My First Time

My First TimeI was very nervous the first time in a gay bar on a Friday night especially on my own. I ordered a drink and observed the fantastic men and women in the bar all having a great time. I got chatting with different men through the night until a much older man came over and introduced himself.He was taller than me and in very good shape for 65 compared to my 36. After a couple of drinks I could feel his hand under the table reaching in between my legs and start to rub my cock. I told him not in the bar but to go somewhere else.I was a mixture of nervousness and excitement as we found a quiet lane and his big hands were all over me. He undid my jeans and put his hands inside and groped my bum which very quickly got me aroused. I was then bent over and had my jeans güvenilir bahis siteleri and pants pulled down to be spanked. I felt his big hands spank me with 10 of the best on my bare bottom and I could feel my bum cheeks becoming warm and assumed to be glowing.He then turned me around and pushed me against the wall to kiss me, my first gay kiss tasting of alcohol and the feeling of his stuble. I undid his shirt and kissed his hairy chest and belly. I was consumed by lust and the urge to pull his trousers and underwear down to see the hard bulge that had been pressing against me.I wasn’t disappointed to see his lovely thick hard uncut prick and heavy balls in all their glory. I had butterflies in my stomach at where this was leading too. I got down on my bets10 güvenilir mi knees and teased this horny old man by kissing and licking his hairy thighs downwards. I then kissed the inside of his legs heading towards his bollocks. I gently licked them individually and took them both in my mouth to hear him moan which turned me on as well. I also took his heavy cock in my hand and slowly started to wank it. After a minute of this I asked if he wanted me to suck his cock which he readily agreed to. I then took his cock and licked the large mushroom head which was full of pre cum already. My tongue was up and down his shaft before I greedily took as much of it as I could in my mouth. It was then my lover got hold of my head and used my mouth like bets10 giriş a fuckhole. He told me what s dirty maleslut I was as his pace got quicker and this polite older man was breathlessly swearing at me.He told me he was going to cum and I really didn’t have time to move not that I really wanted to. I felt his cock swell and a load of cum shoot in my mouth as he was grunting which I tried to swallow as quickly as I could. He then ordered me to stand up and he rubbed his cock over my pants to get any remaining cum off.After he composed himself he could see my very aroused cock which he took in his large hand and rubbed. It wasn’t going to take me long with this sexy older man playing with me and I could feel my knees go weak as he tossed me off. I had to hold on to him as this huge orgasm swept through me with an ending of a huge load of spunk exiting my dick all over the floor.After this my older partner for the night disappeared after giving me his number. I walked home in my cum stained pants and sore bum cheeks underneath my jeans.

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