My Best Friend Ch. 02


It has been about two months since me and Amy had started going out and I couldn’t be happier. Amy was everything to me and just being around her made me happy. I smile and look over at her as I drive heading home for thanksgiving. Amy looked beautiful as always. She was dressed in a black miniskirt and a white tank top with her hair pulled back into a pony tail. Myself, I was wearing a pair of black jean shorts and a gray t-shirt. Amy smiles over at me as I put my hand on her thigh rubbing it a little bit as I continue driving.

“Excited about thanksgiving?” I ask looking over at her. She nods.

“Yeah, it’s gonna be great.” She smiles. I smile back and look at the road.

Thanksgiving was always a good time for us, since both of our families were pretty much insane, me, Amy, Amy’s mom and my mom always had thanksgiving together, as well as Christmas and most of the other holidays. We finally get to the house and I park the car.

“Well here we are.” I say turning the car off and unbuckling my seatbelt.

“Yeah, home sweet home.” Amy smiles unbuckling as well.

I smile as we get out and grab our bags. I walk with Amy to the front door and get my key out of my pocket and unlock and open the door. I look around guessing my mom was still at work.

“Your mom must still be at work.” She says as we take the bags back downstairs.

“Yeah, she must be.” I say as we get downstairs and put our bags down.

I turn and wrap my arms around Amy. She smiles up at me as my hands gently rub her sides. She leans up and softly kisses me. I kiss her back keeping my arms around her holding her close to me. I slowly move us closer to the bed before lifting her up and laying her down on the bed. I lean down over her as we continue to softly and slowly kiss. Amy reaches down and grabs the bottom of my shirt slowly lifting it up. I break the kiss and pull my shirt off before going back to kissing her. My hands slowly rub up under her shirt my hands slowly sliding over her bra covered breasts gently squeezing them a little bit. We break the kiss and I reach down slowly pulling her shirt up and over her head tossing it to the floor. I look down at Amy and she smiles bitting her lip looking as beautiful as always. I smile and lean down softly kissing her neck letting my hands and fingertips rub her smooth flesh.

“Mmm baby.” Amy coos softly as I slowly move my lips down her chest making my way to her breasts softly kissing every inch exposed inch of them. I slowly move down to her stomach and softly kiss down to her navel, my hands reaching the front of her skirt and I slowly start to undo it. She smiles letting me undo the skirt. I slowly slide it down her long smooth legs before finally getting it off of her. I smile up at her as I lean down softly kissing her thighs slowly kissing my way up to her thong covered pussy.

“God you’re so beautiful.” I say softly. She smiles.

“I love you baby.” She says softly.

“I love you too.” I say leaning down kissing the front of her thong.

Amy closes her eyes and spreads her legs a bit more. I slowly lean up and reach under her unhooking her bra. She smiles and pulls it off tossing it beside the bed. I look into her eyes and lean down kissing her now bare breasts. Amy closes her eyes and arches her back a bit as my tongue slowly slides against her nipple. I pull back a little watching her nipple harden. I move my head over and do the same to her other nipple watching it harden as well. I slowly move my lips down escort ataşehir from her breasts and softly kiss her stomach. She giggles as I slide my tongue around her belly button. I look up at her and she opens her eyes looking back at me as I slowly hook my thumbs in the waistband of her thong. I slowly pull it down her long smooth legs before getting it off of her. She smiles spreading her legs wider.

“You’re so beautiful.” I say softly. She smiles and slowly moves her hand down between her legs.

I watch her as lays her hand on top of her clit and slowly rubbing it. I lean down kissing her thighs as she continues rubbing her clit.

“Mmm baby, I want you.” She says softly

“How bad?” I ask slowly pressing a finger inside her already wet pussy.

Amy gasps and moves her hips against my finger as I slowly slide it in and out of her. I lean down kissing and flicking her clit making her moan loudly.

“Mmm oh please fuck me.” She says softly. I smile.

I lean down continuing to lick and suck on her clit as I press my finger deeper inside her. Amy moans as her back arches. I slowly press another finger insider her pussy feeling it squeeze my fingers.

“Oh Mmm.” She moans closing her eyes.

I watch her a bit listening to her labored breath and moans as they flowed from her mouth almost uncontrollably. I could tell she was close to orgasming. I curve my fingers a bit gently massaging her inner walls as my tongue danced around her clit.

“Oh…fuck.” Amy moans loudly as her back arches and her toes curl.

I continue to work my fingers in and out of her pussy putting some more pressure on her inner walls as I flick her sensitive clit. Amy’s moans get louder and she closes her eyes as her legs close around my head. I look up at her seeing her body curl up, and her back arches as she orgasms.

“Oh god” She moans as her body shakes as her orgasm rips through her.

I slowly pull my fingers from her pussy and softly kiss the skin around her clit letting her come down from her orgasm. Amy keeps her eyes closed as she regains her breath.

“Wow.” She says softly as her eyes slowly open. I smile and move up laying beside her. Amy turns and snuggles against me and I wrap my arms around her naked body.

“I love you baby.” I say softly.

“I love you too, so much.” She says closing her eyes back

I hold my arms around her letting her slowly drift off to sleep. I reach down and take my shoes and my shorts off . I lay back down beside Amy and wrapping my arms around her. I pull the sheet over us and close my eyes knowing she had already fell asleep.

I wake up a few hours later to the sound of someone upstairs. I look over seeing Amy still asleep. I smile and kiss her cheek before getting up and pulling my shorts and shirt back on. I slowly walk upstairs.

“Hey honey.” My mom smiles seeing me coming out the basement door.

“Hey mom.” I say yawning and stretching a bit.

“When did you and Amy get here?” She asks.

“A couple hours ago, we took a nap.” I say sitting down at the table.

“Yeah, it’s a long drive.” She smiles.

“Tell me about it.” I say smiling.

“So are you and Amy doing okay?” She asks.

“Yeah, we’re doing great.” I say looking up at her.

“That’s great honey, I’m so happy you two finally got together. You make such a great couple.” she says. I smile a bit knowing that both my mom and Amy’s mom wants us together.

The basement kadıköy escort door opens and Amy emerges from it dressed in her skirt and shirt. My mom smiles.

“Hey Amy.” She smiles.

“Hey how are you?” She asks walking over and sitting on my lap.

“I’m good, how about you?” She asks.

“I’m great.” She smiles. My mom just smiles and starts cooking dinner.

“Sleep good babe?” I ask putting my arms around her.

“Like a baby.” She smiles as I lean up kissing her forehead.

“So mom what’s for dinner?” I ask

“I’m probably gonna make a pot of spaghetti.” She says. Amy smiles.

“Amy’s favorite.” I say rubbing her sides.

“Yeah it is, and plus your mom makes the best spaghetti.” She smiles.

“It is pretty good.” I smile.

“Think I should go see my mom?” Amy asks looking at me.

“Well your mother is coming over for dinner tonight so you can just wait and see her then if you’d like.” My mom says.

“Oh ok well I’ll just wait then.” She smiles.

“How about you two go downstairs and let me cook?” She asks.

“Alright.” I smile getting up with Amy in my arms. Amy giggles holding her arms around my neck as I shut the basement door behind us and walk downstairs and over to my bed laying with her in my arms. Amy smiles and snuggles against me.

“I love you baby.” I say softly before kissing her forehead.

“I love you too.” She smiles leaning her head up and kissing me.

I kiss her back slowly as I slide my hands up inside her shirt rubbing her bare sides. I smile against Amy’s lips realizing she wasn’t wearing a bra. I gently rub my hands over her breasts feeling how hard the nipple was against my hand. I gently squeeze and pull on her nipple a bit causing her to moan against my lips. I reach down pulling her shirt up and over her head before tossing it to the floor. Amy smiles up at me.

“I want you.” She say softly. I smile and lean down kissing her breasts.

“Well it would have to be a quicky since dinner will be ready.” I say rubbing her hips.

“I’m fine with that.” She smiles grabbing the bottom of my shirt and pulling up on it. I lift my arms and let her take it off of me.

“Hey, how about we do it in the shower?” I ask smiling down at her.

Amy doesn’t say anything as she pushes me off of her and gets up. She quickly strips out of her skirt and thong. I get up and quickly strip down as well. She smiles and walks into the bathroom and starts the water. I follow her into the bathroom and smile seeing her bent over. I walk up to her and grab her ass making her jump.

“Hey!” She laughs as I wrap my arms around her naked body.

Amy smiles and presses back against me. I lean my head down and softly kiss her neck. She slowly tilts her head giving me better access. I let my hands gently rub up and down her naked body before letting one hand slowly travel down between her legs. Amy gasps when my fingertips gently rub over top of her clit. I gently press my fingers against her sensitive nub and slowly start rubbing it.

“Mmm baby.” She moans softly.

I smile and continue kissing her neck as my fingers rub against her clit. Amy moans softly again and leans her head back onto my shoulder.

“Come on sexy let’s get in the shower.” I say softly as I kiss her shoulder.

Amy smiles and turns her head kissing me softly before slowly getting into the shower. I smile watching her, damn she was so beautiful, I couldn’t keep my eyes off maltepe escort bayan of her. I slowly step inside the shower as well and shut the glass door behind me. Amy turns around and leans up kissing me softly. I softly and slowly kiss her back as we move under the warm water. I was already rock hard and ready for what we were about to do. Amy slowly slides her hand down gently grasping my nine inch cock and starting to stroke it slowly. Amy breaks the kiss and looks up into my eyes. I look back into her eyes and she gives me an incredibly sexy grin before turning around with her back to me and bending over slightly.

“What are you waiting for?” She smiles back at me.

I smile and move up behind her taking hold of my cock and slowly pressing the head between her pussy lips. She moans softly as the head slowly slides in. I gently grab onto her hips as I press my cock deep inside her. I look up at Amy seeing a smile on her face and her eyes closed. I slowly slide my cock almost completely out of her pussy and slowly press it back deeper inside her. Amy moans softly moving back against me. I smile and hold onto her hips as I slowly start to thrust.

“Mmm.” She moans softly as my hands rub her sides as I continue my slow and deep thrusts.

I grab her hips again starting to thrust a little faster. Amy moves her hands up and grabs one of the rails on the shower wall.

“God you feel so good baby.” I say leaning down kissing her back softly.

“Mmm harder.” She moans keeping her eyes closed.

I hold onto her hips as I thrust faster. Amy moans again moving back against me as she starts breathing heavier. I pick up more speed my cock sliding in and out of her pussy faster and deeper. Amy gasps with every deep thrusts. I wrap my arms around her waist continuing to thrust as my hand moves down slowly rubbing her clit. Amy gasps loudly as her back arches.

“Oh god I’m close.” She moans as her body shakes.

I slow down not wanting her to orgasm yet. She groans feeling me slow down. I pull my cock out of her pussy and gently turn her around. She looks into my eyes as I gently lift her up. She puts her hands on my shoulders as I let her slowly slide down onto my cock.

“Mmm.” She moans softly again.

I slowly move my arms down and slide them under her legs holding her up. Amy wraps her arms around my neck as I slowly start thrusting. I kiss Amy’s neck softly slowly building up more speed. Amy moans softly into my ear as my cock thrusts quickly in and out of her pussy.

“I love you so much.” I say softly.

“I love you too.” She moans breathing heavily.

I keep thrusting in and out of Amy’s tight pussy as she grips me tightly about to go over the edge.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum.” Amy moans keeping her eyes closed tightly

“Me too.” I say softly breathing heavily.

Amy holds onto me tightly clenching her pussy muscles around my cock trying to pull me in deeper.

“Oh fuck!” Amy moans out as she starts orgasming hard around my cock. I keep thrusting making Amy’s body shake, she moans uncontrollably as I thrust deep inside her and start cumming. Amy moans feeling my warm cum inside her pussy. I close my eyes as Amy’s pussy gently milks the cum from my cock. I hold my arms around her as we both try to catch our breath. I lean down kissing her neck softly.

“I love you Amy.” I say softly.

“I love you too, so much.” She says leaning up and kissing me.

I kiss her back slowly putting her down onto her feet. Amy’s legs still a bit shaky so I keep my arms around her just holding her close to me.

“Come on let’s hurry up and go eat so we can do this again.” She smiles. I lean down kissing her forehead. I smile knowing it was gonna be the best thanksgiving ever.

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