My Birthday Party


My Birthday PartyI met you before the party and said it wouldn’t be complete without youand that, knowing your fun personality and amazing body, those wickedeyes and that naughty smile, you would add spice to an all-maleoccasion. You agreed to come and, also as generous as ever whenbestowing sexual favours, to do whatever I ask of you!I ask you to stay out of the way until all six have arrived and then toserve drinks and nibbles. I want you dressed for maximum effect –something that shows off those tits of yours and something that showsoff your shapely legs. And I want you to flirt and tease each of them sothat all any of them can think of is what an amazing fuck you must be –so that each and every one at the party wants you like crazy, i.e. wantsyou as much as I have wanted you ever since finding you on NN! The lads arrive and, just as we had arranged, you come out of thekitchen with a tray of drinks. I am not the only one whose jaw drops –there are six other gasps as they see you – and, I suspect, sixtwitching cocks!Your breasts are barely covered, the upper swell of each tit clearlyvisible as is the silhouette of your bra-less nipples. Your midriff isbare and you have on the shortest of skirts. I bet I am not the only onewondering whether you have got anything on under that little skirt! I watch you, fascinated, as you rest the tray on a table and take adrink across to Alan. Handing him the glass, you get in close and I canclearly see your tit squashed against his arm and his expression as hiseyes dip into your cleavage. You put your lips close to his ear andwhisper something – whatever the words are, they make him flush! Youkiss him lightly on the mouth, your tongue out for a split second totease and move on!Brian, standing next to Alan, is next. Handing him his drink, your handmoves up and down his spine and comes to rest on his butt cheek. Hetries to put his hand on your ass but you quickly slap it away beforewhispering in his ear, kissing him and picking up the next drink. Ismile as I notice the bulge in his jeans!You are with Clarke now, and getting naughtier! The drink handed over,you move in close as usual and, noticing his eyes fixed on your tits,you bare one (not difficult in that skimpy outfit!). Flushed like theothers, you leave him with a stiff cock and that whisper and kiss – wishI could hear what you are saying! David is by far the most handsome and I cant wait to see what you do tohim! I am not disappointed. You press your tits against his chest and,unseen by everybody but me because I’m looking closely, I see your handgrab his balls and your fingers move over a stiffening cock! Thatwhisper again before you kiss and move on! Last is Eddie – drink handed over you move in close again, grab bothbutt cheeks and kiss him full on – a deep french kiss – then thewhisper and a return to the kitchen to fetch the nibbles. My buddies areall looking appreciatively at me – you have certainly added the spice wewee hoping for! I follow you into the kitchen and tell you to leave the nibbles for themoment – “Go and give those horny friends of mine a toy show toremember. I want every one of them desperate to fuck you and, when youhave finished, two of them will win the right to have you! Butremember, after all this, I’ll be the horniest here and, when they’veall gone, we are going to have the fuck of our lives!”You grin, reach out and feel kocaeli escort bayan my cock, and say “If you can last thatlong, Len! You know the affect I have on you – if you want me afterwardsyou will need ever ounce of self-control because, I promise you, thiswill be the hottest toy show ever!”You retrieve a selection of toys from your bag and we join the lads.Every eye is on you – every man wants you – every cock, thoughrestrained, is pointing in your direction – every throat is dry withlust!You sit on one of the big arm chairs and just look round at everyonethere – flirting with each of them as you hold their gaze and as youreyes drop to their crotches. There is a silence that speaks volumes.Then you raise your legs and place one on each arm of the chair. Nopanties after all – just the most beautiful pussy exposed to all thoseadmiring stares. You beckon them nearer and ask Alan to find out whetheryou are wet down there. He looks round at the others as if he had wonthe lottery and inserts a finger tentatively. He is almost speechlessbut he manages to nod a ‘yes’. “Not very imaginative, Alan. How about you, Brian? Want a taste?” I can see Brian’s reaction from where I am standing- he can’t get there fast enough – he is kneeling in front of you and his tongue licks those pussy lips of yours. “So, am I wet, Brian?” “Yes, Speedybee and you taste good too!”“Right, boys, I am going to show you just how wet and tasty I CAN be!”You still have your skimpy top and skirt on but somehow that enhancesthe experience as you select a toy and rub it all round your pussy lips,stroking between them until the strokes get deeper and your dildo isdeep inside you. “Clarke, come and fuck me with my toy!” Clarke joinsyou, takes the toy from you and moves it in and out of your cunt, deeperand faster, finding a rhythm that produces the best response from you.Your fingers move to your clit while those of your other hand exposeyour tits and play with your nipples. The reaction from me and my mateswhen those amazing tits are bared is another gasp of admiration – omg –no one has tits like you, Speedybee! That dildo is going like crazy andyour fingers are busy on your clit and the whole room can sense thewaves of sexual delight that are coursing through your body. And thenyou cry out as your orgasm envelops you – Clarke stops, pleased with hispart in the proceedings and we all relax as best we can with cocks ashard as ours! Your eyes are closed to savour the sensations and thatsilence is back – all of us enthralled at the scene we have witnessed.“Now, boys, time to see just how wet and tasty I can be – Eddie, come and have a feel!”Eddie’s fingers are in there in no time, exploring your pussy,squelching in all your juices and, as he withdraws them, he can’t resistsucking them!But you have kept the most handsome of the group to last – I could tellstraight away that this is the one you wanted!“David, fingers are a poor substitute – get your tongue over here and see how wet and tasty I am!”Grinning like the cat who got the cream, David kneels in front of youand, hands on your ass, starts to tongue you – pulling you into hisexpert tongue. He licks and laps and teases and tantalises, sucking yourclit and drinking your juices while you pull his head even nearer andwhisper erotic words of encouragement. The result, of course, is anotherorgasm and we fear for Dave’s breathability izmit escort bayan as your legs come together, to trap him, your body shakes from head to toe and those orgasmicshivers take over as you utter an almighty scream! All quiet again then – David does his best to walk back to his placewith a cock so stiff everyone laughs at the size of his bulge.“My turn to say something, folks” , I say, “We are all going to put our keys into this bowl and the first two out can have Speedybee”While my mates willingly put their keys in the bowl you go off to thekitchen to refresh yourself with some nibbles and a glass of cool whitewine, emerging ten minutes later with your clothing adjusted. Your top,now less rumpled, still has its plunging neckline and your skirt isstill short enough to show off almost all of those long shapely legs ofyours. You approach the semi-circle of men knowing full well the affectyou have on each of them and ask whose keys were pulled out first.I tell you that we are waiting for you to make the draw and you lookround the group slowly letting your eyes meet every man’s and thenletting them drop to each crotch before smiling wickedly and moving thekeys round the bowl. Each of my mates is following their own key as itcirculates in the bowl willing you with every ounce of mental effort tochoose their key. Your fingers stroke the fobs as you pass from one tothe other and the tension mounts as every man there, including me, wantthose fingers on their balls and stroking their cocks. At last you choose one! You hold the key up before letting it fall intoyour cleavage. “You can come and find in in a minute, whoever you are!”Clarke swallows hard and manages to say – “It’ll be a pleasure, Speedy!”Your fingers dip into the bowl again and move the keys around, slowlyand deliberately, whilst you watch each member of the group. You can seethe utter agony on each face – every man wants you like crazy but onlyone of the remaining four can have you – and everyone is willing it tobe him!You pick one and hold it up for all to see before lifting your skirt,parting your pussy lips and inserting the key-fob. David moans withdelight as you invite the owner to retrieve it in a few minutes – he isthe lucky man and I have suspicions that you have engineered his success– that’s the handsome one you’ve had your eyes on from the beginning! Turning to the others you tell them to stick around – they can join inthe fun later.You ask Clarke to sit on the big sofa and straddle him while youunbutton and remove his shirt and undo his belt before pulling his jeansand boxers off. “If you want that key back, babe, now’s the time tofind it! But no hands!!” He uses his teeth to open the front of yourshirt and retrieve his key and you ask him to stand behind the sofawhile you sort David out. As he moves round we all see his cock stickingout in front, erect and hard. “You had better rest that dick on the backof the sofa till I’m ready for it, babe” And he goes round the back ofthe sofa and does just that! “Come and sit down, David!” David is there in a flash and has his hands round your ass as you straddle him. There is a definite chemistry between you two! You pull his shirt over his head and your tits, bare now, are pressed against his chest as your fingers reach for his belt to undo the buckle. You let your body slide down gebze escort his front so that your tits rub against his balls and cock as you reach for his waistband and pull his jeans and boxers to the floor. “Want your key back?” Saying this, you stand astride him on the sofa so that your pussy is opposite his face and we can also see the key dangling from the fob that’s still inside your pussy. “No hands!” And every other cock there is rock hard as we see him reach for his key with his lips and teeth, pulling it out with a little squelching noise! You ask him David to stand up for a minute and you kneel on the sofawith your butt towards him and with your mouth an inch or two fromClarke’s cock, still resting where you told him to put it! You turn your head towards us and focus on David “Want to put your cockwhere your key was, Dave?” The tableau is an amazing sight and we are all mesmerised by it. Thereis total silence from us all as we wait to see you in action! You look into Clarke’s eyes as you lick your lips just centimetres awayfrom the tip of his cock. You reach to cup his balls and we can see yousqueezing gently as you pull his cock nearer and let your tongue slideslowly over its head. He moans with pleasure – moans that get faster andlouder as your tongue goes to work on him.At the same time David is behind you, his cock, stiffer and harder andmore swollen than ever, directing it to stroke that sensitive areabetween your pussy and your ass – then rubbing along your pussy lips –strokes getting firmer and faster as he prepares to enter that warm softwetness of your cunt.You have your hands round Clarke’s ass now and he has is hands on yourneck as your mouth receives his cock and as your tongue teases all roundit – taking it deeper into your mouth as you begin to suck. Just asDavid’s cock thrusts into you, filling your pussy with hardness andfeeling those erotic muscles of yours tighten round it ! There’s a cockfucking your mouth now – and a cock fucking your pussy. Moans from bothmen and deep erotic sighs from you as you use a free hand to beckon yourspectators! Eddie is first on the scene and he uses his finger to massage round yourass-hole, tickling and teasing before inserting it and wriggling roundinside you. Andy is a breast man and he lies on the sofa so that hislips can find your swaying tits. His fingers are teasing one nipplewhile his lips and tongue tease and tantalise and nibble the other!Brian knows exactly what is going to bring you to the orgasm of yourlife and he gets alongside Dave’s cock with his expert fingers andmassages your clit, slowly stroking it at first but not for long as thepace quickens, the cocks get faster and the waves of sexual delightbegin to course through your body as you suck one cock dry and as yourmuscles get ready to squeeze every last drop from the other. There aretwo deep moans and one high-pitched scream as the men spurt cum and asyou climax. The last-minute helpers back away to watch one stream of cum dribblefrom your lips and another stream run down your legs. You flop in themiddle of the sofa and Clarke and David sit beside you – spent andfulfilled. You look up at the others “What about another party next week – andanother chance to win a fuck?” Every head nods enthusiastically.“Len, your cock needs he attention I promised you – let’s get freshened up – the rest of the night is ours so stay in control and save your cum for my dessert! I have plans for you and I know you’ve been dreaming of what you want to do to me. Let’s go and shower! As for the rest of you, I’ll see you here same time next week. Whose keys and whose cocks shall I have next time??”OLDSOFTIE

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