at one time. It was really a secret fantasy for both, but one they had never indulged in before. In college they were afraid to get the reputation as sluts or as an “anybody’s” so they kept their fantasies to themselves and waited. Now they had an opportunity. They were away from anybody that knew them, except for Frank, Trish and Sue, all three of whom already knew what sluts they were and accepted it without reservation. As for the boys, the chances of meeting any of them again were such a miniscule threat they did not even consider it. Oh, they had talked to each boy about their college plans just to make sure that their paths would not accidentally cross but other than that they weren’t bothered by it.

The two girls approached the patio door entrance at the rear of the house and saw six of the eight boys sitting around the rec room watching TV. It appeared as though they were drinking soft drinks. “Well it looks like our threat worked. The promise of pussy overshadows the desire for beer,” Barb quipped. Janet laughed and they stood back from the door, out of sight in the darkness for a minute surveying the scene. Then as one they advanced toward the open door.

“Hi guys. Can we come in?” Janet asked from the door. All six boys jumped to their feet and escorted the girls to seats. “Where are the other two guys?” Janet asked.

All the boys looked around at each other and then at the floor before one of them got up the nerve to answer. “Well, see they kinda got tired of waiting and were really horny and ah… ah…” A second boy picked up the answer.

“Well it’s kinda like this. See they like girls and all but they like boys too. So they are upstairs, together.”

Sue and Janet looked at each other. Then Sue asked, in her best little miss innocent voice, “You mean they are having sex with each other, like gay’s or something?”

The first boy took up the answer. “They aren’t really gay or anything, they just like girls and boys. Buddy prefers girls but he say’s he can enjoy a guy too, so I guess he’s bi.”

Janet broke in, “Oh wow. Do you think they would let us see, I mean watch just a little? I’ve seen girls and guys and girls and girls on the porno tapes daddy has but I’ve never seen guys and guys.”

The boy’s stood around with their jaws hanging open. Finally, one of them regained his composure enough to answer, “Well you’d have to ask them. We can’t say yes for them.”

“Ok. Could you ask them for us? Since you’re friends and all. Tell them if we can watch them a little, we’ll let all of you watch while we lick each other. We liked it so much when you guys did it for us that we tried doing it to each other and it’s really great, we like it.”

Barb had gotten into the spirit of things, “Yeah its great, except when she squirts all that stuff in my face, I thought I was going to drown.”

A collective groan went up from the boys. It was their fantasies come true and all they had to do was convince the two bisexual boys to let the girls watch while they did whatever they did to one another.

There was a hurried conference among the six of them, mummers and occasional louder remarks came from the group. At last they broke apart and two of them headed down the hallway and up the stairs.

The girls could hear the knock on one of the bedroom doors then nothing, a few seconds later a shout, “What! No way!” Then quiet again. It took about three minutes for the four of them to come back downstairs. While they waited, the remaining four boys stood nervously about, not knowing quite how to handle the situation. When the four from upstairs walked into the room the two that went up to get them came first while the two who had been having sex sauntered in behind them both wearing only a pair of shorts, shirts and shoes apparently left in the bedroom.

It was one of the bisexual boys who spoke first. “They tell us you want to watch Rich and I and that if we let you you’ll let all of us watch the two of you go down on each other. Is that right?”

“Yeah, I always wondered what it is that guys do to each other.” Janet answered. “We watch you and then you watch us. Fair enough?”

There was whispering between Rich and Buddy. Then they turned back to the girls. “So everybody gets to watch you two but what do Rich and I get? I mean we are the ones showing, we should get something extra.”

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