My Gay Brother Fucks My Husband


My Gay Brother Fucks My HusbandWhen Sally met her husband three years ago, a year before they got married, she discovered his stash of porn DVDs. He blushed and was embarrassed and started to make apologies, but Sally smiled and told him not to worry. She had the same ‘secret.’ Sally also loved porn and had loads of porn sites bookmarked on her computer. They laughed and realized they shared this common interest. Men often assume women either aren’t very interested in porn, or will be made uncomfortable if their guys show too much interest in it. But Sally was definitely an exception.Since then Tim and Sally had really enjoyed watching porn together, before they had sex, to help them get turned on, and often while they were actually having sex. Sometimes they brought a laptop to bed with them and looked at super sexy pics or watched raw and raunchy videos as they snuggled under the sheets, Sally getting very wet, and Tim getting very hard. And often they kept the porn coming while they fucked.One night, as they were surfing, they landed on a gay porn site. Tim wanted to keep surfing, but Sally stopped him and suggested they watch that one for a while. After all, they had watched girl-girl sex scenes many, many times. Tim knew Sally’s younger brother was gay, so figured maybe that’s why this site grabbed her attention. Soon they were a watching a wild threesome where three great looking and very well hung gay studs were sucking each others’ cocks and fucking each other up the ass. When they watched straight vids together they both often commented on how hung or endowed a stud was, and Tim seemed to enjoy the sight of a really big cock doing its work as much as Sally did. So she glanced over at him as they watched this gay scene now, and could see he was transfixed. She reached down under the quilt to find that Tim’s cock was rock hard.Though Tim was well aware that his wife’s brother was gay, Sally felt that maybe now — as the two were excitedly watching these studs cavort — was the time to confess something else.”I never told you this, Tim, but when we both still lived at home, I’d watch my brother jerk off sometimes. Once I walked in on him stroking it, and then, being his rather bossy big sister, I told him he just had to let me watch him get himself off.”Tim looked over at his wife, his eyes widening.”Robby has this gorgeous cock too, and he’s really hung,” Sally said, reaching down to stroke her husband’s again, “not that you’re not, baby, and not that you also don’t have yourself a gorgeous cock. But my brother’s, as I remember it, is a real specimen, museum quality. It’s beautifully shaped, with a smooth perfect, plum-shaped head and it’s straight as an arrow. A bit more than 9″ long, and I know that because once Robby had me watch as he pressed a ruler against it. Then he brought my hand down to his dick and I saw it was as thick as my wrist, maybe even a little thicker.””You brought your hand down to it?” Tim said, a little amazed, but very intrigued, as Sally smiled, now fully in a confessional mood.”I never told anyone this, babe, but I got my brother to let me jack him off a couple of times. And man, did he ever shoot a load! I remember one time when he blasted off it splattered all over my face and tits.””So you were naked when you did all this?” Tim asked.”Well, you know, he was naked, so I wasn’t go to just sit there with all my clothes on.”Tim’s head was spinning, hearing all this, but he loved it.”I mean, Robby should’ve had himself a brother, not a sister, ’cause he’s a fag. But, alas, he just had a sister. So he let me stroke him. And I’ll confess this to you too, honey, once I actually sucked him off.””Wow, you sucked your brother off, your queer brother?” Tim said, even more astounded now, but even more intrigued. “Well, if you sucked him off, why didn’t you go all the way, and let him fuck you?””Oh, I would’ve done it. But sucking him, that was just another mouth, a girl’s mouth, true. But still a mouth. And a mouth is a mouth. But a pussy was something different. I think it’s kind of scary to gay guys, not a turn-on. The holes that they really love are assholes!””Well, maybe you should’ve offered him your ass then.””He might’ve gone for that, though it’s male ass he really craves. And also, I hadn’t been fucked up the ass then yet. Plus, he’s on the jumbo side, and really thick, so it would’ve been a bit of a struggle for me then, still would be. Even though you know just how much I like taking it up the ass, babe,” Sally said, a sweet, but slightly lewd, slightly wicked smile lighting up her pretty face, her big green eyes sparkling as she revealed all this to her husband.Then Sally leaned in close, purring in Tim’s ear.”But maybe you should try taking him up the ass, honey. I’m sure my brother would just love to get inside your ass. He’s always talking about how good looking and sexy you are, And you’ve got a beauty of a bottom, nice and hard and trim, and smooth as a baby’s. And I know that tight hole of yours loves attention”Then Sally wet a finger in her mouth and deftly reached around to work balçova escort it into Tim’s asshole.”You love the way I lick and finger that hole of yours, don’t you? And that one time I used a dildo on you, you couldn’t get enough, sticking it out for me like a whore in heat.””Yeah?” Tim said, pretty sure where this was heading.”Actually, babe, the whole guy-guy thing really turns me on. When I learned my brother was gay, and then seeing that big cock of his, stroking it, sucking it, I thought about guys doing that to him. And I told you how I used to like checking out gay porn sites, the way guys love all that sexy girl-girl stuff. That’s why we’re looking at this right now,” Sally said, pointing to the screen.”Okay, and?” Tim probed as Sally took a deep breath, and pressed in even closer, stroking his cock with her usual sensual finesse.”My brother’s visiting next month during his spring break, spending a long weekend with us, remember? What if we invited him to bed with us one night. And maybe I could — could get him to fuck you up the ass, babe? Would you do that? Do it for me, and for yourself too? I’m sure you’ll just love it; you can see how much I love taking it up the ass. You should try it too. With a real cock, a nice, big, juicy one. I know my brother’s pretty much a top; he loves to fuck guys. And I am dead certain he’d love to fuck you. And god would I ever cream getting to watch that!””Then the only question I guess is, will I let him fuck me, right Sally?””Yeah, will you? Will you? Pretty please!” she asked beseechingly, her eyes big and hopeful.Tim leaned over to kiss his wife, smiling as he pulled back from her lips.”For you, baby, anything.”And so a few weeks later, during his visit, Robby waltzed into Sally and Tim’s bedroom, stark naked, straight out of the shower. His sister had already talked to him about her plan and he approved; he loved the idea. Not only would he get to visit his big sister and enjoy some of her fine home cooking, but he’d get to fuck his sexy brother-in-law. What more could a familyvisit possibly offer for a horny queer like Robby!Tim had seen Robby at the beach, in swim trunks, and knew the college swim team captain had a fantastic body and was as good looking as his beautiful sister. But only now was he able to view what Robby carried ‘down below,’ the massive endowment Sally had described in such rich and enticing detail. Though not yet erect, that cock was every bit as impressive as his wife had claimed, a penis any man would be proud of it. Thick and meaty, its was half dangling, half sticking out, on its way to becoming erect, Robby no doubt turned on by what he knew would be coming his way soon — his brother in law’s hot, sexy ass!Sally and Tim had showered just before Robby and were waiting for him in bed, stark naked and vividly exposed, Tim’s cock already fully erect as a result of his wife’s fondling, Sally curling up sexily against her lithe, sleek husband.”Come join us,” Sally purred at her brother, wagging a finger, making room between her and her husband as Robby tumbled down to join them.”It’s been a few years, hasn’t it, Robby?” Sally said as she reached down to take her brother’s cock in her hand, stroking it. All it took was those few moments of stroking to get Robby up to full mast, to his full, thick, steel hard nine inches, dimensions Sally had made a point of highlighting for her husband, guessing correctly the reference to length and girth was certain to pique his interest, which it had.Sally licked her lips provocatively.”Mind if I have a taste, bro? For old times sake?” Sally said, “I know back then I didn’t have much competition, and now you can get all the studs you want to suck that beautiful tool. But just a taste, okay?””Sure, sis, go ahead,” Robby chuckled as Sally leaned down and, staring at her brother, and then at her husband, took Robby’s cock in her mouth.”But it’s someone else who’s here to enjoy this cock tonight, right, Tim?” Sally said to her husband, winking provocatively as she pulled away from Robby after she had that brief taste. “Come down here and suck it, honey, suck my brother’s cock.” Tim had confessed that once, back in college, when both were drunk and horny he and a buddy had sucked each other’s cocks. That, Tim swore, was the one and only time he’d been intimate with another guy. But now Tim suddenly felt ravenous for cock, for Robby’s cock, staring down at the huge tool, steel hard, and wet and glistening from having just nested in his wife’s mouth. Staring right into Sally’s eyes as he lowered his face, he wrapped his hand around the shaft, even more amazed by the rigid thickness now that he held it in his hand than when he was just gazing it. And then he just took it in his mouth and began to suck that cock, hungry for it, not in the least self-conscious, surprised at his total lust, his complete lack of inhibition, his hunger for cock..”Oh yes, babe, suck that cock, suck it!” Sally growled softly, almost breathless with excitement as she now watched her husband devour her brother’s cock. Her husband escort balçova was a passionate lover, Sally knew, and craved oral sex. Whenever he ate her pussy, he ate it with relish. And now he was displaying that same relish as he gave Sally’s brother a first rate blow job, twisting the shaft in his hand as he sucked the knob and used his tongue with the same eager skill he applied when he tongued Sally’s always greedy clit.”He loves to go down on me, so I’m not surprised he loves going down on you, Robby,” Sally said to her brother, both looking down at Tim’s head bobbing as he showed them what a keen and hungry cocksucker he had just become. Sally loved the sight of her husband’s lips hungrily clamped around the impressive girth of her brother’s erect cock; she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the awesome sight, but finally she did.”Oh yeah, suck my dick, suck it!” Donny growled at his brother-in-law, holding his head in place.”Now let’s get him ready for the main act,” Sally said, moving around on the bed so she could get behind her husband as he kept up the suckfest. Sitting on the night table was a fresh tube of the anal lubricating jelly Sally liked Tim to use when he fucked her up the ass. Before reaching for the lube she got an eyeful of her husband’s ass. She loved that ass of Tim’s. Like her brother, Tim was an athlete and he had a hard, smooth, compact ass, perfect buttocks which she now spread apart so she could have a peek at the hole. She thought that little puckered hole of his was cute too, and knew her brother would appreciate it. Once, on a lark, Sally and Tim took pics of each other’s assholes and then, looking at the images, agreed they looked almost exactly alike, back there. Male and female, they were such a contrast in many ways, but the two holes hiding between their two sets of cheeks were very much alike. And now his would be fucked too, as hers had been many, many times.Before lubing him, Sally leaned down, spreading Tim’s buttocks apart again and dug her tongue into his cleft, rimming him. He loved to have his ass licked, and Sally loved to lick it. Often she spent many long minutes with her tongue buried in her husband’s ass, a prelude to all the sex acts that were to follow. He moaned and groaned and sighed, loving the sensations. That’s what first gave Sally a hint that her husband possessed an especially hot and responsive ass which, after her tongue and her fingers and finally her dildo, might just very well one day enjoy the invasion of a flesh and blood cock. Now Sally licked ass while her husband sucked cock, and her brother relished the blow job he was getting, the three of them in oral paradise.Finally Sally pulled her tongue away and squeezed a big dab of the jelly onto her fingertips, slapping it into Tim’s crack, spreading it over the rubbery surface of his anus, working it into his ass first with one, then two stiff fingers. He pushed back against her probing fingers like the anal slut she well knew he could often be.”Okay, fuck time! Elbows and knees, Tim!” Sally announced, clapping her hands as Robby now pulled his cock away from Tim’s mouth and Tim scampered up on the bed and assumed the position, getting up on all fours and sticking out that ass of his the way he had done so many times when his wife told him she was in the mood for some rimming or ass fingering.Sally wagged a finger at her brother and he joined her, both kneeling behind Tim, looking down at that perfect ass, at the glistening, exposed hole. It’s like that vividly and lewdly exposed hole was sending out a message, and that message was: enter and fuck!Robby, kneeling behind Tim’s ass now, his cock flamingly engorged and erect was about to heed that message. And his sister was going to make sure to help and urge him on. So she now took Tim’s cock in hand and pressed the tip against her husband’s slick hole, positioning the cock against its target.”Okay, honey, just start to push back,” Sally told her husband who eased his ass back, the bulbous tip of Tim’s cock slowly piercing his hole and stretching it as he started to enter the other man’s bottom. Tim gasped and closed his eyes, biting his lower lip, as he pushed back, Sally holding her brother’s shaft in place. Finally, the whole knob just popped in, Sally marveling at just how delicious was the sight of her brother’s cock starting to say a big hello to her husband’s ass.Now Robby took over, reaching down to take hold of Tim’s hips and slowly driving his cock up his brother-in-law’s ass, inch by thick, steely inch, Sally’s eyes glued on the sight, on the meeting point of cock and ass, mesmerized by the spectacular vision. The raw, spell-binding vision of her young sexy brother fucking her handsome husband up the ass!”Oh God, I can’t believe this is really happening!” Sally sputtered almost breathlessly as she watched Robby drive it in now, fucking Tim’s ass with deep, smooth, rhythmic strokes, “fuck that ass, Robby, fuck it, fuck my husband up… the… ass! Ream out his rectum!”And Robby obliged, slamming it in there, picking up balçova escort bayan the pace as he now really began to hammer it home, jamming those thick nine inches up the other man’s ass with an almost savage fury, burying it to the balls, those balls slapping loudly against Tim’s cheeks with each hard thrust. Sally leaned down to have a closer look, spreading her husband’s cheeks so she could see the vivid margin where his dilated asshole was clenching her brother’s erect penis. The sight astounded, amazed her. And aroused her beyond belief as she reached between her own legs, her cunt almost soggy as she found and started to strum her engorged clit.The Sally went around to face her husband as he was taking it like this.”You look so fuckin’ hot with a big dick up your ass, babe,” she said, her eyes like a pair of heated lasers as she gazed into Tim’s. “Do you love it?””Damn yeah, I love it!” he growled breathlessly.”Turn around and tell my brother just how much you love it.””Fuck me, Robby, fuck my ass! I love how your thick cock feels plowing my ass!” Tim said, turning his neck to look up at Robby, behind him.”Tell him to fuck you deeper,” Sally barked.”Fuck me deeper!””Now tell him to fuck your ass harder.””Fuck my ass deeper and harder!”Robby really began pummeling Tim’s ass now, more furiously than ever, his balls mashing against Tim’s as he buried the full shaft inside with blazing speed and power.”This hard and deep enough for you?” Robby purred.The bed was shaking from the raw power of this ass fuck, and Sally’s fingers were a blur as she watched excitedly, whipping up a froth between her legs.She got behind them again, looking at her brother’s muscled, swimmer’s ass pumping hard as he ass-fucked her husband. Then she reached down to caress and massage that ass.”Okay if I do this?” she whispered in his ear.”Sure, go ahead.”Then, swooning with desire, she dropped down, spreading her brother’s cheeks as he kept up the fucking.”Can I lick it, bro, can I stick my tongue in here and lick your boycunt?””Sure, sis, go ahead and rim me while I fuck your husband, stick your tongue in there and eat out my asshole. I fuckin love that!”And so Sally obliged, darting her tongue between her brother’s cheeks, snaking it into the cleft while he pumped away, finding the hole and eating up the anal morsel while Robby’s thick one kept ripping into her husband’s.She kept it up like this, her tongue in her brother’s ass, until she could hear her brother’s breaths coming deep and hard, could hear him begin to groan in that telltale way which signaled only one thing: blast off time was moments away! She had licked her husband’s asshole once while he fucked another chick,and a few times as he jerked himself off. So she knew what would happen next. When she felt Robby’s asshole throb and quiver against her tongue she was certain that at that very moment he was cumming and blasting his load deep into Tim’s ass. Sally savored the long moments, pressing in with her tongue until the throbbing subsided. That rubbery asshole of her brother’s quivered against her tongue for a long, long time, and this told Sally that the load Robby had deposited in her husband’s ass was a big one, powerfully ejaculated out of his massive, throbbing, ass-fucking cock.Taking a few deeps breath, coming down from the high of his orgasm, Robby now slowly pulled out of Tim’s ass, his cock still thick and meaty, but now only semi-erect, the steeliness disappearing. And with that, her husband’s well-fucked asshole was exposed to Sally’s gaze. Damn, did it ever have that familiar ‘just been fucked’ look, raw and open. And almost immediately Sally could see her brother’s load begin to leak out of her husband’s hole, Robby’s semen about to spill out of Tim’s ass. That sperm could not go to waste, Sally said to herself as she quickly dropped her face to her husband’s ass and dug her tongue into his still dilated hole, lapping up the creamy semen as it first leaked, then trickled, then spilled out of her husband’s freshly fucked mancunt. And while she savored her husband’s hole, and the load spilling out of it, she reached around and took hold of Tim’s still rock hard cock, stroking it.It didn’t take too many strokes until she heard Tim groan, felt his cock throb in he hand, and knew that he was at that moment blasting his own big, long delayed load, some landing on her hand, the hand working that steely ejaculating spouse penis. His asshole, too, throbbed against Sally’s tongue as he came and as it throbbed it continued to spill Robby’s cum onto Sally’s greedy tongue. Sally smiled to herself, enjoying the bounty, the taste of her brother’s semen on her tongue, the sticky warmth of her husbands dribbling on her stroking hand. For a woman who loved big cocks, male asses and heavy loads, all this was pretty close to heaven for Sally.Sally’s brother would be there for two more nights. And that would mean, if she had anything to say about it, and she would, that her husband’s ass would be fucked at least two more times. And who knows, maybe she could get her sexy young brother to get up on elbows and knees just as Tim had, and this time have her husband fuck her brother up the ass. Sally smiled to herself. This weekend would be about male ass being fucked. There’d be plenty of opportunities in the future for her own cock-loving ass to be plowed and hammered.

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