My Hot Mother Malini And Me-5


My Hot Mother Malini And Me-5My Maa and I went for many outings. There’s one thing I wanted to tell. Only the first three days or so, we used the car. Then Maa suggested using a motorbike rather than a car.Many times she sat putting her legs on either side and pressed her heavy bosom to excite me. Though she was giving indirect hint to me, that she wanted me. But I am a fool didn’t understand her for a long time. This she told me later when our carnal relationship had started.Our intimacy is developed in such a way that every day I used to hug her from behind and kiss on her cheeks or on her neck or on her forehead etc. She used to reciprocate me by saying ‘I love you Kanna’, or ‘my sweet boy’ and kiss me as I did to her.Sometimes I even felt that she is rubbing her fleshy bum on my crotch feeling the hardness of my male member. One morning, as usual, I went to the kitchen. Maa is preparing idlis. I hugged her from the back and pressing my tool on her bum gave a kiss on her cheek and said: “I love you Maa!”“Emitee ayya gariki roju roju ki prema oliki pothundee.” (What is the matter my Kanna’s love is increasing day by day.) She thrust her butt back. “Maa eenadu nuvvu nannu vollo koorchunda bettukuni thini pinchali,” (Today you have to feed me by making me sit in your lap) I said, and gave a thrust of my manhood.“Voon! roju roju ki chinna pilladivi avu thunav. kanee, nee ishtam thappu thunda! enthaina loving son kada.” (Kanna day by day you are becoming a small c***d. Voo! O.k. you are my loving son. I can’t say no to my boy) she said, enjoying my press on her bum and my hot kisses on her face.“I love you Maa,” I said and gave a strong push of my tool. “I too love you Kanna!” and she thrust her butt back on my crotch. Five minutes we stood like that enjoying each other. She sat on the chair and spread her hands inviting me.With a thumping heart, I sat on her lap. My! What strong and shapely thighs she possesses. My heart beat increased. Her firm strong boobs are tickling me on my back.Maa encircled her left hand around my waist and dragging me to her lap started feeding me the steaming idli. I was savoring the taste of idly and also enjoying her body aroma. Once it happened in such way that Maa’s hand slipped from my waist to my lap and very casually touched my throb.I don’t know whether she had touched deliberately or accidentally. My shaft jumped up. From the corner her eye she saw my temptation and smiled herself. This continued for three more days i.e. she to feed me having me in her lap.On the fourth day again I was waiting for my Maa to invite me to her lap. But she sat at my side. I raised my eyes at her as if what is the matter. She seductively smiling at me and looking at me.Don’t know for what she is waiting. Now and then nibbling her lips with her teeth lightly or running her tongue on her lips. Finally, I said “Maa! emaindi? ivala thini pinchava?” (Maa what happened are you going to feed me?)“Eppudu nene thinipinchla? Ivala nuvvu thinipinchu.” (Why should I always feed you. Today you feed me).“Mari naa vollo koorchuntava?”(Then will you it in my lap?)“Nuvvu adigava?” (Did you ask) she asked and said again ok.She came forward and sat in my lap placing her fleshy butt. balçova escort The moment she placed her butt she might have felt the rage of my dick. Yet she didn’t say anything. I started feeding her putting my hand around her waist.When I gave the roti a second time to her mouth, she turned her face and gave that piece to me with her lips. I cursed myself for not doing so for the last days. However, we both ate the breakfast in this manner. Once she even thrust her roti in my mouth, touching my lips with her tongue.Here at the bottom my dick stood in full height and poking her. While feeding her I made circles with my forefinger on her thigh. She observed it and looked at me. Then slowly she removed my hand from there as if very casually did it.I was disappointed but again my finger went over her thigh and did the same. This time she didn’t say anything. When she didn’t say anything I got courage and crawled my palm on her smooth stomach and slowly fingered her navel. I sensed her body shudder.That day it went like that. Maa’s attitudes are giving me courage. Sometimes I feel a kind of fear, ‘what if I go further’. Next day again the same thing happened. She didn’t come into my lap nor she asked me to sit on her lap.“Maa come let me feed you,” I said inviting her into my lap. “Voo hun!” she moved her head in a no. “Emaindi Maa?” (What happened Maa?)“Huh. huh. nuvvu chala chilipi ra! Edo koduku vi kada ani nee korika teeruddamu ani anukunnanu, kani voddu.” (Voo hun, you are a very mischievous son. You are my son, so I want to fulfill your desire, but no.)“Enduku Maa?” (Why Maa?)“Nuvvu anni chilipi panulu chestav?” (You do all naughty things)“Nenemi cheasanu?” (What did I do?)“Velu petti kelikavu kada?” (You have fingered isn’t it?)“Ekkada?” (Where?)“Chee vedhava. anee natho cheppinchalani choostavu, velu pettindi nuvve kada? Ekkada pettavo theleeda.?” (You naughty fellow. You are trying to get everything from my mouth. You have fingered. Don’t you know where you fingered?)“Em? neeku nachca leda?” I asked. (Didn’t you like it?) “Voon nachcha leda ante, nachchindi. Kani, amma tho ala thappu kada?” (Voon, I liked but you are not supposed to do such things with Maa.)“Sorry Maa! Nee boddu antha andam ga vunte ala chesanu. Nee ku nachcha ka pothe cheayanu pl. vochi koorcho” I said. (Your navel is so cute that I could not control myself. If you dislike I’ll not do again.)She came and sat on my lap again. After a while, I started the same and again I continued what I did yesterday. She observed but didn’t object to me. Like this kind of hide and seek continued for three-four days. Every time Maa is raising my temptation and suddenly sprinkles cold water on me.Almost one and half months passed in this manner. Day by day my lust on her is increasing. She also mostly wearing tempting dresses or tying the saree below her navel walking seductively with rhythmic movement of her butt. I am sure she might be laughing at my situation.Then one day she asked ”Paddu! Shall we go for a long drive today?”“Yes, Maa as you like,” I said.“Paddu, can you spare your jeans today. Today I want to wear Jeans” she asked.I looked at her in surprise. So far she wore beautiful sarees, escort balçova designer blouses, wrapped saree below the navel and beautiful salwar suits. But so far she didn’t wear the jeans. “Hey, Kanna! What happened? Does it not suit me?” she enquired.“No, Maa it is not like that. I am thinking whether it fits you?” I said. “Don’t worry Kanna! I am sure, your waist is almost the same as mine. Only thing is that you are taller. I will fold the jeans at legs,” she said.I went to my room and given her my jeans which I hardly wore for two, three times. After five minutes when she came into the hall. My God! I can’t explain how cute she appeared. Waist of the jeans properly fitted to her waist.I don’t have words to explain her charms. Every day she is showing her new charms to me. I am becoming more and madder at her. Then we both moved for a long drive. She sat putting her legs on either side of the seat and wrapped her arms around my waist.Her melons are tickling me on my back. She was totally leaning on my back and keeping her chin on my shoulder talking and saying something to me causing a thrilling sensation in my body. We crossed the city limits, sub-urban and still going further. We had gone beyond all the boundaries that held us till now.Maa and I went out in the car and sometimes on the bike as well. We crossed the city limits, sub-urban and still going further. There were no boundaries to keep us back.Then suddenly she showed me a poster and said, “Son, shall we go to that movie?” I looked at the poster. It is an old English Tarzan movie. We went to the hall. We took the highest class tickets in the hall and went in. To my surprise except for the class which we were in almost the theatre is full.Once the movie started I understood what kind of movie it is. It was a total romantic, or rather semi porn movie. Tarzan, the main character is a savage and lives in the jungle. He doesn’t know to talk. He only makes sounds and gestures.One day he meets a young girl who came to do some research on forests with her colleagues. She got lost in the forest and met Tarzan. Both are surprised to see each other. The girl looks at Tarzan’s strong body whereas Tarzan looks at her mini dress and the revealing body parts.She is in short skirt and a small top. The girl is poking his body with her finger and wondering about his strength. Seeing her Tarzan also did the same to her. Particularly when he poked her boob, it pressed down and rose up. Tarzan was doing it again and again and the girl is giggling.Mom who was sitting to my left entwined her arm around my right hand and leaned towards me. With this, her fine smooth bobs are pressed to my elbow. I looked at her face in the glow of the screen light. she is seeing the movie intently. Her face is flushed.Then suddenly Tarzan knelt on his knees and raises the girl’s skirt and looks inside. The girl tried to pull her skirt down. Seeing this Maa said “Chee, Chee emi cinema ra idi?” (Chee, chee what kind of movie is this?)“Maa! shall we go” I asked? Maa was quite for a while and said: “Voddu, elagoo vochcham kada chooddam” (No, we have come we will see). Then the story turns almost semi porn movie. Then I understood why balçova escort bayan the hall is full.Then one scene is that the Tarzan and the girl go behind a bush. What is shown is the violent shaking of the bush and the grunts and moans of Tarzan and the girl. There was a big ‘oooh’ from the lower section of the hall and the movie ended.When we came I could see that Maa’s face is flushed. On our return, Maa sat behind me almost clinging to my back. She put her chin on my shoulder and said “Sorry Kanna!”“Why Maa!”“I didn’t know that the movie will be like this. I thought it will be an adventure, like the Tarzan comic I used to read to you when you were c***dren.”“It is O.K. Maa! it is not your fault” I consoled her.“Baga vedekki poyavu kadoo?” (You have become very horny isn’t it?) She almost touching my earlobe with lips asked. What answer can I give? I just kept mum. “Em chestav?” (What will you do?) she asked.I don’t know why she asked this question. But I wanted to play safe. A small mistake may spoil the total broth. “Voon” she insisted again. I have to give an answer. “Em chestanu, cold water tub lo ara ganta koochuntanu” (I’ll sit in the cold water tub for a ½ hour.) I said.“Avunu nenoo ade cheyali”. (Yes, I too must do the same). Indirectly she gave me a hint that she is also horny. I don’t know how I controlled my temptation till we reached home. On that day for the first time, I cursed myself not taking the car.Such a long journey and Maa clinging to me. OH! God! is it hell or heaven’ I thought. In this situation, we have forgotten to have dinner in the hotel. We directly came home. I went to my room and then to the bathroom.After the ½ hour when I came out fresh Maa called me “Paddu! did you finish bath?”“Yes Maa, coming” I went to the kitchen.Maa has also had her bath, looking fresh like a blooming rose flower. She kept two steaming cups of Horlicks and some biscuits and said “Kanna, we have forgotten to have dinner. Tonight we will adjust to this.”We both had it. After the movie, Maa had turned so hot, that her face flushed, and I expected Maa to call me into her room. “Good night Kanna!” She affectionately kissed on my forehead.I too kissed her on her cheeks and said “Good night Maa” and came to my room. We both were feeling uneasy to face each other. Exactly after one week of this, we went to the mall. One person had commented “Abbaa. emundira.gunta. aa pirralu choodu. choostunte venuka nundi dobbalani anipistundi. (My, what a bitch she is. Look at her ass. oh! Wish to fuck her from the back).He said in Telugu. He thought that we don’t know Telugu. When I sympathized with that fellow she was angry and said “Let us go home. I’ll take care of you.”After reaching home she called me to her room and asked what he said on the back. I gathered courage in me and said. “What is the wrong in his words Maa! You are so cute. Particularly from the back. Sometimes I myself feel to hug you from backside”I said gathering courage and waiting for the whip to fall on me. She was still adjusting her hair and said slowly, “Then what hurdles are there for not doing it?”Hearing those words I was in a shock. Did I hear correctly? I looked at her in the mirror and said “Maa!” Then I saw a mischievous smile on her lips and hugged her tightly from the back. Instantly my manhood stood erect poking at her fleshy butt.“Thank you, Maa, thank you,” I said and gave a poke of my dick again. My dear readers know what happened after that which you read in my first episode.

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