My GF plays with herself for me and a mate

My GF plays with herself for me and a mateThis story took place a few years ago when I was still living at my parents’ home; I was going out with a girl called Jess who was blond size 10 and attractive. On the night in question I had a good friend over for a smoke a few drinks and a session on the PlayStation. As the evening progressed we got drunker and Jess was getting more bored so we decided to stick on a film.As the film was ending everyone was getting tired so we set up the sofa bed for my mate and settled down for the night. Jess and I were spooning and I asked her if she fancied a threesome, she wasn’t really up for it but she said if we were quiet she would give me a blowjob. She was sucking me off and I decided to ask again, my mate was pretty average looking and a girl like jess was well out of his league and she knew it. Although she was turned on at the thought she said it would never happen. I was enjoying my blowjob as I looked over towards my mate I could tell he was still awake so I had a plan. I lifted the bed sheets of and slowly started to undress Jess at first she resisted but as I got her hotter and hotter she eventually gave up the fight, before long I had her totally naked but she’d covered up with the bed sheets. I stopped her from blowing me and said it wasn’t fair on my mate that I should have all the fun, she knew what I was getting at and wasn’t impressed so she stopped and rolled over turning her back to me.I left it like this for about 5 minutes and slowly started to lift the bed sheets of her she held on tight but was not strong enough to stop me exposing her. She stayed with her back turned to me totally exposed I could tell my friend was enjoying the view from the rustling noises coming from his direction. This spurred me on to show him more atakum escort I started to rub her ass and pussy from behind and was amazed at how wet she was i slowly lifted her legs apart with very little effort giving my mate an almost perfect view of everything then I told her she has to stay like that all night, to my amazement she agreed. A few minutes later I thought I would improve the view my mate was getting and turned on the bedside light. At first Jess tried to hide under the bed sheets but I didn’t let her and I reminded her she promised to stay exposed all night and reluctantly she gave up the fight but curled into a ball in an attempt to hide herself so I started to play with her again and get her worked up, after fingering her wet pussy for 5 minutes I had managed to open her legs and return her to the fully exposed position once again only this time with the bed side light on so my friend could see her perfect body in all its glory.After a few minutes waiting to see what would happen I drifted off to sleep. I woke to the noise of the floor boards creaking and looked over to see my mate with his camera phone out taking photos of my naked girlfriend, I turned to see jess was still asleep but had stayed in the position I left her in legs wide open. My mate jumped and tried to hide his phone when her saw me wake up but I gestured to him not to worry and asked if he liked what he saw. He said she was amazing and thanked me for showing her to him but he was gutted that we couldn’t have a threesome (obviously he’d heard our conversation earlier) I said not to worry and let’s see how far we could push this. I asked him if he had taken many photos, he said he’d taken a few, I then asked if he had all the photos he wanted, he said he’d love to take a pic of escort atakum her tight little arse hole, so slowly I turned her over being careful not to wake her, Once I’d turned her over and repositioned her legs I gently pulled apart her cheeks to show my mate her tight little hole, he took a couple of pics and to my amazement he reached down and started rubbing her pussy, “she’s really wet” he says to me, just as he says this she let out a small moan and starts to wake up, my mate nearly jumped out of his skin as she turned her head to see that he was rubbing her wet pussy, when she saw what going on she let out another soft moan and slowly start to turn around.She was now laying on her back with her legs spread wide open and slowly she started to play with her little pussy, she opened her eyes and looked at me and whispered “I’m really wet” I said “I know”, she turned her head and looked at my mate and asked him if he liked what he saw, still slightly embarrassed my friend stuttered “umm yeah you’ve got an amazing body”. She closed her eyes again and started to finger herself a bit faster. My erection was almost hurting from how hot this was, my cute little gf masturbating in front of my best friend and I. Then she opened her eyes and turned to my friend and said “take some more pictures if you want” and she let out a familiar sounding moan. In no time at all my friend was sat at the end of the bed taking photos of my gf fingering herself and she was loving it.My mate must have had some amazing photos and after a few minutes of enjoying her photo shoot she opened her eyes again and said she wanted to see us wank for her. Wanking with my best friend isn’t something I’d normally consider but this was so hot that I don’t think either of us gave it a second thought. atakum escort bayan I was kneeling by her head stroking my aching erection and my mate was kneeling between her legs the tip of his cock less than 6 inches from her pussy. She was fully focused on him wanking on her pussy, it was almost like I wasn’t there. I could tell she was moments away from reaching her orgasm, she panted to him “where are you going to cum”, again my friend stammered “umm, I guess…” she interrupted him and said “cum on my pussy” with that she totally lost it and squirmed and squealed through was looked like an intense orgasm. “cum for me now” she was panting as she was locked in eye contact with my mate. Suddenly my mate groaned and grunted and shot out a load and a half all over her pussy, she gasped and almost instantly screamed another orgasm out as she rubbed his cum all over her pussy. This was too much for me and I came on her cheek, neck and tits and she didn’t even notice, she was so lost in her own orgasm.After a few seconds of us all cuming the situation suddenly became a bit awkward. Jess was still getting her breath back and my mate and I were sat with fading erections. My mate said he was knackered and made some joke about getting a good night’s sleep, he climbed off the bed and over to the sofa, as I pulled the covers back over Jess who was by now asleep.The next morning was slightly awkward nobody really talked about what happened until my mate was about to leave and Jess said casually “don’t forget to tell me if you wank over my photos”, this caught my mate by surprise and he said “umm yeah sure, I can guarantee that will happen” “text me when it does” she said, I wasn’t expecting this but it was very hot ending to this night.Sure enough less than 2 hours after leaving my mate texted me and asked if I minded if he text Jess, sure I replied go ahead. With that her phone bleeped and she let out a little giggle and went bright red as she read it. I think he has probably texted her quite a few times since that night.

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