My Breeding


My BreedingYes it is time for your breeding. Come in and close the door behind you. In the middle of the room You see an examination table. I want you to take your cloths off and get up on the table.That’s it. Now let me pull the stirrups out so you can place your feet in them. Now we will adjust your knees and your legs to give me proper access to your vagina. I need to first examine you to make sure that you are ready to be bred.This will not take long.I stand between your legs, looking at your pussy. Even now I can see a bit of moisture developing at the lips of your pussy. I reach down and run a finger in between the lips of your pussy gathering your wetness on my fingers.I rub my fingers together, testing your juices. I reach back down running my fingers between the folds of your pussy lips, feeling their puffiness, their heat, how that have engorged themselves. Yes I believe you are ready to be bred.I step out from between your legs, and remove my cloths. You see the Bulge of my cock, even now growing hard at the anticipation of breeding you.Soon my cock is free of its bindings and grows to full hardness. Your breathing quickens, in anticipation of being impaled on this shaft of rock hard meat. you desire it. You yearn for it to be inside of you.I step backup between your legs. I reach into a draw beside the exam table and remove a strange device. I sense that you are wondering what it is for.This device attaches to your clit by a suction cup devise and will help you orgasm after I implant my sperm into you. Your orgasm is important to occur after I cum inside of you so that my sperm is drawn into your cervix.I open the lips of your pussy exposing your clit. You feel me attaching the devise, and suddenly you feel the suction of the device on your clit.I think we can begin now.I step closer to the table, your eyes transfixed on my stiff hard cock. I bend my cock down, and you can feel it nuzzle against the lips of your pussy. Moving it up and down, The head of my cock begins to part the lips of your pussy opening its mouth.You gasp as I press into you, My cock pressing into your hot wet pussy.I feel the muscles of your pussy grasping at my cock, already beginning to milk it.Oh, I can see that this will not take long!!I press deeper into you until my stiff hard shard is completely buried inside of you.I look into your eyes, I see the lust that fills them and satisfaction of knowing that this is truly what you want … to Be Bred.I begin to pump into you. Pulling my cock slowly out of you, feeling the muscles of your pussy grabbing my cock not wanting it to leave. Then I push back in sliding completly into you so that you feel my thighs bakırköy escort against the cheeks of your ass.The tempo increases as I begin to pump in and out of you,fucking you faster and faster, ramming my cock in and out of you. Soon I will cum, Shooting so much sperm deep inside of you. You feel my cock swell, and you know too that soon you will feel the gush of my sperm as it shoots into you.This is what you have desired. to feel my sperm shooting inside of your pussy.You see the expression on my face and you know I will soon cum. My pace quickens, the thrusts become harder and faster.All of a sudden I ram my cock into you and hold it. You feel the convulsions of my cock inside of you, and you feel the heat of my sperm shooting inside of your pussy. you feel each convulsion and you count them one two three, four five six, seven eight nine squirts of sperm have been deposited inside of your pussy.You look at me between your legs, my cock firmly embedded inside of your pussy. My breathing so heavy after shooting so much sperm into you. I lean forward resting my head on your breasts.But only for a second.It is now time for your orgasm. I reach down and turn on the switch to the device attached to your clit. You almost forgot about it, in the heat of your breeding.You hear the click, and you are suddenly keenly aware of its presence.You feel the electricity, the vibrations of the device, shooting into your clit.manipulating your clit in ways you never thought possible. it is working. Your are being driven to your climax. MY cock plugging your pussy and the device on your clit, you are pushed over the edge, beyond hope, and your orgasm commences. You scream uncontrollably as wave after wave of emotion washes over your body. and inside of your pussy, your cervix opens up and dips it mouth into the pool of sperm that I have deposited inside of you. My sperm being sucked into your cervix by your orgasm.As I watch you in your orgasm I feel the convulsions of your pussy on my cock, and I know that you have been successfully bred again. A smile of satisfaction draws upon my face. I reach down and turn off the switch on the device. You close your eyes and collapse on the exam table, completely exhausted from your orgasm.You have been bred My dear. we will do this again this after noon. You are laying in your bed, not awake, yet not quite asleep when you hear a noise, a knock, there it is again, a knock on your door. You begin to wake as a woman in a white uniform comes into your room. “It is time for your next treatment”. she says, and you realize that what happened this morning was not a wild dream you had, beşiktaş escort but the real thing.You had been bred, and now it is time for it all to happen again!!!As you get out of your bed, the nurse removes a robe from the closet and helps you into it.”Follow me Please”, she says, as she opens the door and begins to walk down the corridor. You follow her, nervous and yet excited as well.YOu come to the end of the hallway, and the nurse opens the door for you. You peer inside and you see the exam room you were in before, and you realize that it IS going to happen all over again, that you are about to be bred!!You step into the room, and the nurse helps you out of your robe. You feel the anticipation building up within yourself. You feel your heart begin to pump a little faster. Your nipples begin to harden, and you feel moisture develop in your loins.The nurse asks you to again take your place on the exam table.You sit on the table and lay back as the nurse again places your feet in the stirrup’s. You feel so exposed, so vulnerable. The nurse opens the draw and withdraws the device that pushed you to your orgasm. The nurse spreads the lips of your vagina to attach the suction cup to your clitoris and notices the moisture developing within you. She simply looks up and smiles at you, as she attaches the device. “There”, she says, “you are all ready for your treatment”.The nurse walks over to the intercom and presses a button.In a short time you hear the door open and you see me step in the room again.”The Patient is already for you”, you hear the Nurse say.”Excellent.” I reply as I step up to the exam table. Your eyes are closed, but you can sense my presence between your legs. “I see that you have prepared her very well Nurse”. “If you mean the lubrication Sir, she has done that all herself”.You feel a flushness come over your body as you realize that it is true, your Body has been preparing you for this breeding all along.”We may as well begin then”. You hear a noise and open your eyes to see the nurse bring her chair over beside you and grasp the control to the device attached to your clitoris. You look down between your legs just in time to see me untie my surgical scrubs and drop them to the floor exposing my hard erect penis. I take a step forward, and you feel the head of my penis brush the mound of your pubis. You take a deep breath and close your eyes as you feel the head of my cock penetrate the mouth of your vagina.You think to yourself, “oh my God!! It is happening again! as my cock slips deeper inside of you! Soon you feel my thighs against the cheeks of your ass and you know I am completely beylikdüzü escort inside of you. Your breeding has begun.My cock begins to move in and out of your pussy, preparing it for the upcoming flood of my sperm. You feel the head of my cock sliding in and out of you, your breath quickening, your heart racing. Oh God how you want to feel the heat of my sperm being injected inside of you yet again!!You feel a tightness in your womb, mini convulsions begin as my cock continues to assail the gulf of your womanhood.You are breathing harder and faster now, as you also realize the pace of this fucking has increased.Soon you think to yourself, you will receive what you so deeply desire, the injection of my sperm so deeply within you!!The muscles of your vagina begin to milk my penis, squeezing it, attempting to hold it with in you. You feel your own orgasm building within you when suddenly you feel it, the first flood of my sperm into you. You feel the heat of my sperm, the force of my cock exploding inside of you, like a fire hose being turn on washing the inner walls of your vagina. One two three, four five six, you count the injections of sperm as my cock convulses inside of you, then suddenly your own orgasm overcomes you. seven eight nine injections of sperm have been released inside of you as your own orgasm takes over and opens your cervix and draws my sperm deeper inside of you.I hold my cock inside of you, plugging your vagina, as your own orgasm does its work. You feel the convulsions of your own body and you know why your orgasm must follow mine. You picture in the eye of your mind what is taking place inside of your own body. The pool of my sperm as your convulsions draws it deeper inside of you, to meet your egg and to impregnate you.As your Orgasm subsides, you come back to reality. You feel my cock withdrawing from your body leaving an unwanted emptiness inside of you. You open your eyes and look to your side and see the nurse sitting beside you smiling.She stands up and removes the device from your clit. “We didn’t even need the stimulator this time.” She says. “Your Body is so in tune with this procedure, that we will probably not need it again.”As you recover from your orgasm the Nurse brings a warm moist cloth and lays it over your face. Soon she takes the cloth and wipes the sweat off of your breasts, down your stomach, and over the mound of your pubis.She then recovers your robe, and helps you off of the exam table. Your legs feel so weak!!!She helps you into your robe, and ties the belt around your waist. The Nurse escorts you back to your room, draws the d****s, and helps you lie down. “It is best to relax now and let the treatment work.” she says. Then she adds, “You did Very Well this afternoon” as she turns off the lights and closes the door.You think to yourself of her words,”You did Very Well This Afternoon”… A smile of pride and accomplishment comes over your face as you close your eyes and rest….

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