My Cousin , Her Roommate Ch. 01



It was Easter Sunday and my older brother, Andy, and I had just left the family gathering at our aunt and uncle’s house. I was just pulling away from the Stop sign at the corner of their block when Andy asked, “So, did you fuck Corinne today?”

Caught by surprise, I jerked the wheel a bit, causing the car to swerve slightly, then recovered. Corinne is our cousin, three years younger than I am and, in fact, I had actually fucked her that afternoon in the bathroom. I just didn’t think anyone had known. With a smirk on my face, I confirmed his suspicion and asked how he’d known. He told me that when we’d first arrived and he’d noticed her short skirt, he thought the odds were pretty good that he’d at least get a peek up it at some point if he played his cards right. Before he got that opportunity, though, he saw her intentionally flash me when she thought nobody else was looking and, seeing a knowing smile on my face rather than shock, he knew something was up. For the rest of the day, he’d kept tabs on us and noticed that we both disappeared at about the same time for the same amount of time. When he took a look through the house, the only place we could have been was the bathroom and what else would we be doing together in there together but fucking. I commended his detective work but he pressed for background. We had a bit of a drive ahead of us, so I started at the beginning.


It had been about a month and a half earlier when my roommate, Rob, and I had gone up to Montclair State to hang out with some buddies who were still in college. Corinne was in her second year up there, so I got her phone number from my aunt and gave her a call when we got there. She wasn’t in, so I left a message and hoped we’d hook up at some point. My buddies were looking forward to meeting her once I told them that, like me, she was blonde and blue-eyed. I hadn’t heard back from her by the time we headed out the door to a party my buddies knew about, so I just figured I probably wouldn’t end up seeing her. We arrived with a good buzz already going to find that the party was outdoors, centered around a blazing bonfire. Grabbing a drink and heading over toward the flames, I was surprised to hear a feminine voice calling my name.

From the far side of the bonfire, Corinne made her way around to me with a surprised look on her face. She hugged me, something we normally don’t do at family gatherings, and I explained how I wound up there and that I’d left a message on her answering machine. I introduced her to my friends and she introduced us to the three girls who were with her. Since we didn’t know anyone else, Rob and I stayed talking to Corinne while her friends and the rest of my friends continued to mingle and socialize. As the fire began to burn down and the guys hosting the party were getting desperate for firewood (a chair and a door ended up in there), we began to realize how cold it was getting — it was early March, after all. Corinne and her friends were talking about heading back to the dorm and invited Rob and me to go along. The four to two odds seemed agreeable to both of us, so we sought out the rest of our friends to let them know where we were heading. Each of them seemed to be on the make as well, so we just agreed that if we didn’t see them later that night, we’d be by their apartment some time the next day. Rob and I piled into the car with Corinne and her friends and, though it was a tight squeeze, no one was complaining about it. We made one stop on the way back to the dorm to pick up a couple of big bottles of cheap, fruity wine for the girls and a twelve-pack for Rob and me.

Back at the dorm, we settled in Corinne’s room with her roommate, Mena, who was one of the girls with her at the party. The other two girls went to swing by their rooms and each brought back her respective roommate, so we ended up with a little 8 person party of our own (and 6 to 2 odds). We didn’t get into drinking games, “Truth or Dare” or Strip Poker, we just sat around drinking, talking and listening to CD’s. Everyone seemed interested initially in hearing about our family, so we talked about that for a while then went on to other things. I don’t think I was flirting with any one of the girls more or less than any of the others, including Corinne, but as the night wore on, I found myself sitting with and talking with Mena more than anyone. I also noticed that Rob and Corinne seemed to be hitting it off. The party eventually wound down and Corinne and Mena invited us to stay. The room wasn’t that big, so we really wouldn’t have much in the way of privacy, but we kept some music on low and the only light in the room came from the bathroom light being left on (in case any of us needed to find it in the middle of the night). Mena and I retired to her bed and immediately began making out, our arms going around each other.

I guess descriptions of Corinne and Mena would be helpful at this point. Corinne is tall and blonde with blue eyes, fair skin and nice-sized boobs, probably 36C’s. She’s not petite by any means, but neither is she fat. Mena is shorter and darker. She is Puerto Rican, so she has dark hair, which she wore long, dark skin and beautiful dark eyes. şirinevler türbanlı escort Her boobs are probably 34C’s and her ass is incredible.

My left hand immediately went to Mena’s ass, where it cupped her right cheek, and her right hand was rubbing my chest. Before I knew it, she had my shirt off and had moved down to kiss my chest. I then moved a hand to her breast, feeling her hardened nipple pressing against my palm. Soon I began to work her shirt off as well. She pulled her head away from my chest long enough to raise her arms and allow me to remove her shirt. I rolled her onto her back and after feeling her nipples through her bra while kissing her neck, I popped the front clasp of her bra open and moved down to suck her nipples. I played with one nipple with my hand and fingers while sucking and licking the other. While I was concentrating on this, she was reaching down to find the bulge in the front of my jeans. She rubbed it while I worked on her tits, then began to unfasten my jeans. I moved my head back up to make out with her for a moment before rolling onto my back to give her full access. Resting her head on my chest, she put both hands to work getting my pants open while I played with her tits some more. Once they were open, she slipped a hand in and pulled my rigid cock out. She turned her face back to mine to make out as she gently stroked me in her small hand. My hand had gone back down to her ass, first over her jeans, then into her jeans feeling her smooth panties, then finally into her panties sliding down her crack and over each cheek as best I could inside her tight jeans.

When she broke off our kiss, she started working her way down my neck to my chest and eventually maneuvered her way down the bed. She let go off my cock, leaving it swaying like a flagpole as she worked my jeans and underwear down and off. Settling on her stomach between my legs, I felt her grasp my cock in both hands just before it was engulfed in the warm, moist depths of her mouth. She slowly slid her lips down to the base of my cock and back up again once, then twice, before picking up her pace. Pumping the base with one hand, she bobbed her head up and down while her other hand explored my balls. There was nothing for me to do but lay there and enjoy this incredible blowjob, so that’s what I did. In the light from the bathroom, I could just make out Mena’s head moving up and down. I glanced to my left to see if I could make out any of the action on the other side of the room, but couldn’t see more than a wriggling mass on Corinne’s bed. I could feel Mena’s long hair caressing my hips and thighs while her lips caressed my shaft. The only time the up and down motion of her mouth ceased was when she paused to lick my balls, though she continued to pump with her hand. Her tongue journeyed up from my balls along the underside of my shaft and around my head before she engulfed me again. Once my cock started to swell, though, she focused her efforts solely on sucking me off. We were both rewarded when I let loose a torrent of cum into her waiting mouth.

Once she’d drained me, she crawled back up the bed and lay down on me. I felt her tits mash against my chest as we made out but also realized that she was still wearing her jeans. I rolled her onto her side and played with her tits for a few minutes before slipping a hand down between her legs. I could feel the moist heat emanating through her jeans, so I opened them up and slipped my hand inside. Rubbing the front of her panties, I could feel the coarseness of her bush, the damp material and the puffiness of her engorged pussy. I quickly slipped my hand inside her panties, through her bush to the slippery wetness awaiting me. As my fingers passed over her clit, she sucked in her breath. I ran my fingers up and down her slit a few times, about all I could do in the tight confines of her jeans, then removed my hand entirely. She exhaled a disappointed moan but I assured her the best was yet to come. I crawled down the bed and began working her jeans and panties down her legs. As I tossed them aside and she spread her legs apart, I strained to see her nude form laid out before me, but it was almost too dark. I could just make out the darker areas of her bush and her nipples against the lighter background of her skin. I slid my hands up her inner thighs as I leaned forward, ending up lying on my stomach between her legs. I darted my tongue out seeking the sweet juices she was secreting and was aptly rewarded as her pussy was overflowing with them. She moaned softly and writhed on the bed as I ran my tongue up and down her slit before zeroing in on her clit. I slid a finger into her slippery hole as I licked and sucked her clit. She rocked her hips toward my face and gripped handfuls of my hair, holding me in place. My nose pushed into the dark hair of her bush, but my tongue kept moving back and forth over her clit. I licked her slowly while fingering her at a faster pace hoping the conflicting stimuli would drive her crazy. It appeared to be working as her hips were pushing up harder against my face as she arched up off the bed. I could hear her breathing picking up şirinevler ucuz escort as she seemed to completely tense up. Finally, a long ragged breath escaped her and she flopped back on the bed, convulsing a couple of times. I pulled my finger free and drank up the fresh juices flowing from her pussy.

I crawled up Mena’s body and lay on top of her, pressing my lips against hers and nestling my growing tool in her bush. My cock continued to grow as I humped it against her while we made out. She rolled me onto my back and lay on her side next to me, grabbing for my cock and stroking it to its full length. She swung her leg over me and reached back to guide me into her steaming hole, then pushed herself down on me. Her pussy felt as great as it tasted and I could feel the blood fleeing my head, engorging my cock even further. As Mena rode up and down my stiff pole, her breasts swung above my face. Stopping them with my hands, I licked and sucked her hard nipples from below. The feeling of her pussy was amazing as it slid up and down my rod — warm and wet and tight. I was raising my hips to meet her on her way down, my hands sliding around to her ass to help pull her all the way down. I was trying to keep up with the increased pace of her movements as she began to moan in whispers. My mouth was still at work on her nipples, despite her tits now swinging freely above my face. Finally, she slammed herself all the way down and her frantic pace ended as I felt the shudder of her orgasm coursing through her.

She began to ride me slowly again as she recovered from her orgasm. I was pretty close myself by this time and the increased lubrication in her pussy was helping me get even closer. She leaned down far enough to kiss me and I raised my hips up to continue fucking her as she did. Her tongue explored my mouth as mine explored hers. I had handfuls of her ass, pulling her down against my raising hips. As I fucked her harder and faster, she was moaning into my mouth. Finally, I felt my orgasm rise and my cock begin to swell before shooting my load deep into her.

She collapsed on top of me and broke our kiss, bringing her head down next to mine. We lay like this, catching our breath as my cock shrunk and slipped out of her. When she rolled over on her side next to me, I realized that I had to pee so I told her I’d be right back and headed for the bathroom. I closed the door, thinking it would probably be pretty dark in the room without the bathroom light. As I finished up, the door opened and Rob walked in, wincing at the bright light and asking me not to flush. It was a little weird to be naked in a small room with my best friend, but didn’t overshadow our pleasure at the events of the night. He asked about Mena and I told him how great the sex had been then I asked him about my cousin and he told me pretty much the same. We exchanged a few more details as he finished and was washing his hands. Maybe I had asked too many questions or seemed too interested, but just before we walked back out, for some reason Rob suggested that maybe I could try fucking her myself. When I paused to consider it, he said he’d be more than happy to trade if I thought we could pull it off. I was intrigued; I definitely had no issues with fucking my cousin. I asked him how dark it had been when I’d shut the bathroom door and he answered that it had been pitch black. I suggested we go to opposite beds and, starting at the end, each check the girls’ feet. If they were pointed up, we’d need to roll her over and get her into doggy-style position. If they were pointed down, we could just pull them up into doggy-style and go at it. This way, we’d be able to get farther before they realized what was going on and we’d likely get less resistance. Rob chimed in that if they tried to engage us in conversation, we could just shush them. We opened the door and shut out the light.

Rob told me later that he’d found Mena lying on her side and just rolled her over as we’d discussed. From there it was easy as pie. I found Corinne lying face down so I just slid my hands up her calves from her feet, over the backs of her thighs to her ass. Kneeling between her spread legs, I caressed and squeezed her ass as my cock began to grow again. I then slipped one hand between her legs and found her dripping pussy. I played with her clit for a minute or two then dipped two fingers into her a few times. By now, I was about ready to fuck again, so I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her up onto her knees. I took my cock in hand and rubbed it against her pussy before pushing easily into her slippery hole. I suppressed a moan, fearing she’d recognize my voice, and reached forward immediately to find her big titties. As I pumped in and out of her pussy and she moaned softly, I hefted her tits in my hands and gently squeezed her erect nipples between my fingers. I was fucking her pretty hard and fast, figuring if I came very quickly I’d bail afterward and give Rob credit for this fuck. She seemed to be right with me, though, pushing back against me, so I let one hand slide down between her legs to stimulate her clit. We hadn’t said anything about trying to get away without them şişli escort knowing we’d pulled a switch, so I decided I’d try to make her cum then let her know it had been me. As my fingers slid over her clit and my cock slipped in and out of her pussy, I could hear her trying to suppress her own noises which were getting longer, louder and more frequent. Finally, with one more push backward, I could feel the tremors through her pussy as she came. I continued to fuck her, her pussy feeling even better as a result of her orgasm and bringing my own on even faster. I was holding her by the hips now, completely turned on by the fact that I was fucking my own cousin and wishing I could see her bare, fair flesh and her long, blond hair. My cock swelled within her, increasing the friction against her fleshy pussy walls and I came myself.

Once I’d finished, I pulled her legs so that they slid out and she landed on her stomach with me on her back, still buried in her pussy. With my face now closer to her, she whispered Rob’s name. I cautiously let her know that she’d actually just been fucked by her cousin. She was surprised, but not upset. On the contrary, she rolled out from under me, found my face and brought her lips to mine and allowed her hands to roam over my body. My own hands sought out her tits first to play with them some more, then explored her stomach, pussy, ass and back. I could hear the mutterings of a conversation across the room, but couldn’t make out the tone. Rob later told me that Mena hadn’t been upset, either, but figured that Corinne would freak. They just continued to fool around while waiting for an outburst from her. Meanwhile, Corinne and I were still fooling around and she was telling me that this definitely wouldn’t be the last time something happened between us. After a few more minutes, it was Corinne’s turn to use the bathroom and she ended up bumping into something on her way. Hear her exclamation of surprise must have clued Mena in to who was up, so she followed quickly behind, opening the bathroom door just a moment after it had shut. I asked Rob if he was ready to switch back and he was so we did, stopping briefly in the middle of the room to compare our thoughts. By the time the girls came back to their beds, they found themselves with their original partners.

Mena told me she was glad I was back and, after only a few minutes of making out, I was ready to go again. We fucked once more before falling asleep.


The next morning, as sunlight started to seep into the room, Mena was the first one up to use the bathroom again. It was light enough to admire her ass as she crossed the room and see everything as she returned. Corinne quickly took her turn in the bathroom as soon as Mena was out. My dick was rising already from watching Mena, finally seeing that fantastic body instead of just feeling it. She stopped at the edge of the bed and took it in her hand, pumping gently. I reached out a hand between her legs and stroked her pussy as well, removing it only as she leaned over to take me into her hot mouth. I moaned as my rigid cock was engulfed, her lips wrapping tightly around it and sliding up and down. As I shifted my gaze from watching her sucking to guiding my hand to the closest of her dangling breasts, I noticed Rob on the other bed, watching and stroking his own cock. We made eye contact and I indicated that he should come over and get behind Mena. He slipped off the bed and up behind Mena, rubbing his cock against her pussy. She moaned as he slid in, then the bathroom door opened. As Corinne stepped out, she was greeted by the sight of a threesome: Rob fucking Mena, who was sucking my cock. She just stopped and watched, one hand going to a tit and the other to her pussy. She probably would have just stood there masturbating if I hadn’t told her there was seating available on my face. Her trance broken, she crawled up the bed and kissed me long and hard first before positioning her blonde pussy over my face.

I never doubted that Corinne was a natural blonde, as most of our family is, but I still wasn’t prepared for the beauty of that golden blonde bush hovering above me. As I stuck my tongue out to lick her clit, I gazed up past her flat stomach and her dangling, swaying boobs to see her long, white-blonde hair framing her face, her eyes closed and biting her lower lip. I could feel Mena moaning on my cock as I licked and sucked Corinne’s clit. I slipped two fingers into her and pumped them in and out of her slick pussy. My free hand crept around to first squeeze her ass then slip between her cheeks to find her anus. Upon finding it, I gently began to rub it with my fingertip eliciting an immediate moan. While Corrine began pushing her hips at my face, I felt Mena’s mouth leave my organ. She gripped it in her hand and pumped it while moaning loudly, her tongue occasionally darting out to lick my balls. Finally, Mena let out a long, pleasure-filled groan and took my cock back in her mouth. Seconds later, I could hear Rob grunting as he filled Mena’s pussy. With Mena’s attention solely on my cock, she refocused her efforts and my response was immediate — I could feel my orgasm coming. Corinne, meanwhile, was humping my face while squeezing her own tits. I could feel her pussy becoming more engorged around my probing fingers and knew it was just a matter of time. Finally, she let out a cry and came in my face, giving me a mouthful of pungent juices. As I drank them down, I toppled over the edge myself and filled Mena’s mouth with my cum.

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