My hot encounter with Y


My hot encounter with YI’ve gotten to know Y through a dating site back in early 2010. We had a good chemistry online and soon started talking by other means of communication as well. Eventually, I decided that after being single for a longer time, I might as well give a relationship a shot again and that I’d try this with Y. So we agreed to meet each other in Jakarta in March.Y is originally from Pasuruan, so it was a nice gesture of her to come all the way from there to Jakarta to meet me. We picked Grand Indonesia as our meeting point. I was there in time and on my way to Starbucks, where we agreed to meet. I looked around and saw a tall, shy-looking Y, holding her purse. The day before we met, we had a bigger fight over the phone, because Y came to Jakarta unannounced and as a result of that, I wasn’t available the first time she wanted to meet me, already going out with friends that night. However, she didn’t seem mad now, just shy like a school girl. It was kind of cute.We went to Boplo for some Gado-Gado and started talking. I tried to melt the ice and turned on my charme and tried testing the water with some flirty remarks. She smiled sometimes and it seemed as if the fight was long forgotten. After our meal, we walked through the mall for a short time until we canlı bahis found a bench where we sat. Y really has a strong passion(which you might not guess if you look at her) and she gave me a nice, long French kiss on that bench. I was a bit surprised, since most Indonesian girls don’t seem to be too big on showing affection in public, but I thought if she doesn’t mind, neither would I. However, French kissing on a bench put us both in a certain mood for more kissing, so we decided to find a better venue. I decided to watch some movie(or rather use the dark cinema to kiss and make out some more). However, there were long queues and none of the movies seemed barely interesting. So we decided to ditch the movie and find a hotel instead.Unfortunately, the Taxi driver was unable to find the F1 Hotel in Menteng(even though it’s not far from GI ) and so we were tingling around Central Jakarta for some time. Both of us were feeling antsy and when we failed to find a good place, I decided we might just as well go back to my place then. On the way there, Y continued to kiss me and naughty as she is, she put her hands in my pants, playing with “ular”. Again, I was a bit surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed how naturally kinky this girl was. She didn’t stop me when bahis siteleri I sent my hand off wandering too and so we both got a good first impression of each other in the cab already.Finally, we reached my place and I took her to my room. The door was barely closed when she already pushed me onto the bed and we started to undress quickly. We kissed each other passionately and went rolling all over the bed. During a short break, when we were catching some breath, Y was looking at me and we both seemed to have a mutual understanding that we’d start now. Y started to spread her legs and I slowly entered her. I loved how she always gave a deep, gluttural moan when I entered her. It was an incentive for me to get her to moan some more, so I started to move in and out of her slippery pussy with slow movements. I tried to push my entire penis as deep inside of her as I could, feeling how the head of him would almost always reach her cervix, which made her moan in pleasure again. I smiled fiendishly as I really enjoyed how she became louder and noisier with each thrust, but I was however a bit concerned that someone might hear us(since my place at that time wasn’t exactly a love motel, but rather for families with k**s). So I tried to lower the volume by putting my lips on güvenilir bahis hers and giving her long French kisses with each thrust. It wouldn’t take her very long before she came for the first time and having her so willing and horny right in front of me, we came almost simultaneously. After the first time, we continued our kissing some more and then continued to make love 2 or 3 more times before we fell asleep(it was already 3 or 4am). However, around 5 or 6, she woke me up again, asking for more. I was a bit perplex at first, but there are worse feelings than waking up with a hot, horny girl, sitting on your half-erect penis and asking you for a wild ride. Again, she really seemed to enjoy that my penis could easily touch her cervix (something that I seem to owe its sleek and slender physique) and she praised my love making, making me feel rather shy, but happy. After I made her cum two more times, we went back to sleep.The next morning, I decided to wake her by getting some “breakfast” juice and so I went underneath the blanket, spread her legs a bit and dove right in with my tongue into her sweet, wet pussy. She had slightly chubby pussy lips and a chubby labia(just as I like it) and I could hear her waking up with a pleasant moan. It really felt great to grab her tighs and go to town on her wet hole and when she was close to cum, she asked me to enter her again and it wouldn’t take but a minute until I had to mute her moans of pleasure with lots and lots of kisses…

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