My friend who knew what she wanted


My friend who knew what she wantedI was only 18 just started college I was having trouble with my girlfriend at the time since she was still in highschool (we were 1 year apart ) when I was in college I made a friend Lana . Lana was different she was a African American girl with a Emo attitude she was beautiful gorgeous and whenever I looked at her she was so sexy my cock got hard I felt it grow every time we talked or she touched me god I wanted her . By second semester me and my girlfriend broke up and I was trying to get into lanas pants we went to a cafe and she started telling me about how she only had sex with 1 person and it was only one time I told her about my experiences and she was shocked to find out that I love to dominate girls and love to fuck em as much as I please I told her I don’t care where or when if I want u I want halkalı escort u I can tell she started to get a little turned on so i thought imma take this to my advantage . I asked her if she wanted to come back to my dorm so we can study and watch a movie because my dorm mate was out of town for the weekend when we got to my dorm we studied a little I think it was history than afterwards I suggested we go watch a movie she said ok . I put on wedding crashes and we were just watching it during the scene when Vince Vaughn got tied up was when I made my move and kissed her I told her how this scene always turns me on she was into it we started kissing her lips felt soft and while we kissed our tongues wrestled making it even more hotter I grabbed her throat she taksim escort gasped as she smiled I pinned her down her legs were spreading she was getting comfortable I kissed her more and I went to her pants I took them off slowly and I saw her legs for the first time they were silk and beautiful she had a tattoo on her thigh it was a bird it was beautiful just like her I took her panties off she was nervous but excited she started covering her face …I didn’t like that I choked her and bit her lip and told her I want to see her beautiful face and she looked at me and said yes daddy when I finally got to spread her legs I finally saw it that sweet kissy of her I felt my dick get harder then ever before she was trynna tell me to go easy but before she could even finish I started eating her şişli escort out I could hear her moan and she was squirming I finally got up from eating her out and I inserted my dick in her .she squealed I told her it’s ok and I started thrusting she was telling me she Dosent know if she can take it I started holding her hand and started kissing her and told her she’s my girl now and she is the best I ever had . That started motivating her to keep going her insides were so warm and wet I couldn’t stop thrusting we started to kiss more I started pounding harder and tears rolled down her eyes but she whispered “take my ass” I immediately got up and turned her over I told her to suck my cock and make it all wet .she slobbered all on it making sure my dick was extra wet so when I fuck her ass it won’t her I put my dick in her and started thrusting g her mouth was wide open shocked from how good it feels in her ass I started thrusting more until I finally came in her ass . After we got done and cleaned up she kissed me and ever since we started dating I even made her my own lil fuck pet and everytime I send her the text saying I’m hard she’s here on her knees ready to take my cock

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