My day 3-27-11

My day 3-27-11Home from work and very horny im a waitress so i see many hot men all day but cant do anything about it .. I get so horny it starts to hurt i guess its a case of female blue balls ­čÖé So while i was getting all wet reaching over these sexy men to fill their drinks i brushed my breast agianst a female that was sitting their at the same table she looked up smiled and winked at me .. Mind you im only 20 so i have not yet exp. with women yet of ─▒sparta escort coarse i have made out and touched a lil but nothing major. I filled my tables and went to use the restroom where i was followed by this female, ( I will leave what she looked like to your imaginationI went to the stall and when i tried closing it she forced it back open and said sweetly your tits are great can i see, i said sure (my nipples are peirced so anyone who ─▒sparta escort bayan wants to see can plus a 40 DD is hard to hide) she leaned in and grabbed em’ and pulled me into her where she started to kiss me i pulled back fast but then realized how horny i had been all morning so i kissed her back she pulled me into the stall shut the door and say me on the tank of the toilet she spread my legs and seperated my hot wet tight lil pussy escort ─▒sparta from my shorts and started to eat me out .. I moaned until she put one of her hands over my mouth and the other on my nip pinching it .. i came all over her face it suprised her most are not really ready for a squirter .. So she got up gave me a big smile and said ” hope you liked that tip” i really did i fixed myself and went back out to get back to work when i went back to her table her friends looked at her wet tshirt and asked what happend and she simply said ” a waitress ran into me with a drink ” i laughed inside … So that was my day at work im still horny as hell and dont know what im going to do i dont even know her name

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