my girlfriend’s mom and dad

my girlfriend’s mom and dadI’d been fucking Alice’s mom for a month now. Her name was Rose, and she would think up little chores for me to do on Saturdays, giving us a couple hours together. She was insatiable, and with her hourglass-shaped figure – big firm breasts, tiny waist, and an ass I can only describe as huge – she could give me three orgasms at every meeting.This Saturday was different. Instead of the usual lacy black underwear, she met me at the door in an old granny robe. “We can’t do it any more,” Rose said, “Jim found out and swears he will tell Alice if we keep it up.”I couldn’t bear to lose Alice. She was everything I wanted, and yet her Mom was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t bear to lost her either. I told Rose as much and she replied, “Well, he did give us an alternative, but I don’t think you’ll like it.” She blushed, then reached out to cup my balls and dick through my jeans with her tiny hand. “He said he would keep quiet if we would let him join us.”My cock was hard by now, and I unbuttoned her robe to find her in my favorite outfit – black bra with cutouts for her long nipples, black garter belt holding up sheer black stockings. I squeezed those big tits for a moment, then knew I would do anything to continue fucking this woman. As she unzipped me and pulled my throbbing dick out of my pants, I said, “I’m OK with that if you are, Rose.”She giggled, saying “I was hoping you’d say that.” Letting her robe slip to the floor, she turned and pulled me by my cock down the entryway to her bedroom. I admired her enormous, heart-shaped ass along the way, cupping one massive cheek with my right hand. Inside her frilly, feminine bedroom, she turned to me and said, “You should know Jim is bisexual and has a really big dick.” She dropped to her knees, sucking my throbbing cock in that wet, slobbery way I loved, and my only response was “I don’t care what he does as long as he lets me fuck you, darling.”As I fucked in and out of her wet mouth, I looked over her bobbing head at the large gilded mirror on the wall. To my surprize, I saw an enormous and red, veiny cock sticking out from the small opening of her louvered closet doors. “I heard that,” a voice ataşehir escort said, “and I plan to hold you to it.” The doors opened to reveal Alice’s father, stark naked, stroking the biggest cock I’d ever seen. He was a little guy, maybe 5’6, 150 pounds, but now I knew where he got the cocky attitude. My God, his dick looked 10 inches long with a huge plum-like mushroom head on it. He strode across the room, waving that big cock like a battle-lance, to caress my ass. “I love your bubble butt, Joe, and I see you have a nice dick, too. Trade places with me, Rosie.”Rose obeyed with a giggle, giving my rock-hard cock one last slurp before scooting around to my rear as her ex-husband sank to his knees in front of me. “MMM, he murmered, Suck my dick, Rose, while I treat myself to this young fresh one.” I could feel her drop to comply as Jim sucked my cock all the way down to the balls in one move. He swirled it with his tongue as he throated it, and the feeling was so delicious I couldn’t help but shoot a tremendous load of cum right down his throat. Jim never slowed, greedily swallowing while continually sucking, and my spasms continued for several minutes. Jim finally came off my cock long enough to say, “Tongue his ass, Rose, he’s young enough to get it up again.” She immediately complied, and as I felt her wet tongue working my asshole, Jim returned to sucking my cock. I barely softened before the delicious feeling again made my dick as hard as ever. “Let’s get on the bed,” Jim said, “I want to eat some pussy while we see if Joe will be true to his word.” He arranged us to his desires, Rose on her side with me on mine. He pushed her head onto my crotch, “Suck his big dick, Rosie, this will be fun.” He then laid on his side, making a triangle of the three of us, putting his head between her sweet thighs and presenting his big dick to my face. Looking even more enormous than before, Jim’s mushroom head was leaking pre-cum, and appeared to be the size of a ripe plum and almost as red. At that moment there was nothing I would rather do than suck that jewel, but didn’t want to appear so, as neither of them knew of my bisexual past. I slowly, tentatively felt that giant escort ataşehir cock and touched the tip to my lips. I tongued the wat slit, tasting his delicious pre-cum before opening my mouth as wide as possible to suck that big cockhead. It was all I could do to get the head in, but tried to take more. Jim’s fucking motions pushed a little more inside my mouth, and soon I could take a few inches along with that big mushroom head. Rose was giving me a wonderful wet blowjob and Jim was licking her sweet pussy as I kept trying to suck even more of his beautiful cock.After several moments curled in this wonderful daisy-chain of sucking, Rose squealed, “Oh my God, Jim, you’re making me cum.” She squeezed his head between her big thighs as he licked, sucked and tongued her pussy faster and faster. Hunching his face as she sucked my dick she cried out “Oh my God”, as she gushed a torrent of pussy juice on Jim’s face, nose and tongue. Jim, too, cried out “I’m coming,” and spurted his cum into the back of my mouth. Barely able to breathe with his big dick stretching my lips, I managed to swallow his load before letting my own cum splash inside Rose’s mouth.After several minutes of panting and heavy breathing, Jim said, “Wow, that was as good as I thought it would be.” His monster cock, though now much reduced in size, was still over six inches long and Rose, came up to suck it into her mouth after saying, “Thank you, ex-husband of mine, for making this possible.” Watching her clean and lave his cock with her tongue, all I could think to say was, “Amen to that.””I think we three are going to get along great,” Jim said. Rose’s licking and sucking had made his cock begin to swell again, and as he reached over her to handle my dick, he said, “Rose, get that small dildo out of your table. I think I might need some added stimulus to keep up with this younger man.” My dick was hard again after his expert handling. He had a very soft touch and tickled it with his fingertips until it stood up proudly. It helped that as she got up, Rose took her bra off to squeeze and fondle her big breasts, and then bent over the night table to display her truly magnificent ass, framed between ataşehir escort bayan the black garterbelt and hose. Rose turned to display before us a life-like dildo which could only be considered small to a man with a cock as big as Jim’s. Fully seven inches long, it had a bulbous head and very real-appearing veins. “Get over me, sweetie,” Jim said, “I want to watch Joe fuck you as you fuck me.” “You are an old lecher,” Rose replied as she positioned herself in a 69 position above him. “That’s probably why I love you so much.”I was jacking off while watching her enormous ass completely cover his face as she dropped on top of Jim. She placed the dildo between her lips to wet it with her saliva before dropping to her elbows between his spread thighs. As he began licking and sucking her sweet hairy pussy she slowly inserted the dildo into Jim’s willing asshole. She then began sucking his huge cock as she worked the rubber dick in and out slowly. Walking around behind her, I admired her wonderful big asscheeks as they clinched in and out over her ex-husband’s face. My seven inch cock was hard as it had ever been, and I knelt behind her on the bed and plunged it to the hilt into her wet, juicy pussy. Jim was licking the underside of my cock as I thrust, giving me even more pleasure. I pulled all the way out, Jim cocked his head back to give access and I rammed my dick into his sucking wet mouth. The sight of her beautiful big butt and the feel of her ex’s warm mouth almost brought me to climax, but I wanted to savor this scene even more.My cock in his mouth and Rosie’s dildo in his asshole made Jim grunt “I’m about to cum,” as he sucked even harder. I pulled out of his mouth and rammed hard into Rose’s asshole, letting my balls drop into Jim’s open mouth. As he sucked them in I could feel Rose squeeze my cock with her sphincter muscles and I began squirting what seemed like a gallon of sperm up her anus. This made Rose squeal and shudder to climax and I pulled out to let my dripping dick fall into Jim’s mouth. Sperm shot out of Rose’s ass and dribbled down to Jim’s greedy tongue. As he sucked this delicious cocktail of cum, he stiffened and with a series of grunts shot a big load into Rose’s still sucking mouth.After a sweet 20 minute nap, we all got dressed then Rose made us a fine breakfast. Agreeing to meet again the next weekend, we parted ways. This began one of the best sexual periods of my life, and I can’ wait to tell the rest.

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