My Friend

My FriendMolly and I had been friends since grade school. She had just had a baby two months ago and had got out of the house for the first time and I was so happy to see her. She had changed a lot since she had her baby. Her tits were huge and full of milk and I could see the big fat nipples poking at her shirt. We talked for a while and I kept looking at her huge milk filled tits and finally I said to her “Take off your shirt. I want to see your huge tits.” She laughed and pulled her shirt over her head. Sitting on top of the big jugs were king size nipples that she did not have before. I said “Are your nipples long now from nursing?” She said “Yes. At first I had to nurse him every two hours. Then some nights I just laid in bed with him and let him nurse all night. I just got so tired. Between the baby sucking my tits and Frank wanting to fuck me I got no sleep. Every time I nursed bahis firmaları the baby Frank got hard and needed to fuck me. We fuck more now then before we had our son. One night he fucked me four times then wanted it again when we woke up in the morning. His cock is always hard these days. He also loves to nurse me and drink my milk. As he sucks he finger fucks my cunt and my milk comes in faster and I get huge. I feel like a big titted whore in my bed.”I slid over close to her and began rubbing her tits. “That is just because they are so huge and so full. Can I suck them too. I want to taste your milk. It has been a long time since I sucked on your tits. You used to love me sucking you and playing with your pussy.” She answered “Of course you may suck me. My tits were yours before I got married. Remember how we used to suck each others tits and lick our pussies. Take your tipobet güvenilir mi clothes off for me.” I got undressed and Molly grabbed me and kissed my mouth tonguing me with her tongue. Then she pushed her my head to her huge tits and I began to suck her. The milk tasted so good. It was warm and sweet. I quickly slipped her shorts off and put my hand between her legs and as I sucked the milk I finger fucked her cunt. She moaned “I sure have missed you. You eat pussy better than Frank. Finger my hole for me.” As I fingered fucked her I kept sucking the warm milk. Then she begged “Suck my pussy, please. I want to feel your mouth over my cunt.”I then pushed her on her back and got between her legs and began to give her pussy a good fucking like I used to. I had her moaning and cumming in no time. Even though she had a man to fuck at home she still loved my tongue bets10 on that wet cunt. I licked her cunt and her ass as I also finger fucked her then she did the same for me. We were both wet and out of breath from cumming so hard. Molly laughed and told me “I really need to come over more often and get me some good girl pussy. I love being licked and licking your sweet fuck hole. Now stick your tongue in me one more time and make me cum before I have to go home.” I did just that for her. I spread her legs and licked her cunt for a while then pushed my tongue in her hole and fucked her hard. I loved sucking her cum out of her as she came many times. I had my tongue in her cunt and my finger in her ass and she was screaming begging for more. She always was very horny. Then I put a finger in her cunt and sucked her clit which got a big scream out of her and a blast of cum. I ate her pussy for an hour till she had to leave. She gave me a big kiss and told me “I am going to come over a lot more often. This was awesome tonight.” I swatted her ass and she was out the door with her big milk filled tits bouncing all the way to her car.

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