my first back seat fuck


my first back seat fuckso there i was all alone one night hitch hikeing home one drunkn night,,i had got into a fight with my girl friend in which it ended up that i left her place since she picked me up at the bar,,,iwas flirting with danger with her best friend and her other friend,, there names were Candy and Sheri, and my god was she ever so sweet, her friend Sheri was alright as well, so like i said she picked me up cause like a dumbass i need her ass,,,but she had caught me flirting with her two friends,, i had no idea that she was mad until we got to her place,,, of course she was all nice until we got behind closed doors,, so as i was trying to get her naked to play with her beautiful tits and her round little nipples, it all started,, what were you doing with my friend?why was she and u so close,, why did she act that way? and so on! until it all went bad,,,it turned into a screaming match,,, and in return i left screaming,,, i would of jumped into my truck and drove home but i had forgot that she had picked me up cause i was horny and wanting some,, so here i was walking home and hitch hiking i remember bakırköy escort thinking that this going to take awhile but it doesnt matter ive got all night, then here comes this car with the rap music just a booming, i stick out my thumb the car slows down,, and whos in the car,, yep Candy and her friend Sheri,, they just left the bar and were on ther way home, so like an idoit i jumped in,, cause now i wanted some candy,,,so i jumped into the back seat and sat in the middle so i could get a good look at them both and doesnt Candy unbuckle her self and join me bac there,, now i didnt know this was coming but she got ever so close to me , i could smell her perfume and her hair the aroma had me instantly hard, she started rubbing my leg with her hand and her other hand my chest at the same time she started nibbleling at my ear ever so softly,,my cock just kept getting harder like it was going to explode, i needed release and needed her bad,, she worked her hand over to my hard erection she rubbed my cock up and down and squezzed it,, ohhhh i thought i was going to pop right there she beşiktaş escort did all this with such eas,,, finally what felt like forever she unleashed my monster and poped my purple head right into her mouth ohhhhhhhhhh i said with such release , i filled that sweet sexxy mouth right there,,, i thought that she would of choked on it but like a champ she kept on going,, she wasnt done with me yet,,i ran my hands down her back side as she was still sucking on my hard cock,, her ass was ever so sweet man i wanted to eat it, i could feel her heat coming from her hot sexy pussy,, man i wanted her,,, i caressed it, i rubbed it and listened to her moan on my cock, i slid her pants off and turned her around so we were doing the 69er,,my Candy had a nice pussy,, it was all shaved and she had these nice small pink pussy lips, ohhhh god the aroma that came from her made me want to dive in,, so idid,,mmmm she tasted alot like candy ,pussy tongue penatrated her soft lips and she let out a soft moan that tickled my hard monster cock,, she was so wet and hot , she was into this she started beylikdüzü escort riding my face grinding her sweet pussy around and around i grabbed her ass with both hands and started squeezing it softly spreading it softly ,helping her grind it on my face,,, she started moaning more loudly she started fuking my face more rapidly i felt like her own personal vibrator,,,then all of a sudden she start shuddering and quivering her little sexy pussy was twitching on my face and she let out a moan and came all over my face she squirted me with her love juices and i lapped them up like a good dog that i am,,when she was done she turned around and mounted my cock with her still hot wet pussy,, i thought she was out of gas from that explosion,, but i was wrong,, she started ridding me, i could still feel her pussy pulsing from her orgasm and her hot juices flowing down around my balls she started pumping me like she was a jack hammer moaning in my ear,,, man she was hot… the intensity of of her moaning and her drive was making it hard to stay focused on not cuming but she was good at this,, and like i said she was hot ooooooooohhhhh god i let out a screeam and i came deep inside of her ,her hot steaming pussy just clenched onto my hard cock she never skipped a beat,,, she wrapped her arms around me and slowly pummped the rest of my cum out of me,,, my god Candy i said u are great,, she said i know..

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