MY brother DAVID


MY brother DAVIDWhere to begin? Well, just so you understand me, there is a sort of nervous side to my personality, and sometimes it shows up in my writing. I read my own stuff, and it can make me laugh, it’s just sounds so disjointed and high-strung.But that’s sort of how I am.Here’s my big news, my big brother David is going to come home sometime today. He’s been away at college for almost a whole year, and I miss him terribly. I just want so badly to be together and hear his voice. I want to hear him call me “Little-Lisa-Baby” again.He’s called me Little-Lisa-Baby since we were little k**s, it’s endearing and I love it.That’s what I was thinking about as I lay in bed with the early morning light filling my bedroom.Beyond that, the other thing I was thinking about, that I ALWAYS think about, was my breasts. Yes, this must sound weird, but I just can’t help it. I can get sort of obsessive about them. I have little tiny trainee breasts. Well, anyway, that’s what I call them. They are VERY small. I guess they stopped growing when I was about twelve years old. The rest of me is eighteen years old now, but my breasts are still in the seventh grade.When I was eleven years old and my breasts first began to grow, I was so happy. Really, it was exciting and I wanted that womanly shape so bad. My Mom has big breasts and so do both my aunts. I expected something the same for myself. Needless to say, I wasn’t just disappointed, but heartbroken.And, to make matters worse, my best friend Elizabeth has big beautiful breasts. They are bouncy, full and round, and she gets all kinds of attention from the boys at school, a lot more than me. It’s so unfair. And, in a way, Elizabeth can be a little bit mean about it. She is so proud, but it can come across as cruel sometimes.My only sibling, my older brother, David, has been away at college for his freshman year. I am a year younger and I’m now a senior in High School. We’ve always had a super good relationship, we’re very close and it’s always been totally wonderful being around David. Especially since Dad died, and I was just a little girl when that happened, and David has sort of played a kind of father role in my life. He’s been so attentive and so kind to me. I love him so much, and I know he loves me too.Neither of us has dated very much, well – I guess David has had a few steady girlfriends. But, I have never had a real boyfriend. I think part of that is my nervous personality, it must scare boys away. But, and this really bothers me, I think it’s mostly my tiny chest. Why would anyone even want to be my boyfriend? David tells me not to worry like I do, about boys and my little breasts, but I just can’t help it.David has never had a really serious relationship. But knowing him like I do, that always seemed funny, especially because David is so sweet and cute. I never understood that. I guess that a lot of girls only like boys who are loud and manly. David isn’t like that. He’s calm and quiet, and there is a very real kindness that I just LOVE about him. Maybe I am the only one who sees it? Maybe to the rest of the world he just appears shy, but I know better. His kindness and support is something I depend on – I really do.I’ve missed a lot of school this year, and I may not be able to graduate. I went through a difficult emotional time. I don’t really know why, but it was a really hard thing for me to just do the day-to-day stuff that’s expected of me. I just kind of withdrew into this sad and lonely place. Sometimes, I think it was because David went away to college, and I was here at home without him.This must sound so pathetic, but it feels true. I really missed him. But – Thank God, he has been really good about calling me.When I pick up the phone, he’ll say, “Hi there Little-Lisa-Baby.” Oh God, whenever I hear him say that, my heart will just soar.He is SO attentive to me on the phone. Sometimes we talk, like, three times a day! It’s helped me a lot, and I LOVE ever second on the phone with him. I have been totally honest about my worries and how scary it was to feel so lost and so insecure. David is so wonderful, maybe he doesn’t have all the answers, but he was kind and a good listener, and that’s what I needed.I know this might sound weird, but David dated my best friend Elizabeth. It only lasted for a little while when he was still living here during the summer after he graduated from high school. At the time it was fine. But, it gets weird when she falls into her arrogant and bragging moods. Once, she even explained that she and David had – well – that they actually “did it” together, and she said he gave her a tremendous orgasm. She went on an on, explaining that he could fuck for a long time without cumming! I gotta say, that was weird for me to have to listen to. I mean, I really love my brother and hearing my friend go on and on was sort of upsetting.Elizabeth broke it off with David; she seemed to hint that he was just too quiet. I don’t think she really knew or understood him. He has such a sensitive way about him, and she couldn’t see the thing that I love most about him. It was weird, Elizabeth tried to hint that maybe my brother was gay. She thought that because he didn’t seem all that interested in her big boobs. When she told me that it was almost like she felt she could control a lot of boys at school, and she couldn’t really control David. So that meant he must be gay. Her logic seemed immature and self-centered.Once, during a late night call with David – I got the nerve to ask him about his experiences with women – but what I REALLY wanted to know was about Elizabeth. He told me some stuff, well – about how awkward dating in college can be – and even a little bit about Elizabeth. I tried to eek out some details, and I had to laugh when he called her breasts “saggy” – Hearing that made me so happy. He was quick to scold me, telling me it wasn’t nice to laugh, and I scolded him right back, explaining that “saggy” wasn’t a nice thing for him to say. He ended up laughing too, it was really funny. I admitted that I knew he and Elizabeth had actually had sex together, and I wanted to know what it was like. It took a lot of nerve for me to ask about it, and I was scared he would be angry. But he was really kindhearted and open about what happened. He explained that it was a beautiful way to show affection, but that there wasn’t enough connection between them, and it made him feel sad. He also said he thinks sex would be so more fulfilling if he were completely in love with the partner. He lamented that he’s never experienced that deep love with anyone.I didn’t let him know that Elizabeth said she had a super intense orgasm when they were “doing it” together, but a part of me wanted to say something. I’m glad I didn’t, I think it would have embarrassed him.He seemed open to talking, and I appreciate his honesty. And, I guess I’m a little jealous of Elizabeth, because David is just so sweet and kind, and she got to experience something wonderful from him.Sometimes I’ll get all worried and sad during these late night phone calls. I’ve even shared my obsessive feelings and insecurities about my flat chest. I was really worried it would come across as totally weird, his little sister, talking about something so personal. But, as usual, he was simply wonderful. I think that when I tried to explain my true feelings and my anxieties about my tiny breast, he could hear the emotion in my voice. He knew it was a deep and serious thing for me.David knows me so well, so he knows how sensitive I am about my tiny breast issues. I told him about Elizabeth, and the way she flaunts herself, by showing her cleavage, and purposely wearing clothes that would show off her big breasts. And she just seems to attract boys, and she makes sure to remind me about it. Why would my best friend act that way? It just feels like the whole world wants bigger and bigger breasts. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, everything just seems to trap me in such a sad place, and it makes me sort of hate myself because of it.But David saves me. He can be so deeply concerned and understanding. It’s helped a lot to get his perspective. He’s even said that a lot of boys (well, I guess men too) really like women with little tiny breasts. It seems funny, but for some reason, I NEVER really believed that. He told me, “It’s true Lisa, I think a lot of boys prefer girls with little boobs.”I asked, “Are you serious?”He said, “Yes, and just so you know, I really love girls with little tiny breasts, I think they are beautiful.”Oh my god, that was the most wonderful thing he could have said to me. Just hearing that made my heart pound with excitement.I couldn’t help but think he was talking about ME, it felt like he was being appreciative of my chest. Oh God, I love him for being so nice to me.I was so grateful that he actually told me that he “loves girls with little tiny breasts,” He said it to me on the phone. He really said it! Hearing him say that warmed my heart, he was really thoughtful and kind. I was so RELIEVED when I hung up. I replayed that line in my head over and over. It was like some compulsive tape loop in my soul.I am just so lost sometimes, and my problems are all scrambled together, my insecurities, my identity, my sadness and I guess my sexuality too. And David helps me with all of that. And it just feels so bad that he’s away at school, and I’m here, all alone, I just feel so needy without him. And then I thought about the most recent phone call I made to my brother. It was just two nights ago, I called him late at night in his dorm room and I was crying. I was really emotional and I just had to hear his voice. As soon as he said hello, I just sobbed, and I began to babble in an foolish way about awful I was feeling.Then, I just sort of blurted out, “I had a – a – relationship with – with – a boy from school. It wasn’t right, and it just ended.”I could tell that I surprised him, and he said, “Lisa? You never told me.””I know, I’m sorry, I feel awful – like I was hiding it from you.””Why?””I don’t know. It was awkward.””Oh Lisa, you should be able to share anything with me.” “Do you mean that?””Of course. I’m your brother.”Then I cautiously whispered, “David, I’m not a virgin anymore.”He was silent for just a moment, and then he asked, “Lisa, what happened?”I spoke quietly, “It happened when both of us had been drinking, a lot. Mom was away, and it was in my room, and it was totally dark, so I didn’t see anything, and I actually remember almost nothing. I think I was passed out when it happened. In the morning I woke up, he was gone, and there was blood on my sheets. I’m really confused, that night is just a blur, and I regret it.””Oh Baby, please don’t feel bad about it.””I can’t help it. It was so – well – sad – and it was so confusing. I mean – I guess I kind of wanted some kind of – I don’t know – some tenderness, but he was just wasn’t nice to me.””Please, don’t worry.””What I want to say – what bugs me – I feel so – incomplete and I don’t know what to do.””Go on – I’m listening.””After it happened, and I would see him in the halls at school, he wouldn’t even look at me.””Oh baby, that’s terrible.””And I heard, through someone else, that he talked about me.””What did he say?””It was awful, he said that I was – that I my – that my breasts were too little, and that made me feel terrible.”I paused and got all quiet. Then I whispered, “He was so mean, I heard that he told his friends that I got – that I got…”He tenderly whispered, “Little-Lisa-Baby, it’s okay to tell me.””Oh God, this is so embarrassing. I mean, he told his friends that my breasts were too small.”We were both silent after I said that, and I was so scared I had said too much.Finally he said, “Lisa, when I look at you, I feel so lucky, you are more than just my little sister, you are the most important friend I could ever have. You are beautiful, and I love you with all my heart.”Oh my god, I felt so comforted, that he would say something so wonderful and kind.Then he went on, “Really and truly. I love you so much – I’m always amazed, just to be near you.”I whispered, “Thank you. Oh God – thank you – It helps SO MUCH to hear you say that.”He whispered, “I just want you to know how much I care about you.”Then he cautiously added, “And I need you to know, that – that – I think you are beautiful, especially – your – lovely delicate little breasts.”I sort of gasped, “What? Really?”He sounded so honest when he whispered, “It’s true, I love your tiny little breasts, they are absolutely perfect.”I was suddenly overwhelmed with relief.”Oh David, thank you – for being such a good brother.”We spoke for a little while longer, and it felt so good because he eased some of the pain. When we finally hung up, I was so relieved and somehow I was indebted to him for being so kind.That call was two nights ago, and ever since then I have been SO eager to see him again. It’s been making me crazy to wait for him to get home.So, back to the morning when I was lying on my bed. It had been a sort of restless night, and I had slept poorly. I was just so excited about my brother coming home again. Sometimes I wake up super early before the sun comes up and I’ll put on my headphones and listen to music. David added a bunch of stuff to my iPod from a songwriter named Nick Drake. Oh my God, it’s so beautiful – and I was listening to that as the morning sun filled my bedroom room.David was supposed be back home later in the day. He was planning to drive back, and spend the two-weeks of Easter break here at the house. I hadn’t seen him in so long, and I was super excited and anxious to spend the time with him again.The house was empty, and I always feel more peaceful when I am alone. Mom was still at work on her all night nursing shift, and she didn’t get home until later. Since dad died, she works a lot, maybe too much. But, with nobody around, I just lay there, lost in the haunting and sensitive music. It felt good.I lay there on my bed with the headphones on, and I relived that phone call with my brother. I thought about how he ended the call by complimenting me.I remembered him softly telling me, “I love your tiny little breasts, they are absolutely perfect.” His canlı bahis soothing words voice kept repeating in my head, over and over again. It felt so good because knew he was talking about MY breasts, he was telling me my own breasts were beautiful!I wanted to stay in bed, but I knew I had to start my day and I suddenly felt in desperate need of a shower.I listened to David’s music until the end of the song, and then I got up out of bed and looked in my big full-length mirror on the back of my bedroom door.Like always, I had slept in just a pair of panties and no shirt. And that’s all I was wearing as I saw my reflection in the mirror. I was, as always, immediately fixated on my tiny breasts. They are just so small, it’s like they aren’t there at all. I feel so sad when I see myself like that, it just seems so unfair. The fact is that I’m tiny all over, I’m not too tall, I have short hair and narrow shoulders. My hips aren’t too wide and I have a sort of small bottom. Even my plain white panties seemed small. David always describes me as petite, and that’s a really kind way of saying that I’m small. I don’t understand why I always feel so sad when I see myself like this.The only thing that makes me feel better is thinking about what David told me on the phone when he said, “I love your tiny little breasts…”His heartfelt words truly helped me.I leaned over, just leaned a little bit forward, and turned sideways to look at myself. My breasts were just big enough to poke out from my chest, just plump little buds. They would hang down just a little in a soft cone shape.It seemed so funny that my brother would admit to me that he liked my little breasts. I mean, why did he say that? He actually admitted that he “loved” them, but just couldn’t understand what he saw in them.And then I stood upright, and put may arms straight up above my head and I could make my breasts disappear almost completely. I looked like a little boy.I had to wonder, was my brother some kind of pervert? It helped me so much when he complimented my tiny breasts, and I know he was being honest, I can tell. But how could he admit to loving them? Oh God, I was so baffled by David.I put my arms back along my side, and stared at my nipples. They are just a little bit more pink than my pale skin. I guess maybe they are cute, but I don’t really know what to think. Then I pulled my panties off and looked at myself in the mirror. I had just shaved my pubic hair the night before. I don’t really know why I did it, other girls in school had talked about they shaved themselves, and Elizabeth brags about it too. I just felt left out and I thought maybe I was supposed to shave myself, because of Elizabeth.But looking at my tiny body in the full length mirror without my pubic hair, and now that I was shaved, I could see the top edge of my vagina. Oh God – I felt like I was 12 years old again.Right then, looking at myself naked, I just felt so confused. Maybe a shower would help.I opened the door, and stepped into the hall, I didn’t have any concerns about being nude, because I felt certain I was all alone in the house. The hallway from my bedroom has a corner just before the bathroom door, and as I stepped around – I suddenly saw David a few steps outside of the bathroom – naked and wet.It scared me so much I almost screamed. I was frozen in fear, and my heart was suddenly pounding.In a sort of electric reflex, I put one hand across my chest, and the other I cupped between my legs, I was desperately trying to hide.My brother was surprised and scared too, I could see it in his eyes. We were facing each other in the narrow hallway, David was totally naked – just like me – and it was such a shock for both of us. I don’t know why – but I was frozen, and so was David.My mind was spinning, he shouldn’t be here, he wasn’t supposed to be home until late tonight. I almost felt like it was a dream, seeing him so soon.Both of us were naked and too embarrassed to speak, we just stood there staring at each other. Have you ever heard someone explain a car accident? They say that time stands still, like everything is in slow motion – and every detail is heightened. That’s how I felt. It was like I was in some sort of dream state, like the fear in me was so overpowering that I just kind of seized up.It’s hard to articulate what the shock felt like – my brother David just stood there in front of me, and he stayed absolutely motionless.He was looking at my hand across my chest, and I wanted to scream and run back to my room, but for some reason, I could hear his voice in my head, from that wonderful phone call. I remembered him softly telling me, “I love your tiny little breasts, they are absolutely perfect.”And then I did something that I didn’t understand. I slowly let my arm drop, and I cupped it over the other hand between my legs.Oh God – I couldn’t believe I was actually letting my brother look at my tiny breasts.I watched as his eyes grew wide with astonishment.Oh fuck, he was staring at me – and I could tell what he was looking at, he was completely focused on my little tiny breasts. He had this amazed and haunted expression. I wanted to run, but I just couldn’t. I stayed there, right in front of him.I feel funny writing this – But I had NEVER seen a boy naked before – and I didn’t really know what to expect. I couldn’t help it, I let my eyes look at David’s penis, it was hanging down and I was shocked at how long it seemed. Please don’t think I’m weird, but, I couldn’t help it. He was right there in front of me, I couldn’t help it.I looked back up to David’s eyes, and he looked so scared, but he didn’t move. I looked down at his penis again, and I was shocked to see that it was bigger than it was just a few seconds before. Oh fuck, it was growing, getting harder. I was totally amazed, and when I looked up at his eyes, and I could tell he was still entirely fixated on my flat chest.I just stood there with my heart racing.I looked back down, and David penis was moving and growing. Seeing this was so scary, but I couldn’t take my eyes away. I watched – I was mesmerized as it enlarged, and in almost no time it was pointing up, straight at me. Oh my God, it looked huge.It seemed like it was throbbing, matching my heartbeat – I felt dizzy when I saw this, and I was so scared I thought I might pass out. I nervously pressed my cupped hand a little tighter against my freshly shaven vagina, I could feel the smoothness against the palm of my hand.Then, I slowly moved my hands from between my legs, so now David could see all of me, totally naked standing before him.David was now staring at me in such a haunted way, I just stood there and let him look at me.I felt so vulnerable and scared, but at the same time, I was mesmerized by his erection. Right at that moment, all I could think was that my beautiful brother told me I was pretty, and it made me feel so scared.I was frozen there in front of him, my hands at my side, and I all I could do was focus on his throbbing erection.I had just stared at myself, at my tiny body in the full length mirror in my bedroom. So I knew exactly what my brother was seeing, my tiny little breasts, and I didn’t have any pubic hair so he could see the top edge of my vagina, I thought I looked like I was a 12 year old again.He didn’t move and I didn’t move.Oh my God, I was absolutely hypnotized by my brother’s beautiful erection, pointing up at meSuddenly – from downstairs – I heard the front door open, we both realized at the same time that Mom was home. David didn’t move, he just looked at me, confused and lost. Mom yelled, “Hey k**s… anyone home?”We were both suddenly jolted out of our frozen trance and very aware of what was happening. I looked down at myself and saw my topless chest and my very erect nipples. I threw my hands over my tiny breasts to hide them. I felt so ashamed and tears began to well up in my eyes.I looked up at David and whispered, “I’m sorry.” Then I ran back the few steps into my room and closed the door. A few seconds later I heard David close his bedroom door too.I stood there, at my bedroom door, looking at my naked body in that full-length mirror. I looked so scared, there was a kind of monumental emotion in my eyes. What was even more overwhelming was the view of myself, especially my breasts. This might sound crazy, but – right then – I saw myself as pretty. I don’t really know if I had ever seen myself this way. I was shocked at how this made me feel, my breasts, even though they were small, seemed perfect and beautiful. My nipples were hard and erect, and the image was utterly lovely. I looked down to see my shaved vagina, and instead of seeming embarrassing, it looked smooth and beautiful. I was suddenly seeing myself as pretty, and it was something I had NEVER experienced before, and – oh God, it felt so good. Something had happened, and huge weight had lifted from my heart.Then I heard my Mom coming up the stairs.I jumped into bed and covered myself with my blanket.She announced, “Hello, I’m home! David, are you up yet? I saw your car in the driveway.”Then I heard David’s voice, “Hi Mom, I got in this morning, I drove all night.”I could tell David was back in the hall, and he and Mom talked and it was easy for me to listen.”You drove all night?””Yeah. It was nice, there was no traffic, and I was excited to get back home.””Are you tired?””I feel pretty good, I got home and took a shower, I was about to lay down in my old bed when I heard you come upstairs.””Is Lisa up yet.””No, her door has been closed, and I didn’t want to wake her.”Then I heard a small knock on my door.Mom said, “Lisa Honey, are you awake?”I faked a sleepy tone, “Hmmm, I just woke up, what is it?””Can I come in?”I pulled my blanket snug up to my chin and said, “Sure, c’mon in.”The door opened and Mom said, “Look who came home!” And there stood Mom and David was right behind her. He had on shorts and a t-shirt. He looked a little bit frightened and said, “Hi there Little-Lisa-Baby.”I looked up, “D-David? Y-you are home early!””I should have called you, but I drove all last night and got home a just a little while ago.””Really?””I wanted to be quiet when I got in the house, it seemed too early to wake you.””I – I think I may have had my headphones on for a little while this morning. I was listening to music. I wouldn’t have heard you anyway.”It was weird, we were basically explaining to each other what had happened, right there in front of Mom.”Oh – because I got in and the first thing I did was take a shower, I was – I was worried I might wake you – so I called out your name, a few times, but you didn’t answer, it must be because you had your headphones on. I didn’t know you were home. I thought I was all alone.””Oh? I didn’t hear anything – I thought I was all alone in the house too.”Then Mom said, “Listen up you two, I have to leave again.””What is it?” David asked.”I got a call that they need help at the hospital I used to work at, they have a staffing crunch, and they are desperate. So, I am going to drive over there, work the afternoon shift, and then sleep at my friends house – and work two more shifts. So I won’t be home for 3 days.”David said, “I’ll be here for my full spring break, almost two weeks.””Good, I want to see you see you then, we can catch up.”My brother asked, “Can I do anything?””David, your’e and angel. Please make me some tea while I pack up, and then I have to run.”And then Mom was gone from my doorway. David and I looked at each other, and I could tell he was really embarrassed.I whispered almost silently, “I am so sorry…”He looked worried and sad, and then he went downstairs.I lay there under the covers, awash in emotion.That moment in the hall really surprised me, the shock of seeing David naked, Oh God, my heart was still pounding.My mind was spinning with the vivid image of my beautiful brother standing there, looking at me, at my tiny breasts, and at the same time watching him get hard like that. Did it happen fast, or slow? Were we in the hall a few seconds, or a few minutes? Why didn’t I cover myself up? Why didn’t I run away?Why did David let me see him? I mean, I watched his penis get all hard and stiff. He was looking at me – at my little tiny breasts, and – oh God – it made him get an erection. Why? What happened?My mind was filled with the image of his naked body, and as I thought of it, the more frightened I got. My mind was spinning – Oh Fuck – I made my brother get an erection – I watched it happen! And – It was ME, really and truly – he thought I was pretty – he was seeing ME, and – and…I don’t know why, but even though I was scared, I really wanted that moment to last longer – I didn’t want it to end. I truly wanted him to stare at me. I felt beautiful.It seemed like just a few minutes went by, and Mom was at my open door again, but now with a suitcase. She said, “Lisa – I gotta go, please take care of your big brother. I’ll be home in three days.””Bye-bye” I whispered.”G’bye – I love you.””I love you too Mom…”And she was gone. I heard her downstairs, and I heard David walk out to the car with her. I heard Mom’s car start up, and then I could tell it was backing out of the driveway – then it was gone.There was a moment of silence, and I knew that Mom was off and on her way.Suddenly, I just started sobbing. What had happened? Was I going crazy? I was embarrassed in a way that was just devastating. My head was all mixed up with too many thoughts – it felt overwhelming. Seeing David, my big brother, naked and watching him get so turned on by seeing my body really frightened me. He seemed so scared, and – at the same time I watched him get hard – and it looked HUGE.I was soaking my pillow with tears. I didn’t know why this was happening. As I lay there, lost in my sobbing, I heard a tiny tapping on my door.I looked up and saw David standing in the hall. He looked serious and very concerned. I felt so ashamed that he was seeing me like this, crying and emotional. He cautiously asked, “Can I come in?”I didn’t answer.I must have looked totally pathetic, with my face all wet from crying. I rolled onto my back and pulled the blanket up tight around my chin because I was completely naked under the covers and I was so bahis siteleri embarrassed and upset. It took a long time for me to calm myself down enough to whisper, “Okay, come in.”He came in and sat down on my bed, way down by my feet.I said, “I’m sorry I’m crying like this.””No, don’t apologize, it’s okay, I think I understand.”I just looked at him, and continued to cry.David whispered, “Lisa, I’m so sorry that I startled you in the hall, I really thought I was alone in the house.”I looked David into eyes and saw that he genuinely worried and upset too, just like me. I couldn’t speak, I somehow had all of his attention, but was unable to find any words.I finally said, “It scared me.””I know, it scared me too, I’m sorry.””David, I was – I am upset, but not because I thought I was alone, but – because – because…” “It’s okay, you can tell me.””Because – well, I have never seen…” and I trailed off.”Lisa, don’t worry. Nothing you say will upset me.””It scared me too, because I have never seen you – or any boy – naked before.”David spoke cautiously and slow, “I was scared too, at my own reaction… I know you saw me, that I was – well – that I was…”He trailed off, unable to finish. I knew he was trying to tell me about how he got hard in front of me. I could see how upset he was, and it broke my hear to see him so worried. David continued, “I am so sorry that you saw that.””I didn’t understand what was happening, it was scary,” I whimpered, and my voice sounded shaky. I stared at David who sat very still. What in the world must he be thinking? He slid just a little closer to me, and it made me tingle. I was still crying, but right then, my face felt very warm and I think I even stated to tremble a little. I was so nervous that I thought I was going to pass outFinally, David started to speak to me – very softly, almost in a whisper.”Lisa, I wasn’t prepared to see you – to see something so perfect and beautiful.”Suddenly, my heart was pounding, “W-what?””You looked – you ARE – so beautiful, seeing you, I’m sorry – it was just TOO much for me…””David?””I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say any of this…””NO!” I blurted out. “I mean, it’s okay – I don’t mind.”The eagerness in my voice was obvious, and I know it surprised David.”Should I stop talking?””Oh David, no, it’s okay – I mean – please – it’s okay if you want to say something..”It was an odd moment, and right then I realized I had stopped crying. And I was looking so intensely at my beautiful brother, and I was so eager to hear his soft gentle voice. “Are you sure?””Yes, it helps me – it has ALWAYS helped me to listen to you. Really, I’ve really missed you since you’ve been away at college. I miss listening to you.””Well, remember, two nights ago, you called me, and you were all upset and crying.””Y-yes, I remember.”That was when I told him I had lost my virginity when I was passed out in a dark room.And then David just sat there, and he looked so worried. I was confused. I wanted to let him know how much I love him, how he was the only person in the world who had ever truly helped me, but I just didn’t know what to say.Then he got up, and moved so he was sitting right next to me on the bed. I was still hiding under the covers, and he moved in close and he looked down at me as I lay there on my back, looking up at him.He nervously whispered, “Lisa, can I – is it okay – can I hold your hand?”Oh my god, I just melt when David gets like this, he is SO caring and kind. I just love him when he acts so tender. I carefully slid one hand out from under the covers. I held the blanket to my chin with the others.He gently took my little hand in his. I was shocked at how warm and soft his hand felt.It was so gentle I thought I might cry.David said, “Lisa, I need to say this, and I wish I had said it before – on the phone.””You can tell me.””I know how sensitive and vulnerable you are, and that’s what I love about you. Really, if you get sad sometimes, and I know you do, please understand that it’s okay. You are just more able to feel emotions than other people, and I deeply love you for that.”And then he squeezed my hand.”That night, on the phone. I wanted to help you so badly.””I know…””When I heard you say that – the boy who – who did it – when you told me that he said those mean things about your – your beautiful breasts, I cried…””What? You did?””Yes, I couldn’t help it. Little-Lisa-Baby, please listen to me. You are so beautiful, and…”What?””I’ve missed you SO much since I’ve been away at school.””Really?”David took a deep breath, and then he said, “And just before Mom got home – in the hall – when I saw you…””Tell me…””W-when I saw you in the hall – I was – I was…””Tell me…””Seeing you, like I did – without your shirt, it was – so…””Tell me, pleeeease!””Little-Lisa-Baby, I didn’t know that God was capable of creating someone so glorious and so perfect and so exquisite.”When he said that, my heart just melted.”Oh David…””You are so beautiful, and seeing you – and – your – your delicate breasts – You looked so magical.”I put his hand to my lips, and kissed it, and I kind of stammered, “Thank you, oh my god, you can’t know how GOOD that makes me feel – it helps me – really, it helps me – SO much!”And David looked right in my eyes and whispered, “Lisa, thank you for not hiding anything from me, I am so glad you let me – that you let me see you.”I whispered, “I could tell you were looking at my breasts.”Then, I kissed his big smooth hand again. I was so happy, and so grateful.And we sat there in silence for a long time, and I was content and at peace. I could feel him squeeze my hand.After a few minutes I said, “What happened in the hall, it felt like a dream, like time had stopped.”He seemed lost and sort of haunted.I asked, “Are you okay?David sounded so lost as he told me, “I’m not sure, I just feel like maybe I told you too much.”? “No, I loved hearing it.”He whispered in a quiet shaky voice, “I feel like I’m – all obsessed – with your breasts, by how small they are.”I whispered, “I can make them smaller.””What?”I said, I can make them smaller.”And he suddenly looked directly at me with a sort of crazed expression. I had never seen him so intense.He stammered, “W-what do you mean?””Really – I can – I can make them almost disappear.””I don’t understand.””All I need to do it put my arms above my head and stretch out, when I am laying on my back.”He gasped, “R-really.””It’s true, I put my arms like this.”And I let go of his hand and pulled the blanket snug up to my neck, and than reached both arms up and over my head, toward the headboard of the bed.I smiled nervously at him, and he smiled back at me in this warm way that just melted my heart.I said, “Now, with my arms like this – they are pretty much gone.”He was suddenly focused entirely on the blanket, right where my breasts were. And he was breathing louder.”Lisa, Oh God…” he whimpered.I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I could tell he was totally enthralled in a crazy kind of way, and I was getting him all aroused. It made me feel so excited and pretty.”Lisa, this is – this is so beautiful.”He moved in even closer to me, and sort of squirmed in the way he was sitting. He was looking right at my chest, the thin blanket seemed totally flat and smooth, but my nipples were easy to see under the thin fabric. I let him stare – I truly wanted him to enjoy this moment. Oh God, I felt beautiful.Without moving his eyes from my chest, he began to gasp, little short breaths.”Are you okay?””Lisa – Oh God, this is too much – I’m sorry – this is too intense for me.””Are you upset?””NO! Oh god, no – I’m not upset – I feel – I don’t know…”He squirmed in a frantic sort of way, and at the same time, he looked so overly emotional. I couldn’t believe it, and it made me feel so beautiful.And then, in a sort of anxious panic, David took his shirt off. At that moment, all he was wearing was his shorts.He looked at me and cautiously asked, “Can you – just stay still – Just like you are – Please?”He sounded nervous and excited.I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I quietly replied, “Okay…”? I watched as he put his hand on the blanket, down near my legs, next to where he was sitting.And then I felt the tinniest movement of the blanket and sheets, and I realized he was gently pulling them down. I felt the blanket slide off my chin, and slowly move down to my neck.My instinct was to tell him to stop, but I didn’t do anything, I just stayed still, with my arms up above my head on the bed.I watched my brother’s beautiful eyes – they were wide with anticipation.I felt the blanket as it slowly slid along my body, the movement of the sheet was tickling my hard nipples, and it was sending these joyous electric tingles throughout my body. When the blanket had moved down to my shoulders, my brother began pulling even slower.All I could do was stay still, and let him do what he needed to do.It might have taken over a minute for David to pull the blankets down so the bare skin of the top of my chest was slowly getting revealed.I looked down at myself and even though I’m really flat, I could see that the slight plump pale skin of the tops of my tiny breasts were now uncovered for my brother to see.I felt the blankets stop their movement and my brother softly whispered, “Lisa, please just stay still – please.”I didn’t say anything I just stretched my arms as far as I possibly could, trying to make my breasts look even smaller, I think I may have even squealed a little from trying so hard.Then I felt the blankets slowly moving, and I was focused on my brother’s eyes as he uncovered my chest, I could feel the cool air of the room on my nipples as I watched his expression change to a sort of desperate longing.He pulled the blanket down to about my belly button and stopped.He excitedly whispered, “Oh my God, Lisa – You are so beautiful.”And then he looked at me, in my eyes. I was smiling – I was so joyous. I loved seeing him so excited, so I stretched my arms even farther over my head, and this made my chest appear totally flat, with my hard nipples pointing upwards.Immediately, David gasped, “Oh – Oh god…”I couldn’t believe I was really doing this, letting my brother look at my bare chest. Oh God, I felt so beautiful. I absolutely LOVED letting David see me like this. With my arms stretched like this, my breasts are almost perfectly flat and my nipples were SO hard. It was so exciting and I could feel myself getting all wet under the covers.I could tell my brother was beyond excited, and – Oh my God – I wanted – I NEEDED – him to look at me. The way I was lying, my arms stretched out above me making my chest so flat – I dearly LOVED letting him see me – my hard nipples. David was staring at me, at my chest – and I just felt so beautiful.David stared wide-eyed, he looked absolutely euphoric. My heart was pounding. I was unbelievably joyous.Then, I watched as he squirmed on the bed and pulled his shorts off, and I saw his erect penis spring out.I gasped, “Oh my god…” David was totally naked, and was sitting next to me so close.My brother was acting so desperate as quickly climbed up onto the bed, next to me, and he was on his knees, looking down at me.He whispered, “I love you Little-Lisa-Baby…”I couldn’t answer, it was like I was hypnotized by the sight of his beautiful erection so close to me.And then, without me really realizing how, he had climbed onto me – he was suddenly straddling me – on his knees – with one leg on each side of my hips. He was right above me, and he was naked and beautiful.His erection was breathtaking, and it pointed at me, just above my tummy. I was looking up at the underside and I could see it was sort of throbbing. Oh fuck, I was afraid to move.David’s eyes were focused on my flat chest. My nipples were as hard as I had ever seen them, and they were pink and plump against the almost perfect flatness of my chest.He stammered, “Oh – Oh god, Lisa you are so beautiful.”And then I watched as David leaned over and reached above my head, and put both his hands on my out stretched arms, and he sort of extended them out even more. I arched my back and kept looking at his erectionMy brother was over me, his knees pushed tight into my armpits, and his hard penis was touching me, sliding against my nipples and the smooth pale skin of my chest. His hands we holding my arms in place.I am so short and tiny, and David is tall and thin, and his erection – oh god, it felt SO heavy against my petite torso. I could feel its weight, and I could feel its warmth.At that moment, I felt more beautiful than I ever had in my life. I loved what was happening.It was so electric, I mean – David’s penis was just a few inches from my face. And then, he firmly rubbed the big purple head of his penis against my hard nipples. I literally gasped from the sensation. He whimpered slow and shaky, “Y-yes – Oh god – Yes…” As he spoke he sort of shivered, and his erection seemed to get even bigger.I was suddenly flooded with a kind of ecstasy, I had spent so long hating my breasts – and now all that was gone. My beautiful brother was on fire because of me – because he loves my breasts.I wanted to touch myself so badly, I could feel my clit straining for my fingertips. But I was held in place by my brother’s gentle hands and I stayed in that pose knowing it was electrifying for him to see me like this.And then he lifted erection up a little, and there was a tiny thread of liquid that had moistened my nipple, and it was connected to the little opening on the end of his penis.When I saw that, I began to involuntarily pump my hips, I was eagerly humping from the intensity of everything, I could tell David felt it.I kicked the blankets off the bed so now I was lying under my brother completely naked and uncovered.We stayed like that for a long time, David firmly holding my arms in place and rubbing my hard nipples with his hard erection. And as we stayed like this, I could feel the rhythm of my hips getting stronger and more enthusiastic.Oh God, I could tell I was getting really wet, and I desperately wanted to move my hands and start rubbing myself.Suddenly, my brother moved down along the bed, he was on all fours down between my knees. I could see güvenilir bahis he was staring at my freshly shaved vagina.Before I knew what was happening, David had his erection pressed against vagina. I was thunderstruck by the sensation. David was breathing deeply, his chest rising and falling. Seeing David so eager – so hungry – made me feel entranced, like the whole world was telling me yes.I begged, “David – Oh God – Please!”Then I felt him sort of rubbing the head of his erection on one little point, on my sensitive clitoris. “David – Oh GOD! This feels so good – Don’t stop.”And he pressed a little harder. I moved my arms from over my head, and I sat up on my elbows to see what was happening. I looked down at the head of his rock hard dick pressing firmly against my vagina. I just felt swallowed up as the sensations began to build, to multiply.And then I started to whimper, I couldn’t help it – the feeling of beauty and love was exploding in me. I felt myself start to shiver – all over.I sat up a little bit taller, I needed to see. David knew I was watching, and I was shaking with excitement. Then, I watched him, he pushed his erection firmly against my slippery vaginal lips. I looked down between my legs and said, “David, it looks too big – I don’t know if I can…”He begged, “Please Lisa – please…”I whispered a shaky, “Okay, I’ll try.””Lisa, I love you. I truly love you.”The kindness in his voice just seemed to make me melt. “I love you too.”And then I simply allowed myself to trust my beautiful brother. I tried to relax, but it was just TOO intense. He was pushing against me pretty hard, but nothing was happening.My brother suggested, “Maybe you should lie down instead of sitting up, that might help.”I replied, “David – please – I want to watch, please.”My brothers moved his hands and held me up enough so I could look down and watch. I stayed propped up on my elbows – watching – as my brother kept pressing against me. I moved my legs a little wider on the bed, hoping it would help.My brother arched his hips and push a little harder in towards me, the sensation was smooth and beautiful. I could watch the big head slowly enter me, and it felt different than I imagined, it felt so much more smooth and slippery.David held onto me, and he was cautious and tender, helping me as he cautiously inched his erection up into me. The sensations were so deep, smooth and wet – it was completely overpowering.Oh God – It was happening so slowly. The way I was propped up on my elbows, I could watch David’s beautiful penis slide its way up inside me – further and deeper.I was in such a dream state, the staggering feelings – the love between us – was something mind-blowing in a way I had never felt before.I watched as he continued to slide it in even deeper, I felt him filling me, I tried to stay still until he was all the way inside me, the entire length of his huge erection. It felt like I could grip his hard penis, like I could squeeze it.I whimpered, “Oh God David, I didn’t believe it would all fit…”He asked me, “Does it feel okay?”He sounded concerned.I gasped, “Oh fuck, It feels SO good!”Then, David gentility moved his hips upward, and it felt so delicious. I melted, I was transfixed by what I was seeing down between my legs. David’s penis felt absolutely enormous inside me. Except for our breathing, both of us were silent, we were riveted by what was happening. Everything felt so smooth and dripping, and I could tell I was incredibly wet.Then I felt my brother ease away from me, and I watched his glossy erection gently slid back out me, my brother was moving slow and smooth. And then – I watched as he tenderly slid in back in again.I couldn’t believe the ecstasy I was feeling – I was lost in the emotional pleasure. I watched as he slid it out again, and pushed it back in. He was slowly gaining speed with each rhythmic thrust. I was breathing with short little gasps, and the only noise that filled the room was my panting.My gaze was fixed intently on his erection as it would glide in and out of me, over and over, it was so much wetter than I ever imagined. It felt velvety and slippery, and my sopping vagina just seemed to swallow his long shaft with each pumping motion. Oh God, it was heavenly. I whispered, “This is – so beautiful.”The way I was sitting upright, and looking down between my legs, I could watch as my tiny little breasts would bounce with each thrust from my brother’s hips. I knew he was looking at my breasts, and it made it feel even more exhilarating. My little nipples where SO hard, and it seemed like David was getting hypnotized as he watched them jiggle. I was amazed at how emotional it felt.Then he softly gasped, “Little – Lisa – Baby…”Oh God – I loved hearing him call me Little-Lisa-Baby, I loved it SO much. Hearing him say that, made my heart began pounding even harder. There was a pleading in his voice, it was so sincere. I was instantly SO turned-on I thought I would explode.I responded by gasping, “David – I love you – I love you SO much!” I was losing myself, what we were doing together felt so magical and beautiful.I watched – I looked down at myself, and I watched my tiny breasts move as my brother pumped harder. The sensations unleashed emotions that pushed me even farther, and I knew I was quickly approaching an orgasm.I was gasping in a quickening rhythm that matched my brother’s pumping hips. I started panting, “I love you – David – Please – David…”My brother was pumping firm and smooth, he responded by putting his lips to my ear and whispering, “Oh Lisa – I love you – so much.” Hearing him say that was unimaginably thrilling, and we continued fucking in a powerful beautiful rhythm. Looking down between my legs, his hard erection was sliding in and out even faster. Everything looked oily and gleaming, I was so wet that it was gliding effortlessly. I watched as my brother began to increase the rhythm, the long shaft would glide in and our, over and over, faster and faster. It felt velvety and slippery, and my vagina just seemed to swallow him with each pumping motion.I watched intently, I was hypnotized by what I was seeing, especially with everything so wet. We could hear warm wet squishy sounds from between my legs. I whispered emotionally, “Oh David, this is – so – beautiful.”I kept my head arched down, focusing on the sopping wet activity between my legs. There was something so amazing about it. I loved the feeling of watching my brother fucking me, it felt electric.Oh God – I was so wet it was gliding so smoothly. I watched his hard penis slide its way up inside me – faster and faster – further and deeper. Everything felt so smooth and dripping. The squishy sound of my own wetness was so sexual, and David continued to pick up speed.Then, my brother forcefully pumped his hips against me, and it felt like he pushed himself even deeper inside me.I sort of screamed, “Oh my GOD – David!”I fell back down from my upright position, and I lay submissive on the bed. I put my arms back up over my head so my brother could look at me, and my hard nipples on my flat chest.And then, little by little, he got even faster. His eyes were focused on my tiny breasts.He began to pant, “Lisa Baby – oh God – Little-Lisa-Baby…”His motions were so passionate as he pumped harder, my sopping vagina swallowing his erection over and over and over.I whimpered, “Oh God – David – I love you…”My emotions were spiraling out of control, the room felt incredibly hot. I stretched my arms further above my head – I loved knowing David was looking at me – At at my flat chest. I felt wet tears running down my face, my whole body was quivering; I could feel my hips start shuddering.My brother was gasping fast and loud, repeating the words, “I love you – I love you – I love you…”I was lost in passion. His erection was slamming in and out with such electricity. Right then I absolutely exploded, I was shaking, an orgasm was ripping though me.I cried out, “Oh God – David!” My brother’s eyes were entirely focused on my shuddering breasts – he was pumping so hard now that they were shaking with each forceful thrust – and I was literally convulsing with ecstasy on the bed – my naked chest was trembling with ecstasy. I started cumming – so hard. And it just went on and on and on. It was incredible how long it lasted.I was insane with eagerness, and I wriggled on the bed as my brother stared wide-eyed at my jiggling little breasts.At that shivering moment, I was simply swallowed up in devotion. All I wanted was for David to feel what I had just felt. I wanted – I desperately NEEDED him to cum too.Then I realized that my brother’s erection was out of me, and he was eagerly climbing back on top of me, straddling my torso. He was up on his knees, and I was looking up at my beautiful brother, at his bewildering erection, and it looked SO HARD, like it was somehow straining for relief. And now it was soaking wet – from me.I was so turned on at that moment, I was just all swallowed up in a profound sense of ecstasy.Then, his hard erection glide across my breasts. Oh God, it made me insane, I absolutely LOVED it – and I was worried I was going to cum again – just from the slippery feeling against my nipples.”This is beautiful…” I gasped.David was up on his knees, and he was feverishly rubbing his hard penis all over my breasts. I wanted to scream with Joy.He began panting, “I love you – I love you…”I was on my back, melting into the bed, and my brother was on top of me, forcefully rubbing my tiny breasts with his thick warm penis. David’s penis just seemed unimaginably huge as it glided across the milky pale skin of my tiny breasts. And his dick was soaking wet – from me.Oh God – I wanted to see him cum. Then, my brother eagerly inched his hips forward, towards my face. I watched as his beautiful erection got closer and closer. I was looking up at the underside of his beautiful oily penis – it was looming above my mouth. It looked wet and exquisite.Before I knew what was happening, my lips were wrapped around my brother’s wet erection. He instantly gasped, “Oh God – Lisa!”The feeling was so delicious – I was tasting my own wetness – I was shocked at how wonderfully smooth the big hard head felt against my wet tongue. It felt slippery and firm in a way that seemed magical. Without hesitation, I started sucking the head of my beautiful brother’s throbbing penis. Everything was happening with such a haunted intensity. The sensations were mind-blowing. I didn’t move, I simply held myself still as I sucked. I loved the feeling of my wet tongue wrapped around the head of his rock hard penis. I knew he would cum any second.I looked up and watched my brother as he watched me, as I sucked the head of his dick. I was mesmerized by the image of my beautiful brother getting so lost and excited. David was leaning over me, on his knees, and he held my head in his hands, he was tender and loving. And somehow, the feeling of my brother being so sympathetic made everything SO much more intense. And I sucked harder and faster. And I looked up as he started whimpering. Everything was multiplying.He whimpered, “Oh God – Oh FUCK – Lisa – I love you…”It was so obvious that he was about to cum, he looked down at me with such devotion.He began to repeat, “I love you – I love you – I love you…”I was sucking hard and I was amazed at how emotional it felt, the feeling of his pulsating erection in my mouth just felt so beautiful.Everything was building as my brother shivered with passion, I sucked faster, and louder. The noise was sloppy and wet sounding and we both shivered from the overpowering sensations. He gasped, “Oh Fuck!”And then – Oh God – I could feel his penis throbbing with a dynamic forcefulness – it was pumping, and I could feel him cumming. My mouth was suddenly filling with something warm and thick – Oh God – it was glorious.Suddenly, the wet purple head of his penis out of my mouth, and he was still shuddering from his orgasm, he was squirting a stream of pale milky cum out onto my chin, he sat up taller on his knees and I could watch it pumping out onto my tiny breasts. I gasped, “Oh God – Oh God!”I was astonished at what I was seeing – I watched as he sort of convulsed as he climaxed, and his penis was moving with each strong spurt – and then my smooth breasts were wet with come – it was pumping out and everything became slippery and warm. And it got all over my chin and neck too.Then he pressed his big beautiful penis against my breasts, and now it was gliding – back and forth across my nipples in a glossy puddle of thick milky cum.Oh my God – I felt SO beautiful!David’s eyes were electric and wide. He was utterly transfixed by the site of my chest all wet and warm.He gasped, “Lisa, I love you – so much…”I whispered, “I love you too…”He was smiling, this haunting and beautiful smile. The powerful smell of my brother’s cum, and the warm wet puddle on my chest filled my bedroom.I was breathing hard and deep. And it took both of us a little while to calm down.My beautiful brother just seemed to melt into me, in a tight and loving embrace. The smell of his cum was thick and it made me feel so exhilarated.He stammered, “That was – that was beautiful.”I replied, “Yes – Oh God – yes…”David was still above me holding my knees, and I watched his penis – still dripping – slowly get soft. He whispered, “Little-Lisa-Baby – You are so perfectly beautiful.””You make me so happy.”Then David just seemed to melt and he lay right on top of me and we hugged. The hot puddle of cum pressing on our bodies. We both seemed to relax, and David leaned down, and gently kissed my sopping nipples, wet with his cum. They were so hard, and so pretty. And then he kissed my neck, and then my chin – I felt beautiful.And then, David leaned in – and carefully kissed me on my mouth, he was delicate and kind, and the feeling of his warm salty lips made my heart soar. My lips were wet wet with his cum, and the joy that I felt is hard to describe. I felt a joy so perfect and enormous, that I thought my heart would burst from happiness.After a few minutes, David curled up against me, like a little boy, with his cheek resting on my soft flat chest.I whispered, “Go to sleep my beautiful brother.”I lay there holding him, and I carefully reached down and covered us with my blanket. It was warm and deliciousAs I drifted off to sleep, all I could think about was Mom being away for three entire days.

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