Moving in with Jim and Candy – Part 3

Moving in with Jim and Candy – Part 3Learning how to take anal play – FictionSo the next couple of weeks with Jim and Candy revolved around us having various types of sex. Sometimes all three of us, sometimes just two of us. Sometimes two of us having sex while the third masturbated, sometimes all of us masturbating and watching each other. It was fun and hot. The one thing we hadn’t done was me taking a cock in my ass, whether it was Jim or Candy. I guess the part of me that was scared was stronger than the part of me that was curious.One day while I was working in the store, I had an older gentleman ask me for some “Poppers”. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, so I asked him to point them out to me since I was new. He pointed at the tiny bottles in the case and specified a particular bottle. I pulled it out and rang him up. While we were concluding the transaction, I asked him what poppers were. He smiled and explained that by taking a hit from the bottle and inhaling the fumes, it would give you a quick high, make you very horny and help to relax you and loosen you up for Anal play. Well, that got my attention quickly. I asked him what else someone should do to prep for anal play if it’s their first time. He explained that the new person should really clean themselves really well, including an enema. They should use a lube with some numbing properties and they should really start out with a small toy or a small cock and work their way up to larger as they progressed. I took all of it in and thanked him. When I finished work that afternoon, I picked up a bottle of anal lube, a bottle of poppers , a small prostate toy and I stopped at the d**g store on my way home and picked up some enema kits.WhenI got in the house, I was all by myself. Jim and Candy were out at an afternoon swinger’s party and would be home later. I went to my room and laid out all of my purchases. While I was contemplating everything, I decided to pull the covers off the bed and lay out a couple of towels just in case. I went to the bathroom and started running a shower. Once that was started, I used the toilet and emptied myself out. Once that was done, tuzla escort bayan I went ahead and used the enema, emptying the bottle and holding it in as long as I could. I released the enema in the toilet, feeling a lot of relief as it evacuated. I went ahead and showered, getting completely clean. I dried off and went back to my room. I closed the door and put in a Tgirl compilation DVD that I had bought from the store earlier in the week. I laid down in bed, watched the film and started my exploration.I opened the anal lube and squirted a dose into my hand and started rubbing it onto my asshole. As I went along, I got a little more lube and started pushing my finger into my hole, working it open. Once I felt like I was loose enough, I got the toy out and lubed it up. I slowly put the toy to my rosebud and slipped the end in slowly. I felt a little discomfort at first, but I got it in and started the vibration. The discomfort gradually got replaced with a mild pleasure, right up until my probing with the toy found my prostate. It sent shivers of pleasure racing through my body. I left the toy in place and opened the bottle of poppers. I held it up to one nostril, closed the other and inhaled deeply. The sudden rush of the chemical changed everything. The mild shivers of pleasure became breaker waves of near ecstasy. My asshole and cock were both pulsing with unbound pleasure. I grabbed my bottle of my regular lube and slicked up my horny young cock. I was in sexual nirvana, watching a hot Tgirl getting sucked and fucked, my own ass and cock getting stroked and filled. I was able to hold out until the tgirl on the screen started cumming.My orgasm was unbelievable. I was shooting for distance and volume. I had never cum like that before. My first cum shot actually shot over my head and sprayed the headboard. The next few hit my face and chest, covering me in hot white semen. The last of the cum was oozing out, covering my cock, balls and groin with my seed. I pulled the toy out of my ass and shut it off. It was all I could do to even stay conscious at that point. My cock twitched and slowly started to soften.It was tuzla escort bayan then that I realized that Jim and Candy were home. Candy knocked on my door and asked how my day was. I was so relaxed that I just said, “It was great. Come on in!” Candy opened the door with Jim right behind her. They both started when they saw my condition. Jim just smiled, taking notice of the prostate toy and anal lube, “Learning how to do Anal Play?”I just smiled back, not saying a word. Candy looked at Jim, “I’m going to get a few washcloths and some warm water and clean him up.”Jim nodded and then smiled at me again before he turned and left the room, his bulge becoming more prominent. Candy came back in with a basin of warm soapy water and a stack of washcloths. She slipped off her shoes and sat down on the edge of the bed. She dipped a washcloth into the basin and then wrung out the excess and started to wipe me clean. She wiped my face, very slowly and gently. Each part of my body she touched got a fresh washcloth to clean up my sticky young cum. By the time she had reached my cock, I was rock hard again. She gave me a sexy smile, “It seems like a shame to wipe up all of this sweet cum and not taste ANY of it.”With that, she went between my legs and started licking up the cum that had dripped down to my ass, rimming me as she did it. My asshole was still very sensitive from the toy play and I gasped loudly. She then worked her way up to my balls, gently licking and sucking each one clean until they were tight up to the base of my cock. She continued up my shaft, getting every drop of cum off of my now-throbbing dick. She looked me in the eye and whispered huskily, “Do you want me to suck you? Or are you too sensitive to be sucked right now?”I was almost panting with desire at that point, but I noticed how her own cock was tenting her summer dress out. I sat up and looked her in the eye, “I’m not too sensitive to be sucked, but I want to suck you too. I want to 69 with you and feel your soft lips around my cock while your cock slides into my mouth.”She smiled and stood up, pulling her dress off over her head. Her magnificent breasts escort tuzla were in a silky bra, but her cock was fully exposed. She pulled the front hook clasp of the bra and took it off, showing me her taut nipples. As she approached the edge of the bed, I slid my body down until her hard dick was in front of my face. I opened my mouth and took her in and she gasped deeply. I slowly rocked my head back and forth, enjoying her scent and taste. She allowed me to suck her for a minute or so before she straddled my head and leaned forward to take my own throbbing cock into her mouth.We lay there, both of us enjoying sucking each other. We each did it a little differently, but we were using our entire mouth to pleasure each other. I honestly lost track of time as I lay there, guzzling away on her sweet dick as I enjoyed the sensation of her lips, mouth and tongue sliding up and down around my own young cock. I don’t know how long we were sucking each other, but I started to feel that familiar churning in my balls that indicated that I was about to spew another load. I grabbed the back of her head to start thrusting when I felt her grab my head at the same time. We started to furiously facefuck each other, both of us so close to the point of no return that the cumshots were going to be truly epic. We came at the same time, filling each other’s mouths with hot, juicy cum. We both started swallowing the loads quickly, not wanting to lose a drop of the sweet cock cream we were each pumping out. As we both started to come down from our mutual orgasm, we heard Jim moan from the doorway. He had been watching for who knows how long, and watching us cum in each other’s mouth sent him over the edge and he started shooting out his load as well. When he finished, there was cum all over the carpet in the doorway.Candy and I unwrapped from each other and she curled up at my shoulder as we watched Jim spewing his load. She smiled wickedly as he finished and when he came back down to earth, she tossed him a washcloth and said, “If you had held out for a couple of minutes more, one of us would have gladly swallowed that load. Now you’ll have to clean it up!”Jim smiled sheepishly and knelt down to wipe up his mess. Candy kissed me and I could still taste my cum on her lips. After my ass play, I knew I was going to let one of them fuck my ass soon.But that’s another story.To be continued…

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