My first massage leads to an amazing encounter…

My first massage leads to an amazing encounter…This was something that happened to me recently out on the road. I do a lot of travel for my business. It is not unusual for me to spend a few nights away from home every month due to the nature of my business.Anyway, I was in a large city and had just settled in after a hard day. I was a bit stressed and frankly horny. There is something about staying in a motel that has always made me horny, I want to watch x rated movies, porn on the computer, etc. I fantasize about fucking a total stranger a lot when I am on the road, but never have the opportunity. This night I was anxious, horny and just knew that I would not be able to sleep unless I masturbated and got some relief.Rather than stay in the hotel, I decided to go out on the town, eat dinner and just kind of look around. I found a cheap oriental restaurant in an ethnic part of town and had some alcohol with my meal. It made me loosen up a lot. The waitresses looked pretty hot after a couple of drinks of sake, and my horniness only increased. I left the restaurant and got in my car and drove around this part of town. It was a little bit seedy but eclectic at the same time. I noticed some places that offered massage. Having never had an oriental massage I thought maybe I would try one and just see what happened. I found a massage parlor in a dark part of town, parked my car and walked up to the door. There was a doorbell which I pushed and it wasn’t long till the door opened alanya escort bayan and a really gorgeous oriental girl motioned me in. She had on a low cut blouse and her boobs were very ample. She also had on some tight fitting slacks that showed a nice round and somewhat large bubble butt and shapely legs.She led me to a dark room and closed the door behind us. There was a massage table there and it was quite clean but rather sparse. I asked her how much for a massage and she said $60.00. I sad okay, gave her the money and she told me to undress and she would be back. I wasn’ sure if I should leave on my underwear but elected to take off all my clothes and put a towel around me. A couple of minutes later, she came back in, and said “come with me” and I followed her down the hall to a shower. She then proceeded to have me take off the towel and she began to wash me in the shower. I just got more horny as she washed between my legs, washed my ass, scrotum, prostate area, etc. After we were done she toweled me off and led me back to the massage room. She asked me to lay on my stomach and then started to massage me. It felt like heaven as she carressed my body. She asked: “You want hard or soft?” I said: “Try it soft” and she started carressing me with her fingers and a feather.A couple of minutes later I heard the door open and close and another girl came in the room. Soon they were both massaging me and I was fully erect but still laying on my stomach. I tried hard escort alanya to not get erect but I was just overcome with the sensuality of the whole experience. Four hands carressing me, running up and down my body, tickling my ass, between my legs, under my armpits…it was all too much. I felt her finger on my ass hole probe a little and then hesitate.The lady then asked me to “turn over please” and I did, fully exposing my hard on. It was throbbing at that point. My dick wanted to be touched so bad. I don’t think my enormous cock has ever been harder and bigger than it was at that point. The two girls smiled, and then to my amazement they both disrobed. Both of them had really large boobs, with large fully erect dark nipples. One had a small tight ass and the other was more ample and with a beautiful bubble butt. They started kissing each other, carressing each other, licking each other as I watched and then started stroking my cock. The one with the small ass got on the table with me and started licking my balls and my ass, her tongue actually went inside my ass and I thought I was going to burst. The other one then got on the table and straddled my face. I licked her and sucked on her clit as she gasped and her juices started flowing on my face. My god I thought I would explode at this point. Her ass cheeks felt so amazing and I sucked and licked her voraciously. Her smell was amazing. I loved it! I could feel the girl with the small ass at that point stroking alanya escort my cock feverishly as she sucked it. The sensations from all of this stimulation were incredible. At that point, the girl with the small ass started to mount my cock and began to ride me as hard and as fast as she could, the larger butt girl kept rubbing her cunt and ass on my face and started to have an orgasm and cum on me as she rubbed in excitement. I held on as long as I could. I wanted to cum but held it in. The next thing I knew, the small butt girl turned around in reverse cowgirl and slid my large, throbbing cock up her tight ass. She struggled at first but then took my entire huge cock up her little ass. It was the tightest thing I’ve ever had my cock in and was almost like a clamp. She then bore down with her sphincter and milked the cum out of my cock. It was everywhere. She let out a moan at the same time the other girl collapsed in a massive orgasm on my face. We all three were cumming and climaxing together at the same time!It was more than words can express. After we cleaned up I tipped them $100.00. My cock was still hard, however, from all of the excitement. The girls noticed this and the large butt girl then stood up, leaned forward against the wall, spread her legs and asked me to fuck her ass from behind. As I obliged, the small butt girl got down between our legs and started licked and sucking us both and probing with her fingers. It took awhile, but eventually I shot a big load of cum up the big butt girl’s sweet ass while the other girl rammed her fingers into my ass. As my cum dripped down the other girl lapped up the juices. We cleaned up again, and I gave them another $100.00 tip. It was a night I will never forget.

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