My first man Fuck buddy.

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My first man Fuck buddy.I’m a divorce white male who is dating a wonder woman. When her and I first meet she would suck my cock anytime I wanted. Well that all stopped a few months back after she told me she doesn’t like doing it anymore. This was more than a little disappointing since I like most men love being sucked. I started a membership on a swingers site and found that I had more men saying they wanted to suck my cock than I did women. I would always tell them thanks but no thanks I’m not gay or bi. Well after finding out that the women on this site were harder to get into than Fort knox I said what the F*&K and invited a guy over one night from the site. He stopped by after work and after some small talk and a few beers to get my nerve up we went to my bedroom. I had no idea canlı bahis as to what I was to say or do. Allen told me to relax and sat down on the bed next to me. This really was wierd since the only other guy I had been in bed with was my brother and we were just k**s sharing a bed. Allen reached over and started rubbing my cock through my jeans and much to my surprise I got hard as a rock. Allen asked if he could kiss me and I said that I didn’t really want to and I was sorry. He said it wasn’t a problem as he unbuttoned my jeans a pulled down my zipper. He slowly rubbed my cock and told me how nice it was and he couldn’t wait to suck on it. By this time I was ready for him to do whatever he wanted.He asked me to get undress and we both stood and removed our clothes. Never in my wildest bahis siteleri dreams did I think I would be getting naked with another man none the less be wanting to have him suck me and me F*^k his ass. His cock was hard as was mine and we laid down facing each other. He reached over and slowly started touching my cock this took my breath away I can’t discribe all the emotions going through my head. I was scared, excited and wondering if I should stop this before it went any farther. Allen made my mind up for me as he rolled me on my back and slid his tongue down to my cock head. He slowly licked the head of my cock and looked up at me with a smile and told me to lay back and enjoy. He said that I haven’t had my cock sucked the right way but that was all about to change. He güvenilir bahis took my now rock hard cock in his mouth and started taking it in farther with each bob of his had. He was right I had never had a blowjob that made me want to cum and not cum because it felt so good. He took me to the edge numerous times just to watch me squirm. After about 15 minutes of this pleasure I told him I wanted to cum and he told me to fill his mouth with my hot seed. God I felt my cock pump three or four times and allen just swallowed ever drop. After my convulsions were over he smiled and me and asked how I liked it. I told him if he didn’t already now by my cumming so hard he would never know. He and I both laughed and laid there for awhile. I looked at him and asked what I could do for him, which he replied that he wanted to be fucked. Who was I to say no to a new found friend who just sucked my cock like to one ever had. He sucked me back to hardness so I could try my first man pussy.But that will be another story.

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