My college booth buddy


My college booth buddyI was 20, and a college sophomore. I lived at home with my parents and younger sister. College was about a 15 minute drive, so it wasn’t a big deal. On the way between our house and the college was (and still is, over 25 years later now) a small adult bookstore. Among other things, they didn’t have parking around the back of the building, so I would never stop in to check it out. Even so, at the time, I might’ve stopped in to check out the porn videos and toys and stuff, but I didn’t really know about the other side of an ABS at the time (the “arcade”, “video booths”, or whatever your local place calls them).My parents would occasionally go away for the weekend. Sometimes they’d leave my younger sister home too, and sometimes they would leave her with a relative. This particular time, she stayed with a relative (a grandmother). I had the house to myself for the weekend, as would often happen, especially in the summer. So, I got curious about the adult store once again.Because we lived in a small development where everyone knew everyone else as well as everyone else’s cars, I decided not to chance it and took a walk over after it got dark. This way, I’d have no car to park, and no risk that a nosy neighbor would see my car there and report back to my parents.So after donning a dark gray hoodie and hat, I walked over to the store, which took maybe 15 minutes, during which I attempted to build up the courage to actually walk in once I got there. Then, after standing outside the building for another 15 minutes, I realized that even though it was dark, there were plenty of lights, and plenty of changes for neighbors to drive by and notice me. Once I realized that, I walked in the front door, if just to get out if view of the cars driving by.Now, being my first time in an adult store, I’m sure you remember what that feels like. A little exciting, a lot nervous, and that nagging feeling that you’re not getting the whole picture – which came to a head when, after some absentminded “shopping”, I noticed the “arcade” sign pointing to what looked like small booths in the back of the building. I walked towards them, then noticed a very helpful “don’t forget your tokens!” sign on the side, which led me back to the checkout counter. Fortunately, there was a clerk manning the checkout, a younger woman, who was very helpful exchanging some of my cash for tokens and explaining that the “arcade” is nothing more than private movie viewing booths.Relaxing a little after learning what the booths are, I said thank you and walked back to the “arcade” area. It isn’t a huge place, so it looked like 8 booths, 4 per side, in the middle, with a small hallway down each side. There were some movie posters hanging around, and each booth had a door. I walked down one side, and noticed that the doors were all locked. I felt a little better knowing that the doors do lock, and went to the other side, where only the first booth was closed and locked. To be safe, I went back to the last booth on that side, looked around but saw no one, then walked in and shut and locked the door behind me.Being my first time in one of these booths, I surveyed my surroundings. There was some kind of video playing on the wall in front of me, along with a place to insert tokens and a keypad to select movies by number (it reminded me of a vending machine). After realizing that entering a movie number or using the arrow keys would display info or a quick preview of each movie. I started flipping around to see what was in there. Being that we lived in a relatively small town, I was a little surprised with the “variety” available for viewing, which included some things that I’m sure I’d never see in a booth these days…There was also a makeshift bench built out of one wall of the booth, so I took a seat and looked around one more time to take it all in before dropping tokens. The last thing I noticed was what looked like a little “door” in the wall adjacent to the next booth. It was closed, and it had a small handle on one side. I grabbed the handle and slid it partway open, but there was just what looked like another little door on the other side, so I just closed it again. Satisfied that I had a decent handle on my surroundings now, I put in a token, dialed balçova escort up a video, and fairly quickly had myself close to orgasm. A quick scan of the floor didn’t find me a tissue box or anything, but there was a small garbage can; I figured it was better than the wall or floor, and proceeded to shoot my cum in the garbage can. The movie had some time left, but I felt like it was time for me to go, so I walked out, leaving the door open so others might see the movie still playing, and walked back home. Excited, a bit nervous, but also satisfied, I crawled into bed and fell asleep.And this kind of became a thing for me. Not all the time, but when I had some alone time, I’d walk over and use a booth. I started visiting occasionally during the day, and then it was when my parents left my younger sister home too, and eventually even when my younger sister AND parents were home. It worked out okay, I never got caught or ratted out by anyone, which made it a nice exciting diversion.As I got a little more versed in things, the little door between the booths became a focus for me. There were some times when the guy in the next booth would leave before his movie was done, which was cool because I could open the little door and watch both movies. For some reason, it didn’t “click” until one evening when another guy entered the next booth while the door was open. It immediately hit me – in an “oh DUH” moment – that the doors weren’t just to view the movie next door – it was for watching everything next door… and more.When the guy walked into the adjoining booth, I very quickly moved to shut the door. He let me do it, and then after q few minutes, I heard a soft knock against the little door. I opened it a little and managed to creak out the question, “what?”. The guy softly said, “hey man, it’s cool if you wanna share movies, no worries…”. I was very uncomfortable, but also noticed that I was very hard, and from the benches, you couldn’t see each other anyway, just the screens; plus I figured I didn’t know the guy anyway, so I said, “ok…” and left the door open.After a few minutes of stroking with the little door open, and the other guy stroking in the other booth, I noticed that he had gotten up off the bench. He was now standing in the middle of the booth, stroking his cock and watching the movie, as if the little open door was closed. And no matter how I tried to look at my screen and ignore it, I found myself focusing more on the stranger next door stroking his dick so I could watch. I was surprised with the speed that brought me to orgasm, and as I came, I guess he heard, because he said “oh fuck yeah” and came too. I couldn’t stop myself watching this stranger stroking himself knowing I could see, and watching him shoot his ropes of cum as he stroked. This stranger who I just watched cum, whispered that he will be back again tomorrow same time, and with that he left. And before anyone else entered that booth, I also left, and walked back home once again. But this walk home was different – I couldn’t get that thought of this guy letting me watch him cum out of my head, and I could swear that it was my own orgasm that pushed him over the edge too.The next day, I argued with myself all day about whether to go again or not. Eventually the time came around, and I gave in and took a walk. I figured if he wasn’t there, no harm, I’d still use the booth and that’s that. So as usual, I got some tokens, walked down to “my” booth, entered and locked the door behind me. Checking my watch, I was about 15 minutes ahead of the time my booth neighbor was there the day before, so I threw in some tokens and sat down on the bench. I did notice that the little doors were open, and decided to leave them open, in hopes that my booth friend would show up. I stroked very slowly, being careful not to blow my load, and sure enough, about 15 minutes later, I heard the door next to me open and close. My neighbor put in some tokens and selected a movie. I found myself watching through the dimly lit hole in the wall as he pulled down his shorts and boxers, and started to stroke.I worked up the nerve to whisper, “hey man, is that you?”, to which he responded with a “mmmmhmmm” and kept stroking. This was really only the escort balçova second time I saw another man up close in person jerking off, and pretty soon I forgot about the movies playing and just watched him through the hole.After a little time passed, I was snapped back to reality when he said, “so are you gonna let me watch too?” Suddenly I froze, unsure what to do. A million thoughts ran through my head… What if I get caught? What if someone recognizes me? Does this make me gay? He asked a second time, and I finally figured it was a small hole in the wall, so he can’t see much; plus, I figured it was only fair, seeing as how he kept his word to show up again, and was letting me watch again.I nervously stood up, and moved to the center of the booth, about where he was standing in his. For the first time, I was exposing myself to another man – a stranger – in the next booth. I heard him moan when he saw me, which caused us both to stroke faster. I quickly got close to cumming, and aimed my body so it was slightly angled towards the hole. Knowing he was watching was too much, and I started to cum, shooting rope after rope of cum on the floor, with a few even hitting the wall between us.That was it for him – he turned his body towards the hole, and I heard him say, “oh FUCK” as he shot his load at the wall. It seemed like he kept cumming forever, and I could imagine he was covering the wall between us. As he shot the last rope of cum, he angled himself slightly, and I watched this stranger’s cum shoot through the hole between us, landing on the floor very near me. He quickly pulled up his shorts, and I heard him say, “tomorrow, same time, same place”. And with that, he left his booth.My mind raced. I watched this man, a stranger, cum twice. I let him watch ME cum this time. And if I was any closer to the wall, his last shot of cum might have even hit me! I got nervous… there was such a stigma associated with anything “gay”, that I got out of there as fast as I could, and quickly made it back home.That night, lying in bed, I couldn’t get the scene out of my mind. I played it back over and over, stroking my cock as I did. The thought of what I was doing, what I was sharing with this stranger, was overpowering, and I came very hard, barely getting the sheet pulled back in time. After coming down from my orgasm, I cleaned myself up, and went to sleep.I was worried about whether I was turning “gay”, but I worked up the nerve to go back again the next day. Once in my booth, I felt a little reticence, and closed the door on my side of the wall. Like before, I heard the booth door open and close right on time, tokens drop, and a movie begin playing. I was stroking hard when I heard him knock softly on the little door and ask, “Hey bud, that you? You OK?”. My hand reached out to the little door handle, and then I paused. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this again. But before I knew it, my hand slid open the door… and I gasped.My booth friend had the head of his cock right up to the hole between us, and he was stroking it hard too. Once my door was opened, he allowed just his head to pass through the hole in the wall. We were both stroking hard, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or what was happening. This stranger next to me had his hard cock poking through the hole in the wall, pointing at me, as he stroked. While my brain fought with itself about whether this was gay, my body turned itself towards the hole. Now I was stroking my hard cock, just inches away from another man’s cock!He pulled his cock back through the hole; I guessed it was to see what I would do. I said to myself that there was no way in hell I was doing this, as I pushed the head of my own cock through the hole in the wall. Suddenly, my own cock was in my neighbor’s booth! My mind was flooded with thoughts and images, and I wasn’t sure at first that I even felt what I did. And then as my mind cleared a bit, I realized that I did feel what I thought I did – this stranger in the next booth was touching the head of my cock with his own.I stopped stroking, stunned, but there was no way to stem the tide. I whispered, “I’m gonna cum dude…”, and got ready to pull back, when he just said, “do it bud, DO IT!” In that moment, nothing balçova escort bayan else mattered, and I started to cum. He groaned, “oh FUCK yeah man cum on me!” As I did, he rubbed his hard cock head up and down along my cock hole, and I felt myself cumming on this man’s cock! Suddenly he groaned, and I felt him unload right on the head of my cock! I arched back slightly, and as I did, his last shot of his hot load landed right on my balls and dripped down to my ass. He asked if I liked that; I was silent, but replied with action. I leaned back and started to stroke my cock again, soft but quickly hardening, using his cum as lube. The realization that I was stroking my cock, with my holes completely exposed to this stranger’s cum load, was almost too much. I held off for a few minutes as he watched, egging me on verbally. Too quickly I was ready to cum again! I told my booth buddy that I was going to cum, and he said to me, “shoot it through the hole man!” I couldn’t stop myself, and slid my cock head through the hole, pushing it through as far as I could. I heard him say, “FUCK yes I love that cock! Push it all the way through the hole bud, let go of your cock and push it through all the way!” I wasn’t even thinking at this point, I just did as I was asked, and was now standing right up against the booth wall, with my hard dick sticking through the hole completely. He asked if I was still close, and I said I was… and that’s when I felt HIS hand wrap around my shaft!Now I’d love to lie here and say I let him stroke me for a while, but reality is often somewhat harsher… he barely stroked my cock more than a few times when I grunted, “I’m gonna fucking cum!” And with that, I started to cum. HARD. I felt his hand tighten around my bare cock; with that, I just let go while he milked another load from my cock. I heard him breathing heavy, and realized he was stroking again while he pulled the last drops of cum from my bare cock.I was suddenly very nervous, but I still managed to whisper to him, “come on now, it’s only fair to push yours through for me…” I could barely finish the sentence when his hard cock came all the way through the hole for me. His cock was about the same size as mine, and before even realizing it, I wrapped my hand around his bare shaft. He said, “oh fuck man, you’re gonna make me cum again!” I slowly stroked his cock, initially stroking my own with my other hand. But after a minute or two, I started focusing on his cock, and started rubbing his balls through the hole with my other hand. I instinctively got down on my knees, just for comfort since it was so much easier to manage at that height, and kept stroking and rubbing with both hands. I could tell he was getting close, and I just focused on him, even telling him that I wanted to make him cum for me. That was too much for him, and before he could even say anything, he started to blow another load… only this time, not only was I stroking his hard cock for him – I was also face-level with his cum shooting cock.This became clear very quickly – before I could move or even react, his first rope of warm cum his me right in my face! Something told me to see what he thought of that, so I softly said, “holy shit dude, you’re blowing your load on my face!”What it did to him was make him lose any control he had left. He said (loudly, for the first time), “oh FUCK yeah bud take my fucking load baby!”, and he started humping my hands through the hole, while I milked every rope of warm cum from his throbbing cock. My face had taken the brunt of his hot load, with the last few drops hitting my neck and running down my chest…And I couldn’t BELIEVE how GOOD it felt! I felt so hot and dirty and sexy and nasty! I was on my knees in my booth, with a stranger’s cock still in my hands, pointing at my face through the gloryhole – the face he had just hosed down with his cum for the first time! He asked me if I liked it, if I liked the feeling of him shooting his bare load all over my face. I moved my face to the hole and showed him my face for the first time, glistening with his hot sticky load.My cock was rock hard again. I heard him moan as he saw my cum soaked face. Something came over me in that moment, while exposing my face to my booth buddy like that. I licked my lips, and got my first warm salty taste of his cum. He watched me intently, knowing that I was tasting him. He said nothing, and watched as I moved towards the hole. I darted my tongue out of my mouth, and let the tip of my tongue touch his wet dick hole…TO BE CONTINUED…

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