My Girlfriends Family


When I was 22 I started dating Angie, this relationship pretty much changed my life. I got to experience things that I had never even imagined. My name is Matthew, I am 6 feet 3 inches tall and I weigh 210 pounds, being only 22 I am still in great shape. Angie was an ex-high school cheerleader. She was 20 and still had a great little tight body; she has brown hair and brown eyes. She was 5 feet 3 inches and only weighs about 98 pounds; she has beautiful 36C cup tits. I like to call them “playboy tits”. Angie didn’t make it at the local university, so she decided to go to the local jr. college instead. Angie still lived at her parent’s house, because she couldn’t afford her car payment and school, along with rent in some dumpy apartment. Angie and I had a delicious sex life; she couldn’t get enough of my cock. I fucked her day and night; she didn’t care that her mother or stepfather could walk in on us at anytime. She always told me that just because she lived at home, didn’t mean that she should change her lifestyle. Well it was cool with me, cause I did love to fuck her.

Angie’s sister, Kelsey, was also beautiful she was currently a senior in high school. She just turned 18 and she is a cheerleader, and she was an amazing body with tits that are so perky they almost touch her chin. I loved looking at Kelsey when she would get ready for bed; she wore this little tight nighty. I really wanted to fuck Kelsey but I figured if Angie found out about it, she would kick me to the curb. One time I was fucking Angie and Kelsey walked by Angie’s bedroom door that wasn’t completely closed, and I stared at Kelsey while I fucked Angie. Pulling my cock out all of the way so she could get a good look at my 9-inch cock. I could tell that she wanted some of that cock too. I just had to work it out right.

As much as I wanted to fuck Kelsey, I wanted to fuck Barb (Angie’s mom) even more. She was so fucking hot; I always wanted to fuck an older lady. But all of the older ladies that I knew were not attractive. That wasn’t the case for Barb she was just amazing looking. She was more attractive then both Angie and Kelsey, she had dyed her hair blond and she had blue eyes. I wasn’t sure but I think that she had 38DD tits that she loved to show off. I often would go over to there house just to hang out, I would spend most of my time over there. One time I came over and I knew that Angie wasn’t home; I just wanted to spend time with Kelsey. I kind of figured that I had little chance with Barb, because she was married to Gary. Gary was not the father of either Angie or Kelsey. He seemed like a big pussy to me. Barb ran the house, and Gary was never really involved in any kind of decision making around the house. As I was saying I went over to their house, and Barb and Gary were the only ones home. I just walked in and Barb was watching television and Gary was downstairs playing on the computer.

Barb looks up at me and pleaded “ Hi Matthew, Angie isn’t home, but you can sit down and watch some TV with me?”

I replied “Sure Erin, that sounds just fine”. She just smiles at me. I started calling her Erin after Erin Brockovich, because every shirt that she wore showed her beautiful cleavage.

So I sit down and start watching TV with her. Barb had a low hanging tank top on with no bra. It was turning me on and I started to get hard, which was tough to conceal because I had slacks on. She got up to get a drink and asked me if I wanted one, yabancı escort which I told her that I did. She then leaned all of the way over and I could see all of the way down to the nipple. Which got me completely hard.

Barb looked at me and said “Geez that thing looks huge, you better be careful with that thing or you might hurt yourself, or someone else.”

I was like “Barb I was hoping that you might get hurt.”

She then said, “Well hopefully Angie will come home soon and help you take care of that.”

Me being the ultimate flirt I retort “Why wait for Angie when you can take care of it”

“Matthew are you coming on to me, you know I am old enough to be ……well your girlfriends mom.”

I thought aw fuck, “Baby you have those nice big tits hanging out how could I not get hard.”

She replied, “Well it is nice to know that I can still turn on a young man.”

“Barb you did more than turn me on look at this cock” and I started to pull down my zipper.

When she went in for a kiss. While I was frenching her I finally got to feel up those great tits. And she got a hold of my hard cock through my slacks. Just then we heard Gary come up the stairs. So I backed off of her, she was like “Matthew I will fuck who I want and when I want.” And the next thing I knew she was starting to kiss me again, this turned me on like something fierce. I was going to get on her and her husband could walk in at any time. We started kissing again and she began tugging at my zipper, when we heard Kelsey’s car pull into the driveway. So we backed away from each other. I was thinking goddamn; I will probably never get this chance again.

Barb then gets up and said that she needed to start supper. I stayed around and waited for Angie to come home, and then ate supper with her family.

We had a super good meal, then the family and I were sitting around and Barb thought it might be fun to play a game of cards. Angie didn’t want to but I told her that it might be fun. So we started with a game of crazy eights, which was kind of boring. Then Barb was like well let’s spice the game up and lets play a game of strip poker, my ears perked up. I thought this might be perfect. If it works out right I might get to see both Barb and Kelsey naked.

Gary spoke up first “I don’t think that is a very good idea, I mean not with the kids”

Barb was like “Gary everyone here is an adult and can make up there own mind”

Kelsey said “C’mon it might be fun”

Angie and I agreed. So Barb set the ground rules. The winner of each hand gets to decide who has to take a piece of clothing off.

Angie won the first hand and told Gary to take something off, so he pulled off a sock. The next hand I won and I picked Barb. Then Angie won another hand and picked Gary again. Well this went on for a little while, and I could tell that Angie was getting kind of anxious, and she suggested that we play truth or dare. The girls were excited, while Gary was a little apprehensive. Since I picked the game I started, well I was nervous, so I picked Angie. She said truth. So I asked if she had ever seen her Gary’s cock before.

She said “nope” and then added “not yet.” Suggesting that she is going to. I thought to myself where is this night headed. Well then Angie got to pick someone, and she picked Gary he said dare, well Angie being a little wild told him to pull out his cock so her yeni escort and Kelsey could see it. He got up and did just that. Kelsey enjoyed the show I think.

Next Gary picked Barb and she said truth. Gary then asked if Barb had ever had a threesome, and if so who was it with.

“I have had many threesomes. My first was with Terry and Vicki (Barb’s best friend and her husband). And the last threesome was with a couple of black guys.”

Angie asked “What black guys?”

Barb replied, “Don’t be pissed but when I caught your ex-boyfriend Brian and Tyrone with your friend Joni in your bedroom well remember how I took them home cause they didn’t have a car. Well they invited me in and I fucked both of em”

Well then Gary picked Barb and she said dare. He then dared Barb to give me a lap dance. Which stunned me, he was allowing his wife to dance seductively in front of me. She started by putting her ass in my crotch and shaking it, she then got on her knees and acted like she was giving me a blowjob, she then sat on my lap facing me and rode me hard. My cock was now throbbing from all of the attention that she had just given me, I am positive that she felt through my slacks.

When she was done, Angie said, “Mom I think that you may have enjoyed that too much, I know Mark did with his cock sticking straight up in his pants.”

I was like “what do you expect with a hottie bouncing on it!”

So then it was Barb’s turn to pick someone, and she picked Angie. Angie picked dare. Barb thought about it for a little bit. Then she spoke up and said “I have always wanted to see my kids techniques in sucking cock, so Angie I want you to give Gary head for 30 seconds”

I thought holy shit, I mean it is just her step dad, but still it is her dad. This is getting wild. Angie just stood up and got on her knees and pulled Gary’s small but hard cock out and started blowing him. Kelsey timed the blowjob, and when she said that the 30 seconds were up, It didn’t seem like neither wanted to stop. Angie is really good at sucking dick, and I think that she may have done a lot of it when she was in high school. Then Barb said, “wow that looked like a great blow job.”

Next was Angie’s turn and she picked me, well of course I said dare. She said that she wanted me to show her sister, mom and step-dad how big my cock is by shoving it in their mouth. I swallowed hard, and asked her to repeat herself. She said you heard me. “Stick your cock into mom, Kelsey’s mouth. So I got up and started my sticking my cock into Barbs mouth first. And she sucked away, and Angie was like get it nice and hard for Kelsey. Next was Kelsey. Now to this point I had messed around a little bit with Barb, but I hadn’t done a thing with Kelsey so I was a little nervous but she helped that my being really excited about it.

She said, “mmmm I have never sucked on such a large cock, and I have even blown a black guy.” I could tell that Kelsey had sucked a lot of cock for such a young girl because she turned out to be a real pro. I could have easily cummed in her mouth, but I thought that the night had too many possibilities to waste my cum in Kelsey’s mouth this early. So the game continued. My turn was next and I picked Gary, he said truth. I asked him if he had ever fucked either of his stepdaughters, and he said no. So then I asked him if he would like to, and he said that he would love to. I then turned to yenibosna escort Barb and said that I would love to have sex with Barb and Kelsey at the same time, while I watch Gary fuck Angie.

Barb then said, “Well what are we waiting for.”

Gary was like “I don’t know about this, I mean this could cause problems later on.”

So Angie was like “well why don’t we vote on it.”

So we went around the room and asked each person if they wanted to do this. And one by one each person said that it would be the kinkiest thing that they have ever done.

I was like “Jesus Christ Gary are you gay, my god man look at how hot Angie is, don’t tell me that you don’t want to stick it to her.”

Gary finally said, “Well I would actually love to.”

Kelsey then asked “ how do we do it, I mean do we just go into separate rooms or what?”

Her mom said “no we will put another bed into our bedroom, and we will just see how things go.”

So Gary and I put Kelsey’s bed into Barb and Gary’s room. We all took our clothes off, and the real fun began. Barb started by sucking me off to get me hard, and I looked over and Gary was eating out Angie. I got so hard looking at that. I told Barb I wanted to fuck Kelsey who was lying there playing with herself. So I slid my cock into her tight young pussy, she told me that I was getting some virgin pussy because she had never had such a large cock. It felt so good as I started to fuck her. It seems like girls that are good dancers know how to fuck so much better than girls that didn’t, and Kelsey had years of dance classes. Barb went over to Gary and started blowing him so his cock would be nice and hard for her daughter’s pussy. I told Barb to make sure that her pussy was nice and wet for me. She told me that I should eat her out to get it that way. So I got on my back and Kelsey rode my cock, while Barb sat on my face. I couldn’t see but I could hear that Gary had entered Angie. This was the wildest scene that I have ever been associated with. I fucked Kelsey nice and good and she started a real nice cum. I then told Barb that I wanted to fuck her before I came. She said that she wanted me to fuck her doggy-style, she said that it was her favorite. So I got behind her and started fucking away. I looked over and Gary was fucking Angie really hard, then when he looked over and seen me stick my cock into his wife, he pulled his cock out and came all over Angie’s tits. Kelsey went ahead and got into the shower saying something about her having a date. I continued to fuck Barb and I told her that I was going to cum and she told me that I couldn’t cum in her because she wasn’t on the pill. I told her that “Gary would have to get his tongue in her pussy and get my cum out then.” She told me “that is a wonderful idea!” I looked in the mirror and saw Barbs huge jugs flopping back and forth while I fucked her, which turned me on even more. She started to cum and which turned me on so much that I started to cum too. Barb told Gary that he better get his tongue into her because she doesn’t want to get pregnant. And like a good little husband he did just that. I watched as he started to eat my cum out of his wife. Which turned me on again and so then Angie started to suck on my cock.

Once again it didn’t take me long to cum with her expertise in sucking cock. I told her that I don’t think Gary got enough of my cum earlier and that she should put some of it into his mouth. Gary was in the bathroom and as soon as he came out Angie ran up to him and started to kiss him, and she then slid my cum into his mouth. We all had a good laugh. And I thought that this was going to turn into a wonderful relationship, me fucking the Angie, Kelsey, and Barb and fucking with Gary.

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