My hubby two lowers and…me

Creamy Pussy

My hubby two lowers and…menew experience … I agree this game. receive two lovers blindfolded.My outfit we chose together. White gown buttoned on the front light, dim up, Brazilian briefs, top, corset lace tied concealing my small breasts, flat shoes, long white mittens and of course the wolf white satin.I’m nervous and kept asking the question of compliance guaranteed by our visitors ….” are you sure they are really friendly … incapable of v******e “… excited and fearful imagination. …The room is comfortable king size bed and nice bathroom … salsa Brazilian background music .. sweet warmth …. dim light … tense … yet.19h as expected, punctuality, a knock at the door … JF attaches the wolf and kisses.I’m sitting in a chair legs crossed as he opens the door a little sweaty hands ….Two hellos to the intonations of respect … I breathe .. “you will see later the pretty bouquet that we offer you” JF said. “Sit back while I open this bottle.”Some platitudes and compliments already addressed as a JF’s me on my style my. Warm voices, sensual for one (I guess the blond) more timid to imagine that the second brown, both in their forties. We drank without my glass I move my legs uncrossed, I relaxed. Perfumes are discreet and tasteful. Has it found the gentlemen? My imagination is going well and I’m getting a picture of each. Is what I please? some anxiety still smiles … s share in the tone of voice. The atmosphere is relaxed while the situation is already sensual …. my wolf speaks …JF takes my hand to help me get up and said “dance like you ?”… I’m available to play now …We chaloupons there, his hands roam my dress … “you’re beautiful and desirable “….” is not it? Gentlemen “He gets a” more than that JF “and” your wife is beautiful “which gives me a slight shiver. I also feel his desire to grow when its belly touches on mine.Strange feeling to know and observed without knowing by whom. The excitement is born. JF Jorge request (is it brown?) And Jose (is it fair?) Coming to undo a few buttons on my dress.The fragrances are mixed, hands that touch the fabric as that covers me and I feel relax and get away from me at every button is undone. I’m just drifting, floating.The dress falls open my shoulders away by JF I recognize the feel on my neck. I’m in the lingerie looks of these three men. I feel that the fingers of JF untie the laces of a corset and Jose and Jorge request what they think of my breasts when they are finally discovered, offered them a deal. They compliment each other and are allowed to file a kiss, each his own. Both are sweet hot wet mouths and make prepare my nipples.Always back to my husband supported my two lovers must then drag up my Sun simultaneously, one has the right the other left.I extend my leg then the other to receive a kiss on each foot, and shuddered at the touch of fingers strangers along canlı bahis my leg slowly, slowly, sweetly, sensually.I’m almost naked or a wolf, mittens, a short slip.Hands caress me everywhere, those of JF I guess, the other four that I do not know. I groaned and softness of fun already. I want now and they still dare to my stomach …. My boobs my legs my buttocks my back are explored slowly and sometimes kiss a hot sweet wet mouth. I already know the moisture in my crotch. JF encourages hugs “to give a softness that skin available. What Muse take your desires “” Take off your mittens my sweet “I do it without restraint … sensually …” Jose withdraw the panties and see! “Naked and I am now Exceptionally the wolf will remain in place yet …..I know the looks, I guess imagine them as the desire to be visible in the pants of these gentlemen. A pleasure for sure!JF turning me slowly “admire the curves and enjoy them! you are here for fun Muse give gentlemen! “I see a movement while JF sits me on the bed and lie down. “Put you to caress the naked goddess “….. my breath …. and accelerates the movement of the bed are swiftly followed by the heat of two bodies on either side of mine. I stroked up and down the right and left Conversely by four hands I do not know. I think Jose has the right and left Jorge. Sweetness, firmness, tiny hesitation, just hands and anything else that blasts away heat … intoxicating sweetness of cuddles. My breasts are tight, pointed, my sex wet even though it still receives no strokes, but so close, so hesitant with envy as I imagine and feel. “Gentlemen embrace this body offered, give pleasure to my beautiful”The fingers are then more insistent and along my path, and then towards my lips hardened. The fingers open and gently dig under my moaning and my tremors. How strange to be thus offered to strangers so sweet and attentive. Touch is no longer supported and my hands are now seeking the contact of bodies around me. I see some firm thighs hairless torsos sex tight and firm with no long hair. My pleasure grows with my emotions visible my cries, my body offered hot and humid. I totally lose my foot and gives me caresses. The mouths are multiplying on my sex, language and enter agitated, my swollen clit through multiple contacts, heady excitement while my breasts are palpated and grabbed. I’m in seventh heaven of pleasure. My excitement visible damp smell enhances men’s desires, I saw him! I tremble, and let me, carried away by their desire and envy! I arch my back, offering between my thigh, or I sit up to stretch my chest to the mouth I guess. JF puts his fingers on my clit and frenetic pace al’orgasme leads me! I saw abandoned offered to six hands! I enjoyed unrestrained, free of mad pleasure to the eyes of strange men, shaken by spasms of pleasure and my ardent sighs.Everyone has their turn they will give me this bahis siteleri ecstasy. My body stirred from all sides. I’m ready to angels and has more! I enjoyed even when one language is agitated on my clit, my hands in the boy’s hair so I need to master the enjoyment I feel up, I guide his hard before I cry mad!I take breath and hands are more suave and quiet. Then the fingers are close to my lips again to remove them gently. My breasts my thighs my arms, wrists and ankles are gone, my skin is not immune to the creeps. I let myself be transported by blowing gently to enjoy these pleasures. The desire to take me again, need more of me begging yes and no control. My husband kissed me greedily caresses my breasts while my clit is between the lips of my lover. A feeling of strength unheard lewd. My fingers clenched the sheets arm hair, shuddering and trembling. I want to enjoy again! My cries fill the room, sometimes less sometimes content … It makes me enjoy while my JF stand against him … and I hear this question “did you taste the liquor of this Jorge orgasm?” Even though the my lover’s tongue licking my sex, that her lips suck, it sucks and swallows my enjoyment widespread, what a feeling! unheard of! I tasted my lover and I drink my liquor hungry between my legs apart wide open.We have taken the time to blow the reservoir and drinking a few sips of bubbles before returning to the stars.JF turns me on the back and request Jose stroke my buttocks, turning his hands slowly. As a measure of the pleasure I arch my back and gradually straighten my pelvis up to my soft wet rump. The fingers will plunge and sink in my vagina. I feel the hand of JF down on my back and turn around my small hole while Jose excavation and delighted my vagina. Available on all fours, I now have my fingers Jose and JF sodomized me. I hear the shortness of man, his rattle content. I enjoy the pleasures of sex! My hands are pressed into the bed and legs before me Jorge. At one point I feel my mouth on her sex. I kiss her lip and tries to grasp his balls, I drew and sucks his prick in my arm Empalme his balls between his thighs. The position is terribly exciting but uncomfortable …. searched and penetrated in every orifice! I also know they all bandage! for me! I suck with envy this member tense and now wants a sex deep in my vagina!JF has understood and has asked Jose to introduce myself … fingers disappear and I feel the member Jose into my body …. Jorge is still in my mouth. Our spirits of love are everywhere!Jose movements excite me, I must give up sex for Jorge and let me go with the desire of my vagina!Louder! yet! I scream … I scream and beg! it stirs frenzy, his balls hit my lips and my clit. I’ll enjoy it, I feel, I want it! He stands still to return stronger! a prince! my orgasm is complete! Cree and collapse! convulsive tremors, stars of the seventh heaven güvenilir bahis in your eyes just for me!JF calms me and kiss me “you’re beautiful my love!” “You want more?” “Jorge will also rejoice!”I turn around and breathe … I’m sated ….Soft hands gently leave to my discovery …. The sweat mixed with my humidities and those of men, the scent of sex is floating in the room and drunk.Jorge now encompasses my lair with greed, the sex that I’ve sucked will now penetrate me, I guess, and wishes.He enters slowly into the cave offered and dilated by the pleasure. Its going to come and fill me to the limit of the impossible, he knows him also … he will retain long ….JF grinds my breasts with his hands to his mouth, Jose caress my mouth of her sex. I gobbles and sucks his turn! I pass my tongue over the glans of her dilated slit open. My arms, my hands grip the thigh face hair sex.I tremble from all sides! exultant cries implores yet! drooling and wet as a female in heat in the grip of extreme desire. I caress the ball or press Jorge Jose’s ass for him to come well inside of me … I threw the wolf to see what I saw! I’m mad with pleasure and envy!JF still has a hand on my breast when Jose enjoyed on my face … I’ve sucked up to the extreme pleasure and I see its liquid splashing my face out of his yard open. ” The rest runs on my hand and the bed.Jorge benefits and still fills me with pleasure in beating his desire to want to take me. His hands clung to my hips, her thighs in contact with my legs elevated. My pleasure is intense and communicative. We share these moments, rails and screams mixed. I don t have any wolf, but I close my eyes so close in that enjoyment. JF walked away and let me enjoy the pleasures of this lover. Jorge control our cravings with a sensitivity limit of orgasm. It makes me vibrate lose all notions of conscience! I am happy, excited a runaway, I balance my stomach feel better for a frenzy that sex inside of me, to feel my clit crushed by the male in rut. He leaves and returns, more fiery! I’m gonna cry!I drool and cry when our enjoyment m’affale explodes and trembling with seizures. That’s good! Shared orgasm! my screams mingled with groans that Jorge also evident enjoyment, and deliver me his face contorted with orgasm … a moment and close my eyes …. exaltedDevastated I contemplate the spectacle of my pleasures … two boys defeated and tired (quite nice boys …) … my husband beat! lies on me, among so easily sated in my vagina and ejaculates in seconds …. I am filled full of his hot cum on my face while he dried my lovers ….here is a veritable orgy of sex and debauchery … I’d drunk with pleasure! A unique experience, unforgettable, and whose story still moves me …. for a long time and why not always ….. sex wet thoughts live!when I took off the mask … the incredible spectacle of my debauchery …. fucked by strangers with envy …. and fun ….. be taken by my husband’s body covered my lovers sperm ….. enjoy all sides with all ….oh! forgiveness love sex! what is shameful? just rare to say, to live …

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