Mrs. Martin Ch. 06


Ch. VI: The Garden Tub

It was still dark when Susan’s stirring awakened Tom. He looked over to see what was going on, and she was playing with Judy’s nipple. He climbed out of bed and went around to the other side of his mom’s king size bed. He climbed in on Judy’s right side and took her right nipple into my mouth and started to suck and lick on it.

Judy was aroused by the two mouths, each sucking on one of her nipples. She reached out and touched a woman on her left. Susan she remembered was her name. Susan was a few inches taller than her, blond, thin and younger, but the things she had done to her earlier. Judy didn’t know it was possible to feel what she had experienced earlier that evening, especially with another woman. Her right hand reached out and touched another body, a much harder and larger body. It was her son, she suddenly realized that it was her own son that was sending these shock waves through her from her right nipple. She started to rise up but then she felt two hands sliding down her stomach. Then they slid between her legs, one on the right and one on the left. Both hands started to rub her lips, she felt the larger fingers slide inside her, while the smaller fingers started to rub her clit. Judy heard herself, “Ooooohhhhhhhh yyyyyeeeesssss”. Her thoughts about her son were quickly giving way to the pleasure her body was starting to feel.

Tom was in disbelief as he lay there and sucked on his mother’s nipples and his hand was buried in her pussy. He could feel the member between his legs getting hard.

Judy started to rock and shake, Susan let go of the nipple in her mouth and whispered in Tom’s ear, “Get ready.”

Tom looked up at Susan and she said, “turn around”. He swung his legs over Judy’s and lay resting between hers. He lowered his head and used his hands to push her pubic hair away from halkalı ucuz escort the lips of her pussy. Then he stuck his tongue in between those lips and licked up until it reached her clit. Her body started to shake as he nibbled on her clit.

Susan whispered into Judy’s ear, “When you come, Tom will put that big tool of his in you.”

Judy wanted to cry out no, but it was too late her body started to shake as the waves of pleasure rippled throughout her body.

“Now, Tom,” Susan said and Tom climbed higher up on Judy. Susan grabbed his hard dick and guided it toward Judy’s pussy.

Slowly he started to enter, “God, it is tight,” he thought to himself.

Judy’s organism was flooding her body when she felt Tom’s huge organ push against her pussy. She felt it slide between the lips of her vagina, she thought it was going to rip her into. It had been so long since she had a man between her legs and this man was so very large. She opened her eyes and looked up, These massive, strong shoulders were above her head. She moaned again and closed her eyes as the pain of that large organ filling her up started to give way too waves of delight.

Tom couldn’t believe what was happening, he was screwing his mom. With that thought the excitement in him reached a peek and the warm semen shoot out of him deep in Judy’s womb. He lay on top her for a minute as his dick shrank to its’ normal size, then he pulled out. He rolled off Judy and then took her head and their lips meet in a long passionate kiss as her tongue darted into his mouth.

After that kiss they drifted back to sleep and all of them knew Saturday was going to be an exciting day.

Judy woke up and looked to her left there was this blond woman named Susan, she was very beautiful, but did not quit understand how she became halkalı üniversiteli escort involved with her son. On her right was this young man whose diaper she used to change. She remembered his birth and the pain he caused. She remembered the joy he brought to her life when her husband was coming home drunk and beating her, and how he had always tried to be the man since his father left. The soreness she felt now told her he had become the man of the house. But the pressure her bladder was providing told her she needed to get to the bathroom. She couldn’t climb over Tom, or Susan, so she headed over the foot of the bed.

Judy started the water in her garden tub she had bought several years ago. She didn’t normally use it since it required so much water to fill it, but it was Saturday and she was sore.

Susan heard the water running and that was all she could take, she was up and on her way to the bathroom. “I hope you don’t mind, but I have to go,” said Susan as she entered the bathroom and saw Judy bent over the filling the tub.

“Not at all, and after your done perhaps you would like to join me, it’s a big tub,” replied Judy.

When she stepped into the tub and sat down Susan said “Ahhhhh, this feels great, I must be getting old.”

“Wait till you get to be my age,” replied Judy.

“How old do you think I am?” asked Susan.

“About 25,” guessed Judy.

“How kind of you,” replied Susan, “but actually I’m 35.”

“No!” said Judy in astonishment, “I’m 36”.

She sat in stunned silence for a minute than said, “So how did you come to be in bed with my son?”

For the next forty-five minutes, Susan told her the story of the picture, and how with her husband leaving her, and Tom giving her such loving and attention she went along with him.

When haramidere escort Tom woke, the sun was shinning brightly through the window and he could hear voices coming from his mom’s bathroom. He looked at the clock, 9:00. He got out of bed and headed for the voices, as he opened the bathroom door, there were his two favorite women sitting in the garden tub as the water swirled around their tits.

“Won’t you join us, hon?” said Judy.

“Sure!” and Tom climbed into the tub filling it to its capacity.

“You know that your mom is only one year older than me?” asked Susan.

“Yea,” Tom replied. It had been her junior year in high school when dad had taken her to the prom. She had gotten drunk and nine months later he arrived. Tom thought that was part of his dad’s problem, because he gave up college and went to work to support his wife and the child that was on the way.

“Master, would you like us to bathe you?” asked Judy.

Tom didn’t quite comprehend the full meaning of that master but it sounded like a good idea to him so he responded with, “Sounds like a good idea to me.” Suddenly he had four soft hands washing his body. His dick grew hard as they rubbed soap over it. He wanted so much for one of these women to take it in their mouth and relieve the building pressure, but decided to wait and see what they came up with.

When they finished both women jumped out of the tub and grabbed a towel.

“Please step out master and allow us to dry you off,” cooed Susan.

“How can I refuse an invitation like that?” Tom replied as he stepped from the tub.

The women dried him off starting with his hair and working their way down his body. When they came to his thighs his penis was sticking straight out. Both women dropped their towels and met in a kiss with his stiff shaft in between their lips.

Tom thought he had died and gone to heaven as both of these women started kissing his tool.

Judy then moved in front of Tom and started taking as much as she could into her mouth, while Susan liked and kissed his balls. This was too much for Tom as exploded with squirts of white semen into Judy’s mouth.

To Be Continued…

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