My Door is Open part 2

My Door is Open part 2While sitting and relaxing with a cocktail, there’s another rap at the door. I go over , no clothes on ad answer. A man and woman enter and introduce themselves as Tim and Beth. Beth seems a bit scared when she walked in the room and seen a black man sitting there with no clothes on. I tell Bth to cme over by me and have a glass of wine.Tim gets himself a beer and looks at me with a grin. I tell him if he wants some of my pussy, he needs to come over to me. I tell him to undress and I take his dick with one hand and begins to stroke and lick on the tip. I can tell he’s getting excited. Beth is just watching wiht amazement that he can get excited by me licking his head.I’m sucking and stroking Tim, hearing him moan and feeling his hands on my head holding me close to swallow him. Mark walks over to Beth and begins to kiss her gently and unbutton her blouse. He’s got it undone and her perky nipples are bounding out of her low cut bra. Mark goes down to suck on them and begins unzipping her pants. Beth is helping him, by pulling her pants off.Matt, is still sitting at the table watching and stroking his cock. Tim and I are now fucking and I’m cumming loudly. Tim pulls out and goes down to suck eskişehir escort the cum from my pussy. Beth has her legs spread wide and Mark has his head buried deep in her hairy pussy. Slurping snd sucking sounds are coming from Mark. Matt comes over to Beth and puts his dick in her mouth.Tim , is fingering my pussy and my ass, while munching at my dripping pussy. I’m begging him to fuck my ass. I turn around andTim enters me with no problems and no lube. After being fucked by 3 black men with enormous dicks, any skinny white man can enter with ease. Tim, is banging my ass hard, I can feel his balls slapping my pussy.Beth and Mark anre now fucking in doggie style, and Matt still has his dick in her mouth. Matt is ready to cuma nd pulls out and squirts hes cum on her face and chest. Matt, gets cleaned up and leaves, with out saying if he will be back or not.Tim is ready to get off in my ass. I tell him yes and Mark agrees…he gets another load of mystery cum. Mark spreads my ass cheeks and tongues out the cum of Tim. I’m stroking my clit and watching Tim and Beth kiss. I have Beth come over to me and I lick the cum off her face. Tim is geting hrd again. Beth is getting dressed and she’s ready to leave. eskişehir escort bayan Tim is walking ut the door and says that he will be back before the night is over.Mark and I are alone and we are cuddling a bit before taking a shower. While in the shower, Mark reaches down to wash my swollen clit. My pussy lips are very plump. He then fingers and soaps my asshole. Making sure I’m ready for my next fucking. I turn him around, kiss him passionately and begin to lather his hest and his member. I’m stroking him and making special attention to his balls. They haven’t been payed with very much this evening.We finish playing with each other in the shower and are laying in the bed making out when the door opens and 2 young white guys enter. The one guy comes over to me and begins to suck on my tits and to feel my body up. He is rubbing my inner thigh and making his way to my puffiness. I spread my legs a bit so he can finger my clit.The other guy is shy and just watches with a hard on. Mark has him sit at the table to get a good view of what he could be having if he would just get over there and help himself. Mark is watching him stroke his cock and tells him to get undressed. The guy does and is escort eskişehir sitting there with a huge cock.I get up and go over to him to suck his member and he pulls away. He says that he’s not watching me, he’s watching his friends muscles flex as he’s geting head. The boy is gay and wants to have his ass fucked byhis friend. Mark goes over to him and puts his dick in the gay boys mouth. Mark is fucking his mouth and turns him around to fuck that boys ass. Alittle lube and ZMark is pounding away.The guy that was licking my pussy has now layed on the bed and I climbed on top in the reverse cowgirl style. His dick is nice and firm and my hot juicy walls are keeping him there. He’s helping me by holding me on his chest and is fucking my hole hard. I’m screaming again cuz i’m having a huge orgasm. ZMy cum is squirting on Mark and I’m cumming every where.Mark gets off in the boy and the boy is sucking his cock. Mark goes in for the kill of cleaning my pussy free of cum. The boys get up get dressed and leaves. both have a smile on their face. I asked Mark where he advertised my services. He told me whenhe was at the Colony Club, he put a notice in the mens bathroom, right by the sink.This is an open invitation for all to come and fuck me. I didn’t know to be upset or to just chuck it up and be excited that he did this for me. I told Mark the nxt time he comes in town, we will do this again, but with more men. I love the thought of having a line of men witing in line to fuck me.

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