My Ex’s sister


My Ex’s sisterBackground:I was dating this girl for almost a year before she moved out of the country to teach abroad. Our relationship was always more about having fun than being serious, because we both new she would be moving. We had a great time and I became very close with her fam. There was a lot of sexual tension between her sister, Katey, and myself. Even though nothing was ever said, looks were shot back and forth all the time. Often times Kat would tease me… Walk from the shower to her room wearing only a very small towel, or bend over the kitten counter while wearing a short dress, even sit on my lap and guide a little bit when no-one was looking. In that year nothing ever happened though… And I figured nothing ever would.Katey’s Body: Katey had very Blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She stood at 5’5″ and was very petit. She worked out constantly and had on for the nicest ass I’ve ever seen (and she knew it). She had fairly small tits, but they were a great shape and fit her very athletic body. She often was self conscious about her body due to her boyfriend who often caught watching porn of girls with huge tits. Her legs were long and very shapely and strong.The Party: The after my gf moved away I attended Kat’s 21st b-day at a lock bar. The evening took a turn for the worse when Kat’s bf had way to much. He started getting upset and screaming at Kat, telling her how much of a bitch she was. It didn’t take long for me to step in… being a 6’4″ ex-ball player with some extra weight to me, it didn’t take much force to threw his 145lbs ass out into the street. I followed him out incase he wanted a fight, which he declined. needless to say the party was pretty much over, so I said good my good nights and climbed in an uber. Later that night Kat called and thanked me for standing up for her, and explained that she broke up with her bf that night (What a fucked 21st b-day!). We talked for almost an 2hrs laughing, joking, and flirting (as always). Before we said our good nights I told her that I was going to take her out soon to re-celebrate her 21st so she “could have a b-day she won’t remember.” House sitting:Several weeks after Kat’s b-day I got a call from her late at night. She explained that she was house sitting for a couple and was very scared to be at the house by herself. seeing how she had no boyfriend to call muğla escort and talk to she called me. We made small talk for a bit, then I offered to come over and watch a movie with her. Delighted, she said yes. When i arrived Kat was wearing a tight white tank top that showed her perfect flat abs. and pj pants that sat very low on her hips. She jumped into my arms and we hugged for several seconds. We talked for a few mins before the movie started. Kat sat down while i grabbed us some beers. Once i sat down Kat curled right up next to me, asking”is this okay?”I glad responded “hell yeah” as I put my arm around her.She chose a good action film with a lot of steamy sex scenes in it, at each one she would push her body against mine and make suttle sexual sounds. Toward the end she asked me “spend the night here? I’m scared.”I simply said “of course!” but in my head i was thinking “FUCK YEAH!”I followed her to the bed room where a king size bed was waiting for us. Before we climbed in bed Kat slipped her bra off from underneath her shirt. Through her shirt I could see perfectly round, medium sized, dark nipples poking through. I was already turned on, but this made me hard. As she climbed in bed she slide right next to me, pushing her ass up against my dick. She said “whoa, where did that come from!?” I responded “seeing your boobs through that shirt got me going””Not even… they are small and ugly!” she said quickly. Some girls fish for compliments like that… but she wasn’t. She believed her body was ugly.”The fuck!?” I asked “Who told you that!?”I continued “You have one of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever seen… and your boobs for into that as much as anything!”She looked surprised with the intensity of my response. Then she said “Jared, can I tell you something… I have so much resect for you because the way you treated my sister.”She went on “you could have tried to hook with me last year and I would have gone straight to my sister. You never did, you treater her so well and she loved you for it.”Then she said “Can I tell you something else… one time was on Kara phone when you sent her a pic of your dick…”I started laughing, kinda embarrassed.She continued “I forwarded it to myself…” she reached behind her and had grabbed a hold my cock.”I couldn’t believe how big it is!” she said. It was fully muş escort hard in her hand now as she stroked it through my thin shorts. She continued “When ever I saw you i was stare at you junk… you never wear boxers so i could see the out line of it. I’d alway run upstairs and finger my pussy thinking about sucking it”By now I had reached over her and was rubbing her clit through her pjs. I could feel her pussy getting wet. She looked as far over her right shoulder as she could for a kiss, shoving her tongue in to play with mine. By now it was on… We were both in full fuck mode. I rolled her over and started kiss her when she stopped me and pushed away… thinking something was wrong I asked”whats wrong?”she said “nothing…” she was smiling.”Can we film this?” she said eagerly Exited about the idea of that I agreed. She quickly got her sports camera out and set it up. once recording she put on some music and started stripping for me. Piece by piece she stripped off her clothes until her body was bare. you pussy was shave clean and had a ring in the clit. you could see the pussy juice running down her leg. She took me by the end and pulled me up from the bed. She dropped to her knees, being short enough where my balls were above her face. She pulled my shorts down letting my cock stand tall in erection. she took it in her hand and smacked my dick to her tough several times. I was already leaking pre-cum as it flew onto her face. She then reach for her back and grabbed coconut oil to use as lube. She stroked the shaft with it, making me boil inside. She continued to stroke the soft with the oil while she sucked on the tip hard. I stopped her and said “your turn… before I cum.” She smiled as I pulled her up, she said “as long as you cum on my face and in my mouth after you fuck me!”Agreeing I threw her on the bed and ate her pussy. I licked the clit like id lick ice cream from a cone… it was sweet as ice cream too! She came quickly, but I did not stop licking. I kept playing with her clit ring and licking the cream out of her pussy until she came again. By now I was ready to fuck her, climbing on top of her. I slipped her clit with my hard cock several time li she had done to her tongue. I asked her if I needed a condom, which she responded “fuck no… I want you bareback!”once she said that I push her escort bayan body down to lay flat on the bed and kissed her while holding both of her hands. My cock was rubbing against her 21 y/o pussy. I finally slide it in without using my hands. Kat let out a deep moan and bit her lip. He bf was a small guy and probably had s mall dick. I took it slow as long as I could. I would push slowly deep inside her while she looked at me with orgasmic approval. As I started to go faster she started moaning faster.I heard her say “oh… fuck me hard!” I obeyed immediately, slamming my dick hard into her… at first slowly, then faster and faster. she came again and again. I started seeing white cream coming out all over my dick. Each time she would orgasm I could feel her kegel muscle tighten around the shaft of my cock. Pretty soon I was dripping sweat, ready to switch.She climbed on top of me siting all the down on my cock. It felt so deep, like i was in her stomach. She rode up and down slowly until she came. I could feel the cum building up in my cock, not wanting this to end. As she came she dug her nails into my pecks leaving deep scratch marks across my chest. The pain from that was enough to hold back the cum from filling her young pussy. She then sat all the way don on my dick and grinder side to side. This was intense and powerful. After several mins she moved from being on her feet to sitting on her knees on top me. I grabbed her by the waist and we fucked each hard! Her pussy cream was running down my balls onto the bed. We fucked in rhythm until she came three different times. Each time adding more scratches my chest. She told off me and said “you destroyed my pussy! I’ve never been fucked that good before!”Then she said “I want you to cum… on my face”She took me in her hand and start sucking. She was able to fit all 8” in her mouth with out gaging. I felt the cum building and told her i was going to cum. She stopped sucking on me and start stroking, reaching for the camera ( which I had totally forgotten about.) She gave it to me then kept sucking. She knew I was cumin and held my cock at her face, looking at the camera the whole time. I shot the first load clear over her face, the second across her face cover her in cum! she then put the tip in and took 5 more solid streams of jizz, never breaking eye contact with the camera. She then opened her mouth showing it filled to the back of her teeth. She used her fingers to pull some out to show how thick and sticky it was. Without hesitation she swallowed the mouth full in one gulp. then went back to sucking my half erect dick.

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