My Escape to London Ch. 04


A lot of things happened in the run up to Christmas, so I’ve split this chapter of my life into several parts for easier reading


Come morning I was woken by the feeling of both my nipples being sucked and fingers circling my pussy. It was bliss; I just laid there and enjoyed the attention my body was getting. My mind kept telling me to get up, but my body told me a different story, one I had waited many months for.

“Good morning, gentlemen. You’re one hell of an alarm clock,” I said.

With the room still in total darkness, soon a body rolled on top of me, followed by a cock slowly entered my sopping pussy. It felt fantastic as it wormed its way deep into my pussy; bumping into my cervix I immediately knew it was Chris.

Wrapping my legs about Chris’ waist we slowly began to fuck, Soon Chris upped the pace he put his hands under my ass making his penetrations deeper for now he was continually hitting my cervix. I began to moan loudly as the onslaught continued. Soon the pain turned into delightful throbs as I felt my pussy begin to tighten.

“Unngghhh! Oh God, yes!” I gasped

Each of my squeals only encouraged Chris to plunge deeper into me.

Soon both of us was grunting and squealing in unison, I swear Chris’ cock was getting bigger every second.

“Ohhhnnnn God, ohhhnnn God!” I moaned. “Ohhhh yes, fuck me hard, please, harder! Ungghhh! Oh shit! Unggh! Ohnngg! Annggghh! Unh! Yes! Yes!” I murmured incoherently, getting more out of control by the second.

Suddenly I squealed loudly as the shocks wracked through my body. “Ohhnnn God, oh Jeeesus, yesss, unnngghhiieeeee!”

We groaned and came at the same time. Chris pushed his cock deep into me and grunted as his cum shot out from him.

“You okay?” Chris asked trying to catch his breath at the same time.

“Shit, it’s a long time since I’ve been fucked like that!” I murmured, with glazed eyes; my body still trembling from its exertions. Trapping Chris between my legs I felt his cock shrink slowly, it’s a marvellous feeling for those who have never tried it.

Now back in the land of the living, Jon was shouting to us that he had breakfast ready and if we wanted it hot we had better come now. Chris and I just looked at each other and giggled before strolling naked into the kitchen. Cum dribbled down my legs and Chris’ flaccid cock jiggled around as he walked beside me.

“You could have got cleaned up and dressed” said Jon in rather a stern manner.

“Tut-tut, remember the house rules, anything goes”

“Does that apply to everything” he asked

“Yes, the only exceptions are, no crapping or pissing outside of the toilet” I jokingly replied

With that we all sat done and began to enjoy the breakfast before us.

I took a big bite of omelette “Delicious!” I said having emptied my mouth, I then bit into my toast then took a bite of bacon and washed everything down with a mouthful of coffee.

“You’re a great cook. Someday you’re going to make some woman very happy.” I said then suddenly feeling very guilty I apologised for my faux pas

“That’s ok, I’m over it now, atleast I can make one woman happy” Jon said, flirting back at me.

My eyes got a little brighter. “Could it be you’re trying to flirt with me sir; a married woman with her husband sat beside; I certainly like the cut of you jib,” I said in a huskily voice.

I smiled and added a little more jam to a crust of toast before daintily nibbling one of the ends. “Like I said, you’re going to make some woman very happy. Possibly sooner than later.”

Despite taking time for conversation, we had done a fair job of consuming breakfast. All three of us were getting down to the last bits of toast and scraps of egg. I still had a slice of bacon and some egg and the men had most of a piece of toast apiece, but we were close to done. We spent the next couple minutes in relative silence, chewing, swallowing, and washing things down with coffee.

Chris split the last of the coffee between us and added a little milk to our mugs. I felt delightfully full and said so. I picked up my coffee, sighed happily, and leaned back slightly in my chair. My arms were up in such a way that my breasts were now totally visible.

I smiled and said “Like what you see, mister?” looking directly at Jon

“Very much so,” Jon replied.

“Let me see if I can stir your hormones then.” I said picking up the pot of strawberry jam spooning out a small amount, and then dabbing my nipples carefully. A drop of jam escaped and landed on my upper thigh where I wiped it up with a finger as carefully as if it were a drop of semen. I licked my finger, “Mmmmmm, it tastes very good, a bit sweet perhaps, not quite the thing I’m getting used to tasting this Christmas.” My nipples were fairly erect and glistened with jam. It was a definite turn on, without a doubt.

“I could stare at your breasts for hours except for one thing,” Jon said.

“And what would that be kind sir?” I asked.

“I bahis firmaları have trouble just staring at them and not wanting to do something a little more direct and physical.”

“You seem to have managed that for quite a while in the past,” I retorted.

“Yes, that’s true, but there were two differences then. First, I haven’t just made love to you. And second…”

With our conversation becoming more intimate, Chris made his excuses, left the table and made his way towards the shower; I then continued my banter with Jon.

“Yessss?” Batting my eyes at him a few times.

“I always knew how wonderful you were, Sarah, but I’d only surmised how wild your life was. Now I know, I feel inhibited, especially with Chris here, in the flat with us.”

“Look Jon, I love you with the same intense feelings I have for Chris, Chris and I are both free spirits, he has his lover, I have mine, we are both very careful and we have literally no inhibitions.”

“You said Chris has his lover?” Jon asked quizzically

“Yes, Chris is bi-sexual, he has a friend in the army, who is also bi-sexual and we quiet often have a threesome together, why do you ask!”

“Just curious, that’s all” replied Jon sighing

“Right, enough from me. What would you do right now, don’t think just say it?” I said.

“Well, I would like to lick your nipples especially if they were coated in strawberry jam.”

“Well it looks as if you’ve got your wish?” I replied having tried to lick my own nipples and failed. “Care to do it for me?” I added as an inducement

“Oh! Yes, rather!” Jon replied wiping his mouth quickly on his napkin and moving around to my side of the table. He put his hands on my shoulders from behind and kissed me on the ear, then my cheek then finally my lips when I tilted my head back. I obligingly pushed my chair back from the table and off to one side, so Jon was able to move around to my front and nibble his way down my front. He then gave a coated nipple a quick kiss followed by a lengthy suck, before kissing his way over to the other which he kissed lightly then started sucking on it firmly. I cradled his head into my chest and rocked just like a mother nursing her infant.

Jon alternated between nipples while I stroked his hair and back. He stood upright after a few minutes before saying “You’re pretty sweet even without the jam, but the strawberries just added a certain zest” smacking his lips.

For ease of writing I’ve taken Jon’s perspective for the next few paragraphs:-

Sarah noticing my cock was sticking out of my pyjamas, grabbed it then stroked it a few times before drawing me close. Her lips were so inviting I knew that I just had to slide my cock between them. I groaned as she took me deep into her mouth, her tongue working overtime on my glans. “Oh God! Slow down,” I begged. “I’m going to cum if you don’t.” Sarah only suckled harder. I grunted as my cock erupted like a cannon. Sarah murmured as the warm sticky cum rushed into her mouth, swallowing every precious drop before continuing to draw the very last drops from my balls.

“Would you care for a second fuck of the day?” I asked

“Certainly, kind sir, lead the way!”

We walked back down the hall to the bedroom. Sarah stopped at the end of the bed and turned. Taking hold of her hips I kissed and suckled each breast then knelt before her. Sarah, still naked, spread her legs slightly. I kissed her pussy and put my fingers to her pussy lips, which were still wet and engorged. The mixture of pussy juice and Chris’ cum hung heavily within her crutch

Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I pushed my face up into her crotch and licked deeply. This clearly met with Sarah’s approval. My fingers went deep into her and I held her pussy open so I could lick her clit a little easier. Sarah spread her legs even wider, placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed herself down onto my face.

I licked her a little then pulled my face back. I worked my fingers in and out of Sarah. She was sticky and hot again and the stroking at this angle made a kind of slurping sound. I made sure the tips of my fingers didn’t touch her g-spot, what was clear; Sarah was getting extremely turned on.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Actually, I’m giving myself time to recover and just having fun while I get you warmed up,” I replied.

“I can hardly argue with that, but I really do want to fuck you. Would it help if I lay down on the bed?”

While Sarah sauntered over to the side of the bed, I quickly dashed into the bathroom and bought back a couple of towels.

“Okay, I’m game.” Sarah pointed her feet then keeping her feet together pulled her knees back towards her crutch. She then reached out grabbed her ankles and said “Like what you see?”

Her pussy was spread wide, god she was hot, I could see at least an inch up inside her; the skin around her engorged pussy just shone with juice. And I swear her anal rosebud winked at me as I stood in amazement.

“Are kaçak iddaa you going to eat me or what?” Sarah teased, wiggling her hips a little.

“Very much so, but I’m going to see if I can make you ejaculate, first, which is easier to do with fingers until we get used to it.”

“Oh, ejaculate we are posh… Very well, then, get on with it!” sighed Sarah following through with a giggle. I laughed at her, in no way could you ever get angry with Sarah her personality was too infectious.

I got onto the bed and positioned myself between her now open legs; bending down I licked her slit all the way up with a firm scooping motion of my tongue; making sure I made full contact with her clit.

“Hey, I thought you weren’t going to eat me!” said a startled Sarah

“It was too good an opportunity to pass up,” I said. “And you taste good too! Perhaps a little salty.”

“Just get on with it, I can’t be waiting forever.”

“Okay, okay, you’d think you had nothing better to do than lie around and be pleasured. First I want you to get comfy. You look great as you are, but you’ll probably be more comfortable if we prop your legs up so you don’t have to think about anything other than enjoying yourself.” I lowered her legs and then propped them up so her knees were bent and her feet were apart. Once done I placed the towels slightly under her ass and in between her legs.

“I’m going to try a few different things once I’ve found your g-spot. You’re to tell me what feels best, if none of it seems to work, we can stop and try again some other time. This takes some practice, so I don’t want you to get all frustrated if it doesn’t work the first time. But, the best bit is you get to lie there while I play with your pussy and do things to make you feel good and possibly cum big time; your idea of a fun day?”

“Oh, yeah,” replied Sarah. “I’m willing to go a long way with this. Like you say, what’s the worst that could happen? I hope it’s not like that Tantric sex?”

Using my left hand I spread the top of her pussy lips so I could get better access to her clit. With Sarah as wet as she was I had no trouble pushed the middle two fingers of my right hand slowly into her pussy and moved them back and forth a couple times to make sure they were thoroughly moistened. When I finally touched Sarah’s g-spot, it was already quiet firm. Just touching it caused her to jerk and cried out.

“That’s promising. How does this feel?” running the tips of my fingers slowly across it again.

“Fucking Hell!” cried Sarah, jerking her hips up towards me a little.

“Let me try a few other things and see how they work for you.” I put my two fingers together and tapped rapidly three or four times on Sarah’s g-spot. The reaction I got was immediate and vigorous: Sarah jerked and her back arched and she made a loud “Gnnngghh!” noise.

“I think we’ve got it!” I said smugly, misquoting Henry Higgins.

“Fucking hell,” Sarah replied. “I felt that all the way down to my toes…” She paused. “But it didn’t feel like I came. That’s weird?”

“That sounds like we’re doing the right thing, though: Ready to try one other technique?”

“What if I combine this with a little direct stimulation like this?” I went back to pressing her g-spot while rubbing her clit with my left hand.

Sarah said “Nah it’s very nice, but I still don’t know if it’s going to do anything special. How about going back to whatever you did a few moments ago?”

“What the tapping?”

“Yes. I liked that a lot.”

“I noticed that…..You’re a slut, you know?”

“Yes, I know, that’s why you all love me.”

“Touché…..Hang on.” I kept my left hand on Sarah’s clit (lubrication never seemed to be a problem) and started tapping very lightly about once a second with both hands. Once again, Sarah reacted strongly, this time, she arched slowly, her eyes closed and her lips pressed tightly together humming with increasing volume. I hadn’t expected anything this strong or sudden, but seeing her like this made me very hot and envious.

After less than a minute, I saw signs of an approaching orgasm. Sarah’s body, especially her thighs were trembling and the humming noise had changed to drawn-out cries of “Ohhhh!” as I kept tapping and stroking Sarah’s clit with my hands. Sarah suddenly yelled “Ohgod-ohgod-ohgod!!” and a small squirt of clear fluid shot from her pussy. It splattered my face and chest before soaking into the towels. Not wanting to waste any of this nectar I shoved my face into her crotch and began lapping her soaking pussy, all the while tapping harder and faster.

A scream came out of Sarah as I lapped another squirt of ejaculate, much harder than the first, drenching me. Somewhat to my surprise, Sarah didn’t tell me to stop as she usually did when I licked her to an orgasm, but rather was shouting “More! More!”

Unable to control myself any longer, I pulled my fingers out of her, shuffled up, took Sarah’s ass into my hands and shoved my hard cock into her. With her pussy kaçak bahis leaking like a fountain, there was hardly any resistance and it felt like I was falling deep into her pussy.

Sarah grabbed me painfully under my armpits and pulled me closer. “You bastard” she cried as her legs wrapped around the small of my back and ass and pulled me into her. I pumped my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. Sarah was completely lost to cumming at this point and I would feel occasional gushes of ejaculate drenching both of us and the bedding.

Sarah’s raw lust is incredibly exciting and I came within a couple minutes. I gasped, yelled, and squirmed, grinding my pubic mound against Sarah’s as hard and deep as I could while my cum shot into her. As I came, Sarah yelled loudly at my response and came, too. Her legs squeezed me so hard I was worried about hurting her, but then she suddenly relaxed, her legs falling to either side. I collapsed, offered my apologies then rolled to one side. Neither of us could do much but lie where we were gasping for breath. A cool clammy feeling told me that my abdomen was soaked with both our juices.

Some time later, I said “How was that?”

“No shit! That was incredible!” as Sarah reached down and felt herself. “It felt really different. I’d half expected that I’d be too sensitive, but it feels like I could go again right now, once I caught my breath.”

“You really are such a slut, you know.” I replied, hoping Sarah words were in jest.

“It’s all down to you, Jon. Deep down I think you have many hidden talents, you first introduce me to Tantric sex and now this. You may call me a slut, I think I’m enjoying the pleasures of an experienced man.”

“I didn’t think you’d respond that well or that quickly. It took me ages with my wife, who at first didn’t believe it, she thought she was peeing herself until I proved to her it tasted and smelt different. A bit like the sea; really.”

Sarah took hold of my face and ran her nose all over, sniffing like a puppy seeking a treat. “It certainly smells different.” she murmured kissing my face several times before kissing my lips, a kiss that turned deep and hot lasting for quite a while. “It certainly tastes different, too; less distinct, but…ummm…more persistent. I wonder how long it would keep if we bottled it?”

“You are a slut; the more persistent part is probably because this whole room, possibly the whole flat stinks like a full rut. Which; come to think of it, is an exact and perfect description.”

Sarah raised her nose to the air and sniffed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right about that.” She smiled. I got up and opened the window. The weather was foggy and dull, typical of London this time of year, and it wasn’t long before the cold damp air rolled into the bedroom.

We lay there together touching; kissing, all snuggled up under the duvet, for quite a while. All of a sudden Sarah started laughing; a laugh that changed from a quiet belly laugh to snorts rather quickly.

“What’s funny?” I said.

Sarah caught her breath and said “I was wondering what Izzy would make of all this, when she arrives.”

“Izzy…..Who’s Izzy”

It was then I realised what I had just said, “Oh shit” I mumbled to myself trying to think of an easy way out.

“Who’s Izzy” repeated Jon looking for an answer

Deciding to be truthful I told Jon, she was an old-school friend who like me was bi-sexual, had just busted up with her female partner and wanted a place to stay over Christmas.

“One of you lovers?” Enquired Jon; now facing me and gently stroking my pussy.

“In a kind of way, we had a holiday together once and she introduced me to sapphism in a mild sort of way. Yes I have strong feelings for her; like I have strong feelings for both you and Chris”

“Just how many lovers do you have?” asked Jon in an intriguing manner.

“Well! There’s Chris and his lover (being economical with the truth), you, Izzy and……oh! Zoe; which considering is not many these days” I replied, gently playing with Jon’s foreskin.

“Hmmm, I think it’s about time we got up don’t you?” Jon suggested with a sigh to his voice.

Walking out into the kitchen to make us a pot of coffee, I noticed a note left by Chris; ‘Fed up with the sounds of you two enjoying ourselves, gone for a walk around the park, be some while Chris xxxx’. I showed the letter to Jon whose only comments were “Oh dear, I think we had better get washed and dressed before he returns.”

“Bloody hell, have you seen the time,” I said glancing at the clock; for it was almost 2 in the afternoon

Within an hour of us getting wash and dressed, Chris returned back to the flat.

“You’re dressed than” uttered Chris as he reached the top of the stairs. “Did you enjoy yourselves?” he asked in a nonchalant way.

I immediately retorted “It would have been better if you came and joined us then I could have had two pricks beside me.

“What the hell do you mean!” retorted Chris, beating Jon by a whisker

“You know exactly what I mean” I replied….leaving Jon puzzled by our outburst…”Why don’t you come out and say it, your jealous of Jon; No…I’ll rephrase that your jealous of Jon’s prick”

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