My Girl Friday


Trying my hand at the tried and true storyline of a relationship between a man and his maid.. But with a twist with no actual sex between them. Hope you like it. Comments are welcome.


I had just come out of a toxic marriage. The biggest upside was that I was free of a mortgage on the house we had that had hung like an anvil from my shoulders, and I now had a boat load of money in the bank to do whatever I wanted with it. Downside was that she got custody of our twin daughters, not that they needed custody, what with them being over eighteen now.

First, a little bit about myself. I am of Indian origin, having come to the US in the mid-eighties for my higher studies. Like most of the Indian guys like me at that time and in that situation, I was a virgin and desperate for female companionship. I fell in love with the first Indian girl that smiled at me and looked like she would be a good match, got married to her, put career before family and had kids late, fell into a rut during my late-forties and early fifties and finally cut the cord.

I decided to invest in a condo in a 55+ active adult community. It was a sea change for me. I went from being the oldest dad on the girl’s soccer field to the youngest member in an adult community. Most of the people I met there were sixty-plus and wouldn’t believe me when I said I was fifty-five. I was fit as a fiddle and definitely looked years younger than my age, thanks to years of Yoga, sports and a strict fitness and diet regimen. I still had a good head of black hair, a strong build, good posture and very few wrinkles on my face to give away my age.

I confess I had my eyes on a few ladies, married and single, in the community. I wanted sex. I had never had a regular woman other than my wife. I did have a few (okay, many) encounters in massage parlors in places where my job took me – Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila, Abu Dhabi, Budapest – to name a few. I paid for blowjobs, handjobs and sex – so what? But this was different. These were ladies in and around where I lived and I was hesitant (maybe afraid?) to get into a sexual relationship there.

Within a couple of months, I had the opportunity to bring two ladies separately (one married, one single) to my condo and fucked each of them once, but I did not get the satisfaction from these encounters, and on top of it, I did not receive any response from them. Maybe they hadn’t seen an uncircumcised black dick in their life before. Or it may have my approach and mentality about sex. I had a anal-sex fetish and may have rushed into things.

One thing I was not good at was housekeeping. I was not a good cook, and very bad at cleaning. I really needed a maid. But the ones circulating the apartments in the development were either all booked or had something about them that did not click in my mind. But then I realized that it was not a maid I wanted. I actually wanted a valet – someone who would take care of my life’s business. Someone like a wife but without the baggage.

As luck would have it, I found a card in my mailbox of a lady by name of Alicia who advertised services that were ‘more than just a maid’. I decided to take a look and called her for an interview. We clicked immediately. We both had a lot of questions for each other and it seemed like we had satisfactory answers for every one of them. She was of South American descent – no surprises there. She was a divorcee like me, but was a grandmother. Again, no surprises there either. But she was not like the typical Spanish maid. She was of a good height, had a great figure, a fit and toned body, long beautiful, raven-black hair and high cheekbones, and when we spoke to me she looked directly into my eyes, full of confidence, and made me feel like I was the only thing she was interested in at that moment.

The final thing that helped me decide was her saying, “Sir, you have a great smile!” And my muddled response to this was a shameless, sheepish giggle and, “You have the greenest of green eyes and the greatest set of eyebrows I have ever seen on a woman!” I don’t know where and how I had the courage to say this to her. I wanted to engage her immediately. I did the necessary background checks and the recommendations from previous employers and hired her. She was actually 45 years old, divorced, had a 25 year old daughter named Alexa who was also divorced and a granddaughter called Serena.

Alicia took over my household. She was already in my house ready with breakfast when I awoke and left only after I had my dinner. She took care of the mundane stuff – bills and mail, laundry and shopping, cleaning the cars, filling gas and the like. She even agreed to drive me around town when I needed to. I had nothing to worry about. I made sure I compensated her well enough that I’d be her only client. She stayed home during the day and worked on an online degree using her own laptop. I still had a full time job and was out of the house during the week day so rarely saw her bahis firmaları for very long. But I missed her during the weekend and holidays.

Since I am telling my life story, I should add a few more details here. I watch a lot of porn. Maybe a lot more than I should. I am not addicted. I can go months without watching if I wanted to. I have a panty fetish and anal sex fetish, but restricted only to watching videos and browsing web sites related to these. I masturbate regularly fantasizing about the girls and women I’ve seen. Call me paranoid, but as I am in the IT business, I know how to hide my tracks on the web. I have the necessary hardware and software on my network devices to thwart intruders, malware, ransomware etc. I also have cameras strategically placed throughout my home, just for kicks. I think I am safe. The reason why I am telling you this will be clear shortly.

I happened to take a day off to attend to some legal issues. It was odd to be at home when Alicia was also there. I had a chance to notice her while she was unaware of it. She wore form fitting capris that went down to her calves. I realized just then that she had a great figure. Her polo shirt followed her curves. Slim waist, expanding to wide hips. She had a fabulous ass on her, and her butt cheeks were cupped alluringly. I could clearly make out her panty line – another of my fetishes. When she reached up on her tippy toes to get to something her Polo-shirt rose and exposed her flat belly. When she squatted or crouched, her capris slipped down her ass and almost all of her panty was visible, and so was her pale white lower back. From the side, her breasts looked small and taut, but from the front her tits were completely full and cupped and lifted by her bra. Her hair was long and curly and came down up to the small of her back. She did not look at all like she was fifty years old. I walked around the house making calls on my cell phone, but ogling and eyeing her from all angles, seeing her reflection in the mirrors and windows in my house. I found it very hard to tear my eyes away from her flat belly, her plump crotch, her ass. I could smell her perfume as I got close to her. I was getting aroused.

Alicia took a break from her chores to sit and work on her studies. I decided to go out for lunch just to clear my head but the pervert that I am, I could not get Alicia’s images out of my head. Her swaying ass cheeks, visible panty line, crotch with a hint of camel toe, tight thighs and calves, her cleavage and tits played in my mind as I ate lunch. And then I went to meet my accountant.

When I came back later in the evening Alicia was waiting for me with dinner. I was in a good mood and I asked her to sit down and have dinner with me. I opened a bottle of wine, and she took a little, saying she had to drive back home. She smiled sweetly at me when she left.

I kept thinking about her throughout the evening and fantasized about fucking her in the ass.

Her ass was magnificent. Her butt cheeks were firm and it was almost too difficult to pry them apart. And when I did, I was offered the most glorious view of her hairy asshole. I spat on my thick, engorged cock for lubrication and slid it inside her asshole. She had already lubricated it with vaseline and she let out a little yelp as I rammed my dick in her.

“Ooo! Slowly, sir.”

It was not the first time she had been fucked in the ass, but she was still tight and hard there. I struggled mightily and joyously as I plunged in and out of her ass. When I was about to ejaculate, I pulled out, turned her around and inserted my cock into her willing, open mouth. My dick pulsed against her lips and cheek as cum erupted from my cock and slid down her throat. She swallowed without any complaints. “Fuck!” I said aloud as I cleaned my dick in the bathroom.

But something was nagging at my senses and I could not place my finger on it. Then suddenly some images flashed into my head.

As I entered my breakfast nook, Alicia closed her laptop and turned and asked me if I’d like something to eat.

I felt she shut the lid of her laptop rather sharply and quickly and nervously. This piqued my curiosity and interest. I opened my computer and accessed my network servers logs. I filtered out the devices known to me and looked at a few reports of what could only be Alicia’s web browsing records.

What I saw shocked me!

Alicia was browsing hardcore porn sites! And here I was thinking she was studying for her online degree. To be fair, she did seem to be doing her work, but there were references to a lot of X-rated websites, some paid, some free, some known to me and some unknown. I scrolled through her history and found that she was doing it almost from the day she started with me.

Wow! I downloaded the reports and did some slicing and dicing and found that she predominantly favored lesbian sites, but also looked at sites that featured older women. Was she a lesbian? I dug some more and kaçak iddaa was heartened to know that she did have some straight porn websites in her browsing history. Double wow!

“Wait!” I told myself and went to the main room. It was quite large and I tried to recall where I had placed my cameras. The two I had strategically placed covered almost the entire area of the living room, breakfast nook and attached kitchen. “Good,” I said to no one in particular and I accessed the camera system’s archived files. I wasn’t one to delete or destroy anything and I had archives going back to my previous homes as well. I told you I was paranoid.

I felt as if I was hit by a ton of bricks as I watched the footage. Everyday, without fail, showed Alicia masturbating! My cock sprang to attention, and as I released it from the confines of my shorts, a small amount of pre-cum oozed out from the hole, and the foreskin unwrapped the huge mushroom head of my cock.

I fisted my cock and for the next couple of (maybe three) hours I stroked myself to footage of Alicia fingering herself to climax in my home. It was as if she was right there in front of me, fingering herself, masturbating for me, live. She did it sitting on the dining table watching something on her computer. Sometimes she was standing, supporting her back on my refrigerator and pumping her fingers into her hairy pussy. She always masturbated to climax. Her body convulsed as she reached her release, and the almost invariably went stiff as a board as she experienced her orgasm.

There was more as I scrolled through the list!

Alicia did my laundry once a week. The camera provided a very detailed, high def view of her activity. One particular day she had worn a skirt and a sleeveless blouse. As she bent to get my clothes into my front loading washer, her skirt tightened around her ass and profiled her cheeks and outlined her full back panties. She suddenly stopped and looked at what she had in her hand.

It was my Calvin Klein underwear!

I could clearly see that it was the light blue one. I wore these while working out on the treadmill and elliptical machine and weights I kept in my second bedroom. My underwear was always drenched in sweat after my workouts.

In the video footage, Alicia straightened herself and looked closely at my underwear. Then she brought them up to her nose! First she smelled one side, which I took to be the area that covered my crotch and the flap I used to pull my dick out to pee, and then she turned them around and I could see her putting the wide expanse of cloth that covered my ass to her face.

She wrapped it on her face, rubbed her nose and cheeks with it. She turned it inside out and put her tongue out and licked it. Then she slowly unzipped her skirt and let it fall down. She put her thumbs inside the sides of her panties and pushed them down to her knees. She then took another of my underwear, the black one this time, and inhaled the smell from it. She rubbed each in turn on her crotch. I could see the cloth covering her hairy patch. She fingered the cloth and inserted it into her cunt, first slowly, then a little faster and then furiously until she reached her climax and collapsed on the top of the washing machine. She slowly unwound and raised the underwear and I could see the dark area where it was damp with her juices. She once again raised it to her nose and shuddered.

“Motherfucker!” I whispered. I had a gold mine on my hands. Just mine to enjoy. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Alicia had been working for about a month, and looked like she rubbed one out everyday she was here. She definitely had a strong sex drive. Why did she not have a husband or a boyfriend who could fuck her? She had a fetish for male underwear. At least mine. She knew I worked out almost everyday and would have dirty, sweaty underwear for her to enjoy. And she did. I saw her take a whiff of my underwear every time she did my laundry. And that one time she masturbated with it.

There were periods on the video where she was seriously engrossed in her studies. And others where she was not to be seen for long intervals. It was just as easy for her to go into my closet where I dumped my clothes and jerk off with it there. Perhaps she did. I did not have a camera there.

“Wait! Was she in my bedroom where I did not have any cameras? Was she jerking off on my bed? What?”

It was close to midnight when I neared reviewing about twenty days of video footage. I decided to take a look at the rest of the videos the next day, as it was the weekend and Alicia would not be in until Monday. I was stroking myself to the limit and back again, and wanted to ejaculate. I could feel a super cum explosion coming on. I was fisting my cock to a particularly sensational session Alicia was having and I knew that spewing my cum to her ejaculation would be the icing on the cake. Her back was to the camera and she had her slacks and panties down to her ankles. Her tight ass cheeks jiggled kaçak bahis as she fisted her crotch with both hands. I wished I had turned on the audio for my cameras, but Alas I hadn’t. She had a magazine open on the kitchen counter top and was masturbating to the pictures there. The video was clear enough for me to see that the magazine was the new indie porn for women type that was released the previous month. I made a mental note to see what sort of pictures were offered in it. As she climaxed, she rose on her toes, and arched her body backwards. I didn’t know she could bend that far back. She became stiff, and suddenly lurched forward and slapped her hand on the countertop and convulsed and jerked for about 10 seconds. She put her head down on the countertop as she let the waves of her orgasm roll over her until they subsided after about half a minute. Then she took her hand from between her legs and put them to her nose and mouth. Cum exploded from my cock and landed across the room in long creamy, thick, white ropes, as I had the most awesome release in a jerk off session in months.

The next morning I woke up with a giant boner. I knew what I had to do. I was full of anticipation as I put in my work out, showered and had a protein shake for breakfast. The day was bright and sunny. I opened the blinds to let the light in and settled in to view the rest of the videos from my cameras.

In the first one she spent almost all day working on her computer, other than doing the regular chores. She went in and out of the house a couple of times. I had to speed it up right up to the end of the day when Alicia finally decided to finger herself. This got me rock hard and ready.

The next day was the day she had scheduled carpet cleaning in my house and it was noisy all morning. Just around Three O’clock someone must have rung the bell and she went to answer it and came in with another woman. This one looked kind of familiar. I couldn’t quite place her immediately. But when she turned towards the camera I realized who she was. She was Janet, a lady who lived a few houses down. Her husband was Barry, with whom I had spoken a few times. Seemed to be a nice couple, in their late fifties, though I did not know much about them.

Janet was of average build, but fit and toned and was sexy for her age. I always saw her running, or walking, or laying tennis, always active and on the go. I recall jogging behind her one day on the path that wound through the community and admiring her VPL and the way her ass cheeks jiggled. She and Alicia seemed to know each other. Could they have met before? Probably ran into each other in the development. I checked the day/date on the video and suddenly I realized it was only last week that this occurred.

I was walking back home after parking my car, when our paths crossed. Janet smiled at me and said, “Missed you at tennis, Mr. Patel!” This was a running gag with her and her husband. They always called me for tennis and I always refused. I just laughed at her, “Nice to see you too Janet!”

Alicia handed Janet a glass of water and they sat down. They chatted for a while. This was disturbing to me. Why would Janet be sitting in my living room without my knowledge? Why didn’t Alicia tell me about her.

But what came next floored me!

Janet leaned forward. And Alicia put her hands out and held Janet’s face and planted a kiss on her lips. My cock jerked upward, straining against my shorts, the foreskin coming of the head. Their lips played with each other for a long time. Then I saw Alicia open her mouth and Janet slide her tongue into her mouth. They swapped spit and exchanged open mouthed kisses. Both of them were wearing slacks that day, and Alicia pushed Janet down on the sofa (my sofa!), spread her legs and placed her mouth on Janet’s crotch, though it was covered by her pants. Janet held Alicia’s head and pressed it between her thighs. Then suddenly they separated, and both of them looked at their watches and got up. I looked at the timestamp and realized that it would have been about the time I returned from office that day.

I had only three more days of videos to watch. “Something must have happened, right?” I asked myself.

Janet walked into my house very early in the video footage I was watching. Alicia was working on her paper after finishing the day’s work, and she closed her things and put them away as Janet stood next to her. Alicia turned to Janet and looked at her expectantly. Janet almost jumped into her arms. They kissed open mouthed for a long time. Then Alicia went down to her knees and ran her hands from Janet’s ankles, up her strong legs and thighs and moved them to her ass cheeks, She lifted Janet’s skirt, exposing a delicious looking, bright yellow, full-back panty that hugged her ass cheeks tightly. Alicia pushed her fingers inside the panties and dug them into Janet’s ass cheeks, and simultaneously pushing her face into Janet’s panty covered crotch. Janet laughed and threw back her head. Ever so slowly, Alicia pulled Janet’s panty down, down to her ankles. With Alicia still latched on to her hairy pussy, Janet stepped out of her panties, removing her top and bra at the same time.

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