My first meeting with Leon had a surprise …


My first meeting with Leon had a surprise …In my desire to be with other men, I opened an account on a male to male date(?) site. After having examined the site I quickly figured out that most of the ads were from guys that wanted to hook up with other guys for sexual gratification. After a few weeks of minor chit chat with guys that just wanted to talk, I met Leon. Leon worked the third shift and had little time to go out and meet guys in bars or gay bath houses.Leon wanted to meet some one for sex doing the day after he got off work, I wanted to meet some one doing the day for sex cause I did not wish to be out after dark. Leon had one quirk he wanted to have sex with a guy in a red jock strap. Leon had stated that he was mostly top and did not desire to be a bottom at that time, Leon wanted to mount me while I was on my knees but only after I manipulated him orally.I informed Leon that my oral skills were inadequate for the task for it had been some time since I had tried to suck dick and was not very successful at it. Leon sent me a picture of his dick and I was quickly taken aback seeing that it was a beautiful piece of work.As things worked out there was some emergency at work that required much of my time and Leon and I lost contact. It was some months later I tried to reach out to Leon via the email he had provided. All of this was to no results Leon did not even answer my request to talk.One day looking thru his emails to me I saw a cell number and decided to give it a try. To my surprised a sleepy voice answered. With out introducing myself I asked ‘ … Hi Leon, sorry I woke you. Would you like some company for a little while? … ‘A moment of silence followed by ( ‘…who is this and how do I know you …’ ) , I replied (‘ … we spoke briefly some time ago and lost contact. I wish to apologize for my part of not reaching out to you earlier. …’ ) Another moment of silence where by I spoke up quickly ( ‘… I am near the area in which you live and would like to come by and see if I could soothe that anaconda of yours! …’) After an uneasy minute or two the voice ümraniye escort gave me an address and apartment number.I pulled into the parking area and located the building and made my way to the apartment door. I ringed the bell and the door slowly opened. There on the other side of the door stood Leon in a bath robe with a small protrusion beneath his waist. I smiled and closed the door behind me and asked ( ‘… May I …’ ) Leon looked at me quizzically slightly nodding his head.I took this to mean ‘Yes’ and slowly knelt down before him opening his robe slowly till I saw the protrusion straining at his jockeys. I raised my hand and very gently caressed it feeling it throb beneath my manipulation. I looked up at Leon as I slowly reached for his jockey waist band and start to pull his underwear down releasing his man hood.Unexpectedly his dick slapped me across my lips as it was released startlingly me. Quickly I regained my composure and got hold of the monster and guide the one eyed snake to my lips. Still gazing up into his eyes I parted my lips and start to gently kiss his throbbing penile glans.My tongue was greeted by an exuberant amount of pre-cum, at first I was disgusted but did my best to continue my manipulation. I slid my tongue beneath his throbbing glans and captured the very tip into my lips and even tough I was disgusted I started to suck at his penile tip pulling his substance from his urethra tube.I could feel his sperm as it passed thru the tube pressed against my fingers. Leon moaned slightly raising his hand to me head and caressing it lovingly. I took hold of his testicle and gently massaged them as I sucked engulfing the entire penile glans into my lips.Once my lips were locked over his throbbing dick head I started to twist his shaft as I used my tongue to massage his throbbing glans. After a couple minutes Leon pushed me from his dick saying ( ‘… shyt your skills are good. Come on to the bed room, we need to get started so I can get some rest and go to work tonight! …’)I stood and followed Leon down the short hall to kadıköy escort the bed room and quickly disrobed, Leon dropped his robe and turned to face me his dick standing out like a small tree limb throbbing up and down. On the night stand I saw a tube of lubricant and some condoms.I applied a small amount of lubricant to his penis and placed the condom on it. Leon instructed ( ‘… on your knees …’ )I lowered myself down with my head to the floor. Leon got behind me and applied some lubricant to my butt crack. I felt Leon get behind me and slid his huge dick head up and down my butt crack spreading the substance over my rosebud.Leon gripped my hips as he pressed forward pushing his huge dick head into my awaiting anal flower. With a surprising pop Leon’s dick head entered into my anal channel. Soon as his prodigious penile ridge enter my anus and my anal sphincter snapped tight around the neck of his shaft Leon moaned encouragingly and started to work his huge tool back and forth causing me to moan and whimper in lustful delight!I was not used to the thickness of his dick shaft nor the hugeness of his dick head, I started to whimper and moan as Leon worked his magnificent fuck tool deeper and deeper into my rectum. After a few hunches and grinds Leon was seated deep in my anal channel he was so deep It was like I was just a part of his body. I manage to gasp out ( ‘… damn man, I did not know you were so fucking huge. Ohhhhh my gawd you are so fucking huge …’ )Leon was not vicious nor was he very gentle, I was totally at his mercy as he worked his tool around my anal area. Leon would pull his dick back till only his dick head was still lodged in my anus and then slid the entire length of his huge dick shaft into my bowels.I manage to get my little bag and pull out my small bottle of poppers. Leon asked ( ‘…what’s that shyt? …’ ) I answered ( ‘…it’s just something to help me accept your huge ass dick and enjoy it as much as you are. …’ ) Leon slowed as I undid the cap and took a sniff.The results were pleasurable enough that I started to bostancı escort rock back and forth on to his enormous tool. Leon steadied my hips and allowed me to slid back and forth on his humongous fuck tool. Leon said ( ‘… ohhh fuck. If that shyt makes you do that take a fucking bigger hit! …’ )Being greedily I closed one nostril and took two hits then did the other. I was now in a state of demonic lust as I rammed back onto his dick. Leon reached down and took the bottle, I thought he was going to put the top back on but I heard him as he took a small sniff then one long hit.Leon closed the bottle and the popper must have taken effect cause we were like wild a****ls. Leon slamming into me with abandonment and me trying to ram back to meet each of his thrust! I guess we were making a little bit of noise with out bodies slapping against each other and all the moaning.It was then that I learned that Leon had a room mate and he had heard us and had entered the room and was standing in the door way as we rutted on the floor. I was lost in a world of sexual stupor and could not make out the conversation behind me.Leon slammed into me for another five or ten minutes before he slowed and started to pull his manhood from my anus. Moaning I begged him not to only to hear ( ‘… don’t worry, my mate wants his turn so just stay like you are and enjoy your self. …’ ) Startled I tried to raise up only to feel Leon press down on the small of my back saying ( ‘… stay just like that. I know you gonna like this. Here take a hit. …’ ) Leon placed the bottle under my nose and I inhaled deeply. It was just at that time that Leon’s room mate entered my opened bung hole. Slipping his entire length of dick deep into my anal channel.Leon then said to me ( ‘… David, meet John, John meet David I’ll be back in a minute you to guys get to know each other. …’ ) John wasted no time ramming into me just like he saw Leon doing. Thankfully John was not as prodigiously endowed as Leon if he was he would have ripped me apart.Leon return after a few minutes and sat down at my head and said 9 ‘… just as well practice sucking this dick now. …’ ) I looked at Leon and manage between grunts to ask ( ‘… this … our first … meeting and you let … some one else fuck me …’ ) Leon laughed and said sometimes John and I like to share, guess this one of those times.

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