My Bi Side 3 Way


My Bi Side 3 WayI have always wanted to be with another woman. For years I’ve had fantasies about them. Touching them, sucking them. Unfortunately I found myself married without ever fulfilling that fantasy. I’ve been married to Kevin for 12 years now. We met during college and married right after graduation. He’s about 6’2 brown hair and eyes. With a thin build. I suppose people see us as a pretty normal couple. We drink but not too much. Neither of us have ever been smokers.Anyway for the past few months I’ve been having dreams about my sexy neighbor Carly. She’s about 5’6 blonde shoulder length hair with the darkest pair of brown eyes I’ve ever seen. She always wears tight fitting clothes that show off her perky tits. Well the other night while Kevin was asleep I stood next to our bedroom window and stared across the yard into Carly’s bedroom. I could see her getting undressed. I could tell that she had had a date that night, since she was dressed up. I watched her unzip the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She then proceeded to take off her bra and panties. She had the cutest shaved pussy. Carly walked over to her dresser and opened one of the top drawers. She pulled out what looked to be an 11″ vibrator. This is getting interesting, I thought to myself.I quickly glanced over at Kevin to find that he was still sleeping soundly. Turning slightly so I could get a better view, I saw Carly on her bed writhing about as she fucked herself. I started imagining that I was the one fucking her. I wanted it to be my fingers instead of that vibrator, shoving in and out of her cunt. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I turned away from the window and went and straddled Kevin. He woke to me sucking his dick into my mouth. The moment he was fully hard I slid him into me and started riding him until I came over and over again playing the scenes from Carly masturbating in my mind.A few weeks later, Carly invited me to go shopping with her. Sometime during the afternoon while at a little coffee shop, she told me she had something to tell me, but she didnt want me to get upset and it was ok if I wanted to leave. I asked her what was on her mind and she shocked me. “Well Sarah, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’ve always though you to be very attractive. I was wondering if you have ever been with a woman. Because if you’ve ever wanted to , I would like to be that woman,” I was shocked. My pussy instantly became very wet. Just think here I was having dreams about her and she’s asking me if I wanted to fuck her. I couldn’t believe my luck. “Well Carly, since we’re being truthful I have to say that no I’ve never been with another woman, but that I’ve been fantasizing about it for years.”Before I knew what was happening, we were back in Carly’s house. She told me to get undressed. I started feeling a halkalı escort bit self-conscious. For heaven’s sake, Kevin had been the only one to see me nude since we got married. She walked over to me and began undoing the buttons on my blouse. With each button she would kiss the revealed skin, making me wetter with each movement. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to get my fantasy. Once we were both undressed she led me to her bed. It was the same bed that I watched her masturbating on weeks ago. Carly had me lay down on my back with my legs spread wide. She immediately attacked my clit. Sucking the little morsel into her mouth. While licking and sucking me, she grabbed my legs and put them over her shoulders, so she could reach me better. She started shoving her tongue in and out, while rubbing me with one hand. In seconds she had me cumming. Carly licked up my juices, then slide up onto my body and began kissing me. Twirling her tongue around mine. Letting me taste my own cum.”Can I do the same to you, I asked her. “Sure, but I want to play with you as well. She got off the bed and went over to her dresser and retrieved a monster dildo. She had me move over so she could lie down and then straddle her with my ass towards her face. I started putting little kisses on her shaved pussy. Then getting braver I began to lick up and down her slit. I could here Carly moaning and urging me on, I found her clit and took the morsel into my mouth and began to suck on it. Carly started trying to writhe on the bed, but with my body on top of hers she had a hard time moving. It wasn’t long before I felt something warm start to flow out of her body. She’s cumming I thought. She’s coming from me tonguing her. I immediately began to lick up all her juice.When I was about to move away from her she grabbed my waist and told me to wait. Then I could feel her reaching for something. I tried to turn around, but she said it would be a surprise. She told me to slowly move back towards her and as I did, I felt some pressure. At first I thought a man had got into bed with us without me knowing, but then I remembered seeing her get her dildo. Carly started moving it in and out of my pussy. Slowly working me into a state of desire. I began pushing back into it. Faster and faster we went. Carly shoved the dildo all the way to the hilt. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Satiated, we fell asleep side-by-side, curled together.When we woke, Carly asked me if I’d like to fuck her from time to time. I though about it for awhile. I knew there would be no way I was going to give up my fuck sessions with Carly. But at the same time I didn’t know how Kevin would react. We had never talked about my fantasy. I was always ashamed of it. “Carly, do you ever fuck men?” olgun escort She rolled facing me, so I did the same. “Of course I do, why?””Well I want to continue sleeping with you, but I’m not sure what Kevin would say, so I was wondering if he was ok with it if you would mind sleeping with both of us.” In my mind I felt if we were both there it wouldn’t be cheating. Of course, I was hoping Kevin would go along with it.We started planning right away, into the early evening. By the time I got home that night, Kevin was already in bed. I woke him and we had what we call quiet sex, neither of us making a sound. After Kevin came, he smiled and went back to sleep. I lay there and thought about the plan that Carly and I had decided upon. We figured I would tell Kevin that I had a really important meeting on the other side of town, that would take most of the day on Saturday.Early Saturday I got in my car and backed out of the driveway and pulled into Carly’s garage, which she had open and waiting for me. I would hang out at her house and when Kevin was up and about, Carly would slip over and ask Kevin if he could give her some advice. About noon, Carly dressed in a short black mini skirt, and a white plunging peasant top with black garter and high heels. She twirled around for me. Once she had my approval, she walked next door and knocked. I was peeping out her side living room window. I saw Kevin open the door, they stood talking for a few min, and then she went inside. I waited about 10 min then I crept to the backyard.Standing under the kitchen window, I could see Carly sitting at the kitchen table. Kevin was turned to the fridge getting drinks. Once they were at the table, I heard Carly tell him that no matter what she does, guys wont ask her out. She asked Kevin if there was anything wrong with her. “Carly, personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. I mean, look at you. You’re hot.” I couldn’t believe I heard Kevin correctly, he never told me that I was hot, just his beautiful little wife.Carly stood up and walked over to Kevin. She leaned into him and said, “Well if you think I’m hot, why haven’t you ever tried to hit on me?” Taken aback, Kevin was shocked. “Well ummm, I’m married and I love Sarah a lot. I’d never cheat on her.” Carly grabbed the crotch of his jeans and started rubbing him. “Ohhh you know you’d like to fuck me Kevin, and you know that I’d let you.” I could see her smiling. “Carly”, he said as he started to stand, taking her hand from his pants. I could see his dick pressing against the fabric of his jeans. “I think you need to leave.”She turned away from him towards the window. She smiled, with her head bent, I knew she could see me. “You see no şişli escort one finds me sexually attractive.” Before I knew it, Kevin had grabbed her and pushed her against the kitchen table. He lifted her skirt and pushed her down over the table, so her ass was up. He spread her legs and stood in between them. “Look, I gave you a chance to leave, you don’t believe that I would love to fuck you, then fine, I’ll do it. With that he ripped her thong off and undid his jeans pulling out his 9” dick. I’m not sure if she was wet or not, but I saw him shove his cock up her pussy in one shove. I can’t believe I’m watching my husband of 12 years ram his dick in and out of my lover. I could here Carly moaning and Kevin was grunting as he pounded her. Faster and faster. I knew I had to act quickly, or he’d cum.I ran to the front of the house and quickly yet quietly let myself into the living room. Heading for the kitchen, I could here him yelling at her “You like that. You want more of that, dont you…you hot little cunt.” I’ve never heard Kevin use such language. I was already turned on, but upon hearing those words, I almost creamed right there at the entry into the kitchen.”What the hell is going on here? Kevin, how could you? He immediately stopped and the look on his face was so bad. He didn’t know what to say, or do. He was still buried in her pussy, Carly was looking at me with an I know why you don’t want to give him up look on her face. “Sarah, I’m sorry, so sorry.” He stepped away from her and walked towards me. Raising my hand to stop him I said, don’t don’t even come near me. I can’t believe you would do this to me. Kevin I love you and this is what you think of our love.” He looked so hurt, so upset, I could tell he didn’t know what to do, or say.Walking toward him, I pushed him to the side and walked up to Carly. Taking her arm I said, “You come with me.” We went into the bedroom that Kevin and I had shared since our wedding night. I turned towards Kevin who had followed us. “If you can screw around on me, then I can do it to you.” I pushed Carly onto the bed and immediately went down to her cunt, licking and sucking away. I heard Kevin gasp. I ignored him and continued sucking away at Carly’s beautiful pussy. Once Carly leaked her juices, I turned and looked at Kevin. He was standing on the left side of the bed silently jacking off. I sat up and told him to go ahead and finish fucking Carly. He looked unsure, for about a min before he climbed up and replaced me. I straddled Carly’s face and told her to suck my clit. She immediately went to work on me. Kevin was pumping furiously into Carly’s pussy. I could hear her cumming and cumming over and over again. After cumming all over her face, I got up and watched Kevin fuck her until he came.As we all lay there, with Kevin in the middle. I looked over at him and told him, “I love you Kevin, and if it’s ok with you I’d love to make this a regular thing.” The look on his face was answer enough for me. I looked at Carly and we smiled at each other. We knew from that moment on, that we’d be doing this a lot from now on. Needless to say that from that day on, when we weren’t working, the three of us were in bed licking, sucking and fucking each other.

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